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I know deep down /ck/ is able to do this. Disregarding our promenent cramp poster and swaths of racebaiting or "<insert something> really?" retards I have faith that the /ck/ collective can pull it together in order to create something magical.

Either provide a cooking instruction or another ingredient.

I'll start: dry aged NY strip

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A single grain of salt

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freshly gathered ramps

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Sweet Potato Fries

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Cut into thin strips

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heat up the sous vide

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Then deepfry in peanut oil

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add a single ice cube

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oh no

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Pickled scotch bonnet

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12 Hoppy IPAs

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grilled cheese with smoked paprika

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The grease fire help develop the crust. Then top with jarred marinara sauce bon appetite

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In a hollandaise with champagne vinegar as the acid, and tarragon or Thai basil.

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I'll bring KFC to "share".

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Blitz everything together above this post.

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Reduced with veal stock into a jus

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that's a meal on it's own though.
but ok, let's throw an ingredient into the mix
lots of garlic

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i'm throwing everything away and putting 36 jars of mt olive dill pickles in a blender with buttermilk on pulse for 45 minutes

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too bad the icecube comes after frying

and is getting blended soon after

i guess it'll make it nice and moist though.

now add some cumin to the mix. anyone keeping tally of the recipe?

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can't throw anything away, but added pickles and butterrmilk to the mix

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this is getting vile

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Put it in the freezer for 5 hours.

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add something to fix it.
I'll add honey, sugar and pepper, no anchovies this time.

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