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Just bought some smoked salmon, what to do with it? Most of the salmon recipes aren't with smoked salmon.
And do I need to fry it or is it ok to eat it raw?

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eat it on bread, with rémoulade and boiled egg

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So no cooking it?

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It is already cooked you retarted faggot

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Smoked salmon goes really well in deviled eggs. It also makes potato soup really awesome.

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it's cured which means no you don't have to cook it. you're generally supposed to eat it as is, like a piece of ham.

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Bagel + cream cheese + red onions + capers

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scramble eggs and chives on toast

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Thanks, these sound really good, gonna try.

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Greetings, coo/ck/ies.
I'm going on a beach day on Monday with a bunch of cuties and I need some ideas for food to take.
We are going there during late morning to late afternoon.

I have zero imagination for these things. I thought of some fruit brochettes (you know, fruits on a fucking stick) but I'd like advices on the best fruits to use and how to make them as good and eye catching as possible. Any other ideas are more than welcome.

And yes, I'd like to bang one of them at the end of the day. Help me to achieve it.

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>smoked salmon

pick one

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Also put some on flatbread With some sourcream, and you will be having an mouth orgasm.

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Salmon pesto and fresh mozzarella on some toast is good. The key is to use it with food that don't have a strong flavor. The salmon has a nice subtle blend of smokey oily fishy flavor and any of those will be overwhelmed by anything strong or spices.

The extras are just needed for the texture.

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I fucking love lox OP.
I have it on an Egg bagel, with thinly sliced red onion, tomato, salt and pepper and whipped cream cheese. A perfect Sunday brunch.

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Eat it on bread with mayo.

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Damn, I see those packets hanging in the cheese/deli meat section EVERY time I go shopping. Like I always notice them and think what the fuck do I do with that?
Always tempted to try it because I can't for the life of me imagine what it'd taste like.

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It tastes like smokey salmon sushi.

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Try it one day, it's really rich and flavoursome. Easily one of my favourite foods.

Picture the difference between a pork chop and salami.

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Fuck it, might give it a try. At the very least it's an excuse to buy some fancy bread.

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it's already cooked. you eat it as is.

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I generally hate salmon but man oh man, you get a nice bagel, some dill, some cream cheese, and slap a hunk of smoked salmon on it and I'm down. It's really, really, really good.

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Don't flood it with too much other shit.


This nigger was right but I'd leave out the red onion and capers if it was the fancier stuff (smoked salmon is one of the few foods where quality really is worth paying for the better brands/companies).

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On a bagel, with cream cheese, raw red onions and capres.

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>It tastes like smokey salmon sushi.
sushi is rice you moron

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>weeb alert

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Yes but salmon sushi is salmon with rice.

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What is the best salmon and is why it Atlantic?

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>spending $8 for 4 ounces of lox

just drop $15 and buy a full salmon fillet and make gravlax. Takes 3 days, no "cooking" required. Now you have 2 pounds of cured salmon.

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>LOL you actually BOUGHT food???
>just buy raw ingredients in bulk and spend 3 days making it yourself!!!
>fookin pleb!

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It's cheaper and you get a large amount of it to enjoy. It's also generally fresher and therefore better-tasting. Some reason you might brew your own beer. Not only is it far cheaper and you have a lot of freedom to improve upon it, you get gallons upon gallons of the stuff. Are you seriously advocating buying prepared food instead of cooking it yourself on a cooking board?

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Jeez, this is easy.

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vape it

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I'm not even joking, try vaping smoked salmon, it's pretty fucking good, applewood smoked salmon is the best for it.

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>posting on a gook imageboard
>not making your own gook imageboard

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But this is /ck/, not /q/.

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He's not moot, anon. There can be only one clit-boner wielding kitty god.

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>moot isn't locked in chastity at all times

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OP is talking about Smoked Salmon.
Gravlax and smoked salmon lox are pretty different.
One is you know, smoked, and the other is salt cured.

With that said gravlax is pretty damn good too.

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How sharp is your katana?

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We used to eat it with cream cheese and crackers. Which sounds boring but it was pretty good.

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>in any way shape or form other than involuntary celibacy

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no need for bigotry

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I've tried it with all the methods listed so far and they are all great, but my favorite method has be just thinly sliced, wrapped up into small rolls, and given a little squeeze of lemon juice and that's it.

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Cuckolds are often locked in chastity anon.


Oatcakes are better if you can get them (fuck it just make them it's stupidly easily).

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Get a giant everything bagel and toast that shit. Spread cream cheese on both sides. Generously add the lox. Fucking heaven.

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this seems good, but the site is a little sketchy. i'm gonna do some more research

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Eggs Royale.

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Eat em with vinegar chips

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I've been been eating this stuff for years, and am pro-level.

Get some decent crackers, like not a saltine. Those buttery ones. Eat on crackers with cream cheese, diced vidalia onion, and capers.

That's it!

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Pour lemon juice on each slice, let it sit for minutes, butter some toast, red pepper, combine then NOM NOM NOM
It really goes well with anything sour.

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