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I had porridge, a cup of coffee and a cigarette

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Pretty healthy.
Had 2 cups of tea and a super green smoothie with added protein for breakfast.
Then, for lunch, I had a broccoli, apple, cranberry, and walnut salad for lunch with a small piece of baguette with some Brie on it.
For dinner, I'll probably have an egg crepe (no flour) filled with roasted sweet potato, caramelized onion, and arugula.

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I didn't eat until 2:30 when I got a ham and cheese croissant at the train station on my way to class. So I guess alright?

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Coffee and cigarette every morning.

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I went straight to work and had the last of the scotch I keep hidden amidst the old posters and banners.

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I had 3 pieces of toasted sourdough rye with sardines in oil on top and some Franks red hot I got from USA foods.

God bless murka

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sounds terrible

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I ate one square of overly sweet mexican bread
two cans of sugared flavored yerba mate, local brand
a penis shaped bundle of red liquorice because someone at work brought a tub of them
no water so I feel dehydrated as fuck, what's wrong with me
one double double, medium rare, extra toast
all that before 10
I was very high at work because that yerba mate gives you like some kind of euphoria similar to chocolate
also lots of cannabis

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i really need to change my life

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>I was very high at work because that yerba mate gives you like some kind of euphoria similar to chocolate

I had some potato stew

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chobani plain non fat
all bran

pretty healthy

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Ate cheetos using pretzels like chop sticks, also chocolate milk.

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What is that, looks good.

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biscuits and sausagegravy

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Bacon and sausage sandwich.

Orange juice.

Lots of water.

Drove like a maniac to a meeting.

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Hannaford brand pumpkin spice oatmeal (not bad desu)
Pink lady apple

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I just eat an apple as I walk out the door, some nuts sometimes

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>I was very high at work because that yerba mate gives you like some kind of euphoria
>also lots of cannabis
yeeah, sure it was the mate m8

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Woke up hungover and scarfed this down before getting out the door

My first shit today is the shit that will end creation

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Pretty healthy. I skip breakfast and lunch to stay in shape.

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Tea, apple, 1 hour cardio, protein/recovery drink.

Get fucked, fatties. Lrn2health.

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I can't do that. I would get a horrible headache by lunchtime. Then I'd pig out when I finally sit down to eat. How do you do it anon. Are you anorexic?

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Didn't eat nothing. Had some coffee after noon. After that some trader joes unpopped popcorn and Big John's beef jerky (good online vendor of beef jerky) along with two pints of Spiteful's God Damn Pigeon Porter. Imma grill up some veggies and ahi tuna steaks for me and my sister later. She's visiting our shared weight set right now, doing them heavy lifts.

So yeah. No breakfast. Don't mind me, I'm just drunk.

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hardboiled egg
green apple

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Ok fatty.

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Chinese food leftovers.

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coffee and a large blueberry pancake

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Coffee, pot resin, two slices of dominos from last night (chicken bacon alfredo pizza)

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2 sunny side up eggs
3 banana pancakes
an apple
a cup of tea
a glass of milk

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4 soft boiled eggs and 2 grilled tomatoes.

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By the time I get home I'm so tired, I just want to sleep.

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Well, I'm living in China right now and just the act of waking up and breathing is already unhealthy for me.

This country sucks. I hate my job.

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Why does Unhealthy tastes good.
Healthy tastes bad.
Enjoy yourself. Life is hard enough.

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I had pasta for breakfast

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2 jimmy dean bacon egg cheese fritatas
a slice of english toast with vegan butter
a babybel cheese wheel

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Well I woke up at like 1pm and hit up taco bell. Ate 2500 calories worth of garbage.

- Cheesy nacho griller w/ onions and habanero sauce
- Crunch warp supreme
- Large baja blast
- chicken Quesadilla
- the rice/guac/beans/rice/lettuce/tomato bowl

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Bowl of cornflakes
An egg
Orange juice
Not too bad I guess

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Right now I'm having some ramen and later I'm going to eat a box of velvet a macaroni.

pretty healthy day

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hungover, so i had a nice greasebomb and made country potatoes and two eggs with a glass of milk.

but it's ok i'll go running later.

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I had an omelette with cheese and a couple slices of toast

>> No.8163705

Every morning starts with a lot of water, my vitamins, maybe a bite of leftover something, probably a beer, then work.

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pork roll on brioche
cold brew, whole milk
7.5mg perc

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I was a pretty healthy this morning. Made a berry smoothie and had that with granola, black tea and multi vitamans

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>Woke up
>Had to bug friend until he agreed to come buy shit for lunch
>Bought couple deboned chicken thighs (butcher scammed me), two avocados, potatoes and coke
>Pan fried, rised with some Chardonnay and added a couple scoops of mustard, let it reduce
>Made some French fries
>Sliced the avocados
>Friend kept complaining about it being too little food and it taking too long (even tho I cooked and paid for everything)
>He couldn't finish his plate
>He messed with my shit while I was slicing the avocados, took pan out of fire and thrned it off before it was ready
He got free this time next time he touches my shit he is going to enjoy a garnish of fresh cum in his food
Hopefully he understands I know what I'm doing now

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ive tried various hungry mans but not this one. how is it?

