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>ITT redflags

>he/she doesn't eat mushrooms or fish

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I don't eat fish personally. I'm not sure why I haven't really even tried it much I think. Maybe I'm too picky. I used to love shrimp and fish (not together) as a child but something has made me not like it anymore. Please help I wanna enjoy it again. I love mushrooms though.

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My boyfriend hates mushrooms, but I love them.

Pizza time is painful

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I enjoy both these things, but I only eat fish maybe 4 times a year or so.

Mushrooms go great in almost anything savory when cooked right, but they aren't the first thing on my shopping list.

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>owns a gun

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picky eaters is a red flag indeed
Not the brightest parents to deal with in the future, the person themselves is probably easily impressed or scared or controlled (or controlling) and overall hysterical and maybe more.

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>Asks for ketchup

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Nigger you can't even cook.

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t. /k/

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Come with me and leave the fool. I many mushrooms, one I am a little proud of.

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>he is too highfalutin to enjoy malt liquor and listen to 80s/90s rap once in a while

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Yes, I am.


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Have you considered fucking off and not coming back
Because you should

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>european (muslim)

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>i'll have a cheeseburger without pickles please

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>orders a glass of milk at dinner
a guy did that at dinner with me once, he said he didn't drink

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please leave

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I completely agree with you op.

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what wrong with that?
that's much better than just having a coke or something
admittedy water is the real adult's choice

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This looks like evil MRESteve.

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>I'm allergic to <insert entire diverse food group here>

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>Is a vegetarian
>Is a (((vegan)))
>Asks for no condiments or removes too much stuff from her burger at McDs
>Hates coffee
>Hates wine (if she drinks cheap sparkling white wine aka "girl wine" it doesn't count)
>Hates mate (Argentine tea)
>Puts too much sugar on the mate

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Mushrooms are shit, they have a crappy texture and every flavor overpowers them. It's not even like i can't eat them if they're in my food, i just don't notice them. If i ate them on a pizza while i was blindfolded i would just think that they were bits of slightly uncooked dough or something.

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>trying to cook for a party where there's a muslim who doesn't eat pork, a vegan who doesn't eat milk, a faggot who doesn't eat gluten, a cunt allergic to ginger and kiwi, and a manchild who doesn't eat fish

Congratulation faggots, here are your raw grated carrots, hope you're all happy.

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>subtle dick joke
not bad, honestly

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can't you get 2 pizzas?

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rice is overpowered by whatever flavor and so is broccoli and chicken.

That's a bogus argument against a healthy food like mushrooms

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>MSG is bad for you

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Ok, I hope you'll like my boypucci ;)

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I've always secretly wanted to do this so I could pretend it was delicious Lon Lon Milk
>tfw no irl comfy milk bar

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>medium well, please

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You should be banned for this kind of faggotry

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Milk with brunch is based

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>Would you like a side of fries or cole slaw

>Cole slaw

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i will

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Milk is delicious you stupid faggot

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>american cheese please

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>She/he doesn't even take the time to listen for a hiss

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I mean, id rather not have mushroom in my opinion

I should try an actually well made dish with mushroom to really see what its like

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Any list of things someone won't eat is a red flag to me. I see it as a mark of shit taste and very likely shit upbringing.

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go to the momofuko milk bar in nyc.

If you're expecting the scene from clock work orange it's not it, but the milk is kinda good

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Fuck I was cycling through the options but there's nothing
Even spaghetti is off hand because fucking nigger gluten would get mad

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I had a girlfriend who was the pickiest eater ever and if I hadn't been so into her it would have broken us up.

>Cheese pizza only
>Hated hot drinks in general
>Would live on chicken, any plain potato dish, and bagel bites if she could
>Vegetables got real hit and miss
>Wasn't going to try shit ever
>Rarely drank but that wasn't a very big deal compared to the rest.

She claimed she had "overly sensitive taste buds" like yeah bitch you didn't have much issue swallowing with me yet trying a dish that might be spicy is just a no go.

Dating picky eaters is just infuriating when you want to try different things.

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>GMO's are like super dangerous and poisonous and I have no idea what I'm talking about
>Vaccines and cancer it's true

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cries about raw onions

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>living together
>says there's nothing in the house to eat

triggers me every fucking time

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>doesn't like spicy food

I have a new roommate who can't even bear mild spice, and it is awful.

