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once and for all

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makes no difference, crams up my ass the same way

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B since you want to taste the meat better. If cheese, cheese goes on bottom

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RIP this brothers digestive tract

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Fpbp. Either way works for my rectum feeding ritual.

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Tomatoes on a burger?

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but A keeps the burger together better. The patty keeps the lettuce and tomato from pulling away

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B. Anyone who says A is an idiot.

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Yes!? The fresh sweetness and acidity it brings helps to cut through the richness of the cheese and beef. Any tomato will work, but a good vine ripened one thinly sliced really makes a hambugga great.

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b but i really dont think it matters

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Why wouldn't there be tomatoes on a burger? Do you just eat a naked patty of meat on a bun?

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B and it absolutely matters

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Yes, I like tomatoes on my burgah. How could you tell?

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the salad to catch all the patty juice

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> B since you want to taste the meat better
How about you just chew it you fucking duck?

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Chop up the ingredients and make a burger salad.

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it's literally one of the best parts

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salad leaf on bottom, so it catches the beef juices and prevent the bun from becoming soggy, and tomatoes on top.

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B. Also it must be assembled in this manner

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also the cheese needs to be on the meat first. lettuce on top of the other half. cheese must not directly touch tomato

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The first few seconds of chewing are vital so the physical orientation of the food matters a lot for enjoyment

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>Put cheese on hot griddle
>put bun on top of cheese

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B, if anything should be under the patty other than sauce and/or cheese, it's just lettuce to protect the bun, but even if the burger is rare, if you properly seared it, that won't be an issue. also where are the onions OP?
based, spent two years as a burger artist and I came out of it with this conclusion. I'd never complain about having one on my burger but it's almost always redundant
motherfucker what?

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Unhinged. This person needs to be restrained and sedated.

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Ok but get those fucking tomatoes off there you pig

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>burger artist

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B. Every major burger chain invests hundreds of millions of dollars in food science and this is what they come up with every time.

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yes, I would artisanaly construct burgered structures out of raw components by hand and by sight, juggling executive decisions about quality control and modifications like they were god damn chainsaws. I was even financially compensated, making me a professional

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the whole point of my method is so you can dress the bun while you wait on the patty. once the patty comes out you put it on the bottom bun then flip it over onto the top. If you do it the other way around, your burger dressings have a chance to fall apart. it's useful for things that have more toppings and not just lettuce and tomato.

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B, obviously. It just eats better, which is why it's always been the standard. "A" is a literal meme, by places just trying to be different.

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B without tomatoes

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that was unclear to me from your picture. I also preassemble while the meat cooks

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He was describing how McDonald's makes their burgers, which is why they usually look like they were assembled by pic related.

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bro the modernist cookbook said it's A so it's A. no argument, stop being soy

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there will be onions
this is how i done my burgahs thus far

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It literally doesn't matter how you put your burger together when the main attraction is overcooked.

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>it's an amerilard only knows about grocery store tomatoes grown out of season and thus 'hates' tomatoes epside

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>mozzarella on a burger
choke yourself with my hand you fucking retard.

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it's not fair bros

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where's the beetroot, pineapple and bacon?

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Topping go on top.

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This, just eat the fucking sandwich.

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this has to be bait lmao, what kind of monster would A
also, kwab

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she's just hamming it up

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i love b

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You build the burger from the top lid and up, and then turn it around.

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The salad and tomatoes tend to make the patty slide around more when the patty is on top. Condiments and onions seep into or indent into the buns better so they are fine below or above the patty.

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If you put tomatoes on there they need to be in contact with the bread so it can soak up the liquid.

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You guys really never stop obsessing over america, huh?

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Based ass crammer

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where do I put the onions and the cheese for B

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Cheese always directly under or above the party. Under makes less sense.

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so patty, then cheese, then onions, then salad and tomato?

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cheese goes directly above or above and below the patty, onions usually under the condiments on the top bun

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Thanks for the eczema help the other thread, cram anon, you really did help me :)

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>t. McNigger

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im american and never seen a burger built like A. i can't remember one instance

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>Cheese always directly under or above the party. Under makes less sense.

if its a fast food environment, the heat from the bun and the heat from the patty will melt a cold slice of cheese faster after its wrapped, compared to having the cheese against cold vegetables and the hot patty.

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Here is the actual proper way to make a burger

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