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I just moved out on my own for the first time, wondering if there was more poorfag/frugal tips out there.

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Eat some motherfuckin carbs

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I'm not actually poor(probably because I do all of these things lol), but I love the creative thinking that goes into cooking on a budget.

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This image is a joke right?

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-herbs + spices are cheap flavour additives.
-canned crushed tomatoes for spaghetti sauce (just simmer longer)
-learn to make your own lasagne sheets and pizza bases, burger rolls/bread (it's literally 100x times cheaper)
-go to the supermarket everyday (until you work out the best days/time to go) and buy the marked down pre-packaged meats/milk about to expire - it's fine.
make your own yogurt (half price)

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I like these threads

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thanks, was going to get some flour today, maybe some yeast

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>mutton 0.03$
''Yes, I would like to purchase 20 cells of mutton please.''

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Just buy a lot of (uncooked) rice and pasta and cook and eat that.

Go (mostly) vegetarian.
Meat is unreasonably expensive compared to other foods and you don't really need it in a meal.
When you -do- eat meat, buy chicken breast frozen rather than fresh. It tastes exactly the same and costs about half as much. Just store it in the fridge instead of the freezer and you can pretend it's fresh. Minced Beef is usually super cheap, so I'd recommend getting that too.

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Go to an asian market, their prices are usually cheaper. It's also okay to go without meat in a meal sometimes or use cheap meat like ground turkey instead of ground beef.

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This is good advice. Veg are super cheap compared to meat, and always buy frozen if you can. Once you learn how to season and cook it well enough you can't tell the difference.

Time = Money is also important: if you're buying something ready prepared, you're paying not only for the food but for the labour costs. If you can do it yourself then you should.

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