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Is Chipotle kill?

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I will keep eating at chipotle until they close. Fast, decent "cali-mex" burrito, better than Qdoba at least.

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Qdoba is better though. Enjoy your horrible deadly diseases.

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man, the Chipotle PR department works fast.

they found ice contaminated with significant amounts of fecal matter in coffee chains such as starbucks in the UK, but you don't see anyone caring about it, so I doubt it.

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Reminder that norovirus spreads fecal-oral. Spics with literal shit on their hands making your food

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That chipotle has always been shitty, It was a matter of time before a major contamination. I have to go way out of my way to avoid not getting sick eating chipotle

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Qdoba is not fucking better. In particular, Chipotle's meat is all dank, at least the original chicken / steak / carnitas /barbacoa.

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Chipotle is the lowest tier "decent" mexican joint.
Qdoba and Baja Fresh both blow it straight the fuck out

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>Chipotle's meat is all dank
This is the saddest attempt at sounding young I've ever seen

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Qdoba has brisket and queso. Chiptole has e. coli and norovirus. The choice is clear.

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How does this keep happening? How do they manage to continue fucking up this badly?

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I don't eat at Chiptole anyway, never liked the food and it's only popular with hipsters and college students, it's like the food version of Starbucks, which I also don't go to.

Fucking hipster college students

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They buy organic/"non-gmo" and don't prep shit correctly.
Google "leaf in my chipotle" to find twitter feeds of them leaving nasty over-boiled bay leaves in burritos all the time

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>Fucking hipster
Raging about hipsters is pretty... hip

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>They buy organic/"non-gmo"
That shouldn't be relevant to food safety.

>don't prep shit correctly
Why haven't they learned? Why do people keep giving them chances?

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Yeah the fucking dudebros go into chiptole with their slut gym bunny girlfriends cause you know it's healthy bro. And all the SJW's flock their cause you know it's healthy and organic, save the planet.

Makes me sick

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Imagine having to go to a shitty chain for "mexican" food.

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my fucking god /pol/, can we go one thread without you having a spergout?

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We can hope.

Chipotle is garbage. I can walk to three better burrito joints. All cheaper. And capable of making my burrito without cilantro.

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>muh pol boogeyman
Where have you been for the past couple of years grandpa?

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lol no. Not even close. They spread disease. Their CEO runs the company like a cult, and is a complete twat to everyone in restaurants, including his own. They're just now getting queso for fuck's sake.

This. Moe's is 10x better. More toppings to choose from, more salsas, plus they have queso and free chips and salsa with every order, like every other Mexican restaurant has been doing for the last five decades at least.

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Posting on-topic in my own board instead of shitposting on other boards and making it about my board's topic.

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Moes is shit.

Chipotle > Qdoba > taco bell > moes

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baja fresh is good

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Except most of the people working there are high school kids on their first job and don't realize how hard it sucks yet.

If anything, it's norovirus from Chipotle's "organically-sourced" food suppliers.

But then, /pol/ never let actual evidence get in the way of a political agenda, did they manchego?

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>NoVa faggots getting killed by shitty fake spic food
God is good my dudes

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Because they are always firing and hiring new people every single week. Chipotle, even with all these troubles, still have a bunch of loyal customers and some who just haven't bothered to keep up with the news. I think they just expanded way too quickly and couldn't keep up the standards they should have.

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>This. Moe's is 10x better. More toppings to choose from, more salsas, plus they have queso and free chips and salsa with every order, like every other Mexican restaurant has been doing for the last five decades at least.


Yous wee Todd Ed.

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>other people believing that it's healthier than it is prevents me from enjoying it

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I also simply don't like the food in general, I've been to Chiptole. It was tasteless, and I personally didn't care for it.

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The business model is spreading out. There are burger and pizza places running on the same model now.

It's not a bad idea really. Three man line, first guy fixes your base, second does toppings, third does finishers and takes the cash. A couple guys in the back doing prep and dishes, boom. You can train a monkey to do it, and pay them jack shit since it's high schoolers on their first job.

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Hello Mr Rabbi what are you doing on /ck/?

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qdoba is trash

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haha guys get this:

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After this and the credit card theft, no one who already frequents Chipotle is gonna stop.