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>proud of being from the containment board for fat disgusting autists pretending to be operators and lords of war

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To be honest gluten allergic shouldn't reproduce

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When did I ever say I was proud of it

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What if I like fish and portobello mushrooms, but hate every other kind?

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>does not own a gun

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This, if you aren't allergic to anything there's no reason to not try new things, food is the easiest way to just experience the world.

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I have a coworker who doesn't ever wanna try "foreign food"

We came back from lunch and I had half a gyro leftover, she absolutely refused to even taste it because "lamb meat isn't beef"

Like seriously, she refuses to even taste a bahn mi

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That costs money, and I eat too little for it to matter anyway.

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>hates coffee
>picky eater

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>linking to a liberal antiwhite reddit forum on this website unironically

you have to go back

btw Ive voted repub in every election I've been alive, and will always vote for the most pro gun candidate. On election day my bigass redneck family go down to the polling station to consistently keep our state red, flipping off minorities on the way

stay mad you ballsnipped little pussy

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Why are you so interested in feeding her dumb ass? Is she hot or something?

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Go fishing, clean and fillet the fish yourself. Cook it as desired, or make a ceviche with it. Lemon is great with fish.

>> No.9193964

do you normally oust yourself as an idiot over nothing or did someone forget to change your diaper?

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Stay mid bitch I own 8 guns personally and my family owns over 100 combined

Come and take em

>> No.9193979

Okay, on my way.

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>her favourite store is starbucks https://youtu.be/ZrAfMDAqzLg

>> No.9194035

Did she die?

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This is a very underrated post, though I'd go as far as saying even grilled cheese sandwiches made with American cheese are a huge red flag.

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>come and take muh guns

Lel, your overlords don't need to. They have you so cucked at the moment that you lick their boots while they kick you in the face.

>> No.9194069

I don't know about that, but I am certain they don't need to come take his guns because it's a lot easier for the government to just pick up the melted pieces of his guns after they drone strike his house into a crater.

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Easy, just make pork.

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no fucking thank you

>> No.9194136

Gluten Fag here, did reproduce with a vegetarian. What say you?

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Consider murder/suicide.

>> No.9194181

>She doesn't say "Nice" whe you put food on her plate

>> No.9194248

If history is any indication, given the reactionary attitude of children to parents your spawn will grow up to be a prosperous baker who has a hobby of travelling to exotic locations around the world to poach endangered animals to eat.

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>Likes ketchup

>> No.9194589

>that's my current gf right now

>> No.9194594

>vegan who likes to brag eating meat is wrong, gives you reason but none of them make any sense
>picky about food
>didn't want to try something different for some reason
>almost always didn't finish their food for god only know why they did that
>think microwaving prepackaged food considered as "cooking"
>exclusively using disposable plate/spoon & fork because too lazy to wash after eating
There you have it.

>> No.9194602

I don't like raw mushrooms.

Cooked mushrooms can be good but for most things, I would like the dish just as much without the mushrooms. Except for shiitake mushrooms. Some dishes just wouldn't be the same without those.

>> No.9194685

this with those pork flakes that comes in tubs sold in Asian markets is amazing

>> No.9194707

>restaurant has white square plates
>the chips at a mexican place suck and are not warm/hot
>pricing around 10 dollars

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Raw mushrooms will destroy your liver with hydrazine, supposedly. But I've read more recently it doesn't make much of a difference. I always cook them.

>> No.9195008

Your diet must be extremely limited to think that, moreso than a gluten-free vegan's.

>> No.9195579

Just get half and half

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>the only pizza they will eat is pepperoni pizza

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>Making and eating food still brings them joy and happiness

>> No.9195712

chinese "food"

>> No.9195732

>I don't like any vegetables

>> No.9195765

>i don't like fruit

>> No.9195779

I do this on cheap drive thru burgers, but I enjoy pickles on a burger at better burger joints.

>> No.9195799

Does anyone else think sauteed mushrooms kind of smell like semen?

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Why are you familiar enough with the smell of semen to be able to make that comparison?

