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what is that it looks good

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No it doesn't. It looks like garbage. Gay garbage.

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Clever little joke I see you buddy. Instead of saying his excellence you go for a different compliment. Incredibly subtle but very nuanced

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chinese food from some mexican mall food court

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that's not a joke, that's what the word is used for. however, I should have said EGGINENCE or EMEGGENCE

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Thanks, i have been working on this for a while. Feel free to use it :^)

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I hate it when a restaurant rips you off on the portion sizes.

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ultra fucking cringe

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>average size american breakfast
>it's a chink
Come on anon, you're getting lazy with your banter.

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Wait. How does he get out of there?

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Does she like go purge afterwards?

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He doesn't.

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Great, now go back and make me a box that isn't liable to pop open and stain everything in my car. Fucking assholes.

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Shit like this being popular makes sense when you realize that at least half of her viewers are children.

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>dat be tree dorrar preese

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Children like to see people look like they're in agony while chewing?

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Looks like fried rice, teriyaki or bourbon chicken, and orange or honey chicken.

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>days where the grandma works as server

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>that filename
lel good one anon

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She has a digestive disorder where her body doesn't process food properly, so she can't get fat

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Good lord now that's a nice portion.

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>water is boring
"people" of colour are fucking weird

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It all looks clean and tidy to me

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Hey I remember this video, I think the occasion was thanksgiving, normal meals on a sub isnt nearly this fancy

jesus no wonder labor is so cheap in india

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Funny because most non-whites are too poor to eat 3 meals a day or eat trash scraps

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I just realised who she reminds me of, that chick in Audition

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why would children like this thinly veiled fetish bullshit

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I'd fuck that up so fast

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god help me

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Imagine taking any amount of time for such a low grade troll. Also, it wouldn't be almond milk, it would be something more boring like 2%.

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so what...her gut would be 3x the size after eating and she shits undigested food? gross

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>tfw the local chinese place just up and quit
i miss them so much bros...

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>he didn't wear whiteface for the video
>didn't even prepare boiled chicken for dinner

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All chinks look the same.

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can someone explain this? is the join a money laundromat or something?

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anon.... that looks really delicious, sorry you can't enjoy it anymore...

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ehh i'm mexican always would eat at a friends house sometimes they would always serve ground beef with macoroni or macoroni with cheese or yellow rice and chicken lol none of these shit ynxds

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For me, it's Mongolian Beef and a side of Egg Drop Soup.

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also tthey would not drink soda or water until the meal is finish always thought that was fucking weird lol

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rest in pepsi to rajeesh's fingers

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Soda part makes sense, but less so for water. Had a mexican woman take care of me when I was younger and her family had the same rule for juice.

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one of the reasons I prefer latinas and black women over white women

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I feel like people that make videos like this just pretend its good
you know damn well that tastes horrible

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>normal meals on a sub isnt nearly this fancy
Normal meals on a sub are good as shit. These guys are isolated for months at a time in a metal tube in the ocean. Only good thing about it IS the food. Sub meals are a cut above the trash they feed the other branches top side.

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It's definitely a moral thing, but that clip seems like something that would have been used in a recruitment ad.

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I am no longer impressed by the capacity for attractive women to make themselves repulsive. It might be time for me to go innawoods and never look back.

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of course, she fucking boiled the things, ruining any flavor or texture

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And that's how we make salads here in Mexico.

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god I hate those stupid little pot-lip strainer things. useless. you can see her struggling with it

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I'm scared

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Bro, you have no idea how much I miss my kebab dude that up and quit, he was the only one to fill them enough, I haven't had a kebab since and it's been years.

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>who cropped out the liveleak logo?

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>american cuisine

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He looks so confident doing that, fuckin hell that's risky

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Submarine crews (at least in the US) were given the tastiest food and the best chefs in the entire navy. If you're locking 40 men in a sardine can for months at a time, you'd better give them good food bc their morale needed to be upheld at all costs.

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I actually found two boxes of legit Cheetos mac and cheese, regular and flaming hot. Both tasted exactly like Cheetos, but the pasta itself was shite. And the flaming hot had so much artificial coloring it was crazy, was legit afraid it was gonna stain my pot and utensils.

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Damn... I miss Mrs Soi Noona... That old bitch knew when we were all high and drunk like nobody's business.

