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One bite, everybody knows the rules

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That's not even cooked wtf

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wtf is this monstrum?

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How does this rate compared to dijorno

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i caught campylobacter last week and my shit looked similar to this.

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does anyone have that webm of the brazilian catipury pizza where the guy stitches the dough and throws cardboard into the oven while the pizza is cooking and tops it off with three olives at the end?

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dumping pizza until I get a response

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What the fuck am I looking at here

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looks like han characters on the side of the box. some south east asian pizza I assume it is very fresh squid, mayo, and some other stuff

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Imagine paying NYC prices for anything. Fuck that

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I'm not one to order bowling alley food anyways

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Give the pizza bitch

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I've got a whole folder of pizza girls

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Probably bonito flakes, they're so thin the heat is enough to move them around

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Weird. God I hate Asians.

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wow I didn't realize they could move around that much. I looked up bonito happy dance


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Hurry up wagie.

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Robots would never ask for $15 an hour. I say bring on the robots!

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more swedish pizza

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I used to live in a hellishly cold environment. I once tipped a guy almost as much as the pizza and wings was worth because it was -30F and I lived at the bottom of a slope and he delivered during a blizzard.

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Where was this? Alaska?

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you should have just eaten frozen pizza

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Why are the french so fucking full of themselves? They're even worse than Americans

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What a life

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too bad we can't all have it so good

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Hellish year in Minnesota.
I didn't have a lot of food around and my stove was down. I spent most of my time at work. I ordered out because my car couldn't make it up all the hills.

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Most of the northeastern and north-midwest US states hit -30 at least once a year.

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I just wanted to make a pun

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Anon don't disrespect Mexican pizza like that, shit is top tier compared to other countries.

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how about some bone in pizza?

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That's horrifying

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Why would you buy a roastie rubber butt?

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pizza flambe

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I went and found it myself

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File: 2.27 MB, 800x450, mestre de pizza 2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Fish flakes wiggle when heated, looks crazy but that's all it is. Japanese pizza is based though you should try it.

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>niggers all wait outside the slots taking everyones pizzas
>they have to make nigger scaring robots
>robot scares off everyone so they have to make nigger robots to support their business
>all hell breaks loose

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maybe it didnt start that way

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Why are SE Asians (I'm guessing these are Indians but I've noticed this across SE Asia) so fucking careless when it comes to food? I get it, their life probably sucks so they dont care about serving trash, but they are so haphazard about everything it seems intentiona.

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i once found bone in my taco bell burrito, and i got so fucking scared i threw it out before i could take a picture

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I'm pretty sure this is brazilian pizza. the guy is very brown compared to a filipino, and it looks like he's putting catipury and corn on the pizza which is brazilian toppings

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here he is throwing the burnt trash in the pizza oven

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>mestre da pizza

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Has no one told this guy that slow is smooth and smooth is fast? Half of the cheese is getting thrown away and the pepperoni placement on that first pizza is fucking terrible.

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Everything about this is a trainwreck.

>punches a hole in the dough
>pink pizza sauce that is barely applied to the pizza
>at least a pound of mayo
>cooks the pizza with literal garbage
>cuts the pizza with a paint scraper
>sprinkles 3 sad looking olives on the pizza as if it is a masterpiece

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Found it

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why do i think of Bender from futurama when you say "nigger robot"

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I wonder if they ever eat each other

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Shitalians BTFO

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Belief in predestination, it removes all responsibility from absolutely everything because it's all gods plan. Same reason the roads are such a nightmare, if that crowd of school children wasn't meant to die today they wouldn't be standing on that particular section of sidewalk.

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How did this footage get released?

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You should be appreciative that the Japs came up with a humane innovation that allows them to emulate the experience of eating a living, wriggling creature. After all, the Asian palate demands live sacrifice, or else dinner just isn't the same.

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This is great

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You know the rules. And so do I.

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Yes, disemploy the already impoverished masses. I'm sure that will work out just fine.

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do chicagoans really

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lost my shit when he just started stabbing it and the whole thing is such mush it starts falling apart

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I was in the original thread for that. Shame none of the other pics survived.

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I wonder if they taste good on pizza.

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extra bacon plz

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The cheese falls through a grate to be reused

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>feeds fire with literal garbage
America may be a shit hole but at least it’s not Brazil.

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looks like he's blown out the asshole on it kek

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that commercial is not swedish.

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