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I tried this for the first time recently and it pretty much just tasted like semen.

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> like semen.

With the consistency of wet chia seeds. Gross.

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semen tastes delicious, and wet chia seeds have a wonderful texture. together its absolutely amazing because you can imagine its your spiderboy futagf's ovipositor spewing salty little eggs and cum inside your tummy so you can incubate the eggs inside of you and nourish them when they hatch in the ultimate form of self sacrificing loving parenting.

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>tasted like semen

umm anon, how would you be able to make that compairson.....you've sucked penis before haven't you?

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Yes, I'm gay. So what? Grow up.

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I know, you faggots always make it a point to make sure everyone knows your gay.

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ugh, are we really doing this?

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I'll fuck you till you love me faggot

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someone's been playing too much CoC desu

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found the turbocuck

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Or not enough.
>Not playing it exclusively for the combat and non sexual roleplay
>Not getting the good end in every quest you can
>Not keeping your corruption low and staying human

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you rang?

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i cant even get past the 2 dicked rapedogs on the mountain level

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jeez tell your boyfriend to get his urethra checked if his semen tastes like rotten fish water :(

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>grow up
the irony.

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Speaking of checking, if your sushi tastes like rotten fish water then something is very wrong with that too.......

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that kind of roe is cheap and pretty bland tbqh

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>He doesn't eat his semen
Waste of protein

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>tasted like semen
So you're saying I'd love it then

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thanks doc

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Presemenated salmon roe sushi is the best

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I prefer roe as a garnish rather than the main element, personally. Gives it just the right amount of brininess.

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