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>outlander tries kwama egg for the first time.webm

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almost all chinese places tend to be money laundering triad owned businesses. The obvious ones have been around for ages and yet you see nobody eating at, if you wonder how some chinese restaurants stay afloat for years with almost no customers, they probably deal with chinese mafia

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>Clever little joke I see you buddy. Instead of saying his excellence you go for a different compliment. Incredibly subtle but very nuanced

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lel, I remember this dude being famous on vine. I wonder how down in the dumps he is now.

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Mexico fucking rules.

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This is classic pajeet peacock show boating... the dude is probably the manager or something and trying to show off... I can bet they wear chain gloves every other time.

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Why didn't they just make a full beef wellington?

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If I had one wish in the entire world, it would be to glass the entirety of China.

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Colour corrected

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>Frying inside a submarine
Mutts are beyond retarded

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At that time, spilling a little hot oil was the least of their worries. Hell, if the chef for burned bad enough, they'd probably get to surface and get to take a short break in fresh air until they got a new cook. It was also a different time, I don't think cars even had seat belts yet.

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>I think the occasion was thanksgiving
While a definite possibility the cake suggests the Navy's birthday.

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what? it's porn.

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If you're cooking for one or two its probably not worth it.

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if you think that woman is attractive, I have bad news for you.

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>local kebab shop that's been around for almost twenty years closes because of covid

Pour one out for the fallen

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chain gloves literally don't do shit versus a band saw

>> No.16531803

You guys hungry for some street food?

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>He doesn't devour the entire roast by himself

>> No.16532496

That cut looks like it has barely any fat, I wonder how it comes out.

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How long was the initial half-second shot, that the meat contracts that much...

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>You will never have an egg toast prepared to you by a sweaty, angry indian gentleman surrounded by hundreds of eggs.
Why live.

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We literally retrofitted entire cargo ships into refrigerated creameries during WW2 just so troops and sailors in the tropical Pacific could have ice cream. Fuck you, we do what we want.

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>was born in 2005

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a testament to doin 1000 chickens a day. Rakesh went home with like 5 bucks US after that

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fag vs chad

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that entire fucking country is sub human

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Our boy on the right has been out of prison for no more than 12 hours.

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Yes and? I have a fast knowledge of military history. I know pretty much everything about WW2.

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>fast knowledge
Well nigga, maybe Jeopardy is for you

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a few of the chinese restaurants in my hometown got raided for human trafficking a few years back

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Love from Kazakhstan

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>fast knowhow
>muh americun educashun

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>she shits undigested food? gross
How is that gross?

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good food combo

>> No.16532973

They'll help you get degloved

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its not unless you think about how hemorrhoided her asshole is
humans are not made to shit undigested food

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>pours it all over the handle
he wasnt thinking was he

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Come home, white man

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long may he reign

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>attractive women to make themselves repulsive
Wipe off their whorepaint and they're usually as repulsive as their behavior

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This might sound dumb af, i don't know anything about the submarine ventilation. How do you have the deep fryer on the submarine in, what looks like, 80's? It eats so much fresh air. Did they have to resurface to cook the whole meal each time?

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just stop saying things like triad and mafia
just view them as extremely aggressive people with no life skills outside of violence

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Imagine the smell of her eggy farts

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Obviously not, you fucking retard

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>knocking on cereal and PBJ
Excuse me but do you really expect me to believe that nogs eat anything else for breakfast most days? Or that they don't eat fast food?

I hate darkskins and Jews so god damned much

>> No.16533693

This. The woods and the mountains are where we belong

>> No.16533710

I should have never opened this.
I knew what was coming but curiosity overtook me

>> No.16534089

who the fuck would do this
>its jack

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man i can even hear the lipssss from the guy on the left

>> No.16534200

I used to have MASSIVE shits and never got hemorrhoids.
You'd be surprised at how well your asshole adapts.

>> No.16534207

I love water seasoned with ice!

>> No.16534215

I remember the last time I saw this. The thread blasted him for wearing a watch while butchering the chicken. I forgot way.

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>> No.16534218

What a Chad. Changs tried to exploit him, but he took what he was owed.

>> No.16534219

everyday we stray further from god

>> No.16534225

The guy on the right knew he was being filmed because it was a staged video.

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>> No.16534237

>How to start an electrical fire *>* ():^)

>> No.16534241

Someone invite her to /ck/. I think she'll like our stuff.

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>> No.16534339

God invented browns to do these jobs.

>> No.16534446

someone got the steak goblina webm? steak americana or something?

