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And "no" customers. Later, gator

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No muss, no fuss. Based.

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I don't get it. If there are no lettuce wraps, wheat, or gluten free bread, then wtf are they putting their burgers on? Just a bowl of chili? I'd never eat here.

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You just won yourself a customer, sport.

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I can understand the theme with the first 5 "rules" but why would you say no onion rings? That shit makes no sense.

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>no onion rings

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Honestly this is based I can't stand what faggots customers have become they need to be put in their place and it makes me sick.

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because they're barely staying afloat as it as and getting another distributor to get onion rings would put them in the red

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>look up the restaurant
>permenetly closed

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Onion rings as a topping is pretty cringe

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i think they mean no wheat free or gluten free..

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They traded it in for 90's music.

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Guacamole is good on burgers tho. So is wheat buns. The lack of onion rings is weird for a burger joint.

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When you have supplier side power you make the rules. These guys have something people want and pay for. Customer is always right my ass

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They can keep their "yes" bitches to themselves like the Califags they are.

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I don't even know what kind of personality they're trying to impersonate, is this just autism?

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I can imagine some dude with a mullet who was born in 1995 and blasting white snake or some other God awful 80s hair band thinking that he's really clever. I can only imagine how shitty the food was

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Fuck I'm not surprised it's closed between his weird Yelp review threats, that sign and this cafeteria tier looking burger that someone shat on

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Ok that chili looks like shit.

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The only places that get by with gimmicky bad customer service like this are tourist traps. You can't just do this shit in a random neighborhood in San Fernando. It's a gimmick started by cheesesteak stands and it doesn't fucking work with burger places, especially in a place like California.

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>obvious american shit
>no onion rings

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what did he think he's clever for?

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The trick with a cute American chick with onion rings is you say, look with your eyes and point a bit while saying "look over there" and steal an onion ring. Once she realizes what you've done then she'll love you.
OMG: You've stolen an onion ring!

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I refuse to eat any place that has this kind of stupid shit posted. It doesn't even matter that I have no interest in veggie burgers or lettuce wraps, I just hate being confronted with obnoxious bullshit or gimmicks. Boomer shit, religious shit, 'mask up uwu' shit, any of it. If the front door is plastered in rules I'm gone. Especially when they're clearly trying to hide poor management.

Like this restaurant doesn't have iced tea or ranch dressing. Do they also not have ketchup or pickles? What kind of cheap/lazy cunt can't manage to stock iced tea? What other surprises am I going to be faced with when I try to order from these dipshits?

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being obnoxious is not a positive trait, and who the fuck can't stock ice tea

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>permanently closed
makes sense

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What's next forced chipping?
It's about power, power over certain companies and the moron biden types over individuals. Cali bullshit.

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aren't you supposed to advertise what you do have

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Who is you? Be specific if you can.

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Isn't one supposed to advertise what one does have

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the two options are nauseatingly customer focused with lots of groveling OR stupid confrontational garbage like this that basically negs people into buying your stuff

commercialization and consumerism in the [current year] is really something else to witness eh anon

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Another shit thread. Good job jannies

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What I'd you want it without the bun would they get mad about that ??

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I thought they meant no whole wheat or gluten free buns

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No iced tea? What the fuck am I supposed to drink with my food, fucking water? No onion rings? No cheese but shitty Kraft singles? What the hell kind of dogshit backwater toilet joint is that?

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maybe but >>16807852
that bun looks whole wheat to me as well asi find it believeable some people who are allergic to gluten just basically stay away from wheat where anything else with gluten is probably low enough in gluten for them to eat without much discomfort and people getting fed up with the gluten free fad started taking it out on people who just asked if they used wheat as well

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>no ice tea
The brits are behind this.

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>customers with outlandish demands
Of course this is in California.

>> No.16808289

why the fuck do you think it's the jannies job to make us better posters?

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Please never apolozige to me anon. I don't deserve it, the only ones that do appear to be are the biden/kamela types who want control. It's too bad that it's one or the other.