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>Posting on-topic
>you're the one that brought up politics in the first place

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Rubios is much better than Baja fresh. All the ones around me lasted 3yrs while I've never seen a rubios go out of business

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the fuck is it with chipotle and outbreaks of infectious disease

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America doesn't give a shit about that. McDonald's is radiation served on a tray yet it's still here.

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For what it's worth. http://www.businessinsider.com/chipotle-e-coli-conspiracy-theory-2015-12

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>for what it's worth
so, nothing?

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Queso is bland and the minute taste isn't even like cheese. The worst part of qdoba is the queso, and that's saying something since all if their food is bland.

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No, as long as millennials are alive

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Moe's is bad though. Qdoba is only marginally better. All these chains are overpriced, oversized crap

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I feel bad for people who don't have local mexican restaurants to go to
>always get 2 tacos al pastor with avocado and an horchata
Feels good man

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Until one of these shit restaurants can make salsa half as good as their medium or sour cream half as good as their's I'll keep eating it. People with no taste will keep flocking to more and qdoba and chipotle will be fine. Even with the two health problems it's probably no more dangerous than other chains statistically.

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One near my house was fine until about Feburary this year, steak tastes like shit now, tasted like fridge.

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i worked at a chipotle for a year, during the whole e-coli thing. as long as they keep making everything never frozen mostly from scratch by glorified mcdonalds workers, they're going to keep having this problem.

the worst part about it though? no refried beans. the black and pinto beans have no flavor and the texture of dirt. tortillas are soft and huge though, and the corn "salsa" is good asf

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Who the fuck still eats fast food in 2017?

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You take that back right now you lil faggot

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I seriously hope you are trolling about Chipotle being for hipsters. Literally every white girl posts all about Chipotle.

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I went to moe's because people were shilling it here, but it kind of sucked. free chips and salsa is nice, but the cheese was orange and all the employees were white.

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> Fast Food
> 2017
Not unless every other member of the group's drooling for it.

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Thank you for posting my wife.

>> No.9222549

that's my wife

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>people are getting this from workers being sick
>if workers call in sick they risk having hour cut or lose pay for that day
>HQ wonders why people still work while sick

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we can share.

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Who cares? So they got a little bit of diarrhea, I'm lactose intolerant I have diarrhea all the time. Chipotle makes the best burritos and this is the perfect moment to stand in solidarity and continue eating Chipotle despite what the fake news liberal media and beta numale cucks want us to do.

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>it's a chipotle tries to kill it's customers episode
What? Again?

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You are a perfect example of people who vote against their own best interests.
>fuck everyone! I'll do what I want! Even if it hurts or kills me! I want to suffer!!!!!

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a lot of people on /r/chipotle work there and say the higher ups keep making it worse for employees, chipodles is probably kill.

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You can actually ask for rice without cilantro at Chipotle

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When you think about it it's actually pretty amazing that small outbreaks caused by fast food dont happen more often.

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If you die from having diarrhea then you need to harden the fuck up. Millenials are such fucking cry babies.

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Seem like you're the only one crying here.
>Leave muh Chipotle aloooooone!!!!!

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>All I hear about chipotle is how they constantly serve contaminated food
>happens at least twice in lifetime
>get dragged there on date with some fat chick
>orders a shitty bean salad nothing for me
>forced to try a bite
>tastes like unadulterated dogshit

yep. Fuck chipotle, I'd rather eat taco bells mystery meat anyday

>> No.9222946

>going on a date with a fat chick to a place you don't want to go
Even Chipootle probably isn't as shit as your self-confidence, my dude.

>> No.9223022

profile pic was a lie, sprung the restaurant on me out of nowhere
You're on this website too champ

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Haven't eaten at Chipotle in about 3 years. I prefer Roberto's or Tacos Mexico, typically. Unfortunately, I moved to this small city and all we really have is Chipotle and Qdoba... No decent, smaller taco/burrito places.

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>Mention to relative I went to chipotle ONCE
>Get $80 in gift cards from two separate relatives for Christmas
>Every time I go is like playing a game of Russian Roulette
>mfw it's actually kinda exciting now

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>chipotle is for hipsters
have you ever talked to a person who was not a member of your immediate family?

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I work in finance and there is a very real chance that Chipotle's health violation woes over the past half decade has been the result of corporate sabotage

The FBI is currently doing their first rounds of investigations

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I don't know how people have such strong feelings about Chipotle. I think it's ok Mexican, and completely inoffensive. I go maybe once every two months.

