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I'm going to make dinner

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looks like shit, it's fucking RAW

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>seasoning before frying


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Bags of frozen veggies

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Who else
>JappyJew Sauce?

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Eww boiled

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Is it a soggy mess like one could expect from a western stove and stainless pan?
I rarely make a stirfry, since getting that amount of heat is a pain. When I do at home I'll use a cast iron and heat on max hoping the thermal mass of the iron pan won't let it cool down so much when dropping in ingredients.

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>"Soy Vay"
What in the world

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Without seeing the final product I can say that if I were a guest in your house I would eat this and smoke you out with some dank weed

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I don't understand why you didn't cut up the chicken if this is what you were going to do with it but ok

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It is a soggy mess but it'll keep my kids alive for another day.

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fucking this lol you suck at this op

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Hey OP looks nice, but have you considered beating the chicken and cutting it up then cooking it? Might be easier to eat than entire breast pieces in a stir-fry.

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Hit me up bro

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>that flaccid asparagus

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They aren't whole breasts. They are strips. Like your fucking tendies.

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I said they were frozen. This whole thing took 25 minutes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be having flaccid veggies with my boy.

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>keep kids alive
>bud in next image

I smoke, but come on, man.

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I don't use it when I have them over. I had to ask him to go get me something so I could get that out and take the pic. I'm not gonna lie. It was a trashy move.

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So the chicken was great. Perfect.
The veggies were soggy but I knew that going in. I had the microwaveable bag ones. I nuked them for about half what was recommended and took them out of their bags and put them on paper towels to try to dry them off a bit.
Sauce was ok. It was on sale. Pretty salty though.

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I didn't mean to reply so harshly to you. I thought I was replying to the bonehead above you. Thanks for saying it looked good but yeah, they are smallish chicken strips, not whole breasts.

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Love that aldi chicken

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You fucking nailed it
Aldi veggies too

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>Soy Vay

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I like the fact that you are cooking your own food and appreciate that time maybe a constrain but I can't help but feel this isn't real cooking. Where are the herbs? Spices or seasoning? You didn't even make your own sauce. No diced garlic or peppers or tomatoes or anything. You just put things pre bought in a pan until it cooked. This is a step above microwaving food so I'll give you that.

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>Soy Vay

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Maybe the man runs on a budget. Gotta do what you gotta do.

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everybody starts somewhere, if it's edible it's edible

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You can get chicken for 99 cents a pound.

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OP here.
No, I agree. This is almost microwaving.

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I'm no chef, but I am a bit more capable than this. I was expecting a shitstorm.

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I'm no chef, but I am a bit more capable than this. I was expecting a shitstorm.

I've posted a few things on this board before. The first time I posted something, someone made a comment about the plate I was using, so I decided to use the same plate the next time I posted.
I got stoned and forgot what we were talking about but this dialog has been open on my phone for a couple hours.
So. What I'd up fellas? Y'all not cops or nothing, right?

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Kind of disappointed there's less than 1 bottle of NyQuil in this thread.

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Fuckin clowns. They don't recognize talent.

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OP was not a faggot

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Thanks Man!

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Wow, you started in a cold pan. This is gonna be DELICIOUS!

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>makes meat marvelous
>fish fabulous
>and veggies and tofu really good
funny juden

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>when I have them over
are you divorced?

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Don't do drugs

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>frying without seasoning
enjoy your boiled chicken

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>not making your own teriyaki sauce
it's not that hard, and you can use prime cider vinegar instead of whatever the nips use

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Don't forget to add the Nyquil

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Tell us about your authentic Irish Stew recipe anon

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...etc, where do you people live? That stuff has been around for decades

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In the small redneck town where I live, we don't understand the concept of kebab, either.

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This is the only time I've seen it and I'm OP
It was on the "we're getting rid of this shit so it's 50% off" table at the grocery store.

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easily amused people have been impulse purchasing that stuff since the 80s, it's the only reason they're even around

my mom thought it was a laugh riot because she had never met a jew until she was in her 20s and she grew up thinking they were this mysterious race with magical powers (they don't really have jews in asia)

I suppose jews think it's funny because jews think everything related to jews is a secret joke only they understand, and white christians believe it's a joke at the jew's expense but also with an adequate amount of plausible deniability, so of course they have to buy it

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You've spent some time thinking about JappyJew Sauce

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>mysterious race with magical powers

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Don't do that

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I'm going to cook breakfast

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Normally I would have potatos but Iseem to be out. Plus, I thought I had some ham here but I guess it's in the fridge at work. So we just have eggs.
Here's some onions with black and red pepper.

