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More of Charisse?

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Is she retarted?

>> No.8010957

She's beautiful

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Does she ever get the second pancake to flip?

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She must be a magician because that cookie just magically popped into her mouth from her hand.

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look at those supple, pouting breasts

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zomg she's so beautiful and delicate. her disability just makes her more adorable!

but gluten and lactose intolerant people should totally kill themselves for being subhumans with defective genes.

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I bet her nipples are like crazy eyes.

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ew, just like my mom's

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Wtf are those webms?? Can't she fucking do anything properly? 100 times worse cook than Jack

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She has cerebral palsy and is not retarded.

>> No.8011060

We might not all be able to agree on her retardation but we can all agree on her being a bimbo, right?

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Isn't that the exact definition of retarded?

>> No.8011066

Mental state/intelligence isn't affected. Her motor functions just don't work right, that's cerebral palsy.

>> No.8011068

>Difficulty with the ability to think or reason and seizures each occurs in about one third of people with CP.

>> No.8011071

No. Her brain works fine, but the wiring to the muscles is all fucked.

>> No.8011075

She is clearly a simple person if you have watched her interactions. She basically has a child's intelligence.

>> No.8011076

Acording to Wikipedia there's a one in three chance that she is in fact a retard.

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As Ricki Gervais "Extras" sitcom character said in an episode about cerebral palsy "she's head disabled - not leg disabled"

>> No.8011083

I meant "leg disabled - not head disabled" kek

>> No.8011084

I think the bitch just be lazy.

>> No.8011091

The best kind of disability....that way she can never leave us.

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Jealous much?

>> No.8011118

Daily reminder she has a bf

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bet you he makes her cum so hard she stops shaking.

>> No.8011144

she is DSP gf ?

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>Parents allow their retard daughter to be raped on the daily since some day they would like to retire

>> No.8011172

some says that shes still trying to flip it to this day

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