>> No.16534466

>chinese food

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Humans aren't made to have cocks in their assholes either but faggots and women do it all the time

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I work at Pilgrims Pride chicken processing plant where we debone thousands of chickens a day. This video triggers me so much as he is just making a bunch of chunks of chicken with bone and meat together. Idk what the fuck he's cutting it up for like that. He would make so much more money deboning them.

>> No.16534532

how do they stay healthy eating all that

>> No.16534568

>bamboo cakes
Glad to see that darkoids have upgraded from dirt cookies.

>> No.16534575

Because brown people cook meat that still has the bone in it.

>> No.16534583

>tfw I accidentally started the "how does he get out of there?" meme

>> No.16534648

They don't. After a few days they'd be limited to the lackluster options you'd expect and fill in the holes with a multivitamin.
This is likely the first meal after a restock, which is why everyone looks so happy. They wouldn't be so excited if this was an every day occurrence.

>> No.16534655

it's sugarcane. jaggery is a less refined type of sugar.

>> No.16534722

You know, if mutts can power their submarine with a nuclear reactor, they can competently install and use a deep fryer in said vessel.

>> No.16534733

It just doesn't fucking make sense. He could have had some nice, boneless chicken breasts, 2 full tenderloins for some chicken tendies, and some nice drumsticks and thighs. Now he's got a bunch of worthless chunks fill with small splintery bones that would only be good for broth, and he could have just made a good broth out of the carcass once it's deboned. Doesn't make any sense. Surprised he didn't fuck up the wings, too.

>> No.16534814

Yes they do... unless you lean into the saw belt with all your force they will give you enough time to pull away.

>> No.16534816

The culture prefers bone-in meat. It's all going in curry anyway, so it at least vaguely makes sense to break it up into similar sized chunks. There's no point taking the extra minute to debone every chicken if there isn't a market for it.

>> No.16534850

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.

I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a like girl as you once again type your little Egg Fort thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don't even fill in the captcha. Maybe you're such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for a 4chan pass, so you just choose the webm. Oh, and we all know the picture. The "epic" Surly King guy, isn't it? I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your greasy egg sandwich on the floor, but it's ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on 4chan posting about eggs. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a NEET. A pathetic Eggfag NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because all you say is "HOW DOES HE GET OUT WITHOUT BREAKING THE EGGS?" You've become a parody of your own self. And that's all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.


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It just seems like a waste of good meat and outrageously inefficient. No wonder those countries are still fucking third world.

>> No.16534854

Eggsit? Eggsplain?hk2hg

>> No.16534876

How is it a waste or inefficient if the customers still eat it?

>> No.16534931

this is some real midwestern mom shit

>> No.16534983

How is shit like this possible? I'm 6' 240 pounds and I couldn't eat half that plate in one sitting

>> No.16535410

there's a cool vid on a us nuclear sub's food, they even have jalapeno poppers

>> No.16535413

that mouth would fit to my cock

>> No.16535451

Most bandsaw blades have serrated edges. If a chain link glove got caught in that you'd lose most of your hand

>> No.16535555

why would he wear a watch while doing this

>> No.16535597

>> No.16535606

May I attempt to succinctly summer this autistic complaint to remove confusion?

>> No.16535608

How are you supposed to eat that without looking like a caveman?

>> No.16535617

I do that because excess grease upsets my stomach. no bully

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>> No.16535685

Looks like a relatively small portion for the average American I would say.

>> No.16535700

my dog :(

>> No.16535803

Taco in a bag is good

>> No.16535815


>> No.16535852

would it not be easier to move the cleaver instead of the fish, what is the point of this

>> No.16535871

I assume it's harder to stabilize the fish when scaling it with just one hand.

>> No.16536161

>submarine mess
>its nice and clean looking

>> No.16536194

every time i see her stuff get posted, i always get drawn into her nose.
that shit just freaks me out. sometimes it looks like it moves on its own or it looks like just holes like looking at a skull

>> No.16536201

As someone from Slovakia.. Never fucking heard of this.
The crime we make with hotdogs is boiling them in water instead of grilling them.
Majority of time they will be eaten with mustard and bread as they are considered lowest form of "meat", usually ends up in soups with beans.
Nobody would buy blueberries with hotdogs as they are expensive.
The whole thing is wtf.

>> No.16536202

Yeah, that's a definite 1990s quality nosejob. She needs to sue if she paid for it this millenniumm

>> No.16536237

Extremely based. Meanwhile us kiwis provide the rest of the world with cheap milk and dairy at the expense of extremely high prices within our own country. FUCK fonterra, silver farms, and most of all, foodstuffs and countdown.

