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food and cook webms

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korean pizza is an abomination

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So is the thing eating it.

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weebs on suicide watch

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>dr. kim exhibit eating a pizza

they're called koreaboos
japs make better food desu senpai

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This woman has a whore mouth but her eyes are pretty and she has good taste in toppings.

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That's really fucking cool. How long did he train to be so casual and get it so right?

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mushrooms arent meant for human consumption

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neither are your mom's pussy juices but that didn't stop me last nite ;)

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portobello mushrooms are awesome deep fried, fucking pleb.

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jokes on you faggot i was fucking my mom all morning yesterday

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that goes to show you're brain dead so the joke is on you, lol.

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What a fat ugly whore.

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goes to show that you're dead brain so the you is on joke, lol.

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Please point out where I talked about America.

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>hears someone call another person fat
>immediately assumes hes talking about americans

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nerve cell potential differences are a hell of a drug


wrong filename dumbfuck


no joke, that's one of the most interesting things I've ever seen; what causes the steam?


southeast asia was a mistake

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so what is it?

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this bitch cuts up the part where she spits out the burger right

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That's revolting.

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Your daddy not pulling out was a mistake.

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haha sick burn dude im gonna need some topical ointment for that one O.O

wish i was as witty as u xP

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that webm is both incredibly fascinating and terrifying in a very primal kind of way

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Look for Kunoshita yuka. She's legit and has done live events.

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yuka a shit
keemi is best mukbang qt

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Thinking about the fact that processing a piece of meat like that -- making sure to cut exactly around everye bone with such high precision while not damaging the prime muscles -- used to be a task for only the most highly experienced and skilled human workers...then realizing that a bunch of PLC engineers got together somewhere to successfully automate a system that handles all the idiosyncrasies of each unique piece of meat and arguably processes it more efficiently than a skilled worker ever could...

That's some scary shit, man. Human ingenuity is ridiculous.

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Fook off mate, Keemi is a fat whore that probably sprinkle all her food with semen

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now imagine a version of that for humans

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Didn't someone say that this was prison food?

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fast metabolism masterrace

>tfw can eat pounds of food all day and still be skelly af

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keemi is best girl and puts yuka to fucking shame
now fuck off and go back to watching dick nose eat 30 cheeseburgers and stutter everytime she talks
enjoy your moon rune waifu you fucking nerd i hope you both choke

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Fuck off Kim Park I fucked your whore fat slut when buying a Tacos you piece of shite

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How many fucking fingers have been lost here.

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Im guessing a tuna.

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Now THIS is the 4chan action I've been searching for.


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>round 1:
>weeb vs koreaboo

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yeah yeah fuck off, youre just pissed because we all know yukas cunt mouth slurps down 2 gallons of cum for cheap recording gokkun to pay her rent check
enjoy staring at that caked up baby shower on her face in her next bukkake udon mukbang you weeb fuck

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You wish, y ou're just jealous people in Japan are known for something more than dancing like loose slut and being half plastic cyborgs so you have to project, you kimchi nigger
But that's not surprising when your east korean shithole drives people to suicide with its grey and ugly landscape, you're bound to have some sort of mental illness in your genes.

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Why'd you guys stop?

Anime break?

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what the fuck am i supposed to be jealous of?
tentacle porn, half naked cartoon children, and shut in losers who jerk off on trains?
japanese people are such shit your birthrates are plummeting into the fucking ground because even youre own women dont want to fuck you.
why dont you take a break from eating your pocky, cuddling your body pillow, and jerking off to your little sisters panties and get a job you neet piece of shit

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Because Koreans, a culture that have an emphasis on making boys looking like fags and is an even direr situation can talk about it ? You're becoming little Thailand and your proud of it LOL
You're the Scotland of Asia

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i know your not talking about koreans cross dressing when all you weebs do is jerk off to trap shotacon rape ahegao mindbrake futanari crossdressing cat girl tentacle hentai
come back when japans main export isnt cartoon porn and collectors edition sailormoon figurines

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it is.