>> No.9195884


I'm going to take a guess and says he masturbates, just like everybody else on this website.

>> No.9195885

I smell my own semen every day

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>They don't say "wa-la" when they complete a recipe

it just ruins the moment

>> No.9195900

Rice has a pleasant texture.

>> No.9195907

that sounds pretty sick. The kid just travels the world to find new and exotic meats to make delicious meat pies out of.

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>someone having foods that they "won't" eat

Nobody is saying that you can't have preferences, but I would honestly like to see a vegan try to survive a famine without eating whatever meat she can get her hands on. I honestly think that veganism is a social disorder. All that seems to result is social dysfunction, like you see in situations like this: >>9192664.

I mean, I hate certain foods too - for example I think octopus is way too chewy to be fit for human consumption, though I don't mind the flavor, and Tobasco sauce reminds me of the smell of a particular compost heap I used to deal with for a summer job so I can't smell the sauce without being reminded of that compose heap - but that doesn't mean I won't eat foods I hate if they were prepared in an edible way and I'm hungry enough. Having preferences is different from being religiously opposed to allowing some food into your body under any circumstances.

>> No.9196083

There are literally thousands of varieties of mushrooms. Not all of them should be prepared the same way. It's only Americans who think there are only three varieties of mushrooms: white, brown and portobello. Our grocery stores suck in general for mushroom selection.

>> No.9196109

I'm well aware of other mushrooms. My mother forages for them as a hobby. I've had some you can't buy because their shelf life is so short. They all get cooked.

>> No.9196112

>won't eat anything someone touched even for just a sec.

At work I have to throw a glove on to hand someone(mainly female foh coworkers) bread or something like that. Like a stranger I guess but I wouldn't give a shit if someone handed me food barehanded

>> No.9196114

Most vegans do what they consider to be best here and now. If here and now changes, so will they. Large game is peanuts compared to farmed livestock and would be depleted quickly and off the table by next week.

>> No.9196115

which one of you is bottom? or do you switch

anyways, i actually eat both mushroom and fish, both are amazingly delicious

>> No.9196118

Uncle's Wisconsin wife won't eat bell peppers at all.

>> No.9196126

Slav detected.

>> No.9196130

No, Minnesota. I'm not aware of any ancestry further east than Poland.

>> No.9196135

Your mom was born in the USA and forged for mushrooms?

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>meet hot girl out of my league
>gives me her # I didn't even ask
>make out
>go to dinner
>she does not want to eat salmon because "fish are gross"
>never saw her again

>> No.9196143

>not walking away right then and dumping the bill for the drinks on her

>> No.9196150

Yes. She even took a class on it for informal qualifications to identify a few that can be eaten without dying.

>> No.9196157

you made out with some skank you probably met at a party or something while you were both drunk

don't be surprised when you can't maintain a stable, monogamous relationship, trashbag

>> No.9196192

Cheese pizza is the best, too much meat ruins it. Just pep or sausage is okay but bacon or more than one meat ruins it

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>ketchup on hotdogs
>hates mustard
>Fish smells gross don't eat it around me
>Deep dish is pizza
>Cholua is better than tobasco
>do you want the pickles off my burger anon
> thinks well done steaks are inedible

yup so pretty much my main squeeze

>> No.9196205


Not that guy but story of my life right there, livin the dream

>> No.9196212

what the fuck is tobasco?
is it related to tabasco the "hot" sauce?

>> No.9196222


Making out with drunk chicks feels like my calling. All I know, all I need. Tried a 'relationship' and after 2 weeks had to call it quits. I was born for this, and will die still smacking lips with strange women I don't know.

If you're feeling lost this might be what you've been looking for your whole life. Give the trash bag life a spin, you might be Glad you did

>> No.9196225

>Takes a long time to order, is autistically specific, picky eater
>Gets legitimately mad when their specific order isn't 100% correct
>Refuse to eat their food like a child
>Won't even let them take it away or replace it with something else, just complains
>Treats waiter like shit
First date redflags

>> No.9196233

lol no, you're going to die alone with nobody around to love or remember you, because you thought devoting your life to empty hedonism rather than marriage and family was a good idea

>> No.9196244


Never met or seen anyone like this that I can think of or remember. I've always been poor and humble though so I don't go to classy richfag restaurants where I'm picturing this. Couldn't imagine spending time with such a whiny little bitch, I'd bail quick. I don't even care if they fuck up my order I eat it anyway. I feel waiters pain, the service industry is soul crushing.