>> No.16536306

Nobody imports milk, are you retarded?

>> No.16536319

NZ exports billions of litres of milk every year. It accounts for about 20% of global milk exports and makes up around 3.5% of our GDP.

>> No.16536376

>The crime we make with hotdogs is boiling them in water instead of grilling them.
dirty water dogs are iconic

>> No.16536399

Who puts vomit on food?

>> No.16536414

Maybe just avoid eating greasy foods straight up. Yes everyone judges you for degreasing your food.

>> No.16536422

das rite muppet boys

>> No.16536440

Could have been worse

>> No.16536463

it is sugar you fucking retard.

>> No.16536466

people who get genuine enjoyment from watching this type of shit need to be executed

>> No.16536467

im a spic and this was literally my diet in college. still the same now except grilled chicken n veg instead of frozen pizza

>> No.16536468

I actually like jack for bringing comedy into the kitchen and this isn't the worst thing he's ever done.

>> No.16536474

Your mentality is the reason why our countries are flooded with poos, niggers and chinks

>> No.16536482

jej was this the famous chili he entered into that contest and didnt even place in the top 10 so he posted a video about how the judges were biased against him?

>> No.16536494

>thinking any restaurant outside of it's native country is actually authentic
Something like 70-80% of Japanese restaurants here are owned by Koreans.

>> No.16536500

American women*

>> No.16536529

> Here
> No mention where the fuck "here" is

Useless spastic you had 1 job

>> No.16536535

Earth bro

>> No.16536550

>> No.16536578


>> No.16536580

good. get all those shit toppings off.

>> No.16536586


>> No.16536592

americans can't eat anything unless they add cheese to it

>> No.16536712

this isnt too bad as far as crimes against food go. its just m&c with a fair bit of corn starch and whatever the fuck they flavor it with, probably msg and cheapest chilli dust.

>> No.16536714

The food was never this good when I was in the Navy.

>> No.16536736

I swear that shit never comes off the god damn spatula even if you flour it more than the dough itself.

>> No.16536740

The Japanese

>> No.16536745

Javanese portions are such a meme, whats the point of eating so little?

>> No.16536756

Toilet chair

>> No.16536768

Plot twist: that's an ordinary chicken's egg, and the woman is just a particularly small Asian.

>> No.16536770

Hope hes just doing it for the camera and this is not his daily speed of chicken cutting.
Also the guy is doing minced chicken at this point

>> No.16536777

I swear that movie must have gotten a sponsorship from the company that makes those wires, would be a shame if it isnt

>> No.16536783

I mean, soyboys are usually white. If you've never met any ("other") white men, it's understandable to think they're all there is.

>> No.16536790

> authentic Italian food in Japan

>> No.16536794

That's because you need something to roll under the dough. Like corn meal.

>> No.16536798

Fair enough, have not tried coarser powders. Flour is fucking shit, maybe corn meal will work better. I assume it is just about the coarseness and nothing else?

>> No.16536809

while i am guilty of somewhat overloading my pizzas every time, the cornmeal helped me none. in the end i just wussed out and went for sheet pan pizzas.

>> No.16536813

You leave it on the pizza paddle too long, the moisture of the dough makes it stick.

>> No.16536817

Your dough is too wet.

>> No.16536823

It sticks to it in under half a minute. It takes me 1,5 to get to the oven. The only way I can use it is if I either make the dough dry as fuck or shuffle it constantly like I am on a meth binge.

Not really. The dough itself is not sticky and is very nice and soft. Makes fantastic pizza.

>> No.16536829

anon my working surface is the same table i got my oven on. im not a comic book superhero and cant do much beyond preparing all the shit to put on the dough right next to it.

>> No.16536831


>> No.16536833

>You leave it on the pizza paddle too long, the moisture of the dough makes it stick.
This. Depending on how moist your dough is and how much flour you've put on the bottom it will stick faster or slower, but it will eventually stick to the paddle. That's why you have to be quick, and either put the toppings on while it's one some more heavily flowered surface, or just do it faster on the paddle.

It definitely is a tricky thing. Practice makes perfect.

>> No.16536859

Makes sense to a certain level. There is a very big restaurant near where I live that is like a mansion with the shape of a chinese castle. Its so big and yet I never seen it filled with people, every time I walk by is empty and this is ben up for like 30 years.
The thing with chinese is that they are so hermetic that you dont notice what they could be doing, you dont even see them walking down the street like everyone else does. there had ben manny cases of human trafficking in those restaurants.

