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Post the worst food/drinks they served at your school

I'll start

We had blue colored milk and it was called Birthday surprise Milk or some shit

It tasted like melted cupcakes

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Overcooked spaghetti.

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I heard there was a pretty bad shooting at your school. Sorry for your loss.

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only in america

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Anyone else had those weird tacos at their school that came in plastic?

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i wouldnt know because i hid in the bathroom at lunchtime

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my schools didn't have food

our parent's packed our lunches because they love us

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Cold lunch every day is a sad life

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Buy Buy Local.Fresh.

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We got a burrito in plastic bag and they were the shit

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It beats the slop they served in the cafeteria line.

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Fish sandwiches.

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I thought I was the only one who did this.

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>be obese kid
>nothing tastes bad

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It's a popular American high school movie cliche

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Do you niggers even realize the horror that was, and still is Finnish school food?
It may be free, but it tastes fucking disgusting.
Take example A:
Meat stew.
The stew itself: Almost clear liquid with chives and possibly fucking oregano and other unknown plants chopped in there.
The meat: small pieces of tough, ambiguous meat that doesn't taste like meat or nevertheless, food.
The entirety tastes like somebody who only drank water and ate spices vomited into a dish and put cooked rat anuses on top of it.
The drinks are a choice of milk, water or piimä.
Also this bread.
It was the only thing that sustained me all throughout elementary school along with porridge and fish sticks.

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>this bread
thats a graham cracker

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the "pizza" which was a 1.5 inch thick slab of dough with a bit of toppings on top

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Those burger patties that are covered in those circles of God-knows-what. Is it fat? Why were there so many circles of fat on the patties?

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Nope. You've clearly never had that before. It does have a crispy texture like a graham cracker, but it's not sweet in the slightest. It's a fiber bomb; very common in Scandinavia & nearby parts of Europe.

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Wow finland is a shithole

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Nothing like a yummy cafeteria burger

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It was in fact tasteless. There was usually nothing to put on it except even more light, unsalted margarine. Cheese or cucumber slices were luxury shit.
And lord in heaven, when we had ham slices and rice porridge the last day before Christmas vacation, it was the feast of a lifetime.
Everybody fucking loved it.

I know.
People still think it's good that we have free school food though.
It shouldn't even be considered food.
That's actually why most people sneaked into nearby stores in highschool.
In elementary school that shit was impossible. The teachers had fucking hawk-eyes. Every time somebody took one step beyond the limits of the school yard, a teacher in a yellow reflective vest fucking sprinted after them and caught them. It was like a small-factor concentration camp of sorts.

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I had friends but sometimes I couldn't be bothered with anyone so would just hide away somewhere.

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Back in my Elementary School days we'd sometimes have pizza for lunch. This was before Michelle "Can't Get Obese If They Won't Eat" Obama's time.

The schools would have food distributors and of the bigger contractors had a line of small rounded pizzas that came sealed in tough plastic bags. The idea was to grab the frozen pizzas and warm them with the plastic still on them to retain moisture.

The pizza dough could range from stuff to doughy, the sauce was sweet as hell, and the "cheese" tastes of chemicals but it tasted so damn good to my child self.

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That looks like a moon-rock m8.

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Literally a fucking silithid nest straight out of World of Warcraft.

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Those things are great though, I used to eat them all the time as a kid. I don't get how people hate them.

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>I had friends but sometimes I couldn't be bothered
what you need to do is get the fuck off my board and never consider coming back

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This. They're great with butter.

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Honour is what makes a man, not friends, worry not brother for so long as we die believing is Christ and do what our God commands of us, nothing else matters.

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fuck yeah
once i found one of those plastic wrapped burritos in the middle of the football field, i took it up to the cafeteria, microwaved it and ate it
shit was delicious

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wtf nigga buttermilk (piimä) is absolutely disgusting
how can you even drink that

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lmao i always thought those were rat anuses

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>Buy Buy

I wish they'd learn how the written English language works.