>> No.9223554

Rubio' has ok fish stuff, but I like Chipotle's other meats more.

>> No.9223709

I did. They rolled their eyes at me and served me the oldest shittiest rice (dry to the point of being crunchy). It was awful.

>> No.9223715

>they found ice contaminated with significant amounts of fecal matter in coffee chains such as starbucks in the UK, but you don't see anyone caring about it, so I doubt it.
I read those articles, they just said it was the same bacteria that can be found in fecal matter, not that fecal matter was actually in anything. It was just a sensationalized headline.

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tfw no Taco Cabana

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>not going to the taco stand at your local equality co-op
plebs and flyovers have really taken over this board huh

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It's the 5 guys of Mexican restaurants.

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Believe it or not, Taco Bell averages out to one of the healthiest fast food chains. It's from all the vegetarian options. As for the mystery meat, it's ground beef with oats mixed in as filler, it's better than McDonald's beef.

>> No.9223781

>it's better than McDonald's beef.
How so? I don't think the quality differs and they don't use filler. Also vegetarian options aren't necessarily healthier.

>> No.9223803

Five Guys sucks because of the goddamn peanut oil (which I admit is a personal preference because I hate peanuts) and is massively overpriced. Chipotle is only moderately overpriced.

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Never been there but 135 is a lot of people. Makes me wonder how many days people were going there and getting sick before it was discovered and what should you do if you suspect you fell I'll as a result of eating at contaminated food

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>mfw I live right behind a Chipotle and eat there a lot because of sheer convenience

Why can't they get their shit together? Fucking McDonald's infects less people than this

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I recall chipotle was actually pretty good
This was when the place was filled with mexicans working in every position
Chipotle had too many illegals working immigration found out and one day fresh faces were at the helm
That same one day was when the place died
Im talking 10 years ago roughly

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>Fucking McDonald's infects less people than this
That's because McDonald's food is some sort sterile synthetic compound loaded with fat and sugar to keep you addicted

>> No.9224149

They're doing a bad job of keeping me addicted. I only have a Mac Attack every two months.

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Bye bye mi Mexican guy
Immigration came and the kitchen was dry
And good ol' boys were eatin' burritos with rice
Singin' this'll be the day that I die... this'll be the day that I die.

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>Not going to your local xxxbertos style mexican takeout spot

Plebian filth

>> No.9224193

This is what happens when you decentralize your supply chain in the name of local, fresh ingredients

>> No.9224209

Same, I've never eaten McDs and I can't because I'm allergic to wheat.

>> No.9224448

No it isn't. Go suck some big agri cock.

>> No.9224516

Serious question. Has a health crisis ever actually kept people from eating fast food. I swear outbreaks are not that uncommon. People will literally shovel their faces until they are the ones to actually catch it

>> No.9224523

Ebola and leprosy wouldnt stop the average American from getting his junk food fix.

>> No.9224530

I started calling it hipster Subway myself.

>> No.9224556

Even Taco Bell doesn't have this kind of bad press.

>> No.9224573

Last time I went to Chipotle, my dad joined me and got red in the face because he was frustrated being rushed through the line to pick ingredients. Kek
I haven't gone there in a while now, last time they gave me a pitiful amount of meat/toppings.

>> No.9224662

they could do a press release and reveal that the meat actually comes from rats and feces laced with ebola and I would still eat there

>> No.9225135

>Without cilantro
Might as well throw your whole meal in the trash desu. Chipotle sucks, go to Moe's instead. They only put cilantro on if you ask, or if you got the cilantro lime rice (which sucks, brown rice or gtfo)

>> No.9225190

Agreed. Moe's is waaaaay mo betta. Wish they had locations where I live now.

>> No.9225200

>vote against their own best interests

I dont even give a shit who you voted for but if you cant hear just how fucking astronomically arrogant and resentful that phrase is you should seek therapy.

>> No.9225204

Aren't they doing it on purpose so they can short their own stock?

>> No.9225211

not trying to defend Chipotle, but why not have cilantro?

>> No.9225220

>>cilantro tastes icky mommie
>>why cant I have a happy meal instead

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>i was only pretending to be a shitty business

>> No.9225248

If you voted to make your own life objectively worse, I'm allowed to look down on you.

