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in this itt: food things that annoy you

>burgers that are too big to eat without a knife and fork

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No burger is too big to eat you pansy

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>in this itt
in this in this thread

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wtf was that

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What is this?! Google just returns half-naked dudes.

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I think they're bathroom tiles, but when I saw the webm a while ago it looked delicious so thought I'd post here. Just haven't found the opportunity.

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I honestly can't tell if that's supposed to be food or some type of building material. Shit looks industrial

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>food things that annoy you
shit quality chicken is the standard
shit quality cheese everywhere
vegetables underrepresented in most restaurants
sugar in everything
food so bland condiments are required

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>I honestly can't tell if that's supposed to be food or some type of building material

That says a lot about /ck/ - the cooking board that literally cannot tell the difference between ceramic tiles and food.

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>Google just returns half-naked dudes.


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Tiles and erotica? It's related.

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tbh it did look like it could've been cake

and not everyone recognises industrial processes for what they are

on the other hand, you couuuuuuld fill the mild with cake batter

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Omg someone post the copypasta from /v/ where the dude was sexually attracted to tiles

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I never saw a copypasta, only the screencap of the thread.

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Shit like this makes you wonder how young everyone on /b/ and /v/ are.

I'm not talking about OP. I'm talking about everyone in the thread thinking this is actually interesting.

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Ordering takeout and getting home only to realize something is missing or they got your order wrong/burnt/something

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Found the autist.

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Can't wait till this dies out.

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I wonder that on every board I'm on. I can't quite peg down /ck/'s average demographic either. A few things give you hints, but not about the whole.

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>this happens to people yet they never try and check their order before leaving and call the restaurant to complain just before closing time

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lol out loud!

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rest in RIP in peace this thrad

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