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White people baka

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*I approve of this food'

- Ted

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What kind of beans

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>Black steak crust
Why americans do that?

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Enjoy your diabetes. Not a single vegetable, do Americans eat slop like this?

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Whats in the bowl directly below the steak? Is that Ice cream? Surely not that would melt before the waitreseven got it to my table

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Perhaps it's Coleslaw? Or maybe Mashed Potatoes.

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>no vegetable
>baked beans are right there

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mashed potatoes. it's shaped that way because they use ice cream scoopers.

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Brooklyn 'Q completely shits on this

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nice cope tranime fag
you must smell awful

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It’s mashed potatoes, obviously. The sand which probably has coleslaw on it. Ice cream does not go with BBQ at all, the acceptable dessert would be a pie or cinnamon roll/bun.

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First reply is muh wypipo, very good performance here.

Unfortunately it took until replies 4 and 5 for muh Americans. Step it up eurotrash, you have an autistic reputation to maintain.

Seething coastie late to the party but with a reasonably good cry for attention, as they’re known for.

Not bad /ck/ but room for improvement.

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Why do you eat burnt meat and why do you avoid eating vegetables?
Answer now.

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I am from East Europe, we do it too, are you some kind of chink or something?

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>Not bad /ck/ but room for improvement.
It needed some hot sauce, cramming, and vinegary shits.

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do yuropoors really think that causes diabetes?

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>Why do you eat burnt meat
easier to cram into my ass

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The meat isn’t burnt; it’s the dry rub that turns black. Gives a strong charcoal flavor. There are vegetables: coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, and onions) on the sandwich, and mashed potatoes (potatoes) as the white side. Beans also have more than enough fiber to be considered vegetables, I think, but others would disagree.
It’s also BBQ, a meat preparation. The only people complaining that meat is not made of vegetables are vegan faggots.

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ngl. Texas seems like a retarded shit hole. It would take a hell of a lot more than decent barbecue to make me set foot in the place.

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*smacks lips*ayo dat shit look ok but where da spice at? Lmao why peepol don't cook wit spice dis shit look bland as fuck. No collar greens either baka yo momma never told u eat ur greens? No wonder whitey get sick all the time

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looks good but probably costs way too much

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>yo bro it's not burn it just turnt black lol
Again, why do you eat burnt meat?

>There are vegetables: coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, and onions) on the sandwich
Can't see them, nice x-ray vision.

>mashed potatoes and beans are valuable vegetables
do americans really believe this?

>The only people complaining that meat is not made of vegetables are vegan faggots.
But no one said that, it should be served WITH vegetables. This is why you people are very fat and obese.

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Went to Austin with the lads a couple weeks ago, Micklethwait is the absolute shit, had plenty of good bbq at other places but it's just not on this level, although I didn't bother waiting in line at Franklin's.

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> no white bread
> no pickles
> no raw white onion

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>american using "lads"

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Eat my ass britcuck

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>>mashed potatoes and beans are valuable vegetables
>do americans really believe this?
Do you really not learn the nutrition values for basic staples?

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>but America
>america u guise
>did I also mention america?
>lol America
>doesn’t mention home country at all
At least stop sucking my dick long enough to tell me your name, babe.

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what's the orange stuff

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pimento cheese? i've never seen it served on the side

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Jalapeno cheese grits.

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I'd rather have it than baked beans or mac and cheese I guess. I usually see string beans as the canonical barbecue side.

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It is potato salad which is derived from German dishes god I hate you european faggots so much

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Going to Austin soon. Give me the quick rundown on food.
t. Brooklynfag

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I had those at Terry Blacks but I ate at 5 different bbq places in 4 days so I was looking to get some variety with the sides.

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WAIT in the lines for Franklin's, its worth it, plus your probably a hipster faggot that likes waiting in lines because your so different than normal people.

P. Terry's burgers are fucking amazing. Do NOT miss Chuy's

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This guy>>16873043 here, obviously Micklethwait is top shit, Veracruz and Torchys are fantastic, coopers and Terry Blacks were also great. P. Terrys is just a fast food burger place but very good, fresh, and cheap, would recommend. I was there for 6 days and honestly nothing I ate was bad

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>I was there for 6 days and honestly nothing I ate was bad
Actually I take this back, the salt lick in the airport was terrible, don't waste your money

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>Americans don't even have their own foods!
>Why do Americans eat that????
Euros will always be left seething.