>> No.8164342

>i had a broccoli
u wot

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>Out of bed 2 pm
>Mug of coffee and a small ham & cheese baguette

You never just munched on a whole raw broccoli?

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A bunch of leftover cucumbers and tomatoes, like this but not a salad.

And some triscuits.

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sounds gross as fuck mate

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This with a glass of milk. It's an oatmeal cinnamon eng muffin, pumpkin puree with cinnamon nutmeg and sugar.

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I woke up.

>> No.8165035

That looks like a deep fried peanutbutter sandwich

>> No.8165375

I didn't even eat breakfast. Beat that.

>> No.8165413

Nothing ever day. I can afford one meal a day, usually ramen or mac n cheese.

>> No.8165436

2 large egg 2 egg white omelet with veggies and turkey
Some oatz
And apple
Not bad

>> No.8165438

I skipped breakfast as per usual and made myself some shitty steak and greens and had a smoke and a pbr after

>> No.8165498

Skipped breakfast this morning but made up for it by preparing chashu and marinated eggs for my ramen later.

>> No.8165499

I had a whopper value meal for breakfast this morning

>> No.8165934

I made myself 6 scrambled eggs and am still hungry...
Fuck me, I only have 700 more calories to last the day.

And it's only 6am...

>> No.8165938

You should have used just the egg whites and added some veg.

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>3 med eggs omelette
>tablespoon of olive oil
>45 grams of turkey ham
>112 grams of carrots
>57 gram bread roll
Yes, I'm a Rainman-tier autist who counts his macros, thanks for asking.

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>mfw bulking
I had two hard boiled eggs, a donut, and now am having chicken and rice

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I started off with 2 pieces of bacon, 1 small yukon potato, 3 eggs, some salsa and cheese in a tortilla

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>waste food

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I had water and I'm about to go buy a rotisserie chicken because I don't feel like cooking

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then you watch your wife get fucked by another man

>> No.8166096

what happens if the roll is accidentally 58 grams, do you rip off a crumb

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At least you count it in sensible units, not retarded units like Americans do

>> No.8166118

>current year
>weighing your food

>> No.8166129

Tablespoons exist in most countries and are generally in people's cutlery drawers, so it really doesn't matter

Same with "cups". Tell a non american to add half a cup of flour and a tablespoon of butter and it's fine.

Keep your retarded pounds and ounces to yourselves though

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You do realize that disgusting mess isn't even close to a typical American breakfast, you fucking faggot.

>> No.8166139

That's not healthy though... simply not eating isn't healthy; eating the proper portions of nutritious food is healthy.

>> No.8166145

Honestly, it is better to skip lunch and have a healthy dinner.

Breakfast is necessary for stimulating your metabolism upon waking up.

>> No.8166146

>not using pound of flesh
Uncultured swine.

>> No.8166150

It annoys me that American cups are slightly different from metric cups.

>> No.8166159

Nothing but tea.
I don't usually get hungry until late afternoon. Before that the thought of food makes me nauseous.

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I don't eat breakfast all week so I always have a fairly unhealthy breakfast on saturdays. four delicious lemon and herb sausages with fried eggs, mushrooms and toast today.

>> No.8166191

>came home yesterday after shopping
>dead tired
>just lay down on the bed a little..
>wake up
>realize i forgot to put in the groceries in the fridge last night
>ruined food for $30
>get depressed
>eat a large bag of chips for breakfast

It hasn't been the best of days.

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you've never tried yerba mate

>> No.8166208

3 egg omelette, 2 slices of bacon, 1 tomato, tea


>> No.8166242

Kik- Breakfast Burrithoe

Need someone kinky to fuck me on Skype or Kik, send nudes to get approval. Will send nudes back

>> No.8166244

I did pretty well. A bowl of oatmeal w/ milk and a touch of granola + black coffee.

>> No.8166347

Had chicken noodle soup with chicken broth, garlic, black pepper, and a dash of salt. Now im drinking my Kenyan coffee with a chinese cigarette

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Chinese takeout and that last beer that I fucking KNEW was in the back of the goddamn fridge last night but I couldn't find.

>> No.8166369

pint of vodka and half a slice of pizza

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how do you get distracted enough after bringing them in to just leave them?
gotta just do it right away man

>> No.8166504

Coffee and croissants
>tfw I'm a French meme

>> No.8166555

Tim Hortons every day

>> No.8166564

when do you eat your activated almonds?

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grits eggs and a bagel

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kid I live in one of those places where you take your mate kit to bed with you, that shit does not make you "high"

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Every morning I have two eggs either fried or hardboiled and with salt and pepper, one cup of Chobani, Fage, or store brand flavored Greek yogurt, and a half cup of 4% milkfat cottage cheese with salt and pepper. I eat this with a cup of strong black coffee and chase it all with a small cup of matcha.

Today, however, I tried this new oatmeal-type thing I bought which has oats, wheat, flax, quinoa, rye, and barely in it. Made it with milk and added a tiny bit of sugar in lieu of the eggs.

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How is Castro street these days?

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