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Choose 1 (you are held at gunpoint)

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Choose 1 for what? Explode? Gain horrible terminal colorectal cancer? Win a collection of Limp Bizkit's complete discography?
If it's something bad, I want it to happen to the fag, even though I dislike Joshua as well.

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I don't have a problem with either. I guess I'd go with Raguesa. Made recipes from both a few times, and I guess I prefer Raguesa's tastes or lack thereof. Weissman isn't a bad recipe maker though.
Any popular food-related youtuber, besides nick avocado and those two cooks often talked about here who can't make appetizing things, fails to repulse me in any significant way.

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>youtube chefs

reddït moment

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Both are absolutely useless (and annoying) for anybody actually wanting to learn how to cook something. Its for retards that like to watch cooking videos without ever cooking themselves.

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I choose the sweet embrace of death.

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I would chose Daddy Jax Cooginwidablus over either of these closet cases. RIP Big Daddy. He was a real cook and a real mans man. A man who wasn’t afraid to blast everything on a 1000 degree stovetop and the food still came out aces cause he was that good

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I don’t watch either, I don’t even know their names

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if you've got so little to say that you can only criticize by relating them to some site I have no reason to care about, fuck you specifically. This is not a thread on reddit, OP would make it on reddit if he wanted to be a redditor.
Worst comment in this thread.

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a bullet

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Ragusea. Weissman is an attention whore, Adam as an autistic narcissistic food enthusiast.

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raguesa no question

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>uses Reddit spacing
>calls someone else Reddit
The ironing is delicious

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I'm gonna take the weird looking guy on the left out of pure principle. I've copped so many 3 day bans for not treating the Jannies precious Fagusea with child gloves.

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I... don't care?

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best job I've ever had

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i'll take the bullet, thanks

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death plz

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pull trigger

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I’ve never seen anything from either of them, though I know they are both on youtube from /ck/.
I’ll apply the same criteria I use when hiring so I’d choose left because of his skin color.

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I choose Chef John from Foodwishes.com

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congrats you base your hiring choices on the lightning

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If that’s all I can go on, yes.
Just saw their names though, might have to reconsider if left is a Jew.

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left would probably be a funny guy if it wasn't for libtards ruining comedy

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The gentile

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>Choice between two mutts
>Both mutts are Jews
Nope I take the bullet.

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>opens cabinet
>30 dragon dildos spraying fake cum tumble out smacking him in the face and knock him on the floor
Yeah I can see that

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yeah damn libtards gatekeeping jews out of comedy
grrr if only there were more jews in comedy, that would be great. jews are so underrepresented in entertainment

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That’s not what he meant and you know it. Socially acceptable comedy these days is a one person scold show in which the audience isn’t expected to laugh and the jokes aren’t jokes but rather glib commentary on how the world has wronged the performer.

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i put the gun in my butt

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i get information from my ass guy

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why i choose a bullet and not weissman or ragusea

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ragusea even if im not being forced to choose at gunpoint

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Two posts are 30 seconds apart

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Babish because you see the food instead of his face.

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I choose the third hero.

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Who's to say the samefag didn't pay Hiro his shekels for a 4chan Gold Account?

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>click on weissman video
>within 12 seconds he's made 4 cringe attempts at """memes"""
>do 360 and click away from the video
raguso seems like a bit of a cuck but watching this other guy makes me suicidal holy shit

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just kill me

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the bullet

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Just fucking kill me

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I'll take the bullet.

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>when you wife has fucked 5 different guys this week already

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you don't trust your ass-guy?

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Weissman because I want to fuck him

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I choose the bullet.

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i would let ragusea live because he has children but i would maim him severely

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Bruno Albouze.

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I choose death

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Chad answer.

That aside I'd choose Ragusea. Joshua tries hard to be an insufferable faggot, Ragusea just sounds a little annoying. Even in their content Ragusea is more informative while Joshua mostly tries to be le epic memer.

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Raguesa’s less annoying

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the uwu speech is too retarded for me

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Almost nobody knows who these people are.
Shill somewhere else.

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are you blind or just retarded?

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>weissman: bro this only costs like $3 to make
>*$50 worth of ingredients*

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>Win a collection of Limp Bizkit's complete discography
Fuck yeah I love Wes' guitar work

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You mean to tell me this isn't the same exact guy????I don't understand how people with shit eyes decide they will wear glasses,no you fucking fag they don't make you seem smart and WHY do you always choose the thickest plastic and worst shape you look like a low test beta already fucking shave and get a haircut you mongrel

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are you gay or just a fag?your negative test gay cooking witty youtubers are shit,get a clue.Every time I come here I see these pukes like it's your holy mission to shill them,fuck you and your whole family

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Raguseas videos are good when it’s good science. I don’t watch his recipe videos

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i dont know either one, but the right one has meat sooo

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i mean, what are you gonna do, buy 25 cents worth of eggs?

