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what are you having for dinner and why isn't it this

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nothing because its 4am and because i'm not poor.

>> No.8171589

>paper plates

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I had an overpriced steak with potato au gratin.

The potato au gratin was amazing

>> No.8171595

smoked salmon because i'm not living in a cheap hotel full of whores and drug addicts

>> No.8171605

Sorry, OP. That was rude. I don't envy you but what's your situation and what decisions have you made that lead you to this point in your life?

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because i'm not drunk af in a youth hostel at 5am with no money and tastebud.exe stopped working.

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Because I don't mix my fucking ketchup with honey.

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Enjoy your diarrhea I guess?

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Because I'm not fucking 12 yrs old.

For dinner, I'm making roasted salmon, pan-fried smashed potatoes (because I have leftover roasted potatoes), and green pea custard seasoned with shallots and curry over pea shoots and micro greens.

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Because iam not a fat fuck teenager

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Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich

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I think you mean with honey, dijon, and american dressing

Why didn't you just use another blue paper plate instead of a bowl, OP?

>> No.8173438

Roasted veggies and chicken meatballs

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