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t. chink

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really makes you think

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That makes sense, you're supposed to suffer in prison.

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She is a qt, but her mannerisms are so damn fake to the point where it's off-putting.

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>plastic girl eating what looks like plastic pizza

Really activates my almonds

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Think about that next time you eat sausages.

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Don't be that guy who's obsessed with calling Yuros obsessed. He's right, she's fuck ugly.

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she's got that disease where her body only actually processes a small percentage of the food she puts in. she literally shits most of it right back out.

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RIP to pajeets fingers

>> No.8799545

That's insane, that would cut off a finger just as quick as it cut through that chicken.

I have a flat saw at work for cutting up timber and I'm afraid of it even though it's got safety guards all around the blade.

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what instrument is she making

>> No.8799610


Its pasta apparently pretty difficult to make

>> No.8799753

i wonder what the person in front of him is eating. raw eggs?

>> No.8799874

Not at all, white Aryan.
I just have a passport and not as fucking narrow-minded as you, you obese cracker.
Still mad about Vietnam, Larry?

>> No.8799887

trying to help his buddy escape from the egg fort

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t. chink.

>> No.8799941

People like this are the reason faggots get hated on

>> No.8799952

he'll die trying

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Go have yourself another big mac fatty

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t. chink

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>struggle cuisine
>over $5 worth of bullshit thrown in there

You don't know what struggle is

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Gotcha Cletus

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t. chink

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>tfw no gloves
>tfw no smock
>tfw no hair net
>tfw no beard net
>tfw no fingers

0/10 would not bollyfood

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It's an actor

>> No.8800455

Mexican American dad/grandpa confirmed
Not a Mexican
They probably saw their own actual Mexican dad putting clamato on a beer and thought it goes on everything, just like every other idiot Chicano who puts corn, cream, and parmesan cheese on everything just because they saw an elote once

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Still my favorite /ck/ webm

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Falseflag or just really dumb ?

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>British horror stories

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who is this?????

>> No.8800951


Is that a non-stick pan with no non-stick left?!?!

>> No.8800957

Is it bad if i can drink this much and be fine?

>> No.8800964

who is this and do they have a youtube channel to laugh at

>> No.8800967

It's called not being a girl

>> No.8801010

Oh ok, people seemed shocked by the pic so i was just curious, i usually drink more than this and only vodka.

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damn that pickled spicy okra looks amazing

>> No.8801507

whats the one with the woman essentially cutting the onion with a butter knife, and making some sort of pasta sauce but with like a gallon of oil?

>> No.8801509

Tokyo gastronomy is one of my favorite channels on youtube. It's a shame they rarely post videos.

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Well, that sure is pointlessly hip.

>> No.8801845

this is heinous

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>removing filament from his light bulbs
What kind of pussy bitch does that

>> No.8801923

they do this so the ice melts evenly. ice frozen in a mold in individual cubes melts faster since each part of the cube froze at a different time from outside in

>> No.8801995

lost at the table drop

>> No.8802018

I've seen that on /d/

>> No.8802030

the joke was that it's way more than two shots and she kinda looks like a lush.
I go to college and every girl here makes their drinks like that. it's not crazy

>> No.8802132

People like you should just die.

>> No.8802156

Not as weird as rubbing your face on bread to sexual please your viewers.

>> No.8802183

Factory labor here, probably two weeks. You just learn to do the same thing over and over really fast. Like that guy does that all day for 12 hours, every day except Christmas. You get good quick.

>> No.8802344

alura jenson

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>> No.8802442


>Yeah, can I get some ice with this?
<Bartender slams a 30 pound slab of ice on the counter and starts chipping away at it with a hammer and chisel
>Alright fuck if you made your point I'll drink it straight

>> No.8802457


Fucking bandsaws, man. That's the kind of equipment where you're instructed to NOT wear safety/chainmail gloves because that fucker will cut right through it. Then you're missing fingers AND have mangled metal in your hands.

