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I just ordered a bunch of beer glasses for lots of money online.

Pic related are among them.

Is this a pretentious thing to do? Or something that affirms my masculinity as a whole?

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You're fine. Beer glasses are masculine

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You are 5'3 skinny fat with glasses.

Being masculine means you do whatever you want. Without questioning yourself or anyone else questioning you

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If you have to look for confirmation on a linen sewing indonesian board, then you're a broke dick bitch nigga.

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That's a real bro-glass.
If i visit a friend and he bring me a glass like that, chilled and ready i know he's a bro. A gay bro. A fucking tryhard beer-is-life piece of shit. Drink your beer from the can. If it's a glass bottle and you STILL use a glass your ass is straight GAY son!

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>You are 5'3
wew lad; it's not like I'm from the americas or something.


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>Not drinking craft beer from quart canning jars, 12 for $10.00.

Get hip with the times gramps, it's not the 90's anymore.

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>learned everything about being a man from PUA forums

you go, gi- guy

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It is a pretentious thing to do. Especially are you kidding a hoegaarden glass????

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>affirms my masculinity

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>paying for beer glasses
you're doing it wrong. those are promotional items and it's stupid and weird to pay money for them.

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>mfw german hefeweizen sets of 2 beers and one weizen glass
>mfw the weizen glass is basically free

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You know the only reason bars use them is because they get them for free?

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Well, you could have at least picked a better beer to rep on those glasses

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there's some added appeal to drinking a beer out of a glass that says the name of the beer on it. Usually bars avoid serving a beer in a glass that is for some different beer.

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Well I'm no bar.

It's not like a football jersey anon; at least not to me. Among others I bought Hoegaarden glasses to drink Hoegaarden out of. Same goes for pic related

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Well if you enjoy it then sure.
Honestly who cares?
If one would question ones worth over if he uses beer glasses or not then that person is way to busy with redundant crap in my opinion.
Their pretty cool glasses and I would enjoy drinking out of them, but they don't reinforce how manly you are, that's just stupid.

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Well point of this thread wasn't exactly to cause a shitstorm over my silly question.

The last clickbait-line ruined a perfectly fine opening post for a beer glasses thread. My bad.

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All the bars I go to serve whatever beer in whatever glass. Mostly a Bud Light or Coors glass.

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IMO everyone should have beer glasses of some kind, if only to serve with food. And you know, if you have a semi-decent beer, it's better to not swig them out of the bottle. That being said, beer glasses with logos on them are pretty weak.

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Forgot to add - I got a few sets of these as a gift. Pretty decent all-around, not too expensive, works both to meals and just drinking by yourself. Of course, if you want to go full nerd you can get different shapes for different beer types.

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You ever seen the glasses they serve kwak in?
Hertog jan also has some neat glasses.

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I sell beer for a living. Lemme clue you into the biggest beer hack of all.

Pints and tulips are the only glasses you need. If aroma matters, use a tulip. For quite literally every other kind of suds you're going to drink, pint glasses are fine.

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Unrelated to thread, but does anyone actually enjoy Hoegaarden?

It tastes like fucking original flavor bubblegum to me.

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>not stealing them from bars
Do you even drink?

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i have so many beer glasses i have accumulated from walking home from the pub at the end of my road with my half empty pint after closing. i'd never spend money on this.

>> No.9197221

>not drinking everything from rare brew/collab branded teku's.

its like you don't even like beer

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I love a good /mu/ meme
I love the look of a hefe in a weizen glass, though. And a chalice for stouts/scotch ales/barleywines.

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>affirms masculinity
Because it's heavy? Also, why would anyone need to "affirm their masculinity"?

I love it – in fact I'm drinking one now. It's very popular here in France.

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It's all preference and there's a lot of neat glasses that I like to use goo. I have a chalice i got for christmas from that Ommegang game of thrones gift pack that I use for a lot of IPA's I get.

My point to OP is that you don't have to overdo it with your glassware.

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I actually prefer cans but they are hard to get in germany. And if you get them they rape you with the price. Ice cold can of beer is pure bliss.

>> No.9197440

why dont you just steal them from the pub?

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Holy fuck, americans BTFO

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>he likes to trick himself into thinking he's drinking canned water

just pour it in a fuckin glass it isn't that hard. even a plastic cup is better

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if you spent a lot of money on hoegaarden glasses, then yeah you're a pretentious fag. drinking beer out of appropriate glassware is not gay or pretentious and it actually enhances the flavor of certain beers.

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Shit hook me up nigga a garden of hoes sounds deadass amazing ctfu

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hi, is this the beer glasses thread?

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I like their blond beers a lot.
Best ones they got in my opinion.

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