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>Monday: Your work is hosting a corporate dinner at Fazoli's; if you want to keep your job, you better attend.
>Tuesday: It's your anniversary. Your fiancee's favorite restaurant? Fazoli's. Skip this one and you can kiss that marriage good bye.
>Wednesday: Your childhood best friend has a layover at your local airport. You haven't seen him in more than 5 years and he insists on having dinner. The only restaurant past the gate? Fazoli's.
>Thursday: Your late uncle Chet has left you a sum of $20k. His only stipulation is a meal, in his honor, at his favorite restaurant: Fazoli's.
>Friday: A sudden thunder storm has knocked your whole city off the grid. You haven't had time to get groceries, and there is only one restaurant in town with a back-up generator. Fazoli's.

Can you survive FIVE NIGHTS AT FAZOLI'S??

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I've never ate there before because there aren't any near me. I looked it up and it kinda looks like Ledo's? So yes, I could. I would be okay with it. 20k sounds nice.

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My body is ready.

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Back when I was in high school, our Cross Country team would have dinner at fazolis before every meet.

I'm not going to lie. I am a massive sucker for their bread sticks when they're fresh.

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I think you're on to something, OP, reminds me of how when I worked there, I would go pass out hot breadsticks, but I'd also get really good at being able to hold multiple breadsticks behind my arm, so I could sneak into the bathroom and eat them. I'd also sneak into the back and grab slices of cheesecake to eat in the bathroom too. I was never quite good at making sandwiches though. I didn't know what pesto was and it looked gross, so I never knew that when I was spreading it on sandwiches like peanut butter, it was way too much. Another thing that was too much was this one time, this black guy and his mom's car broke down in our parking lot and he was out there screaming and kicking the back window multiple times until it broke. I think he was frustrated. I had a crush on Jenny, but she was a year older than me, and I had heard that she was having sex with one of the managers later, so that kind of sucked. She had really pretty eyes. Another person that had really pretty eyes was a guy we called Baby Huey, but he was very fat and tall and was eventually fired for grazing the breasts of female workers when pretending to reach for utensils or ingredients.

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That's a wonderful FAZOLI'S story, anon.

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Nice story.

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as soon as I finished reading that story I said SHITT

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You fucker posted this in /pol/ too. What's wrong with you?

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It's copy pasta you autist

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Goddamn you niggers got shitty copypasta over here

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Who you calling a nigger you white cunt?

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Well I sure as fuck ain't calling a white a cunt a nigger. I'm calling a nigger a nigger. You nigger.

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shut the fuck up you faggot, I'll slit your throat neck

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With what?

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Yeah Fazolis has some pretty shitty pasta.

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