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I get it if you're in prison and you have to make do with what you've got, but why the fuck do people make this shit on the outside/

>> No.8802804

Just because it's better does not mean that you have to bother with it. Just like with Dvorak Keyboards, the 3% increase in speed wasn't worth the replacement and re-training

>> No.8802842

you just know his hands are fucking freezing

>> No.8802927

for the same reason people where timberlands and sag their pants outside of jail

>> No.8802930

kek m8

>> No.8802976

Pajeet french toast

>> No.8802977

great WEBM! thanks for reminding me that women are vapid narcissists.

that za looked like shit too.

>> No.8802985


>> No.8802994

you're gay, go shove a cucumber up your...

>> No.8803001

>posting this webm on passover
oy vey!

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>> No.8803044


i just want to kill this bitch with a machete

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>> No.8803069


get this fucking whore out of here

/ck/ is a steve-only zone

>> No.8803080

>that dirty ass blade

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This is profoundly a Mexican creation.

>> No.8803160

agreed all prepz shud die XD LOL PIE XDD

>> No.8803219


Anyone know the youtube video(s) for this scene? Really wanna watch it again.

>> No.8803260


why though?

>> No.8803263

Dammit that got me. Thanks for making my day anon, I needed it.

>> No.8803271

God I love these videos. They're the rube goldberg machines of cooking.

>> No.8803274

who the fuck is rube goldberg

>> No.8803325



>> No.8803613

what's with yanks and always wearing plastic gloves in food service?

It's less hygienic than just washing your hands

>> No.8803620

its more for appearances then actual hygiene

>> No.8803628

I have nightmares about this sort of thing.I know the tag doesn't work on this board

>> No.8803629

Does anyone have that webm of that woman doing the worst possible job of chopping an onion?

>> No.8803644

I want to _______ Emmy

>> No.8803737


A Machine for Pigs.

>> No.8803750

Americans were a mistake.

>> No.8803760

Everyone eat's pounds of food a day to retard. Fatties eat several kilo's of food a day. That's way makes them fat.

>> No.8803775

He said pounds
Pretty much could weigh anything in pounds

>> No.8803793

>Pretty much could weigh anything in pounds

What do you mean pretty much? What can't you weigh in pounds?

>> No.8803799

the weight of my dick : )

>> No.8803807

What a giant waste of ice.

>> No.8803817

What kind of seasonings would go good with human?

>> No.8803860

that looks so efficient

>> No.8803864
File: 2.07 MB, 960x540, imp_12.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jesus christ, this is the worlds least comfy shepherds pie. the ration poutine they tried to make is better than this.

i don't even understand how you fuck this up. there are only three ingredients. beef. corn. MASHED POTATOES.

this must be some sort of practical joke at the ration factory.

>> No.8803921
File: 1.98 MB, 426x236, People Drinking Full Glasses Of Water.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me, it's a full glass of water.

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File: 1.26 MB, 720x404, 1490770465381.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8804347
File: 1.01 MB, 480x360, omurice.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8804352
File: 2.97 MB, 720x405, jack makes something.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8804485


Are you seriously saying that Mexico isn't in America? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the United State's education system‽

>> No.8804504

>not realizing that only the USA counts as America because America says that and we are #1

...We don't know what we are #1 in anymore.. but uh.. we went to the moon and guns and stuff! heck yeah!

>> No.8804556

its just muscle spasms dude. The actual fish is long gone.

>> No.8804627
File: 2.94 MB, 500x280, 1490748428957.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8804634
File: 2.93 MB, 852x480, selfstiringfish.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8804696

He microwaved the ice first to bring it up to room temperature. His hands should be fine

>> No.8804697

Looks like something you'd see being cooked in Louisiana desu

>> No.8804706

That's american cuisine, gringo.

>> No.8804733

I'll bet he's very proud of using the most inefficient tool for the job. So traditional. So honorable. Fuckin' douche.

