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What is your favorite American food, /ck/?

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South American, North American or Canadian?

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Canadians are not North Americans?

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You fucking what?

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>American vomit chocolate

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do they even have anything proper besides greasy shit meat and plastic fast food?

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Ghirardelli is not Hershey’s

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They taste exactly the same senpai

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can we be adults about this? The whole “all American chocolate tastes the same m8” meme seems very tired and childish

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Burgers obviously. Here's one I cooked and ate a while ago.

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And BBQ and fried chicken. USA has lots of great food. It's a bit monotonous though. Proper food cultures look at it as an occasional treat.

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cook it longer or i will purposely infect you with covid over and over again until you finally die from it

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No, bleu burgers are delicious mate.

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Nice appetizer. What's for dinner?

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Nah butthurt bongs and the like need to punch up at us. It's all they have.

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kek. I’ll be magnanimous and say: fish and chips are good. Malt vinegar is also great on *french fries*.

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>fried fish and fries
>pinnacle of British cuisine
Even Gordon Ramsey thinks this is a plus, does no one see how sad this is?

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Lots of good seafood on the east coast

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Apparently they don't sell these outside of Philadelphia, and they're only sold in March. But I could eat these fuckers by the bucket, holy shit.

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