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>tfw there are people who eat food high in fat

enjoy your obesity/ horrible acne

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>having shit genetics

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>tfw there are people who can't enjoy fatty foods in moderation
>tfw instead they abstain and miss out
>tfw they degrade to the point where the only way they can orgasm is by making a thread about how they're "better" than other people on an anonymous Iranian decapitation image board
Rethink your life.

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>he eats "low fat" foods that are instead loaded with sugar
The 90's called, it wants its health crisis back

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>tfw there are people who eat more than 20g carbs per day
Enjoy your diabetes and heart disease.

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0.00000000001 cents has been deposited in your corn farmers of america account

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I take stick butter, melt it, then eat it with crackers.

I also make my own fucking soups, yo

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>it's another "we pretend that acne is caused by X even though there are 0 reproducible studies that show this" episode
I'm tired of this rerun

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it's all the carbs anon
just cut carbs and eat fat freely and your acne will go away

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>living on some overly restrictive diet and losing out on all the good things in life

Don't fall for diet bullshit, eat whatever you like. Just exercise regularly and you'll be fine.

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But only consume carbs after exercise or you will get diabetes

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