>> No.8804767

she seriously makes me cringe worse than jack does

>> No.8804804

oh shit I love the slob!

>> No.8804820


salt and pepper

>> No.8805260
File: 2.91 MB, 456x574, 1490747649198.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8805283

pretty much

>> No.8805284
File: 525 KB, 498x268, its_so_sad_and_im_sad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn have a qt Japanese girlfriend thin as a reed who can eat a full course meal and demand seconds.

>> No.8805288

Is he attemping to make jerky?

>> No.8805322



>> No.8805331
File: 44 KB, 640x853, ebisu-muscats_1462177667_af_org.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a weeb I think plastic Koreans are disgusting looking

>> No.8805343

Is this a meme webm?
this is literally fried egg with onions and salt in between bread
Why is this posted all the time?

>> No.8805345

What toppings is he using?

>> No.8805348

>tentacle porn, half naked cartoon children
Are these supposed to be bad things?

>> No.8805349

Does he leave his burner on full blast the entire day?

>> No.8805358

Does he wear chainmail under the gloves?

>> No.8805365

What's that swirlly cream looking stuff in the third batch of bread?

>> No.8805375

What body part is that?

>> No.8805380

Oh great. A webm thread finally shitted up with this fucker

>> No.8805383

lost it at the tomatococktail

>> No.8805387

It's a section through a limb containing a single bone, so therefore it's either cut from the thigh or the upper arm.

Due to the size I would think arm, but I haven't seen the show so it's entirely possible it's from the leg of a small person like a petite woman or perhaps a child.

>> No.8805388

Is that how it's traditionally made or is this just a professional way

>> No.8805403

While excessive, a part of me really wants to eat crab prepared in such a way it looks like a DOOM enemy.

>> No.8805409

They do it to be fancy. He's giving it a very basic diamond cut.

>> No.8805413

This doesn't look that disconcerting. Loads of onion, and unconventional, but the entire thing probably isn't fucked up.. RIght?

>> No.8805537

I mean I honestly hope he cuts his fingers off.

>> No.8805564

>that'll be $30

>> No.8805583

He's cute. I'd eat his sushi any day.

>> No.8805603
File: 2.96 MB, 1080x1920, Webm is Life.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8805636

it slows down once you hit puberty

>> No.8805642
File: 101 KB, 580x469, 2059928280505029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's trying to be sexually appealing but she has literally no ass.

>> No.8805666

Unagi? Do they leave it alive so it spreads the heat evenly by squirming?

>> No.8805676


>> No.8805684


>> No.8805688

What ever happened to Hannibal? I thought the show was doing well.

>> No.8805874

thanks mr skeltal

>> No.8805895

They are sticks made specially for Takoyaki.
They have a tip but are small and thin enough that they can slide under the Takoyaki and flip them.
You dont even know what they are and you calling them the most inefficient tool for the job
You expecting him to use a fork or something?
Do you even know what hes doing?

And whats the need for calling him unnecessary names?

If anyone here is a 'Fuckin' douche' its you.

>> No.8805898
File: 3.04 MB, 444x250, 1491567797082.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8805935

No, it's dead. it's muscle are just moving because of the heat.

>> No.8806007

In the show it is the thigh of Dr. Abel Gideon. Hannibal cuts off Gideon's leg and then forces him to cannibalize himself. I think >>8805387 is underestimating size a bit because the show tries to have Hannibal be rather tall.

>> No.8806027

yeah, as far as Jack cooking goes it's fine.

>> No.8806030


>> No.8807156

what is thsi place

>> No.8807204

it's American BBQ

>> No.8807225

sad chinchilla

>> No.8807390

Menstrual cake smoothie?

>> No.8807408

Corn is no place for a mighty warrior.

>> No.8807427


>> No.8807488

Every fucking thread, Jesus.

>> No.8807560
File: 2.88 MB, 640x360, 1491926535537.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8807650

You morons realize that competitive eaters
>train by drinking a shitton of water to expand their digestive tracts
>take laxatives so they immediately shit out 95% of the food they ingest before they digest it


>> No.8807671

no he expects him to use the metal plates specially made for industrial/big restaurants takoyaki.

