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i don't even like steak
i've eaten good steaks, rare, medium-rare, well
and i just don't like it

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What's up with all this "I don't like steak"-shit today? No one cares.

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thank you for understanding

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I've never eaten a 200 dollar steak at a high end restaurant but I've eaten good steak dinners before and I just think it's alright. Don't get me wrong it tastes good. It's just not the be all end all meal for me and I'm not sure why it is for some people.

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>not prolapsed_angus.webm

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lol that is better, i'll rename it now
ty anon

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Nice diy onahole idea

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that's what happened to your mom's asshole after me and the boys came by

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Agreed. Too tough, and the flavor is gone halfway through chewing it.
That leaves room for a more tender cut / breed, but why would I throw more money at something I don't like when II can just eat chicken.

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why the fuck did he do that?

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what would you consider to be your be all end all meal

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This is not hipsters, this is just an east asian content farm where people spend the entire day throwing random shit together for viral clicks.

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Congratulations, you're a faggot.

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It's cultural, people whose families didn't get to eat meat very often became wealthy enough to eat slabs of beef and lost their minds over it

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Because social media made everyone think people should care about all their opinions.

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>cooked rare on the "inside"
uhh, that doesn't seem like a very good idea

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*farts in your mouth, inflating you like a giant fart balloon and killing you in an incredibly painful way*

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*farts in your mouth, inflating you like a giant fart balloon and killing you in an incredibly painful way*

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>use half a bottle of olive oil just to season the whole thing

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what's the issue, you poor or something?

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Yeah what the fuck just mix a cup of oil with all that shit then rub down your meat sock with it, it'll be plenty

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This just occurred to me. The surface of the meat, which is the portion which pote tially harbors parasites, was flipped inwards so it didn't get cooked

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what the fuck he managed to not cook the only bit that needs cooking. amazing.

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Ive become so depressed food is no longer pleasurable.

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Steak is for two kinds of people

1) The same type of guys who need cigars, tattoos, muscles, big pickup trucks to feel like a man because they're insecure faggots

2) Contrarian, 'against-the-grain', self identified libertarian types who insist on how much they love it just to piss off vegetarians/vegans, bonus points if they will fucking foam at the mouth for the opportunity to describe it as 'big/fat/juicy' or all 3.

i have never met a single person in my life that enjoyed steak that didn't fall into one of those 2 categories.

I guess a third runner up would be football watching, bud light drinking, mow the lawn types who overcomplicate steaks to make themselves sound cultured and complicated (i.e. insisting that they MUST have it rare and with NO sauce)

steak is no more fancy or manly than eating a filet of salmon or a chicken breast. It's an overrated food with a weird culture surrounding it.

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What the fuck, why do you need to force your autistic categories onto fucking steak, you can like eating something with any type of personality. Touch some grass nigger

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Why couldnt he cut it open and stuff it like that? Is this really just a ploy to give people food poisoning?

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time to see a doctor. People eat steak because it tastes good. This is the same reason they eat chicken, salmon, whatever the fuck else....

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um no sweaty. i prefer judging people and sticking with it.

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You're supposed to use the salt shaker.

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Cool story bro.

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I love steak but I've never ordered it at a restaurant. Steak is easy to make so why would I pay someone else to make it? Also it's not a complex meal it's just meat. I'd rather order something that I wouldn't make at home plus is more than just a slab of meat. However if you say it tastes good then it's good, more than just alright. Just because you rather order other things doesn't mean steak is bad so don't act like you don't understand why people like it.

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>reverse sear

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I kind of agree but there are high end steak houses that have things like aged prime beef that you cant just pick up at the groceru store. I also order prime rib because you cant cook make that at home in a small portion

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Learn to cook nigger


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