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Its, literally, the only way in the English language to describe what trump supporters did without being egregiously verbose.

Fuck you, you shit headed bigot.

>> No.9225256

Read this: https://www.fastcompany.com/3064068/chipotle-eats-itself
Yes, it's long but it more accurately documents the safety challenges and health issues Chipotle has been battling than any other report I've seen.

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Politics sure has a lot to do with food huh?

>> No.9225325

Genetic thing. For about 5% of the population, cilantro tastes like soap.


Fuck you. You know shit about shit. I'm fucking 41 and have eaten at more high dollar restaurants around the world than you've had sex. Ok, bad example since 0 is pretty easy to beat.

>> No.9225328

Moe's is worse than taco bell. Fuck you and fuck Moe's.

The one time I ate at Moe's, I accidentally tasted their "mojito salsa" because I thought it was normal green salsa.

Say what you will about taco bell, but at least they don't have mojito salsa. That's the fucking worst, most basic bitch, catering to white girls shit. Whoever thought of mojito salsa should be gassed and then punched in the face.

They do have free chips and salsa though which is nice, just don't get the mojito salsa because it's a wretched abomination

>> No.9225336

>I'm a big boy mommy, I'm 41 years old now and I sleep in my own bed for the whole night (most of the time) and if I say I don't like cilantro you need to listen to me!

>> No.9225350

Sure, Trump is an incompetent moron who has spent 6 months struggling to understand what a president even is. But does that really mean he made all of our lives worse? Think of the positive: just look back at the amount of entertainment it has provided

>> No.9225363

>The virus is transmitted by fecally contaminated food or water

>> No.9225380

I thought it was mono? Which is like the easiest disease to spread like by sneezing or coughing out wet spit globs?

>> No.9225383

So some random employee didn't wash his hands, or some animal shit all over its own meat or something. Who cares.

The chance of getting norovirus from chipotle is like the chance of getting struck by lightening.

99.9999% of the time you go to chipotle you will be treated to a nice experience and receive a high quality delicious burrito within 5 minutes of setting foot in the door, and you will leave happy and healthy.

If you stop eating everything that might be contaminated with feces then you will starve to death.

>> No.9225391

Yes, and? What's your point? That kind of contamination happens anywhere and everywhere that produce is involved. And the number of people who got sick at chipotle is vanishingly small compared to their total number of customers. It's a bunch of hoopla over a total non-issue.

>> No.9225405

>muh genetics
>41 on fucking 4chan
truly someone whose opinions we should all respect

>> No.9225422

really though, there is no age where it is acceptable to be on 4chan

>> No.9225430

>people still post my image
good to see the meme is still alive.

>> No.9225438


I disagree, Qdoba has a lot more menu choices and it's basically the exact same shit otherwise. So why not go to the one that has a bit more variety?

And, as a bonus, they aren't constantly in the news for poisoning people

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Why don't people who go to Chipotle and Qdoba just eat dirty diapers instead? Is it a brand thing?

>> No.9225450

Qdoba has been in the news several times for poisoning people... so has basically every national chain

Chipotle's menu is varied enough for me and in my opinion they do their meat better

>> No.9225452

>I thought it was mono? Which is like the easiest disease to spread like by sneezing or coughing out wet spit globs?
norovirus is far easier to spread

It contaminates whole cruise ships, schools, daycares, whole hospitals, and other public spaces.

>The chance of getting norovirus from chipotle is like the chance of getting struck by lightening.
What is mentally deficient in the people who calculate odds like that? The chance of getting sick from eating ______ vs eating _______ is what people are comparing, not standing outside during thunderstorms. It's time to eat, where may I do it safest? Who the fuck needs to know about lightning?
The fact of the matter is that home cook can control how well food is washed, and that larger the food prep at once, the more contaminated foods are prepped in batches that contaminate an entire batch. Those are not the same odds as what you do at home when you submerge your bunch of cilantro is cool water versus sharing that bunch with all the cilantro that will be used that day in a 100 gallon giant soaking container.
They determined one single septic dump by one fishing boat was responsible for polluting the entire chesapeake bay oysters. That's how nasty norovirus is and how a tiny bit dispersed is a big giant deal.

