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Amerishart here. I started making “streaky bacon” and got a craving for Yorkshire puddings which I’ve made before with grease from a roast. How do you think they’ll be with bacon drippings?

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Fuck yeah, will turn out great for sure

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Hopefully so. Got my batter ready and drippings on the way.

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Adding some butter into the drippings.

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Oven preheating

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Doesn't butter have too low smoke point for this hmm we'll see I guess

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It'll probably darken the bottom if he cooks at 200°C/390F

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It smoked a bit but not much since I had the other drippings on top. I just wanted to give it a bit of butteriness. It’s doing it’s final cook now.

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shit. lard has a more neutral taste. pls make yorkshire pudding properly, it's all we have

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really good. so much more flavourful than lard. please keep helping us improve yorkshire pudding, it's all we have

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I thought the point was to compliment the dish you’re making with a nice pudding. What better way to compliment a breakfast than a porky Yorkshire. It’s an untapped piece that could go well in an American market if done right.

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Letting them go another couple mins

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Testing product

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pls don't ruin yorkshire puddings like a brute. roast drippings are acceptable but bacon drippings are too salty. i hope you are making gravy with those drippings and pouring it over the yorkshire puds

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abysmal. appalling.

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>no crispy browning
>that pool of butter

good lord how horrid

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Nope, I'm trying to make a nice tasting breakfast pudding and in all honesty, I think I succeeded. I could eat these as part of a hearty breakfast.

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Yeah, I shouldn't have added the extra butter. In my defense, I was trying to make a breakfast version of the product. Taste-wise, I'm very happy with it. I've never made them from bacon fat before so this was just an experiment.

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>Amerishart here.

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next time strain the bacon grease and add lard instead of butter. are you heating.the grease to smoke point before adding the batter? the puds should be crispy all over

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Yeah, I am, I think I had too much grease/butter to batter ratio. I was trying to ensure to get the bacon flavor into it but also make sure it stayed buttery. I've made them with roasts plenty of times perfectly but wanted a more bacony breakfasty flavored one. Unfortunately didn't get the right consistency, but it's all part of experimenting.

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I took them out a bit earlier cause I was following my old recipe too and I wanted to make sure I didn't burn them. I think I could have let them sit in for a while longer.

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Why are you all calling biscuits pudding

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Why haven't you made a breakfast yorkshire yet? Why am I an amerishart trying to do it for you? Instead of accusing me of ruining them why dont you give me a breakfast Yorkshire recipe? You're missing out on a great use of them.

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Good attempt cunt, lesson learnt. Ignore the Yorkshire purist fags

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Well because I'm a British and you're shit so fuck off.

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