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Luckily the schools I were in never had disgraceful food or anything that was noteworthy bad. They had this awesome chicken curry though... Which wasn't much of a curry because no spice but all the elements of one. I miss it.

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Still better than America

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Michelle Obama

Ruined school lunches.

And she was fat herself.

That fat nigger bitch, never in her life ate the shit she imposed on millions of kids.

Fuck Michelle Obama.

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I love crispbread. Send yours and I'll send you all our Wonderbread.

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I get this shit half price discount at my local Safeway. The big supermarkets love the trendy imports but nobody ever buys them so I snatch them up when they end up on the discount shelf. .

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These fucking lunch hotdogs. Amazingly, this image I googled is from a school district about an hours drive from where I grew up. They didn't even taste like a shitty hotdog, they just...absorbed the flavor of things around them, sort of like tofu I guess. The problem was the texture. Something about their composition, or the way they were cooked (boiled in a pot...steamed somehow?) rendered them a profound rubberiness, such that you could easily bend one in two without the dog breaking. If dropped, they would bounce instead of rolling. We had them at least once a week.

Not that bad compared to some people, but I did go to a pretty rich school.

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She wasn't the one that instituted the system of corporations that supply prison food be responsible for providing the same food to schools. That's when it really went to shit and you have your red state legislatures to thank for that.

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We don't have school lunches around here. However, we've once had the Potato Lady comming across who did a day where she tought us potato-based dishes (we were in elementary school). We've had multiple stations, and which we were supposed to prepare potato-based dishes. She gave us a sheet with a recipe and we were supposed to cook it alone, she only came around to occasionally check if we chopped of our fingers and to taste. Well, our station was about making Bratkartoffeln. We prepared them, but as they were ready, she came around and tasted it. She said that it was good, but lacked salt, so she added salt. A shit ton of salt. Then she tasted it again and said tht it was good. We were supposed to eat it too, so we ate it. And it was salty. It was absurdly salty. I still can taste the salt from the potatoes and it happened a decade ago.

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calm down there man

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Vastly underrated post

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I don't even know.

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Once you've had nothing but that for about 4 years straight you'll get tired of them.

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I love a good burger, what's that a picture of though?

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That looks better than the burgers they served when I was in school honestly.

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Calm down pal. You could have just packed a lunch. And at least you don't have to eat it anymore.

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All the finns I've met have bragged about the school food. You guys are internationally recognized for it too.

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This isn't /r9k/, bruh.

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I think the fact that it was may 4 whent this was posted is the best part

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You shut your damn whore mouth right now.
Piimä is delicious.

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You eat a lot of rat anuses, anon?

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My man, I loved those

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Yes, when i eat that same stew.
It was a metaphor of course, the meat tastes like shit.

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Piimä is good with savory foods. With sweet foods it tastes like shite.

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This. I live in a blue state and my kid's lunches are really good, and we have actual trained cooks making the lunches in the cafeteria kitchen. Your state can afford so much nicer things when you aren't givin all your taxes to rich people, reddies

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Feels bad man. I can't wait until she runs and young people will vote against her specifically because of this. My school was the shit. We had 12 different lines with various shit in each. We had popcorn chicken, cheeseburgers, pizza, tendies, and all that shit. But one by one they just got replaced. Popcorn chicken got a new coating and it didn't have that crunch anymore. Burgers buns were never white again. Pizza portions became smaller (though I never ate them so I don't know how the taste was impacted) and the tendies were changed as well. Before that, the worst thing was probably spaghetti. Sometimes we had new things that the school never gave us before. Some were shitty, but I can't remember anything in detail.

The two best things were both Pizza. One was in middle school where we had stuff crust pizza, and the other was that square cut sausage breakfast pizza. I'll probably try to replicate it one day because it was seriously great.

