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When's the last time you had a steak?

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like two hours ago.

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Three years ago, it was awful.

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Somewhere around 15 years ago.

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does skirt steak count as steak?

because honestly, i would just as soon have skirt or flank as a 'real' steak

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Bobby Flay once split the world in two between people who know how to grill and people who THINK they know how to grill. My dad is in the latter category. I shouldn't be complaining like an asshole. Steak is steak.

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7+ years ago.

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Last weekend, went to my parents' for dinner. I've been trying to redpill my parents about steak, and I've managed to get them down to cooking it medium-well. They won't go any lower than that, though.

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Last night, I got a huuuge craving, and I went out at 9:30pm with the GF and got a nice new york strip steak. It was great. I was very happy.

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Had a fillet steak on a sandwich last night with fried onion rings and sour cream, does that count?

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Build wall paco

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nah. you have to go back, man. your time is done here.

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you steak is blue rare which is for faggots that think it's cool. The only way to enjoy a steak is medium or medium well. Please learn to steak before you post blue rare shit.

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lol that's not blue rare, its medium rare.

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I just finished eating a USDA prime tenderloin

I was going to get skirt which is my favorite, then I saw the tenderloin and thought "I always get skirt, maybe I'll get something different tonight"

Regret set in when I took my first bite. To be fair, I should have wrapped it in bacon and shot it through with garlic slivers and drowned it in pan sauce, but I'm not used to needing to do that with steak, since I normally get cuts that actually taste good. Such as skirt.

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yea, you should have gone ribeye or strip if you wanted to change it up from skirt.

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Those are my usual fallbacks.

I make this mistake about once every two years. I start to question myself. There must be something to the fact that it's usually the most expensive cut in the butcher, right?

As it turns out, no.

But much like shaving my asshole, getting so drunk I puke everywhere, or eating buffalo wings, I need a reminder every so often on why, even though some enjoy it, it's not a regular part of my life.

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just now actually, ordered it medium cam out warmed raw ate it anyways .

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I had a 34 oz. Porterhouse with a vendor this Thursday. Part of celebrating a promotion. It was delicious.

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that non rendered fat, lmao send that shit back. that's a disgusting steak; I've been to so many steak houses that pull this shit, it's a steak house... learn to cook a steak, jesus. RUth's chriss is the only steak house I trust to do it right.

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Probably a while ago. It's just a big hunk of meat, nothing to write home about.

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Eating one right now.

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triggered man here.

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It's legimitately delicious (and I used a really cheap steak so don't worry). Why is hating this webm a meme?

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>cream cheese
>all of that oil


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I find that prime tenderloin has just the amount of fat that I like which is still very low but enough to make it taste good. Ribeye and strips are tasty but I don't like dealing with all the fat.

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>Went to Longhorn with family
>Backed up as hell but they want to stay
>25 minutes before our order is taken
>30 minutes before food arrives
>Order a sirloin medium rare
>They give me what seems to be a filet well-done, almost pure fat
>Don't bother sending it back bc parents are paying and I don't want to wait longer

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this morning

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>Oh, this looks interesting, I wonder what he's using this for.
>That's a nice looking steak.
>Wait, why are you cutting it?
>I guess that's interesting and not completely awful
>It's well done
And then it was thoroughly ruined.

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I've tried it cooked on top of the steak and I've also tried it raw. The cooked version is miles better.

I skip the parmesan though.

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Does it have to be beef steak? I had a venison steak about 5 minutes ago.

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Your a fucking faggot mate, i hope you get run over by a street sweeper made of razor blades.

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Few days ago.

Basically like pic related which I had the week before.

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cmon that's not even medium

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may as well put cheese on a sandal and eat that

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Last week. I bought a pair of New York strip steaks, cooked'em to medium rare and ate them with my bare hands. I do this from time to time. Don't know why, but it's really fucking satisfying. I'm not even big on meat, especially not beef, but every now and again, I get these strong pangs for steak that refuse to be ignored.

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march 14

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Because it's basically a shitty filling for stuffed mushrooms put on a cut up well done steak, what's not to hate?

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Not him, but I think it'd be good with chicken breast. What do you think?
I like my steak a bit more pink than that.

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think it would be delicious with a steak too when its fucking medium rare.

>> No.7823563

Could be decent, maybe I'll try that for dinner tonight

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It'd be quite the herculean labour to get the cheesy bit all brown and bubbly while keeping the steak pink and good.
If you figure out how, let us know.

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more than 15 years ago I figure.

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i cooked up some hida-gyuu 2 weeks ago. it was most excellent.

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slow cook your steak to perfection. make your shroom-onion-cheese-thing. pur it over and then bake it short and hot. should work

maybe ill try this

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forgot. at high heat brown the medium rare steak to get a little crust

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A couple years ago. Steak is delicious, but there are so many more delicious things to eat than beef that I rarely end up eating it.

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>medium burnt
There's no hope, Anon. Kill your parents.

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Troll harder faggot

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>Grey steak

Just no.

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Blow torch?

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Last week at a family barbecue. It was beyond well done and cooked next to a pile of dogshit.

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A few weeks ago. Made it to celebrate my new job. Pic related.

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Now that I think about it. It's been a long ass time ago
I guess I've been so busy, it never really crossed my mind that I want a steak

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You can tell this is a restaurant for plebs
They cut the meat for you, giving it 0 time to rest, and they assume you don't give a shit about everything spilling out of it

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>making steak in a pan

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Communal dining for this job. No access to anything heavier like cast iron, unfortunately. Still turned out nicely

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14 days ago when I got my Food Stamps

I'm not kidding

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I used to, but I lost his number.

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Never, too expensive

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Saturday night; I was in NYC for a bachelor party. Went to Strip House.

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a week ago, went to Outback

it's good but certainly not worth the price

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Last Monday

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