>> No.8807703


Jesus have mercy on us all...Is that supposed to be the world worst attempt at nachos or is this meant to be legit Mexican street cuisine? Dude literally dumped a bag of whatever the fuck those chips are into a container and covered them in beans and wet stuff.

>> No.8807705

you don't?

>> No.8807708

ebelskivers are still made with sewing needles too afaik

>> No.8807709

do you think she scratches jack's hairy back with those nails?

>> No.8807714

>dumb whore cashing in on the slight uptick in ration videos thanks mostly to Steve putting out good content

Holy fuck. This makes me upset.

>> No.8807717


in all fairness to him that's been a youtube meme dish for some time and many other idiots have done the same mess

>> No.8807727

Quick, make a thread on r9k

>> No.8807728

>Can't even type board names properly.

Get the fuck out you dumb bitch.

>> No.8807729

lost it at salt and pepper

>> No.8807734

google takoyaki pan. that is the new way of making takoyaki in big quantities, it probably tastes worse than the one in the webm, but is easier and faster.

>> No.8807738

fuck off with this whoreee. the only one allowed to do MRE reviews in /ck/ is steeve.

>> No.8807746

Is there some kind of automatic takoyaki flipping pan I'm not seeing? Because the man in the webm is using a standard takoyaki pan

>> No.8807748

>shepherd's pie
Fucking triggered me, m8.

>> No.8807751

yeah, there is this machine that there is also a pan on the top and just cooks both sides at the same time. .

>> No.8807760

that fish is legit something from an anime

>> No.8807767
File: 15 KB, 250x250, 5231251234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>knowing about nerve cell membrane potentials
whoah man youre so smart

>> No.8807770

link pls

I scrolled all the way to the bottom of google images and couldn't find a single picture of what you're describing

And if they're so much better, why isn't everyone using them?

>> No.8807774


>> No.8807780

here is the one for home, http://www.oxone-online.com/en/kitchen/pastry/ox-829-takoyaki-maker.php
they big ones are not cheap.

>> No.8807783

here is another one.

>> No.8807818

niceeeeeee. .

>> No.8807846

Home use not relevant

Does not flip, would result in lop-sided and shitty takoyaki since the top half would never be completely filled.

It doesn't even flip like taiyaki or egg waffle cookers.

So exactly how are they better than using neanderthal-tier metal sticks?

>> No.8807847

i never said they are better, i said they are more time efficient, there is also the big machines where the takoyaki is constantly spinning while being cooked.

>> No.8807850

here is another automatic takoyaki machine.
and the one i was talking about

>> No.8807855

it cooks both sides at the same time.

>> No.8807860

here you can find more models of automatic takoyaki machines.

>> No.8807890

She is so pretty, I want to walk around the streets holding her hand.

>> No.8808298

Unless this is done in an intensely rich chicken/vegetable stock - this will be bland as hell

>> No.8808320

Those nails are horrifying.

>> No.8808340

thats not steve

>> No.8808434

>we went to the moon
Sure you did pal, sure.

>> No.8808440

backhanded compliment of the year

>> No.8808450

god that is such a satisfying thing to watch no matter how many times i do

>> No.8808486


>> No.8808857

How do the innards of the crab taste like? Good? Ive only had the meat from the legs

>> No.8808859


Every part of a crab tastes about the same. Only difference is the texture.

>> No.8808860

>holding her hand.
please anon it's a blue board

>> No.8809070

NOT STEVE. Post actual Steve. I can't come if I don't hear the words "Nice!" "Let's get this out onto a tray" "Nice hiss" "No hiss" "Smells metallic" "Ohh that's rancid" "Looks like fat separation" "Looks like dry mold got to it" "Undertones of..." "Tastes like electrolytes and vitamin B" and then I watch him drink coffee instant type one mixed with a standard american MRE spoon with shaky hands in a mess kit in a Frank Zappa T-shirt while smoking a cigarette rolled when my father was still semen.

