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>30 degree angle "play it safe" egg virgin
>45 degree angle gravity defying egg chad

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What gets me more is that shitty stack of eggs on the virgin's pot of water. And the egg pyramid on the chad's pot.

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How does he leave the egg prison?

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are you holding them hostage?

is this some kinda saw EGG experiment?

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I've watched and re-watched this clip for about five minutes. The juxtaposition between these two people is jarring and it is hard to believe they are part of the same sex let alone the same culture and species.

The egg virgin is palpably nervous and anxious with his "1000 egg stare" and tense body language: this is a man uncomfortable in his own skin much less interacting with strangers outside IRL. You can imagine that he has a homemade waifu pillow wearing a negligee stolen from his mother or sister hiding underneath where his feet are, so he can sneak glances at her for comfort. This man (boy) is pathetic and exemplifies everything that is wrong with our soft societies. He keeps his eggs at a safe angle because his whole life has revolved around false security and safety, which has consequently removed the necessity of healthy life experiences that lead to personal development, self-confidence, positive defense mechanisms and the ability to rapidly adapt to adverse situations. The way he shoddily stacks his eggs beside the bowl shows you he doesn't want to be there nor does he understand or care about his profession. He is an abject piece of shit and the fact that he has sold so few eggs is evidence of why you want to be the complete opposite of a pussy like this.

The egg chad, on the other hand, is everything that manchild is not: confident, charming, charismatic, assertive and with an unspoken dignity and pride in his profession and family. He stands like a proud lion, showing his masculine chest off instead of hiding it in a juvenile striped t-shirt. Instead of squeaking like a bitch mouse when people inquire or walk buy, the egg chad shouts "my friend! my friend! do you want special egg? No? Then fuck you - hello my friend, do YOU want special egg? Yes very good very good" and proceeds to dazzle them with a simple yet robust meal that shows off 10,000+ hours of study and practice under the tutelage of a now-deceased egg gigachad mentor.

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>you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

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are these two competing egg forts?

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where do i find the original video??

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