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Found a nicely marbled choice rib-eye for $10 today at the store. Snatched that bad boy right up.

Post your good store finds you don't typically see.

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nice. hope you used your Ralph's card.

i gotta find a better place to get meat around here.

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Why not just buy a roast and cut 5 steaks yourself for the price of 3 steaks from a grocery mart?

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Better yet, why not just buy extra lean ground turkey and mold them into the shape of steaks and eat that?

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and freeze them?

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I would dry age them in the fridge instead of freezing them. If you are going to buy large chunks of meat and break it down to freeze, you really should invest in a vac sealer...

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That's kind of stupid. I buy rib roasts all the time and break them down into steaks. Steaks are at lest 40% more per pound where I shop.

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ah, cool thanks. when I reread my comment it sounds snarky, but it was a serious question

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What's stupid is comparing roast to rib eye. I was mocking you. Keep up buddy, you're falling behind.

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What's stupid is not knowing a ribeye comes from a rib roast after you cut the bone off...

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Hi, do you know what a rib roast is?

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>0.80 lbs

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Nice, 1 second before me

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Haha I didn't notice that. Another great part of buying a rib roast and cutting steaks is if you do make rib eye out of it, you still have the bones for stock or just straight up beef ribs! I love me some good beef ribs!

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Roasts are large purchases. You save money per steak but, for example, even a strip loin around here would be a chunk. I get a discount if I buy a whole loin, so 5 bucks per pound, but the purchase will still be something like 70 dollars.

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that's not good marbling. good marbling has fat that forms fine hair like structures not FAT veins of fat like what what you've got there (i.e. fucking gristle).

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>expects to find anything better than OP in a general grocer

keep dreaming

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Approx. How many steaks do you get out of a 70$ roast?

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stop shopping at white trash/ghetto grocers. problem fucking magically solved.

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I am not ok with this.

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>white trash/ghetto grocers

You have no concept of reality, do you faggot?

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Yes, let's spend absurd amounts of money for you pretentious millenial twats. Jesus Christ the elitism on this board is fucking insane

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this comment could be posted in so many threads on all 4 boards I visit

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fucking poorfags. absolutely disgusting.

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>look at these poorfags
>not buying $25 steaks
>not drinking craft beer
>I bet they never even tasted scotch over $100 a bottle
>I am superior in every way even tho I live paycheck to paycheck
>sounds like my roommate is having friends over again
>enjoy your pleb beer and meme pizza
>fucking poorfags
>time to go claim my waifu on /b/

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Make sure to blame Trump when you're broke and in debt

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I eat rice, lentils, beans every meal. I season it with soy sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, garlic/onion powder, black pepper; not all together, but just what I feel like. I can eat like 6 meals for the price of one raw, unseasoned steak.

Thank you for listening to my story :)

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It was a good story.

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Everytime i see one of these posted i get FUCKING MAD

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think you mean triggered

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Thanks you :)

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with elitism.

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