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6 eggs

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jews are living in your head rent free

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Let's warm up and soften a couple tortillas.

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Added some pre-shreaded Mexican sawdust and some salsa and meme sauce

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>that folding technique
Jesus christ.

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Weekend dad obviously. I'm part of that crew. Honestly it makes me cook more so decent food for the kid.

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Hey guys i'm making dinner too! Boiled vegs!

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Cauliflower and roasties covered in beef gravy and a sprinkle of cheese

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How's my prep game?

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Yeah. You should see the shit I eat during the week. Fuck

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Meh. You'd probably do a much faster job if you had a knife that had some knuckle clearance on it. That knife looks slow and tedious to use--it would take a couple minutes for what should be a 30 second (if that) job.

I don't see any seeds or unwanted bits of core in the peppers though. And the cuts looks uniform too.

I'd say you did a good job despite incorrect tools.

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I'm interested in seeing where this goes

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OK, but it probably took you ten minutes with that awful knife. I wouldn't even give that piece of shit to a girl on a fishing trip

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the samefag level in this thread is unbearable

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I've been using them in a stir fry lately, however I prep the whole bag and store it in a tub so that I can quicky add some crunch to a sandwich

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You stupid faggot

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This is where we go to talk to ourselves
No one invited you

Actually, I did

Back to the corner Claude

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Much better

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Nyquil nyquil nyquil

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>frying raw food, probably unwashed too

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>frying cooked food
What did he mean by this?

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Surprisingly nice julienne despite the shitty nice. I'll give that one to you.

The fuck are you on about? Is this bait or are you actually that fucking stupid?

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I'm going to cook breakfast in the morning. I have a girl spending the night.

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I'm going to make a sandwich

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>microwaving vegetables when you can just boil them in the fucking bag

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A hot dog isn't a sandwich and that looks utterly over-the-top disgusting, dipshit.

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You'll never reach this tier

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I see you're impressed

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i appreciate your blogging anon

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Irish stew? Idk what that is. I'm guessing beef chunks or lamb chunks or GOAT chunks with bone stewed in water with carrots potatoes onions and some herbs for a very long time and then you just eat it?

>> No.9204322

Thanks, Broseph

>> No.9204370

Not op, but microwaving is quicker

>> No.9204374

Still better than OP

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Does your little laddy ask why you're walking around your kitchen taking pictures of everything you cook or plan to cook?

>> No.9204902

Are those vegetables from a can or something? Why not just buy them fresh?

>> No.9204912

Why would you use pre-roasted peanuts s m h

>> No.9204918

better than your dinner but calling it a breakfast is kinda weird

>> No.9205020

It was a late night snack. I'm supposed to be doing breakfast right now. It was going to be chili rellanos. I'm not going to bother now though because she already went home. Maybe I'll make them this afternoon. She does likes to read your stoopid coments on my brilliant culinary masterpieces though. So she understands why I'm taking pics.

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I am OP

>> No.9205091

Did you accidentally rip the bag, or is that the amount you had in mind?

>> No.9205096

End product looks nice. I may steal your simple, but tasty looking recipe.

>> No.9205101

You can't steal shit off the internet, my man. Once it's out there, it belongs to everyone

>> No.9205119

Hell yeah good on you for getting your kids tasty meals with excellent sources of good nutrition. You got that chicken breast: great protein, spinach: hell yeah vitamins, eggs: protein + tasty

>> No.9205181

What is weird about eggs for breakfast?

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I'm going to try something new. I've never done chilli rellenos before but I feel like it's something I should know.

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Presentation is shot.

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I'm going to try a couple different ideas.

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is this bait

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R8 my b8 m8

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Sht got warm

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Back into the pan? Was it because the pepper wasn't cooked soft all the way through? I don't see any breading...

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4 eggs, 2 chillies, 1 man, 0 fucks

>> No.9206058

Ya don't bread chili relleno, ya dingus.

>> No.9206277

What am I looking at here? Did you cough that up?

>> No.9206301

>I'd say you did a good job despite incorrect tools
Cleaning out a bell pepper with a big knife seems more tedious than with a small one to me. For cutting it up however, I'd prefer a normal one too.

>> No.9206325

What happened to the cheese?

>> No.9206343

wtf kind of grinder is that?

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It was recently deposited into the municipal sanitation system after being fully digested, like pic related.

>> No.9206390

I see a plate of food, a bag of flowers, a lighter and a pipe. Could you rephrase your question please?

>> No.9206438


That's a meme pipe. One of my buddies has one, it's kinda cool.

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