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Why don't the Japanese 'cook'?
Their one famous food is a raw slab of fish on a ball of white rice
I also hear they put raw eggs over rice too?
And even sometimes use rice as an alternative to bread because they can't be bothered with actually baking bread
And their ice cream is just rice pounded up into a ball called "mochi"?
What the heck is with these guys?

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>le /co/ meme face

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>japanese food consists entirely of americanized memes and things I see on anime all the time

also they use rice instead of bread sometimes because wheat isn't native to japan you dingo

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Rice isn't native to Japan either. Wheat isn't native to Europe.

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It was there in ancient history though, long before wheat. Hell the Dutch didn't even find Japan for a few hundred years to trade them guns to kill each other during their civil war so I doubt they had access to wheat.

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>Rice isn't native to Japan either. Wheat isn't native to Europe.
Muslims aren't native to Europe either.

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Wheat didn't come from Europe. It's an Asian plant.

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Rice still got to Japan substantially faster and was a staple crop. Before rice they just ate nuts off trees and ran around in the mountains.

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Are you esl?
Do you not know the difference between wheat and oat?

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> secondary crop derived from wheat
Therefore the wheat was a primary/staple crop that was in Europe at the time.

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>if wheat was in Europe then it must have originated there
That's not how it works sempai.

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>I want to learn about where wheat comes from
>I know, I'll Google Oat and based on what it says I will extrapolate where wheat must cone from!

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>43rd Revolution of Algernon V
>Using the grains of antiquity to nourish a future member of the universal consciousness
>My endlessly expanding ethereal sides

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Ramen involves a bit of cooking. And any meat dish they have aside from fish.

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fucking crackers

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what do the japs do with these?

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Japan is a weird place my friend, strict rules you must follow in societry combined with intense shame instilled in you from birthu about nearly everything you do wrong oddly enough makes for a very strange fucking place full of very strange people.

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How exactly do they they instill intense shame in their children for doing wrong? I mean, how do they go about it? Just asking for ... a friend.

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When they do wrong you dont comfort them and tell them everything is okay we all make mistakes, give them the cold shoulder tell them YOU HAVE BRANGU GREATO SHAMEU ON DISARU FAMILRY and half neglect them for a week or two.

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Japanese mannerisms are pretty strange, their over-expressions and body language, its like they are all acting but in real life. Its pretty strange the first time youre over there.

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UMAI neee

pretty retarded reaction. it was interesting acting normal when eating over there, people sort of appreciate it from what i can tell

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>its like they are all acting but in real life

this is exactly what I thought when I visited america for the first time. it's like people think there is a camera on them.

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I honestly wish more Americans had a sense of shame, especially African Americans

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This happens each time you go to a foreign country. We are all acting anon, we just don't know.

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They cook all sorts of stuff. Grilled mackerel is a popular thing. Ever been to a teppanyaki place? I'm guessing no. Want some octopus tentacles chopped up and fried into little balls of batter? They have that too.

tl;dr OP is totally uneducated about one of the world's great culinary traditions.

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While that's true, the point was wheat was in Europe thousands of years ago.

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