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>Win a collection of Limp Bizkit's complete discography?
choose me I love the LB or I'll take you to the Matthews bridge

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annoying fags. Raguesa has grown on me though since he moved to the same city as I live in. (Knoxville traffic has gotten horrible recently though because of all the fucking people moving here)

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The one who isn't Jewish and has better recipes.

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ok so you're retarded good to know

>> No.16944828

Neither, I am ready to face my final judgement from the Father.

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His recipes are okay, just not amazing or unique

>> No.16944849

Are you just buying ingredients as you need them?

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>Just saw their names though, might have to reconsider if left is a Jew.
Joshua Weissman how much more Jewish can it be... if you didn't know he's Jewish just by his face and his behavior, you're done.
You deserve to be replaced by them.

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Just pull the trigger faggot

>> No.16944909

why would i listen to either of these whiteoids on how to cook?

>> No.16944951

you can really see the east-naples jew in him in this photo

>> No.16944957

I don't know who they are

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>held at gunpoint

Any individual that would be trying to force me to choose between one of these two loser beta eunuchs would surely NOT have any firearm or fighting skills, hence, I would simply snatch the gun from said losers hands, knock out his fucking teeth, and go about my business while said pussy lays bleeding on the ground.

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yeah must be nice to have all that imagination in your head until it catches a bullet. you're not a hero

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>this seething eunuch
I'd kick the shit out of you too, bitch.

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im thinking a 9mm would make you cry like a bitch

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They are both jews but at least ragusea is just a narcissist and probably not at least a pedophile like weissman and he also taught me how to make easy home made icecream.

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>whiteknighting for beta eunuchs
WTF are you doing with your life, anon?

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I think I'd kiss the one on the left, he looks kinda cute, and the breakup would be mutual. The one on the right looks like he'd only fuck me so he could write about how he had a "bisexual experience" on his blog, then immediately ghost me afterwards.

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I made his non-stick fry-pan pizza and it was unironically really good and I've adjusted my pan pizza recipes to follow his technique on that. I think when he's focused on turning shit into weeknight food he strikes a good balance between convienence/quality.

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tried watching a few of the other guy's video but found him really irritating

>> No.16945781

no the dumbass thinks he can outpower someone with a gun

>> No.16945796

death it is

>> No.16945811

Why does scatman john think he is a ninja all of a sudden?

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Ragusea is a knob but he attempts to spread legitimate information and creates easily replicatable meals that are decent for beginner cooks. Guy on the left makes incredibly unhealthy copies of fast food or meme recipes (mainly stupid Japanese shit) with insane prep times and ingredient costs and gives zoomers a very unrealistic view of home cooking

>> No.16946033

Adam because as much as his jewy, weak-jawed, redditor nebbish nature annoys me, he at least attempts to make meals that can be realistically be made for a middle class family. Weissman's recent gumbo recipe had multiple varieties of crab AND a lobster in it. Plus, Weissman has too much energy in his presentation, its like being in a warzone of cringe zoomer memes being mortared onto my head.

>> No.16946045

Ragusea by a mile. His recipes are way more practical. He understands the struggle of home cooking, while Weissman can't imagine a lifestyle where someone doesn't have time to make everything from complete scratch.

>> No.16946056

Young human rump roast!

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I’d rather die.

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>implying I would pick either when based picrel exists

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>still whiteknighting

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Pull the trigger.

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I choose the bullet.

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>mentioning reddit spacing
the irony is actually fucking delicious

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Adam is okay. If you mute him then just follow the recipe, his stuff is pretty decent.

>> No.16949032

you have a problem, dude

>> No.16949065

not that guy,
but in Weissmen's budget food series, he will mark food remarkably lower than anywhere I can find it (eg: Bell peppers for $1 each, when those fuckers are like $3).
im willing to give a benefit of the doubt that different areas can have such extreme 300% price differences, however I'm completely unwilling to bend to that idea when given the fact that his entire series is built on the foundation of presenting cheap prices with 0 source/accountability

also, this is obviously not a serious thing, it's just that He's kinda a douchebag.

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I always find it a bit funny that anons will go out of their way to be as grating and offensive as possible to prove they are not snowflakes, but if I were to suggest something that you have a choice in like:
>use addons to block those channel suggestions
>just don't click on those suggestions and subscribe/look up videos you actually want to watch
>use another service besides youtube for uploading and viewing videos
I'm either getting no reply, a bunch of derogatory labels that other anons have thrown on me hundreds of times before you, cope/seethe/dilate/etc., or a soijak greentext without a direct reply. Very boring, very impotent responses.