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>charred dry beef
>mistery sausage, probably contains soy
>macarroni with milk and american cheese product
>beans straight from the can
>ice cream???
>industrialised bread with sugar on the dough


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Why does proper BBQ make yuros seethe so much? Are they just upset that they don't know how to cook meat or something?

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Yes. They wrap their meats in pastry dough to give it that uncircumcised knob look and feel.

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I don't know why you wish to overwrite the contributions of the Spanish, Mexican, Native American, and Czech influences that come together to make Texas style BBQ.

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You will never know the joys of smoked meats.

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>cover a slab of meat with sugar
>burn it
>feel like a genius

do they really do that..

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Why does BBQ remind me of human flesh so much?

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Have Europeans really never had potato salad?

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Thanks, bros.

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Swiss here and my parents bought a Traegger grill.
What's the name of the recipes I should look for if I want to try my want at Texan grilling ?

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>Cinnamon roll
Oh bless your heart, correct desserts are along the line of blackberry cobbler or banana pudding

>> No.16874440

Brisket, pulled pork (not really a Texas thing but your should try it) beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, or turkey. Check traegers website they have a bunch of very good, if basic, recipes.

>> No.16874450

Sorry I should also mention BBQ doesn't really have "recipes" by name it's just meat, seasoning, smoke, and time, you need to look up something like "smoked brisket" or "smoked ribs" or even "Texas style brisket" if you wanna be specific.

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Smoked brisket.
Or Texas style brisket. Other good barbeque meats are ribs or pulled pork, but Texas style is brisket with minimal BBQ sauce

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>Check traegers website they have a bunch of very good, if basic, recipes.
Looks like a good place to start, thanks !
My father and I have been holding on trying some of these because they take a long time but I feel like he's ready to make the jump

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It's potato salad doofus

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If you want to dip your toes in before spending 10+ hours on a cook I'd highly recommend poultry, turkey and chicken only take a few hours and they can be insanely good.

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If you set the traeger nice and low (215-225 F) you can set it over night and check in the morning. Adjust and wrap and it should be ready sometime around lunch

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cuz you watched fried green tomatoes.

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Do amerilards really eat all that in one sitting? Must be fuel for their Walmart sharts

>> No.16874635

Shhhhhhh. The dumb inbreds are on their 3rd alcohol induced nap of the day. Don't wake them up and make them seethe.

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Where my salt lick niggas at?

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>Implying Austin is Texas instead of a California satellite state

>> No.16874678

Take the time to head to Driftwood for proper 'cue >>16874654

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>no veggies
There’s macaronis right there

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>Authentic Texas BBQ

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Are you fucking stupid?
Of course you are.

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BBQ or pinto

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Potato and mayonnaise isn't a salad just because it's cold.

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You can opt for coleslaw at most BBQ joints, collard greens at the black-owned ones.

>> No.16874743

You can still achieve a great crust with out using sugar.

>> No.16874749

Gonna complain about rocky mountain oysters not being oysters from the rocky mountains?
Or head cheese containing exactly 0% cheese?

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please die from an acid attack immediatly

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>Bound salads are assembled with thick sauces such as mayonnaise. One portion of a bound salad will hold its shape when placed on a plate with a scoop. Examples of bound salad include tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, coleslaw, and potato salad. Some bound salads are used as sandwich fillings. Some pasta salads, e.g. macaroni salad, are bound salads. They are popular at picnics and barbecues.
Go be a faggot somewhere else.

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>That'll be $27 plus tip, partner.

>> No.16875686

It's barbecue. It's slow smoked for like ten-twelve hours with a spicy dry rub on top. It isn't steak and it isn't burnt. Unfuck yourself.

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For 3 days worth of meat? I'll take 2.

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This looks like shit. I trust think that the only people that know how to Cook meat on the grill are paraguayans/argentinians/Brazilians/uruguayans.

I really miss eating costilla ancha with chorizo, mandioca and sopa Paraguaya

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In south Texas, everybody serves borracho (drunken) beans. If you can see the pork grease pooling on the top of yer beans, you know you're being served quality BBQ

>> No.16875885

>3 days worth of meat
What are you, canadian?