>> No.9196248

are you ok?

>> No.9196251


Never thought it was a good idea. Not bad, but not good. That sweet spot right between the two

>> No.9196255

There's more to life than that. He could be a slut magnet and someone good at his craft, and when he dies he'll be remembered by his peers and his contribution to his field. That's not likely, but hey man, it's possible.

>> No.9196350

Most people who don't like mushrooms have just never had them cooked properly.

They need to be sauteed. They're horrible raw, oven cooked or even fried on a low heat.

>> No.9196465

That's because you've only tried the shitty cheap white mushrooms. Grow up a bit and diversify your tastes by buying the more expensive types. Jager sauce is fucking delicious.

>> No.9196482

yeah, i'm fine, just wondering what this tobasco stuff is

>> No.9196507

I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

>> No.9196816

i have no idea, i'm curious about that too. the bottles say "tabasco", at least when i checked a bottle in my nearest grocery store and online as well.

>> No.9197176

>doesn't like onions
>doesn't like tomatoes
>doesn't eat seafood

>> No.9197178

My stepdad can only handle up to pepper. It really makes dinner plans harder then they should be.

>> No.9197218

Is this question a meme, I had to reply to this same shit a week or two ago

>> No.9197571

I fucking shiggydiggydoo motherfucker

>> No.9197620

my girlfriend hates garlic. what do?

>> No.9197627

Try a wooden stake

>> No.9197653


>> No.9197693

What if I ask for the pickles on the side?

>> No.9197701

>Not a "wooden steak"

You had a real opportunity there /ck/, you blew it.

>> No.9197735

I have a friend who hates alcohol, orders alfredo pizza from pizza hut at least 3 times a week, has chik fil a fries as a diet staple, and usually refuses to eat any homecooked meal regardless of who cooked it. He loves Harry Potter, lord of the rings, and eragon.

He's 21.

>> No.9197774

There is literally no excuse for liking Eragon or Pizza Hut

>> No.9197780

>He thinks drone strikes are needed for a police state

Look at him. Look at him and laugh.

>> No.9197787

get a load of this beta cuck

>> No.9197791
File: 76 KB, 831x515, [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri S3 - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_08.26_[2015.10.06_21.42.48].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you MEAN you wouldn't eat the pasta alla rustica made with my blood and cum?!?!

>> No.9197820

>likes onions

>> No.9197855

He's my friend so I'll let him wallow in his garbage taste but that doesn't mean I won't secretly resent him for it. I even the scale by exposing him to some good shit once in a while

>> No.9197939

>he doesn't like raw onions

>he doesn't liked pickled stuff

>super skeptical about trying new stuff

I'm really angry at his white trash mom for letting him grow up with shitty food.

>> No.9198226


Mate is one of the shitties infussions ever made, mate (no pun intended)

living in Argentina is suffering.

>> No.9198237

I never ever tried fish. AMA.

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>Eww, I don't like onions

>> No.9198263


What kind of shit mushrooms are you eating?

>> No.9198393

It's ok anon, I got the joke

>> No.9198431

Yes good goy vote (((Republican)))

>> No.9198434

Kill yourself.

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>Buy 2 guns after I got a stable job
>Gf says its her or the guns
>mfw after she refused to eat mushroom, fish , or olives in any of my cooking for 2 years

>> No.9198515

>after I got a stable job

See how great 'murrica is? You can even afford to by guns when you shovel shit from horse stalls in kentucky for a living!

>> No.9198540

I've grown to like mushrooms in recent years after giving them a new chance. Absolutely hated them as a child as I was traumatized by the taste.

>> No.9199199

i cry over onions but they're still my favorite and proly most eaten veggie.

>> No.9199302

I allergic to potates. I love co'sla.

>> No.9199329

The baker that packages that bread picks his nose with his gloved hands.

>> No.9199386

>she's white

>> No.9199398

Nothing wrong with not drinking. Milk might be an odd choice for dinner, but that's hardly the reddest flag out there.