>> No.8809121


>> No.8809123

>Every part of a crab tastes about the same.

taste, maybe. but claw, body, & legs have very different textures.

and texture makes a world of difference

>> No.8809124

Asians have horrible eyes.

>> No.8809129

>webm thread
>less than 1/4 of the replies are actually webms

why even fucking bother

what a waste of time this board is; kick rocks

>> No.8809162

Video of her pooping where.

>> No.8809170

I don't understand. What is she trying to achieve? It looks like she is pretending to cook like a child would for fun. At least Jack seems to have an end goal of some kind when fails. These webms are just madness. I am disturbed.

>> No.8809184


>> No.8809192

I didn't know silicants could digest pizza

>> No.8809200

I love this girl, why is everyone getting so triggered?

>> No.8809222


>> No.8809276

It would taste fine with enough salt and pepper and some parmesan on top.

>> No.8809298

Just had flashbacks to tech theater in high school. We had a shitty ass band saw that snapped a blade on 3 separate occasions. It would go flying off of the machine every time.

>> No.8809559

He's not gonna cut a finger off in front of the camera, because he knows he's being filmed so he's paying attention to his every move. The problem with these machines is when you're working with them for hours at a time, and you can't always stay 100% focused, you're bound to fuck up eventually.

I used to work in a factory that had one of these, and we had about an accident a year on it. Not many whole fingers sawed off, just the tip or half a finger. Still fucking awful.

Also, that fucking hygiene, man.

>> No.8809588

Mexico was a mistake

>> No.8809591

>it's fine to cut fish when it's still
>everyone freaks out if the meat has muscle spasm
the hypocrisy

>> No.8809625
File: 352 KB, 306x232, i_hate_my_job_156j8.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8809681

Souless Asians

>> No.8809986

do you think jack fantasizes about those nails?

>> No.8810057

it's already been confirmed that ja/ck/ and tammy actively participate in their church's swingers night

>> No.8810088

Stop, it's already dead.

>> No.8810097


I don't really consider myself a "bad" alcoholic and I can easily drink half a fifth in one sitting. Granted I blackout and fall asleep but this is after a long day

>> No.8810111


lol the blunt was a surprise at the end there... Surely that isn't weed is it?

>> No.8810116


Nothing better than an icecube that's been rolling around in an asian man's hand for the past 5 minutes

>> No.8810120

It's a cigarette you fucking child

>> No.8810125

its not you cunt

>> No.8810131


What's the point of doing that in a skillet?

>> No.8810161


Wow you guys have a rough day or something? It looks exactly like a fucking weed blunt, not like a "cigarette" at all..

>> No.8810212

it's a cigar heard of one?

>> No.8810231
File: 979 KB, 260x146, 1488414340045.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good god, that looks nauseating.

>> No.8810276

The pizza doesn't look all that great either.

>> No.8810313

did he just use a glass butt plug to cover the glass?

>> No.8810557

Franklin barbecue. You gotta queue for about 5 hours to eat though.

>> No.8810569
File: 30 KB, 307x352, dang ol wut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dredges the meat thoroughly in flour and THEN tries to season it

>> No.8810604

That's from hannibal, a tv show.

>> No.8810693

ask ja/ck/

>> No.8811146

I realise that but how did they fuck that up so bad. He's supposed to be an excellent cook.

>> No.8811165

because it's a webm, not the full video....

>> No.8811364

>how did they fuck that up so bad
The same way TV shows depict excellent hackers like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Hn1rPQouU

Producers are concerned with making their show look accurate to the average person, not making it actually BE accurate.

>> No.8811378

>shitting something out before you digest it

that isnt how your body works anon

>> No.8811780

It's not alive you uneducated swine.
This is all muscle "memory". The brain was already killed, humanely at that. Probably died in a better way than most poultry in the US does.

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