>> No.16536873

Why is he grilling a pizza, anyway?

>> No.16536883

He needs an oven that can get hot enough

>> No.16536892

any recipe that includes potato chips and especially cheetos as an ingredient is automatically garbage

>> No.16536914

The other thing is to be decisive with the transfer. Pizzas being transferred smell fear, so if you hesitate or make a half move, you're done for. One smooth motion.

>> No.16536931

>Pizzas being transferred smell fear
This is correct. This guy fucks.

>> No.16536959


>> No.16536969

To be fair he did say something like "I don't know why the hell I did that"

>> No.16536984

> it's okay, I was only *unintentionally* retarded

>> No.16537034

This is not bad at all considering jack standards

>> No.16537080

Imagine if he stumbles on a banana pel

>> No.16537105

>> No.16537108

the problem was the guy jerking the peel forward, you move it forward gently and jerk back.

>> No.16537137

With a cleaver maybe but not a hoe or whatever that is

>> No.16537227

Not even asians on yt like Sooyoung lol

>> No.16537239

>he wants brown people to touch his food

>> No.16537322

>le smother it in cheese meme

>> No.16537341

As long as you don't do that t.rex thing with your hands, don't wear non-wedding rings, and don't have earrings, then you're okay.

>> No.16537419

same i shit rocks and massive logs and i have never gotten hemorrhoids

>> No.16537434

GOD I love being white as the driven snow, this is literally exactly what I eat all the time, LOL I love how much my existence triggers the lesser races

>> No.16537447

You're not being ironically stupid. You're just stupid.

>> No.16537456

I don't make pizzas from home. But I think you're supposed to put semolina flour on the paddle so it slides off easily.

>> No.16537470

>freezer has a lock on it
>on a ship that's underwater
niggas be stealing shit no matter where it is

>> No.16537665

I'm pretty sure this place is in Vegas, or at least there's a restaurant that also does "fatbabys" in vegas in a identical way using the same kind of holder for the baguette.

>> No.16537734

>this faggot doesn't know how to love a woman

>> No.16537757

damn you must be a massive pussy physically if you honestly eat like that. Man up and do the white race a favor and eat real fuckin food.

>> No.16537839

>> No.16537846

everything looked good until the cheese

>> No.16537847

Up until a minute in I was dead certain they were making coke.

>> No.16537859

>> No.16537868

>> No.16537870

Looks awful but eateable

>> No.16537894


>> No.16537897

Submarines can make their own fresh air from seawater.

>> No.16537901

>> No.16537908

He's a faggot doing a staged video for the chive.

>> No.16537915

do you actually eat the skin though? seems like it would be incredibly chewy

>> No.16537916

Love makes you weak.

>> No.16537985

these niggas eatin beans

>> No.16537991

Not even Jack or Kay would come up with something this vile, disgusting.

>> No.16538145


>> No.16538168


>> No.16538169

Isn't it all about the smooth push and then a solid yank back to more-or-less remove the carrying-surface rather than shift the pizza?

>> No.16538201

>GOD I love being white as the driven snow, this is literally exactly what I eat all the time, LOL I love how much my existence triggers the lesser races

>> No.16538204

I think anon was referring to Natto

>> No.16538226

That's made from the leafs, moron.

>> No.16538247

What fucking episode?

>> No.16538322

nice copypasta

>> No.16538353

go back to twitter, you're clearly as fragile as the eggs in that video

>> No.16538358

>> No.16538374

top kek

>> No.16538379

>> No.16538397

>> No.16538408

>> No.16538414

You know that's not real Chinese food, right? In fact, most American versions of ethnic foods are just another form of cultural appropriation.

>> No.16538415

He forgot to put semolina on the peel. Without that, it sticks like a motherfucker.

>> No.16538451

Ulillillia got his life together. Literally the exact opposite of the CWC arc. I hope platform masters sees the light of day in my lifetime.

>> No.16538463

based pizza whisperer

>> No.16538483

>> No.16538489

a man who declares himself to be without weakness is a liar and misunderstands humanity

>> No.16538491

what is that he put in the bottom?

>> No.16538497

>pizza whisperer

>> No.16538543

Prawns in cheese sauce.