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Even ignoring the sloppa on top, those fries themselves look incredibly pale and sad

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insufferable, I bet the owner has a very punchable face

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I just use this simple tea and cold steep it. It's really simple, no hoity stuff is necessary. I'm just a simple man.
I even reuse a gatorate botttle, one bag is just right to steep a bottle in a refrigerator.
It definitely keeps me out of hoitey toit land.

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Excpept they went out of business KWAB (kek what a [closed] business)

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No need for violence like the democrats do in caliland, let them die on their own. That's no need to not call them out on their own bullshit and bullshit is what it is. No violence, let them start it because they've always been the types to start, they can't take opposition or anyone that opposes them so take to violence. I'm not the first to say that.
That's the democrat party for you that will use anything they can to squash opposition.

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I've learned this from the 1980's, the democrats are most hypocrite types that one can imagine, disagree with them and take their points out and they freak out and try to push people down.
It's what they do, it's natural for them.

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Now in the 2020s it's just a natural projection of them.

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Do they have those little yellow chillies?

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Cringe divorced boomer from Indiana detected

>> No.16808707

>I'm just a simple man.

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This has got to be a bot

Fascinating I wonder who's behind this

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Like pottery

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I am glad their dreams shattered into a million pieces

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agree with everything but no onion rings

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Acting like an asshole for literally no reason is a coastie roastie thing. I remember when the flood of Jew Yorkers and Commiefornians came to the Austin area about a decade ago and how shocked they were that acting like an asshole in a restaurant would get you nowhere at best, get you kicked out and banned at worst. And don't get me started on how many of them got their asses kicked downtown over "not saying anything" in a "heated conversation", lol.

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Learn 2 read

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They look like the came out of a frozen bag from walmart and were microwaved.

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And then they eventually took over anyway

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makes me kinda sad even though i wouldn't go there

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Fascinating indeed.
You should see the Reagan speech, or should I post it for you? Its as true than it was yesterday.

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Did they shit on the fries?

>> No.16809063

Onion rings has to be one of the most cost effective things you can have on your menu.
The owner of that place must just fucking hate money.

>> No.16809239

Right?! They cost fuckall to make and the markup is huge, even more so if someone wants them on a burger! You're looking at a $1-2 upcharge for 2 rings on a burger!

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>Customer is always right
Very common misconception. It's actually "the customer always has the right to go elsewhere". If you go into a greasy diner and tell the cooks to make you 3 star haute cuisine while dressed as parakeets, because "you're always right", then you'll get told to fuck off.

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>refuses to do basic things to compete in an oversaturated market
>act like assholes about it
>go out of business
lol, bet those retards charged an arm and a leg too. Fuck californians, I'm glad they went out of business and I hope they don't succeed at whatever else they moved on to doing.

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Besides the onion rings, I don't see a thing wrong with this list. Pretty based.

>> No.16809824

What demographic is this even shooting for lol? I mean, all the no health food stuff means maybe they're shooting for rednecks, but then no sweet tea and no onion rings... I can't see this working anywhere, let alone San Fernando

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Toppest of keks

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Why are onion rings grouped in with that shit?

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Noooo not the hecking mutterinos who act like assholes over their beloved national burger

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>located in southern california
no wonder they had to put up a sign telling hipsters to fuck off

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>> No.16809913

No, that's obviously who they are trying to keep out. Obviously the food wasn't very good, or no one would care about the sign.

>> No.16809923

If they just didn't have any of those things and just made good food it'd be based. The need to list these things and place them on the door is peak performative cringe and panders to a certain kind of brainlet retard.

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While the owner seems to have been a prick, so are some of the customers, like this ELITE woman. Probably has to do with it being in California and therefore patronized and owned by Californians. I can't imagine the mindset of someone leaving a Yelp review to call themselves elite while complaining about not being able to get a lettuce wrap.

>> No.16809941

I gotta think to some extent his overall approach probably drives nice people away. If you're confronted with that sign you're either gonna be onboard with it, in which case you're a certain kind of person, or you're looking to start shit. Either way, the sign and attitude of the owner filters out all but the most confrontational and unpleasant people before they even get to the table.