My last trip on Royal Caribbean, they have an employee that before the buffet is like a militant hand police that points to the hand sanitizer and you'd better do it, with hand rubbing motions demo'd for you, or you don't enter the room. One wiped asshole touching all those buffet spoons. Typical handwashing doesn't kill noro nor does a little distribution of alcohol really, it needs to rubbed the heck off during both, which is why it is so difficult to control. That fact damn well plays with your odds. It's just that infections aren't publicized for good reason.

>> No.9225461

>The chance of getting sick from eating ______ vs eating _______ is what people are comparing,

Exactly. And the chance of getting sick at Chipotle (or wherever) is so vanishingly small why would you worry about it at all? Just like how you aren't worried about getting struck by lighting, why would you worry about getting sick at chipotle? Both are terribly unlikely things to occur.

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>high quality burrito

>> No.9225472

If you want the safest thing to eat, then stick to organic tofu. If you're feeling really adventurous then maybe risk it and go for some very well-done steak.

Or, when you grow up, you could go for a balance of safety and flavor, and go to Chipotle.

>> No.9225478

>is so vanishingly small
Calculated by you, an uninformed person who compares it to lightning. If a restaurant has poorly enforced safety practices, then your odds are very high. The average american gets food poisoning 1 to 4 times per year, or more. Whether it's norovirus is something else. Whether it never happens to you is dependent on where you eat, or how often you eat out where food is prepared blindly for you, or what percent of your diet is fresh produce.

>> No.9225497

and there's only one confirmed case of norovirus at chipotle. Your implication that chipotles across the country have poor food safety standards is completely unfounded.

It's not that hard to calculate the odds of getting norovirus from Chipotle. First you take all the confirmed cases of norovirus from Chipotle (1) and divide that by the number of people who have enjoyed Chipotle without getting norovirus (billions).

I'm sorry you seem to think division is difficult, but the rest of us are capable.

>> No.9225511

Having worked in a non-chain restaurant that started a norovirus outbreak, I can assure you, Chipotle is not kill. We were back up and running once the staff had recovered and the entire restaurant had been bleached

>better than Qdoba
Chipotle shill or a monumental pleb

>> No.9225558

why the fuck would you ever go to Chipotle when Moe's exists?

>> No.9225574

I went to a Moe's once.

It was was unquestionably ass and worse than Chipotle's.

The free salsas are chips are all shit too.

>> No.9225575

Because I'm a midwestfag with no Moe's

but we have Qdoba which is also better than Chipotle by a long shot

>> No.9225579

Michiganfag here, we have Chipotle and Qdoba and Moe's here.

Chipotle is by far the best. I will only go to Qdoba late at night because they're open late and Chipotle isn't. I would never go back to Moe's even if I was starving on Christmas and they were open

>> No.9225586

I don't think we have a single Moe's in MN

clearly I'm not missing out

>> No.9225599

I go to a tacqueria near me a lot. It's great. Just went to Chipotle for the first time in years. It was good but they don't layer the burrito right and the guac is a little salty.

>> No.9225614

Why go to Chipotle when you can go to Taco Bell? Much better food.

>> No.9225626

>he thinks this is the first time Chipotle's in trouble

Need I remind you of the 5 outbreaks in 2015 that sickened a grand total of more than 350 people? Even allowing for the high rates of food poisoning outbreaks in America per annum, that is an awful track record for any food chain, period. And if all that managed to make it into the media, imagine how many outbreaks went unnoticed simply because they couldn't track the source.

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>Americans are okay with literal shit in their burritos

>> No.9225680

>I live in a magical country where no food ever has microscopic amounts of feces

>> No.9225701

And thousands of people per year die from lightening strikes.

You're literally more likely to be struck by lightening than to get food poisoning from Chipotle. Deal with it, haters

>> No.9225732

>never heard of dysentery

>> No.9225737

>and there's only one confirmed case of norovirus at chipotle
Confirmed is not the same thing as the actual number of people sickened, and the CDC estimates for every reported case of food poisoning, 25 are not reported. And, for every 1000 reported cases of food poisoning, they only confirm it to tie the same virus to other cases, or followup when death or legal reasons to investigate are pending.
So, it was 135, not 1. It was not the first time it was norovirus at Chipotle. They're facing lawsuits from 2015 for the same thing in CA.