>> No.16538553

Ulillillia made it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-79yOZ13qg

>> No.16538569

they have zero problem making air out of the seawater.
literally the only reason for them to resurface in less than a year is for food(there's only so much room to store food) and for the sanity of the men

>> No.16538586

The US doesn't really import milk and most dairy, at least not relative to our size and consumption of dairy, but most of the world actually does import dairy.

>> No.16538670

I have defeated every woman I've ever encountered. I can defeat every woman in your life, and would not hesitate to do so. My strength is great, my power mighty.

>> No.16538686

>> No.16538695

hi hi

>> No.16538738

I think it's a solution when lacking a stable surface and a sharp cleaver. The tool is clearly dull and this method lets them compensate by using two hands to manipulate the fish.

>> No.16538749

>All the spice left in the watrr

>> No.16538763

Based ulillilla supporter loosing weight by eating pizza

>> No.16538844

that was pretty unappetizing looking ngl

It's literally just normal food I grew up on. Lame.

>> No.16538881

omfg now I know why Trump stands at podiums so weird! That and the belly LOL

>> No.16538882

months on end punching holes in water you learn to appreciate some buttered corn and milk, anon

>> No.16538886

>> No.16538955

Okay now take NY water to CA and repeat. I bet the same thing happens in reverse (stupid asses)

>> No.16538967

Mine closed down after Panda Express opened up down the road. I'm not sure why, the only thing I think Panda does better is chow mein, but all their portions are tiny compared to the place that closed down.

>> No.16538976

The large majority of people who go out are looking speed, low prices, and consistency. Panda Express isn't "good" but it's good enough and trumps local places on those other points.

>> No.16538985

Take both of them to the Midwest, like fuckin SD where bland staples foods are the norm and get that person to blink guess. It would just be 'It ...smells like pizza. WTF are you testing?'

>> No.16538989

I think consistency is the only thing they do better. Maybe people just don't want to get out of their car and prefer using the driv-thru instead of walking a few yards.

>> No.16538995


>> No.16539014

alright u win

>> No.16539021

Is this guy cooking for the queen or something? Looks good desu, especially >>16538397

>> No.16539062

Sorta, he was on a tv show as an ex "royal chef", but he seemed like a lower level dude that was cooking for the extended family.

>> No.16539077

If it's not "real," then how is it cultural appropriation?

>> No.16539159

If it sticks like that just use your hand to help roll it off the paddle...

>> No.16539164

you don't eat like that because you're white you eat like that because you're male, single and depressed. This is clearly bachelor food, it makes no sense as a white people food video, they're just retarded

>> No.16539238


>> No.16539253

I love to order a bunch of stuff and down it like a slob king just to stick it to my skinny friends who shudder at the thought

>> No.16539260

based non-pretentious dakotans

>> No.16539285


>> No.16539301

NY water is unfiltred. There are microcrustaceans called copepods in it.

>> No.16539303

>> No.16539309

You're shittin on him but buddy is really damn lean, perfect building block to become an absolute chad within a year or two.

>> No.16539329

I freak out

>> No.16539342

My co worker showed me the branded version of these they sell at Walmart and I almost gagged. She was legit excited to try them though. She's white as well but I thought minorities were way more into those flaming hot garbage snacks? Idk either way its not for me. I can't even stomach 1 of those cheap artificial nuggets ill get a stomachache.

>> No.16539362

At least it's healthy for him to eat but goddamn that is not in any way shape or form how I want my chili to look

>> No.16539388

Cookie burger is pretty innofensive

>> No.16539394

What is that precooked meat cube stuff ja/ck/ uses?

>> No.16539425

Except that the inside of cans is lined with a layer of plastic that most likely isn't meant to stay safe at oven temperatures. Remember, cans are only brought up to boiling temperature during the canning process.

>> No.16539478

The trick would be to use some parchment paper on the peel if you're not able to get the technique down right.
It might ignite a bit around the edges on a grill, but it won't cause any issues underneath the pizza in terms of browning, and might even help to keep it from burning itself.

>> No.16539569

I don't know about if they are or aren't based, I just know they are in the middle of fucking no where and likely have a menu akin to Potato with a side of wild game and apparently are fans of Lutefisk.
If they can't tell a difference between those pizza's then it's all placebo.

>> No.16539590

I would say the ham-cheese'n'banana might be less offensive if only because banana can be very muted so would just be like a sweeter potato-like substance. Cookie burger might be on par at best.

>> No.16539797

left over undercooked pork shoulder

>> No.16539911

>one jar just for one (1) pepper

>> No.16539919


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