>> No.16809943

I mean elite is the tag given to people who post picture with their food on Yelp and have a good reputation. Not exactly the same thing you're implying.

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I don't mind a rare burger, but that's so raw its versing smackdown

>> No.16809993

it's pastrami

>> No.16810000

Oh, I wasn't aware of that. It still seems like a weird brag to me though.

>> No.16810006

it's some kind of nexus of entitlement with both parties ready to be pissed off in advance

>> No.16810015

No mushrooms? I understand they're trying to go for the "yeah we hate hipsters" things but mushrooms are a pretty standard topping

>> No.16810025

It sounds like a brag because it's called "elite". In context of the review however it's obvious they're just trying to clarify that they're not a fake review.

>> No.16810059

Oh, didn't read it. Looks pretty bad though

>> No.16810091

"American cheese"
Gross, I'm out.

>> No.16810122

looks like she got the Yelper special

>> No.16810703

They're closed so yes they fucked up

>> No.16810723

If you hate money yes it's based

>> No.16810760

I find restaurants that have these NO signs nothing but laughable. "Oh, we have a specific image and these items are not on the menu so don't ask for them!"
>Ice Tea is god-tier is made correctly
>Thousand Island or Ranch dressing can be good on burgers
>Mushrooms and avocados are good on burgers
>Onion Rings CAN BE better than french fries
>Shitty "American" cheese is pig disgusting
Let me guess, this place prides itself on being something different than 5 guys or whatever. Yet, hardly pulls in a large customer base?

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Eh, while /ck/ has a lot of shit threads. I'll disagree with you that this one is bad.
>hipster or faggot owned restaurant that clearly alienated customers with their ridiculous policies on what you cannot order with your burger.
>anon revealing that said business closed
>laughing at how trash California is
>anons discussing why this restaurant went out of business with the lack of menu choices such as cheese or ice tea
I'll rather see threads like this than other shit that is currently in the catalog.
>work lunches
>masturbating over jewtube cooks

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how does he get out without breaking the eggs

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What's wrong with fried mushrooms and onions on a burger? Is that really a hipster thing? It's fucking good.
>We have NO attitudes
Then what's the deal with the sign?

>> No.16810815

Well young anon, that is something you discover as you age. The man is not trapped in the egg fortress. The eggs are trapped in with the man. Thus, he'll need to either sell or eat all of the eggs.
IMAGINE...the gains from all that protein.

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>american cheese
100% down syndrome zero surprise they went under. absolutely disgusting.

>> No.16810867

>"not saying anything" in a "heated conversation"
I don't know what this means
They got their asses kicked for being silent?

>> No.16810876

You don't operate a business based on what you do or don't like; you operate it based on what sells.

>> No.16810895

What's with 4chan and eggs?

>> No.16810901

This is an excellent way to get burned out, put everything in the hands of a manager that will fuck you, and then have to put out fires years down the line because you were so hands-off because of lack of interest. You will never be successful in the business if you only care about profit and have no passion.

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everyone loves eggs

>> No.16810934

American cheese is great on burgers. It's probably its only use. everyone that disagrees is a fucking retard.

>> No.16810942

>no ice tea
fuck off that's pure anti-americana garbage how am I supposed to enjoy my burger without a cup of icy cold sweet tea???

>> No.16810948

A long-running joke.
>you need to eat ALL the eggs
>how does he get out without breaking the eggs
>/fit/'s egg meal breakdown
>/out/'s cooking advice
Plus, eggs are declicious.

>> No.16810979

>/out/'s cooking advice
don't think I've seen that one before

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>eating vomit flavored neon orange plasticine
not just a retard, but a cooklet too. amazing.

