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About 5 weeks ago I accidentally threw too many chocolate chips in the dough, so I painstakingly handpicked them out, tossed 'em back in the bag, threw it in the freezer.

Today I'm making cookies again, but google isn't aiding me in what is, ultimately, a really stupid question: am I going to get sick if I make cookies with these chocolate chips that have been in dough with raw egg and have tiny bits of dough on them?

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you what

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>I accidentally threw too many chocolate chips in the dough

i don't believe you.

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it is fine if they have been frozen the whole time.

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Sounds impossible, right?

When there's so many chocolate chips the dough wasn't sticking together anymore (it was shitty dough, I'll admit) that's when there's too many.

Aight, thanks, dude. Cheers to trust on an anonymous image board!

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Spidey Senses Vomiting.

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No you won't get sick. The dough you are putting them in has raw eggs in it, right? And you'll be cooking it, right? I see no problems. Don't eat the chips without baking them though.

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This is the best vomit .gif I've ever seen. Thank you.

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so let me get this straight. they were in dough before... and you're putting them back into dough?

you're right, that IS a really stupid question.

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In no part of my post did I imply that.

Why are you bumping a thread that has been answered?

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