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is there any kind food america does better than other nations?
I might think about burgers and hot dogs

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>is there any food America does better than other nations?
We do Italian better than shitalians, Chinese better than insects, Japanese better than nips, Mexican better than beaners, French better than fags. I mean, we do literally everything better than everyone else. Europoors wouldn't understand because they'll never experience what it's like to live in the greatest, most superior country that has ever existed.

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shitty bait
not worth my (You)

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America does every food better than their own country of origin, according to Americans.

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Its true. You wouldn't know because you aren't American. You will never know what it's like to be superior to everyone else.

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I live in Germany as an American and hamburgers, pizza, and tacos are better in the US. I'd also say salads. They only really do German food well here. I can assume this would apply to all of Europe.

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German restaurants are better in the US too.

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I may live in a shithole called brazil but I tasted american hot dogs and its just plain boring from my perspective, but then again where I live we upgraded that bun and sausage with a lot of things and I dont even know if you guys would call this a hot dog

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Sasebo is only a burger powerhouse because of Americans, but Sasebo burgers are Japanese and fantastic.
The same is true of Johnny's Jawaiian in Hamamatsu.
As for hotdogs, the German practice of putting them in hollowed out rolls is far superior to split American buns.

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These look fucking disgusting

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Still a hotdog, and probably better. With all the variations there are on burgers, hotdogs are basically the sausage form of a burger.

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same can be said of this... but thats just culture differences and thats ok, most cultures have nice cousine in general

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american burgers are fucking disgusting

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Mine is a burger with melted cheese and lettuce. How does that look disguising to you?
Here's a Shizuoka wasabi burger. Call it disgusting. Bring it on dude.

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It's true though...

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Your barbeque/smoked meat culture is enviable.

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At least this one looks passable as a burger, the first was slop.

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literally manchild like

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Hot dogs are for kids in America. Adults eat them sometimes but it's just because they're nostalgic (or a manchild from ck who eats fast food and hot dogs)

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america does the best steaks in the world

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Must be all the antibiotics and GMO feed you pump into your cattle.

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>I tasted american hot dogs and its just plain boring from my perspective
You have to eat them the way they do in West Virginia with chili and coleslaw on top.

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Good thing your country survives on American exports then.

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I would but I'm not allowed because I've never fucked a family member.

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was meant for
Sorry guys I'm new here fresh off the boat from reddit and didn't know how to quote yet

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Yeah not tasting bacteria really helps the flavor

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Sweet I can have them!

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that seems good, 8/10 would give it a try

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>>I would but I'm not allowed because I've never fucked a family member.
>Sweet I can have them!

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>Tomato thicker than either meat patty
That's fucking disgusting. Whoever made that is a degenerate.

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nobody does fake cheese better than amerigans.

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>I might think about burgers and hot dogs
American burgers are simply best. Hot dogs, hrm, I think Iceland has a flavorful dog with that touch of lamb in their german style frank and those crunchy onions, or a good ol' hebrew national knockworst, or a veal based brat, and that arguably the bread and toppings are pretty equally good outside the US as inside, so whether you want some flavorbomb of those packed on Colombian toppings incl potato sticks, pineapple jam and hardboiled quail eggs with that cilantro sauce drizzle, or some crisp little homemade austrian roll, or some tangy and hot Jap-a-dog from a food cart, it'll be your preference really.

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>Its true. You wouldn't know because you aren't American. You will never know what it's like to be superior to everyone else.

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I only kneel for my bf.

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Shitskins and women aren't Americans. They aren't even people.

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I might say burgers. I lived in several countries before arriving here, and yeah, burgers are superior in the US. I think it's because the quality of meat here is really good, and despite the....creativity you can put into a burger, the idea of maintaining it simple, fresh and easy to get makes it way better. I never had a good burger in Europe, NEVER. About hot-dogs, the sausage quality is good, but I do prefer the southamerican touch on them

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Keep seething.

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Meant for>>16394738

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You know, back when we were super racist, they at least pretended to respect us. They wanted to be like us. What the fuck happened? This is bullshit. You give them what they want, and then they stop respecting you!

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literally everything

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the science was settle a long time ago; Denmark does the best hotdogs.

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bbq is easily the most impressive american food

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