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Is cashew cheese really better for the environment than normal cheese?

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Should I wipe the environment's ass too? At what point do you get to cheese and think "Is this good for the environment?"

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No, growing, harvesting and processing it need much more energy.

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Cow eats on a unfarmable land and leftover vegetable scraps. Produces milk.

Cashews need arable land, tons of water and more labour. Plus you need to activate the cashews to produce milk.

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>There are many studies showing issues with Co2e, eutrophication, land use in which plants always seem to do better for the environment and have less of a detrimental affect on the earth.
Comparing the emissions of dairy and nuts, the following can be said:
>1 glass (200ml) per serving over an entire year your consumption of dairy milk is contributing 131kg to your annual greenhouse gas emissions. That's the equivalent of driving a regular petrol car 334 miles (538km).
>Over an entire year your consumption of nuts is contributing 2kg to your annual greenhouse gas emissions. That's the equivalent of driving a regular petrol car 7 miles (12km).


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That some retard source you got there anon

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would love to see yours anon

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Vegan shit takes way more labour and is way worse for the environment than cow farts.

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I select my cheeses primarily on how negatively they impact people of colour and third world.

I have an excellent wedge of Edam which came from a cheese wheel that rolled at high speed downhill from the cheese factory into a group of black toddlers. Delicious with ham.

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>The modeled system without animals increased total food production still reduced total US GHG by 2.6 percentage units compared to the existing one.
sounds good

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Form an animal welfare perspective, impregnating a cow and milking it for the rest of its life locked in a stall in a dairy farm is questionable

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Have you seen what an insect farm look like ? Poor bugs...

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Uneducated viewpoint

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Any fake dairy such as cashew cheese or almond / soy milk is disastrous for the environment especially in terms of water. Just look at how Brazil is destroying parts of the rainforest to harvest soy for faggots.

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Sounds good. I bet the tears makes it taste better.

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Almost all soy grown is animal feed, it's a very efficient crop and with some heat most of the relevant anti-nutrients get destroyed.

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I don't know about cashews, but almonds use much more water than cows. The fake ass figures you might see liberals spouting off about meat water usage includes fucking rain that would fall on the land anyway. Also land that cattle is raised on is almost always unsuitable for crops for various reasons.
The biggest bluepilled bullshit is that meat or cows are bad for the environment.
Its a complete fucking meme

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That's not what we are talking about here you fucking vegan faggot

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Land where range grazing is economical is rare and getting rarer, because range farming isn't so much sustainable, it just takes a lot of decades for the problems to show up.

Intensive farmers can deal with most soil problems when they occur, range farmers are shit out of luck.

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Let's just kill the chinese so we can eat cheese and have children in peace

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You know what's best for the environment? You killing yourself.

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Cashew cheese isn't a thing, retard.

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Do explain

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then youd like cashew cheese. It causes indian womens fingers to turn black and rot off

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>t. seasoned veteran in agriculture and not a consumer slave who just believes whatever agrees with their beliefs

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Most likely not unless you're living in an area that grows cashew.

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You think you have a decent grasp on this but you don't.

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i second the other anon, i would like an explanation
the anon to whom you replied is my position and i would like to know why one would consider that "uneducated"

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also killing others before you kill yourself

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>Is cashew cheese really better for the environment than normal cheese?
No, it is fucking terrible for the enviroment, for the animals and most importantly to the poor people living in cashew producing regions.

You are supporting slavery for eating cashew cheese, you are supporting abuse of thousands of animals as well as that of thousands of people that are enslaved and forced to work brutal jobs in plantations, suffering from the constant and horribly corrosive fluids that are secreted by the plants, eating away at their skin and flesh as they work under the hot sun and the crack of a whip on their backs!

Fuck you!

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Ok chud

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Compared to caring for live animals by feeding them food you have to put energy into to grow (like growing the cashews)? You're retarded. There is an entire extra step in processing for real dairy cheese

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You need much more machines to make nut cheese than to make real cheese. Machines require power, and most of the time it's oil. Not to mention water needs, soil occupation, and pesticides.

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Plus activating the almonds is an energy intensive process.

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Powering machines is much more versatile than powering animals.

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>powering animals.

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cattle need a lot of water, and eat a large amount of grain that can be fed directly to humans.also, most cattle are raised in feed lots. tons of waste and pollution.

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>Cow eats on a unfarmable land and leftover vegetable scraps
Maybe 10% of them. Most are fed with farmed crops

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Byproducts of farmed crops unfit for human consumption you fool

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