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Japanese bird cooking spaghetti

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cool post

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It’s clearly cooking ziti, you disingenuous lying piece of shit.
/ck/ is a board of transparent honesty.
Fucking kill yourself and you’re worthless fucking family as well.

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/anck/ors rise up

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I remember raging at this in like 2008
what have I done with my life

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Getting angry about nothing

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Thats bullshit man, I had one of those birds and all it did was spray vinegary liquid shits all over the place.
Ended up cooking the thing with some nice linguini

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that's penne you fucking cunt

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Did you kill it by overheating a teflon pan?

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wow would you look at that. and i thought ive seen everything

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The hubris! My god.

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No. This is the proper way to eat a bird.

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I love you bird

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Turkish bird being cooked.

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The idea of the weird occultist ceremony around eating some fat sparrow is why the French are pretentious retards.

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I would definitely try ortolans and then probably donate some money to a bird sanctuary or something afterwards to redeem myself.

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Kek this got me

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