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>it's good because it's free!
I've eaten finn school food for 12 years and it's okay
Sometimes it's really good, sometimes it's ass, but I hate the mindset that you can't criticize it because we didn't have to directly pay for it
I also hate the fags who only go "wah it's always shit wish we were in america with hamburgers and shit"
I'd still take it over lunch boxes and having to buy food any day

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and yes the meat stews were shit for the most part but that was like once a week max

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Yeah, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's shit. However, there have been small periods when school food was worse, and sometimes unedible.
Also remember hunger day porridge?
It was just fucking gross sludge.

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No, it's not taxing rich people proportionately more
That's just being greedy

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I love "birthday cake flavored" shit. I'd prbably like this smurf jizz.

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I grew up in flyover hick land, and my high school did not allow students to bring their own lunch. You either bought disgusting shit lunch from them or didn't eat. Shameful really.

>> No.8897730

That's outrageous. I cannot believe a group of parents didn't take action, even suing if necessary, to get that absurd rule eliminated.

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so did I and i packed my lunch every day

>> No.8897820

Yeah, it was fucking stupid. I would bring granola bars or nuts or whatever, but it was impossible to bring anything that needed to be kept cold. If you got caught they would actually throw your shit away.

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30% meat glue, 30% cartilage, 5% heme, 10% beans (?), 25% corn?

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Back before obongo came in and made inner city school food surprisingly not shit, we would get cornbread with raw corn kernals in it, as well as the bread being completely liquid on the inside. For pizza we had pita bread, ketchup mixed with spaghetti sauce, with some american and mozzarella cheese on top. We would always get served milk, never water, and the food that people didnt eat got set at a table to be served the next day. That led to a lot of kid's milks being completely solid.

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Freshman year: sat with one friend
Sophomore year: sat with a group of people I only knew from middle school
Junior year: sat alone
Senior year: started going outside on the sidewalk to listen to music instead of going to lunch

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Back in the 90s my cafeteria food typically consisted of this, both in grade school and high school (I attended from 1988-2000):

* Square Pizza, ultra thin crust (that was not crispy), with some kind of sausage that was almost powdery

* Mcdonalds McRib knockoff of some kind, the meat was fucking orange colored

* A Dollop of some kind of peanut butter stuff with honey in it I think.

* Chili

* Meatloaf, that tasted worse than the local homeless shelter's meatloaf

* Various vegetables, usually corn, typical canned quality

* Dry Cornbread

* Baloney Sandwich with a slice of American Cheese on it

* Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (I discarded these)

* Chicken and Dumplings (I discarded this, watery).

* Chicken Noodle Soup

Cant think of many other options but those were the ones that most came to memory. Im a pizza guy so I love pizza in most of its forms/dorms. The square pizza was pretty much same or one step lower than a totinos party pizza, but id still kill it honest

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Interesting, as just about everything served in my school was pretty great desu. Except maybe liver hamburgers.

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The chinese food that they served. It was so salty and mushy it was inedible.

>> No.8899245

Something about that square pizza, I swear to god, it was addictive. So horrible, but I longed for the days they served that.

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tiny cube pepperoni > crumbled 'sausage'

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>shitty jail-tier food served by aging butch lesbians

Rehab the state paid for me to go to:
>kitchen fully staffed by decent cooks
>not spectacular but still Outback-tier food
>three meals a day made to order
>snack pantry accessible at any time we weren't busy with classes or counseling

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B-b-but muh education.

>hey sycophant, take a note: let's hand out another award for teacher of the year so everyone thinks I support education as a top priority in funding. The natives are getting restless.

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who drinks milk with a hot dog

>> No.8899635


Those kitchen niggers cooked a shoggoth!

>> No.8899652

Ever since the milk industry paid off the schools with their "got milk" campaign you drink milk with every meal.

Milk, or pay 1.50 for water every day.

>> No.8899663

Amen, anon. Eventually they won't even have to put on a facade.