And, I can assure you Sterling VA was not a good place for them to mess with their public perception.

>> No.9225769

And probably people get struck by lightening without reporting it too. What's your point?

>> No.9225793

>I can assure you Sterling VA was not a good place for them to mess with their public perception.

With a whopping population of 27,800, you better believe it wasn't! Chipotle is fucking shitting their pants like a resident of Sterling, VA in Walmart.

>> No.9225973

Do you see the people that work there?

>> No.9225979

It's in the DC metro area. The whole city is talking about it.

>> No.9227721

So it's well made with quality ingredients but you can't afford it?

>> No.9227745


Because moe's is microwaved shit tier and you have no working taste buds

>> No.9228455

Yes I do. Enjoy eating shit jamal.

>> No.9228469

lol no you don't, faggot. You eat microscopic amounts of shit every day

>> No.9228983

Qdoba is better but they mark up their prices because most of the extras are free. If I just want a simple burrito I'd rather get Chipotle since it's like two dollars less.
>It's ground beef with oats mixed in as filler
I have friends from MN (Minneapolis area) and I feel like they've mentioned Moe's before. I don't think there are any in WI though, definitely not where I am.

>> No.9229437

>Is Chipotle kill?
lol no

In fact, if I were to have more money, I would buy Chipotle every week. Also, if their portion sizes weren't so huge, but that's a personal problem. They've got good stuff. I've never had a negative experience.

>> No.9230667


>> No.9230727

>If anything, it's norovirus from Chipotle's "organically-sourced" food suppliers.
And who is picking the produce? Any way you look at it, this circles back to spics

>> No.9230914

You're fucking retarded. Fly a kite from the highest point during a thunderstorm and you'll get struck by lightning 100%. Going to chipotle is like driving into a thunderstorm of foodborne viruses.

>> No.9230931

I got norovirus from an Olive Garden once.

Wouldn't wish the experience on my worst enemy. At the worst point I thought I was going to die from dehydration while waiting for my wife to get home from work to get me to the hospital.

>> No.9231062

$0.10 have been deposited into your bank account.

>> No.9231152

Well I for one will be driving straight into the eye of that delicious storm. Do what thou wilt, but get out of my way sir

>> No.9231248

Im a Chipotle crew member in nothern Virginia. Fuck the baby boomers ill shit in their burritos

>> No.9231295

then one of you fags made me sick

Sterlingfag here. i got sick after eating at Chipotle that night. AMA or don't

>> No.9231311

>They've got good stuff. I've never had a negative experience.

I like chipotle, but its a 50/50 shot on whether the ingredients will be fresh enough to taste good.
You get a burrito made with toppings towards the end of the containers where they call for more to be made?

Might as well walk right the fuck out the door because its going to be dogshit.

>> No.9231328

Chipotle is trying its best to pull a ChiChis

>> No.9231332

they just sponsored two buzzfeed videos

looks like they are on damage control

>> No.9231381
File: 47 KB, 628x278, 45_SpiderJerusalem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chipotle Inc. is always on damage control, and their corporate shills are on permanent high alert for all the garbage that comes from there.

If you'll excuse the whole "oooh, reddit=bad/ 4chan=awesome!" shit for a second there was an absolutely glorious piece of work from a mod on /r/KitchenConfidential, back when the Chipotle team tried to shill there. The mod on duty went to fucking work.

(And boo reddit SJW faggot shill blah blah blah I only use 4chan cuz it's the baddest of the bestest... grow up and fuck off, this guy is a pro cook and drops Chipotle shills like none of you ever have or will.)


>> No.9231597
File: 35 KB, 1071x565, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Normal OP post.
>Commenters immediately start tangents about fun facts they just recently learned in their high school history class

Reddit never fails

>> No.9231760
File: 74 KB, 737x758, FatSmokeFeelz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chipolte is cutting in to fast food revenue in too many areas.

Other chains are literally paying agents to infect their food to bring the company down.

>> No.9231897

>ill shit in their burritos
Mystery solved.

>> No.9231917

It's just facebook for people without friends.

>> No.9231946

Theres like 4 qdobas and 1 chipotle here in spokane so I usually go to qdoba. As far as I know, I havent gotten sick... yet.

>> No.9232455

Sterling was an old as fuck store. I work in Leesburg which still sucks

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