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My dad doesnt like mushrooms, bell Peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

I literally cannot cook for him.

>> No.9199434

picky eaters are instantly disregarded

>> No.9199468

I have an irrational fear of mushrooms.

I love fish though.

>> No.9199473
File: 66 KB, 600x800, chicken-wings-half-eaten.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the only one that matters

>> No.9199479

I'm a picky eater, but i love to try "new" types of meat.
Ate raw lamb once in iceland. Shit was amazing.

>> No.9199483

Octopus is tender if prepared properly. People just over or undercook it like squid and it gets rubbery.

>> No.9199488
File: 23 KB, 320x180, episode-image-320x180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you.. order them like that?

>> No.9199489


>> No.9199490

>bases their perception of their entire relationship on their partner's dietary quirks

You're all idiots.

>> No.9199492

>gluten """sensitive"""
>Does not like apples

>> No.9199500

This is my wife. All but the pickles thing. Every other point sticks. And you know what? It doesn't inconvenience me or our relationship at all, so why should I care?

>> No.9199507

This. Just say he.

>> No.9199514

>she wants to go out for dinner
>let her pick the restaurant
>she wants you to pick
>offer a suggestion
>she says she doesn't want to go there
>ask her where she wants to go
>she wants you to pick

>> No.9199517

Fuck yeah!

>> No.9199521

>only eats at chain restaurants while traveling abroad

>> No.9199525


He could also have siblings and end up being the really awesome uncle.

>> No.9199534

>dislikes guns and likes cooking
Does ck stand for cock gobblers?

>> No.9199538

My coworker & I share recipes quite often, and every now and then, he'll throw in a disclaimer, telling me to "be careful," because it's "very spicy."

If I follow the recipe verbatim, it's not spicy at all. It's not even close to mild.

>> No.9199539


>> No.9199545

Just take her to taco bell every time she lets you until she makes up her God dammed mind.

>> No.9199557

Aww, now I want Taco Bell.

>> No.9199685

Glad no one feel for this tepid bait

By the way, French's ketchup is godlike. Fuck Heinz

>> No.9200370

>being proud of voting for kike puppets
>calling someone a ballssnipped pussy on a fucking anime forum
Kys yourself you embarassing faget.

>> No.9200372

Everythings better with a dash of 'chup anon.

>> No.9201363

>all the benefits of coffee
>none of the health drawbacks
>you can drink it all day with no addiction and no negative consequences
"Mate" is the nectar of the Gods pleb

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>They don't know how to cook something basic like pasta
>They would prefer to reheat leftover pizza in the microwave instead of the oven
>They think something is gross because they tried it years ago and didn't like it
>"I only eat pizza with ranch"

>> No.9201538

Vegetable soup with various breads (gluten free can just dip celery or something).

>> No.9201732

>They would prefer to reheat leftover pizza in the microwave instead of the oven
I usually reheat my pizza in a toaster oven, not so much an actual oven.

If I don't even have a toaster oven, I usually reheat it on the stove with a frying pan.

>> No.9201740

caffeine is caffeine, dumbass, just because it's in a plant that sounds exotic and hipsters like yourselves cream themselves over doesn't mean it's magically safer to engorge yourself on

>> No.9201789

>he/she eats mushrooms and fish

>> No.9201792

>he/she doesn't eat mushrooms and fish
Unless you mean mushrooms *with* fish. That's a little weird.

>> No.9201841
File: 929 KB, 3110x2074, 1407225391489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9201888

>loves food
>can't cook

Been there, done that, never again.

>> No.9201891


I'm no aspie but this makes be go full REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-

>> No.9201896

they don't say bone apple tea when the food is served

>> No.9201905

wouldn't you be mad too if your order was extremely specific and they still got it wrong?

>> No.9201921

what's pizza with ranch?
haven't seen it anywhere here

>> No.9201938

It's when you put salad dressing on a pizza. Said dressing happens to be ranch, the bottom rung of dressings.

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>> No.9201983

Actually, I just replied to that wing picture but it made me think of something else.
Boneless wings are honestly a huge redflag for me and it actually causes me to believe the person is a fucking faggot.

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