>> No.16811008

I imagine thousand island and ranch on burgers are ordered seldom enough that they could have bought a $2 bottle of Great Value brand of each and been set for months, and pleased more customers that easily, but I guess that just isn't their "image"

>> No.16811016

I'm someone who is on /out/ a lot and actually does go out. Escaping from people is the best feeling, especially in 2021 when the world has gone insane.
Fag-a-tronics aside from my personal opinion, the posts I saw were:
>anon wants to cook eggs while hiking/camping
>another anon shows how they used a rock and the sun to create a basic stove
>It doesn't look cooked whatsoever, has egg shells in it
Should have screen-capped it but didn't.

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>other then
illiterates need to be culled

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File: 530 KB, 1052x745, a50Er9s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love it when these snarky faggots get what they deserve

>> No.16811038

literally nothing wrong with charging retards extra if they don't wear the mask and eat the bugs

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Back in June, my friends and I went to this burger joint that one friend in our group wouldn't shut up over. They had mask signs up as well on the entrance doors. Our waitress wouldn't stop throwing a fit as we didn't have our masks on while looking at the QR code menu from our phones. She was some early 20s white girl that had neon-dyed hair and was overweight. She made a big deal that she would refuse to submit our orders to the kitchen unless we wore masks until our food arrived.
All 5 finally got tired of the bitching and walked out. Got some ingredients from a nearby grocery store and had a cookout instead. Better burgers as they were on a real grill with charcoal.
The hilarious thing was that the restaurant was mostly empty. Besides us 5 guys, there was maybe 4 other non-employees total. All spaced out beyond the 6 feet of separation BS.

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File: 47 KB, 480x360, 1p25q3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are they supposed to wear a mask while eating?

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File: 1.20 MB, 486x720, 16331970631971.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16811087


>> No.16811104

Deal with it Hank. Your propane is weak!
We only had a charcoal grill available. But I stand by my opinion of charcoal > propane

>> No.16811113

>get what they deserve
non mask wearers? covid it is.

>> No.16811120


>> No.16811137

Fuck off back to /pol/ with this shit.
Hank, you married Peggy. Your opinion is automatically discarded.

>> No.16811162

Peggy is a handsome woman and I surely am not unfond of her, I tell you what.
I'm gonna kick your ass, twigboy.

>> No.16811173

>No Ranch
>No Ice Tea

Welp, guess I'm not eating there. I could deal with everything else on the list, but I gotta have ranch and ice tea.

>> No.16811176

Is this supposed to be a jab at "the Libs"? Half of those things are delicious.

>> No.16811184

Based Hank poster

>> No.16811197

It's also good for macaroni and cheese.

>> No.16811208

absolutely heretical

>> No.16811213

No, it's some random burger place in an LA suburb trying to be like Pat's Steaks. The problem is that Pat's gets away with this shit because they're an "institution" (read: tourist trap) and that no one puts up with "DUDE SERVICE BAD ON PURPOSE" in some random burger shop in a random town.

>> No.16811221

Every time I see a .webm of Jack, I die a little inside.

>> No.16811223

Pat's isn't even like that. The service is fine. They even chased off a bum that was begging us for money once. Uncle was furious cause "DAMMIT NIGGER I ALREADY GAVE YOU A DOLLAR!!" to protect an alleyway while he took a piss

>> No.16811224

>"don't be raaamaaa raaaama fucking up your brain"
>peddling gas and contributing to abo degeneracy
why, Hank... why

>> No.16811227

lol incel, first day outside the basement?

>> No.16811237

Who would do that in Texas of all places? Me thinks they should move back to whatever Californian slum they came from. Clearly they don’t align with the culture.

>> No.16811242

The blue islands in any red state are all like this, they all are hyperaggressive and demanding, which just makes the rural areas hate them even more, which makes the blue islands even madder
>t. Missourian

>> No.16811252

Nicely said. It is the same thing here in Pennsylvania. Any Pittsburgh or Philadelphia faggot experiences a shock when they drive out of the cities.

>> No.16811259

It's very mutual hate, the inverse is true when you have people from rural areas go to the cities. Missouri has it especially weird because though we aren't a swing state and don't elect Democrats statewide anymore, sometimes a few counties can pull the whole state

>> No.16811281

Is that a whisk made of coathangers?

