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Sup /b/ros
i usually buy my breakfast and lunch at my works cafeteria but i wanna start packing my food to work to eat a bit healthier and save some cash. Can i get some recommendations
What do u guys pack?

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That picture's a good start.
Make your own vinaigrette: 1:1:3:5 mustard:pasted/grated garlic:vinegar:oil, by volume. Salt to taste.
I like balsamic and olive for the vinegar and oil, respectively, but use what you/'ve got/like.

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It's pretty easy at a basic level - you could have expensive deli meats and cheeses for sandwiches and still save money/ be healthier compared to most cafeterias. If you want to go all out, get one of those 3 part circular Asian style lunchpails with rice in one section and stir fried or steamed veggies in a few others.

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Peanut butter jelly sandwich.
can of peas
>you are an adult and are asking people whom you don't know on the internet to tell you how to feed yourself.

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I am asking for some suggestions and what other people pack for lunch, faggot

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>can of peas
only the dead can know peace from this evil

anyway, i usually either pack sandwiches or left overs.

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I think a big fat black dick fits you for breakfast op

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yeah, why did you say /b/ros?

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We all came from /b/, just cuz most of us don't go there anymore dont make us not /b/ros

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>just cuz most of us don't go there anymore dont make us not /b/ros
Yes it does. That's like saying because we were all infants at one point, calling each other "baby" isn't weird.

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If i knew /ck/ was full of faggots i would have just started anothe waifu thread on /tv/

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Oh no, please don't leave us.

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Don't worry about that im not going anyware, nigger

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lol you guys are so mean and bitter about stupid shit
good luck op

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I might be the only person on 4chan that didn't start off lurking /b/.
I started lurking here on the oekaki boards. Been lurking and posting on /ck/ since its introduction... 2005or6, I think?
I've never really been a /b/tard, though I've lurked it a number of times and have inadveratantly introduced Tabby to /b/ (was looking to get a ferret as a pet, found her "I've got a ferret" video and posted it in a "yryl thread" thinking people would find her instantly annoying, as I did).

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Also dat pasta from work gave me the shits

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