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Today's menu seems to be rice omelette.
In the maid cafe in Japan, an omelet is spoken to in the spell of magic of "become delicious."

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Gotcha with the first line.

What the fuck are you trying to say with the second?

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In shitty nip restaurant, they make omelette's, and before serving you, a filthy whore breathes all over it so you get AIDS

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>spell of magic
>magical girl figurines

I don't really understand what your saying, but that's neat.

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this omelette is obviously overcooked.

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Seriously, a plastic keyboard cover. Wahtever for?

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Shouldn't the sauce be ketchup ? I've never seen a brown sauce on Omuraisu. Recipe onegai.

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I agree, I dont think I could eat that. The eggs are clearly burnt in spots.

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omelette for omelette rice should be something like this.


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looks sooo good

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It's Japanese curry.

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Why does the broccoli and tomato looked shooped on there???

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this. I can't stand browned omelets. Ugh. The only time I'll eat eggs with any browned bits on them is if they are fried. Omelets and scrambled eggs should be fluffy and light.

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It's demi-glace. DEMIGURASU.

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No, no it's not.

While "demigurasu" can also be served with omuraisu, this is clearly curry unless you don't have glasses on.
The color and consistency look COMPLETELY different, and you can see the roux in the pool.

This would also be consistent with home-cooked omuraisu and curry.

(It does looks delicious though.)

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Are you calling that schoolgirl a liar?

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This nigga knows what's up. I've never even had Japanese curry (shamefur dispray) but I can tell that from demi-glace which is shown in this video >>4151484

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>picture clearly says デミグラスソース , which translates as demi-glace sauce

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If you cast a spell to make it delicious, does that mean it was made by a tsundere in the kitchen who's cooking is so bad and disgusting it's poisonous? If you don't cast the spell, do you die?

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The broccoli are probably just blanched and the tomato untreated so they look a bit plain and out of place.

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nigga I read Japanese, and I saw it before I posted. If someone has a Golden Retriever but has a sign saying it's a cat, what ar eyou going to believe?

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That looks vile, but I am not a fan of omelettes.

Eating with toys around is a no-no for me as well, especially figma. What if they fell oer into the sauce while you were taking the picture (what if you bought those secondhand and they still have "hotglue residue" all over)

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ひどい(´・ω・) ス

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Takemoto Electronic(´・ω・)ス

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What is Japanese curry supposed to taste like?

I had some for the first time in a restaurant the other day. It tasted like a bland gravy, tbh.

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It looks more like hayashi sauce to me.
Omurice can have lots of different topping
See the menu of popular omurice in Shibuya

Japanese curry is very mild taste

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It's definitely a golden retriever. Cats don't have ears like that.

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I hope you have a nice glass of Miller with that.

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