>> No.16811303

how often does a fast food place have mushrooms on their burgers? I can only think of five guys

>> No.16811320

I wish more places did stuff like this to discourage whiney lefties.
I would go there often

>> No.16811333

American cheese has its place for sure. But looking at the quality of their food they probably used those weird grainy generic slices that don't melt

>> No.16811334

>I wish more places did stuff like this to discourage whiney lefties.
The issue is that places that discriminate against a group such as the left, right, hipsters, or whatever never have a long-term business strategy except to be offensive. The reviews of the now closed business show that the employees were more interested in getting a reaction than making even decent food.

>> No.16811339

It's in southern California I'd imagine thousand island is pretty popular in the area due to in and out

>> No.16811368

Weird in my experience in the service industry the biggest picky bitches are Republican women in their 50s and 60s

>> No.16811379

Women are always a pain. Regardless of what industry they're in.

>> No.16811397

Why is iced tea paired with lettuce wraps in that sign? Most of the things grouped together are related, except those two.

>> No.16811416

Women between the ages of 45-65 are just the worst to deal with in any service based job. Especially if they don't have children.

>> No.16811418

At least up here in Canada, I've seen Wendys and A&W periodically offer burgers with mushrooms and either swiss or mozzarella cheese.

>> No.16811423

>random First letters of Words Capitalised
I think the "no" is the best part, with the quotation marks my mind reads it as if someone is say "NO *wink wink nudge nudge* (but actually yes)".

>> No.16811449

There's a local chain (sort of) in the Edmonton area called Burger Baron, and their specialty is a burger with mushroom sauce.

>> No.16811471

I bet one of these days thats going to change pretty radically

>> No.16811477

You must not have dealt with far left earth mama karens in their 50s. Most entitled humans I have ever seen

>> No.16811489

They were just a knockoff of Tommy’s anyway, which has the same policy

>> No.16811524

true, with only passion and no profit you won't need to worry about putting out fires in 5 years, because by then you won't have a restaurant anymore

>> No.16811535

>tfw stuck in the bluest shithole in the midwest

soon KU will collapse in on itself and I'll get to pick over its still-warm corpse. Until then it's just jayhawk dick up my ass all day.

>> No.16811596

Wtf im surrounded by libtards? I knew STL was bad but why are all these county fags voting blue.

>> No.16811630

and thats what you get for bein a smug prick

>> No.16811773

If restaurants never closed there would be no reason for them to have standards.

>> No.16811786

Reminds me of that passive agressive IPA beer that keeps getting posted "this is not your average beer"

>> No.16811816

I guess there’s no business like the “no” business

>> No.16811843

hipsterism has been dead for like a decade, anon

>> No.16811847

Yeah I’m thinking BASED

>> No.16811856

You realize Ann Wagner is a RINO who no one really likes, right?

>> No.16812059

>Other then

>> No.16812131

White urban people from Missouri still vote Republican, it's just all the blacks that skew those counties blue

>> No.16812145

I'm not familiar with west coast vernacular

>> No.16812153

Realize that you are saying this about OFFERING ICE TEA AT A FUCKING RESTAURANT

>> No.16812154

Don't these people have minds of their own? Bunch of fucking lemmings narrowing it all down to two options and choosing on the basis of where they live instead of examining the policies make me sick. Democracy is a fraud.

>> No.16812158

>no onion rings
Fuck this place, I'll just go somewhere else.

>> No.16812159

It depends on exactly what it is
"American cheese" isn't a single kind
The white stuff is a lot better than the orange

>> No.16812169

ah yes because onion rings and ice tea are totally "leftie" things

>> No.16812349

Why didn't you just have a cookout in the first place? Instead of going to a place of business and making an ass out of yourself. Dumb piece of shit. Bet you 5 faggot soibois suck each other off sometimes

>> No.16812386

Not the guy you're responding to but your post is fucking retarded. What the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.16812452

>Things you need to "no" before ordering
Thanks, now I know that I don't want to eat here

>> No.16812461

>why do places serve all that crap I don't eat
>I know I'll start a place that only serves what I usually eat
>*goes out of business*
to be fair you need an extremely high IQ to understand the how restaurants work

>> No.16812468

I have lived in STL County my whole life and I assure you that there are white liberals

>> No.16812480

Onion rings are not a soi boy side. They're just as manly and unhealthy as french fries.

