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>/ck/ shills me cabron steel and cast iron
>I shill it to dad
>dad is a know it all and tells me off
>year or two passes
>eedz fekin ribbed n shiet, fekkk

I indolently seasoned it 4 times over like a month or two ago (the one in the pic is just some generic shit from google images) and it saw zero use since I think... I have no idea if it needs to be stripped and reseasoned after being neglected (fats break down?) or what tf to even do with it due to the ribbing. I got some chicken breast and seasoned papyrus sleeves that my aunt pushed off on me a while ago, I might try to use it for that but fuck me, man, Internet can't even come to consensus over how you wash them shits. If it was a standard deep pan I'd be all over it but this just impractical.

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>/ck/ shills me cabron steel and cast iron
i know damn well no one with a serious post ever shilled that.

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>no one with a serious post
scuse me?

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so do I have to strip it or no?

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you can't read retard? shame, truly.
cast irons are nothing but a 'life long investment'
and carbon steel is for lightweight backpacking

if you're worried about scraping something, then that's your fault, not the pan. any pan should do, and each come with their own smidges of varying techniques to cook on. the only difference is that through time, production of these metals hadn't reached parts of the world where other pans had been used for the longest time. it's just a mcompetitive market selling to the idiot who thinks one pan isn't good enough and needs a new pan, with a better material, the best possible material that's been scientifically proven in the kitchen, blah blah blah. and who the fuck cares what your dad thinks nigga.

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just use it, it'll be fine, even all the cleaning shit is way overblown

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what are you even on about, numb nuts? I think you got lost

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OP didn't even ask a direct question. If it's whether or not you need to strip a pan, no. That's a wildly unnecessary thing to do. I've only EVER seen that happen in that webm of the wok.
/ck/ doesn't shill pans, we shill burgers.
literally who cares? ribbing just adds an unnecessary grill effect to your food.
how to wash a pan? '''''tf''''' makes it any fucking different from any other pan?

it's nothing but a blog post. it's a carbon steel skillet that OP never bothered to learn how to use because he was self-conscious about someone else's opinion. you're lost because nothing about this thread matters or makes sense.

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>. it's a carbon steel skillet that OP never bothered to learn how to use because he was self-conscious about someone else's opinion
you have to be american to do so much reaching and ass pulls

comes into a thread raging and keeps raging thinking he sounds authoritative or sagelike lel

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>cabron steel
ah, chinga...

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you should take a break from this website dude

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hard projection there

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i rest my case. this isn't an argument. if you want to argue about gay shit you can go over here >>16289755

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