>> No.16875898

Lol. No. I love some smoked meat, but that's a lot of food on that plate. If it were $27, I think you'd be coming out ahead right now.

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This is the way amerifats. Stop burning your meat until it gets black

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Then make it yourself. You do know how to grill, right?

>> No.16875905

I do but the meat here sucks. Its almost taste less

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It looks very well prepared, Anon, I'll give you that.
Why is it cut into toddler-sized bites though?

>> No.16875911

There are wild boar all over America. Help yourself.

>> No.16875915

That is a steak anon. Do you think the meat in OP's pic is a steak?

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Its the way it mus be served. Normally the bbq or asados in south america consists of three parts
-First picada: Here we normally eat some kind of cheese with jamon ibérico or salame
-Second picada: Here we start eating the small things that we made at the grill like chicken heart, chorizo, picaña, estambre, chinchulin (intestines) and blizzard with mandioca root (Yuca)
-The main plate: Usually a Giant ass rib seasoned only with salt and cooked at least for 4 hours.
Pic related, this is usually how the second picada looks
Its picaña you ignorant fuck

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Gizzard* not blizzard sorry

>> No.16875989

So, it's a rump cap? Like....a steak? The meat in OP's pic is brisket. It's a big huge tough piece of fatty meat that you slow cook for hours.

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>south american BBQ
it sounds like a party, honestly. So, the food is prepared in small pieces to be eaten with the hands, usually?
Now, how can you convince me it is superior to Texas BBQ? Most establishments serve caveman portions of meat on giant bones here. I really like it when I can snarl at my wife when she tries to gnaw the last scraps off of my ribs, or picking up an entire hambone and feeling my shoulder bones crack from the weight as I eat.
Where else in the world am I gonna get that experience??

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Only the second part is served in small pieces that you can eat with your hands. The main Plate usually look like this. The same big rib you eat but instead of the burn crust and the taste less flavor it has a golden tone and is full of flavor.

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Texans don't use that much sausage compared to brisket, even in the hill country. And in any bbq I would serve we wouldn't serve any sandwiches but would survey ribs. And would put out rolls from the bakery. The sides at any bbq is a crap shoot, but personally I would do cole slaw over the baked beans.

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>how can you convince me it is superior to Texas BBQ?
You can't. South american food is notoriously bad with its only grasp on remaining alive and relevant is its cultural heritage.

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Those ribs look legit.

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Here you can have another good look at how it usually looks. Normally the asado is something that only one family member does since the day he is born to the day he dies. Nobody else can touch his grill while he is alive

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My friend you are american. You can't talk about good or bad good. You don't have a developed taste. You been eating frozen pizza and burn meat for your whole live

>> No.16876065

I love a beef rib. And I'm sure that's delicious. But, I'm struggling to see how it would be better than a rubbed and smoked rib. Just seems like 2 different ways to cook a delicious piece of meat.

>> No.16876077

It's not. Brazilians have to cope with having a slight chance at being a first world country and ending up overrun by brownies.

>> No.16876846

theres nothing special about barbeque in america its literally the same all around the world

>> No.16878157

Like pasta, potatoes, raw fish and butter?

>> No.16878163

Why are Americans proud of burning their meat?

>> No.16878176

Why do Americans hate America so much?

>> No.16878200

Because they get tired of eating burnt meat. They only do it out of a sense of national pride.

>> No.16878206

So you admit you're American then

>> No.16878225

Why else would they eat burnt meat? It has to be the same reason why Scots pretend to like irn bru.

>> No.16878230

Your opinion has been discarded American. Even by yourself as someone who hates yourself. Let the men talk noe

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Sush, you've given up your right to an opinion. You said it yourself that it's worthless.

>> No.16878592

Texas is indeed a shithole filled with some of the worst people in the country and I pray for more Californians to move there so that every single texan gets to suffer a little bit more. That BBQ looks good though.

>> No.16879205

Human flesh is most analogous to pork.

>> No.16879329

is one of the gayest backwards states, right up there with Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, etc. Fuck Texas, good luck next time you get a touch of a frost and half of your state shuts down. Retards.

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