>> No.16812497


>> No.16812544

>act like assholes about it
>go out of business
Yeah I'm sure it was the sign instead of the unironic communist dystopia of california (one of the worst in the entire jewnited states) and their tranny tyranny

>> No.16812547

last election, they straight up didn't have third options on the ballot in a lot of places. Democracy died a long time ago.

>> No.16812583

this didn't happen so hard it caused other things that did happen to not happen.

>> No.16812593

official /ck/ server link:

Todays Menu:
Homemade /neet/ Food.

>> No.16812616

Don't you think those hacks repeat that shit on a tape or these days just repeat it from some .mp3 over speakers for idiot tourists?

>> No.16812727

These 1 star Yelp reviews are hilarious. George B. is a pretty wacky character.
Makes me wonder if paying for all these 5 star reviews contributed to them going out of business.

>> No.16812729

>restaurant goes bust

It's what restaurants do

>> No.16812739

Gee, George, I wonder why they had a bad attitude when they came in.

>> No.16812763

Noticed another thing. Every 5 star review with pictures has shots of some pretty great looking food. High quality shots with the food all prettied up.
Then every other review that has images shows you what you actually would have received from them. Fags definitely paid for glowing reviews.

>> No.16813045

The virus spares the pure of heart. As long as you wear the mask when you're supposed to it won't spread when removed. Fauci negotiated this with the virus

>> No.16813052

In exchange, the entire concept of herd immunity doesn't exist anymore.

>> No.16813059

Great work detective, but I want hard evidence on my desk tomorrow or you'll be working traffic again before you know it

>> No.16813071

It's a hipster that fell victim to horseshoe theory but doesn't understand the lane he's swerved onto.

>> No.16813075


>> No.16813077


>> No.16813123

It's great for a very comfy and nostalgic grilled cheese every once in a while.

>> No.16813145

There's this cafe near my office, hipster-y for sure but they make great coffee and convenient sandwiches. A long while back I went there for a latte treat one rough work day, was looking forward to it all morning. But they had put up this massive "Believe All Women" banner above their sign. I 360'd away and haven't been since.

>> No.16813149

shit like gluten free is a thing because some people are allergic to wheat gluten, its like boasting there is "no lactose free options for you fags", it doesnt really rattle the lefties, it just advertises that certain customers cant order any of the food here

>> No.16813156

an actual sloppa shit, god damn

>> No.16813173

>go out of business because government bans customers in your place for a year
>lol they went out of business because of a sign
never change, kikes

>> No.16813183

They went out of business because their food was so shitty & their staff were so trashy they had to buy positive reviews to trick more people into showing up. IF they had to close due to the coof, then why was the neighboring joint still open the whole time with waaay more customers?

>> No.16813189

Fat people : the coof :: shitty restaurant in the OP : the coof

>> No.16813214

Fast food was making triple profits when people had nothing else to do.

>> No.16813250

To be fair fast food restaurants are designed with drive-thrus built in and they have the advantage of apps developed by their franchises for customers ordering ahead. And outside of pizza places and Chinese joints, most sit-down restaurant food is nowhere near as good at home as it is when it's fresh from the kitchen. Plus customers just weren't used to picking that kind of stuff up.

Still the owners of this restaurant still do seem like tools.

>> No.16813791

>repeat that shit
Repeat what shit?

>> No.16813797

The only problem I have with that is that it's in SF.

>> No.16813811

>other then
Fucking Amerisharts, dumb as fuck.

>> No.16813840

Restaurant is in California, so probably not American. Americans aren't allowed to have a business (especially a restaurant) post covid.

>> No.16814465

>I hurt myself today

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