Like goddamn if youtube can rent space in your head so easily just by mere suggestions you don't have to take, what convictions do you actually have?

>> No.16949136

>Bell peppers for $1 each, when those fuckers are like $3
bro where the fuck do you live
at aldi's/lidl they're $1 for a pack of 3
walmart has them at 64 cents each

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Fagusea is annoying but sometimes he is so retarded that it ends up being really funny, like when he poured cognac from an open bottle directly into his pan on a gas stove. The jew on the other hand is just completely insufferable in every way, from his voice to his editing style, to his mediocre recipes that act like they are much more sophisticated than they really are. He also just seems to be not genuine at all and just in it for the money.

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You sound like the kind of faggot that fought bullies by trying to ignore them.

>> No.16949234

You make it sound like you are equating school bullies with Youtube.
If you don't use Youtube, or if you use Youtube and take means to avoid the source of your ire if it isn't the whole site as a concept, how is it holding sway over (You)?

In a public school it's generally worthwhile to return violence with violence, but that only came up twice in all those years. "Won" one in elementary school but it was lame, got fucked pretty good in highschool but they never bothered after that.
But you're right that I do ignore passive and passive-aggressive shit, like someone recommending me cringe stuff that doesn't align with what I believe, because until they make me use Youtube it's of no consequence to me beyond not enjoying the service as much as I could.

I'm not saying it isn't cringe, but sometimes the solutions to vexations in life are just not based.

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I dont know left and I hate right, so I'll take left.

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im sorry anon but in this case you should pick the right because hes the devil that you know

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go fuck yourself jew

>> No.16949457

Thanks I will

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for me it's the third position

>> No.16949655

daily reminder that Lauren is into ageplay so Daddy Ragusea is barely one step removed from being a fucking pedo

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>Bruno Albouze
the man. he's not a valid choice because he's a patissier, though.

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Give me the bullet

>> No.16950087

Can I just let the gunman shoot me?

>> No.16950107

I choose to hide your gay ass e-celeb thread

>> No.16950127

Ragusea is at least self aware, hands down him

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>> No.16951808

so basically on of us?

>> No.16951889

I've never watched Weissman, so he wins by default. If he's anything like Faguesa I fucking hate his guts though, but I stand by my decision.

>> No.16952001

I'm a bit of a size queen so I would need a big pp chad like Ragusea behind me and I guess I could just suck the other guy off.

>> No.16952021

Take the gun, pistol whip both, make them eat their oversized glasses, then kick both to death.

>> No.16952047

you don't know what you just did

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Max Mariola. Actual chef, Christian (not a jew), Italian (not an amerimutt), has a wife and kids (straight)

>> No.16952077

exactly. he has no idea. even just looking at the picture with no context, I don't know how you could look at that face on the left and think "Oh, surely that one is the less fag of the two".

>> No.16952078

only watch this dude if you're a flaming homosexual that wants an old man to talk to you like he's going to rawdog animal style as soon as he's done cooking

>> No.16952081

I see these people being posted all the time and that's it really. I have no idea who they are and I'm not interested.

I'd never watch a video or buy a book 2nd hand. Even at gunpoint this is utter garbage.

>> No.16952198

thanks for this, just watched his pumpkin soup video, very informative and pleasant to watch

>> No.16952687

Mentioning irony and not even knowing what it means. Alanis, is that you?

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The left, at least he knows how to cook. Also his gf is cute, which I respect, unlike Adam "I prep my wife not the bull" Fagusea, whose wife is disgusting to look at and only a homosexual would be able to have an erection with. Also he can cook better.

>> No.16952853

Both look like they suck cocks as a hobby. I don't know who the left one is but Ragusea can go and die in a fire.

>> No.16953954

>Alanis, is that you?
>not getting the song
Filtered. Yes I know this isn't /mu/.

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>> No.16955249

ragusea. his recipes are down to earth. weissman is going the path of fagging with babish where his recipes are nothing but memes: overly time consuming, expensive or obscure ingredients, reliance on specialized equipment.

>> No.16955665

>bro where the fuck do you live
... California

>> No.16956118

Ragusea makes great meals that college students, or low-income family members can make. He may be a bit snide, but hey, he's like fifty.

Weissman only makes the most expensive trash with fifty hours prep and puts annoying zoom-ins in his butt-cheeks whilst making over-the-top uwu jokes none-stop.

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