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>> No.8899752


I bought these in Germany on vacation and they were so bad I tried to bring some back to the USA to prank people with, but the airport made me throw them away. It's for my own good.

>> No.8899762

Wasa is so good.

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our lunches were good. except when they announced over the intercom it was vegetable medley day, then people went owww and be depressed all day.

>> No.8899835 [DELETED] 

Texas toast day. Square, thick slices of garlic bread with cheese. We would cut each other and line to get the best and unburnt pieces. Also, the vanilla and cookies and cream milk were amazing.

You know lunch was good when the floors were spotless after each class ate.

>> No.8899916

When I was a kid, I went to a smaller Catholic school (less than 400 students) that originally did not serve lunches. The school ended up getting food service eventually, and since it was a small building, everything had to be prepared offsite and delivered. Besides the fact that the food would be lukewarm if you had one of the later lunch periods, the catering company or whatever the school had a contract with would sometimes fuck up really badly, so that the lunch would be stuff like frankfurters between 2 slices of whole wheat bread.

I remember my shithead friends and I would just make disgusting creations with parts of the lunch, like mixing coffee milk, Italian dressing, and apple juice together or some shit. It was all fun and games until you were the "volunteer" who had to take out the trash bags to the dumpster. The school got the cheapest trash bags available, and they were guaranteed to rip apart on the poor bastard who had to take them out (they tended to rip most when they were being put in the dumpster, so whoever was throwing them out would be covered in a stew of milk, capri sun, and whatever condiments were on the lunches).

>> No.8899937

Picture in your mind, a grilled cheese sandwich so hard... it becomes a hockey puck.

>> No.8900016

>historical revisionism

School food was trash during Bush, Clinton and Other Bush. There was nothing to ruin.

>> No.8900488

The meat is processed so finely that, when cooking, the fat and meat clump together and bubble up. It's actually a very similar texture to the bread in the bun, it just looks ten times more gross because it's meat not bread.

>> No.8900591

No, you're the normie if you can't understand not wanting to deal with people. Shits like you cause video games to have waifu sidekicks, making them unplayable for introverts who already have enough of people fawning over them in real life.

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well, given milk was free with the meal and more or less forced on you, every fucking child in my elementary school. If you got chocolate or strawberry milk it was frankly a blessing, have you ever had plain milk with a fucking barely meat hot dog

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my school's food was fucking dope
i guess the michelle obama shit just never hit us because for the 3 years we ate in the cafeteria, it was always great

>> No.8900654

Out school didn't allow you to go out to get food from a fast food place or buy anything from the vending machines because it was "competition with the cafeteria."

>> No.8900696

My School stopped carrying whole milk as a regular option by my second or third year. You could spend a dollar and purchase a pint of whole milk, but by my third or fourth year, the pints became 2% like the cartons. It was bad, but what was worse is my retarded friend at the time apparently didn't understand the difference between whole chocolate milk and 2% so every, and I mean EVERY fucking day he'd bitch about how "the milk changed, man" and how "even the big milk isn't good anymore. True Moo just sucks" no, faggot, it's 2%. Stop acting like this is an injustice. (it was a minor injustice, but he was the only one who probably cried himself to sleep over it.)

>> No.8900700

It looks like a processed blue waffle burger

>> No.8900707

poo in the loo

>> No.8900708

Dafuq did you go to school at?

>> No.8900837

Standard comprehensive... Maybe British schools had slightly higher standards than Americans

>> No.8900860

Sounds like she made it healthier

>> No.8901319

Oh boy lunch autism. I still remember the general menu plans. There was always a chefs choice line, a salad line, a pizza line, and a cold sandwich line. Tuesdays you could get a chickfila sandwich and waffle fries for 3 bucks. I'd always buy these big ass cookies they made for an extra 50 cents. I even kept a detailed log of how the cookies tasted each day because it's not like I had friends to eat with or anything. Every week for like four years I'd eat the exact same thing, changing it as needed if the menu didn't obliged. Good times.

