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I love blood sausage!

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>call it a sausage
>it's actually a pudding
black pudding is delicious.

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that looks terrible

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i love it too, mate.

what's the definition of a pudding?

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some dude from britain moved into my town and told me about this place out of new york that delivers full english breakfast's around the country. i can't find it on the first or second google result pages. it's not that butchers daughter bullshit. it's not even one of those places on the first result of map results.

idk if any of you fags know the butcher, __ butcher but if i can find the piece of paper i wrote it down on i'll post it in the next britbong thread.

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>what's the definition of a pudding?
nobody knows.

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so does ya mum

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not true. it's you. lil puddin

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Fuck yes. I just made sangas with black pud, Lorne sausage, steak, bacon, cheese, & brown sauce.

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>what's the definition of a pudding?
Something which is wrapped and boiled or steamed in order to cook.

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>what's the definition of a pudding?
Well, it has multiple definitions, because it has multiple usages, but the relevant one here is that a pudding is a mixture of loose or extremely soft ingredients that are initially prepared in a container and then boiled or steamed to set the dish. This is the definition under which, black pudding, haggis and steak-and-kidney puddings are puddings. It is also the definition under which summer pudding and treacle pudding are held. As sweet puddings became popular, the word started to drift, until it also has a distinct meaning of 'dessert'.

Technically, set mousses and gels are not puddings, because they don't require cooking in order to set, but they so closely resemble set puddings like zabaglione that the name transferred

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why does it look like a BBC?

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Delicious, in Spain we call it morcilla, and it's a blood sausage with rice.

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A Christian cannot eat blood you heathen kys faggot

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Probably because you're thinking about them.

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I love listening to my sister using her magic wand vibrator and moaning at night, and polish sausage.

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best blood sausage coming through

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Why did they invent it then?

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fuck off, engl*sh subhuman

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Just think about it: who uses blood and matzah meal on easter? Almost the recipe for blood sausage.

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Fresh rye bread, blood sausage, mustard, gurken and a lager. Ohh boy.. Also nice with a dry Riesling hah.

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I love boudin as much as the next guy but the amount of fat in there is truly staggering.

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They're litterally pretending to drink their messiah's blood every sunday.

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>literally just white pudding with blood used as coloring

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Blood sausage with rice really gets me going.

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Hello rabbi

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based. i buy them at the korean market

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what seems to be the problem?

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Even Finland has it...black sausage, good stuff!


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>we out here talkin bout treacle

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same ole same ole

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That's rustic-style blutwurst. It has a large amount of coarsely-chopped fatback.

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