Didn't grow up to be a fat ass surprisingly. Wish I still had my 9th grade metabolism though.

>> No.8901372

>Mcdonalds McRib knockoff of some kind, the meat was fucking orange colored
I loved that shit my nigga.

>> No.8901425

Was in HS during the Michelle Obama lunch reform
She made Pizza a vegetable.
Let me say it again, PIZZA was considered a vegetable.

Also, you might think US high schools had tons if fat kids, but there was a higher amount of anorexic girls than there were fatties.

>> No.8901543

Eating garbage every day is sad.
Eating a sandwich is normal. Also, microwaves exist.

>> No.8901578

>tfw had free lunch

One of my favorite things was that shitty spaghetti. What the hell was that anyway?

Also, "turkey" lunch. Which was just small turkey pieces that were cooked in the gravy over mashed potatoes. I didn't have a proper turkey dinner until I was like 20.

>> No.8901612

I always brought my own lunch. The one time I forgot my lunch and had to buy I just got cheese pizza and french fries. The fries tasted like McDonald's fries except two or three days old and the pizza similarly tasted like lower-mid tier takeout pizza but left out under a heat lamp for around four hours. It didn't help that I had the last lunch period.

>> No.8901623

I never understood why the dairy lobby lobbied hard to get dairy in school lunches but the only cheese was that shitty fake American cheese.

>> No.8901695

>Grow up in Spain.

>School meals where delicious and healthy.

Feels good.

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I still remember this shit from preschool. Who even thought feeding children unseasoned, homogenous egg spread would be a good idea? All kids fucking hated it, and it's not like it's very healthy or anything.

>> No.8902092

most of my school food was fine up in PA
moved down to FL and went to Dillard High in Ft. Lauderdale, ended up packing lunch or just fucking off to the library to play Halo CE on the LAN

everything was shit

>> No.8902385

Sorry that you and your fatty burger friends can't engorge themselves in school anymore, kid.

>> No.8902564

This list is exactly what we got, in southern Ohio. That pizza was so amazing in a school setting, would be absolute trash anywhere else. There would always be that fat kid who would eat the pieces that were too burnt or undercooked, and then he would offer to take up people's trays so he could eat their leftover crust kek.

>> No.8902592


In eighth grade my parents sent me to a school away from my friends because it was closer. I ended up eating all my lunches under an overpass or in a forest nearby. Thank god I developed depression and it scared them into sending me to a school with my friends again..

>> No.8902602
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I started hiding behind the bleachers in the gym because I got made fun of for eating in a restroom stall

>> No.8904495

>i guess the michelle obama shit just never hit us because for the 3 years we ate in the cafeteria, it was always great

fun fact: the healthy, hunger free kids act of 2010 (michelle obama shit) didn't set any pre-determined menu for schools nationwide. outside of greatly expanding free and reduced lunches, the act merely made it so that the USDA had the authority to set minimum and maximum nutrition values in food served to kids.

all the food served in a school is still up to the district's superintendent and varies from school to school.

you were probably very lucky and lived in a district that at least did that right

>> No.8904521

i guess so. my district had like 3 administrators in the time i was there, and i guess they tried to push the nutritional shit a couple times, but gave up every time. "healthy" breading on the chicken? never seen again the next day because everyone hated it. forcing kids to take fruit they didn't eat and would just throw out? given up after a month. whole wheat bread? went from mandatory to optional in a week.
granted when i said "great", it's not like we were eating gourmet or anything, but it was definitely edible. would-eat-outside-of-school tier. you're right, i feel lucky my administrative staff didn't really try to fuck with lunch tbdesu.

>> No.8904552

Wow, look at this dipshit.


>Congress wants to keep pizza and french fries on school lunch lines, fighting back against an Obama administration proposal to make school lunches healthier.

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