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Anyone ever been to a KFC buffet?

How many plates did you have?

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>KFC buffet
please tell me you are joking, I don't want to live in a world where there are fast food buffets.

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such thing exists?
where do you live OP?

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Saskatchewan. Home to one of the last KFC buffets.

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I live in oklahoma and theres one I go to ever so often. It's ok.

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What's on your first plate when you go?

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I went to the one in Branson. I don't think it's a KFC anymore. No idea how many plates.

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Just when you think America can't surprise you any further...

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wow you guys in butt-fuck-nowhere-chewan must not have a lot going for you if this is one of the things you take pride in

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I usually start with extra crispy thigh, 2 original wings, jalapeno and a biscuit with some honey.

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start? that's more than a full meal right there

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Hey CHINA is allowed to import cooked chicken!

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you guys realize how bad it is in the U.S?
this shit is as common (especially in fly-over zones) as niggers in florida.
our country is so fucked. almost everyone I know would not be reluctant at all to go to one

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I remember when Wendy's had a buffet. Shit was so cash.

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>you guys realize how bad it is in the US
It's not. Chill the fuck out autist

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What can we do against these flyovers?

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Pizza Hut buffets were ok for the price but a lot of the locations have closes down.

I remember when I was a kid, Pizza Hut buffet will have this fruit crumbly pizza on the buffet. It was delicious.
/pol/ needs to leave.

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Wendy's salad bar. My nigga.

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>that being enough to feed a man who just worked a 10 hour shift of hard physical labor
Don't you have some swing timers to adjust francis?

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Buffet shakey's... there eh, but wouldn't mind having one around.

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how does a buffet threat this country?

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they were mostly phased out 10-15 years ago, but a few still exist.

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There is still a Pizza Hut near me that does dine-in and has the buffet. I go there every once in a while to stuff my face on it.

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I got one 10 mins from me but I've never seen anyone actually eat the buffet there. It shouldn't be around much longer with Popeyes across the street.

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Holy shit. Are you talking about the one in Humboldt? I've always wanted to go there, but I live in Saskatoon.

Want to meet up and go sometime? We could even go to Wong's Chinese.

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Pizza Hut in my hometown used to have a buffet. I think it has a salad bar still.

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The one in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, is both a buffet for KFC AND for Pizza Hut.

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Sorry, I'm not gay.

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>(especially in fly-over zones)
Oh now it makes sense.

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>this shit is as common
I've lived in flyovers my whole life and have never, not once, seen a fast food buffet.

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is any buffet ever worth it? you pay 2-4x more than just buying the food from even a supermarket deli

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Once when I was a teenager. I did two plates if I remember right.

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I only ate there once, when my car died in a small town in the middle of wisconsin

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yeah I did the KFC buffet back in the day, however true flyovers will know that pizza ranch buffet chicken is categorically superior to KFC's

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Pizza hut used to have a buffet in the 90's. And Bob's Big Boy breakfast buffet and salad bar was GOAT.

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went to one in Japan

those nips weren't getting their value but I did

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i used to go to these with my dad all the time. they don't exist anymore around here (california).

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I lived in Florida and North Carolina and both had a KFC buffet.

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Japan has a lot of cheap buffet places. I think they make enough money is because they don't want to shame themselves by gorging.

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I don't know what buffets you're going to... but not having to cook for yourself is baked into that cost. I mean, I don't really like buffets, but I guess I get the point. Gorge yourself on a variety of foods for one lower price, experimenting with things you normally wouldn't have - acceptable to picky eaters or a group of people that want their own different thing and different portions.

I'm from Vegas though, where everything is probably slightly better than your standard buffets. I can't eat enough to make it worthwhile, but I get why some would want to.

Although I will say - the M has a Sunday seafood brunch where I can eat a ton of crab legs and also drink for free. I can drink $22 worth of mimosas before food even touches my mouth.

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There used to be a KenTacoHut (KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut under one roof, operating as one business) on route 15 in Lewisburg, PA, down a bit from Bucknell University. They had an AYCE buffet set up between certain hours. Forgot what the hours were, though.

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Japs love KFC, it's weird

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they used to have a fried chicken buffet in the town i lived in

although technically you had to order your chicken pieces as a meal. the sides, gizzards, and livers were buffet style

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Yeah the rush for when they bring out a fresh tray of the chicken livers is fucking intense intense

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I live in Alabama.

I know that two of the three closest KFC's have lunch buffets, as well as 2 of the closest three pizza huts.

Neither are very good, and the pizza buffets always bring out like an entire police force, always full of fat cops

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>is any buffet ever worth it?
for me it is.

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they like tempura and katsu so to me it makes sense

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This is how I want to die.

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Sh-should I?

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KFC/Taco Bells are the best.
Were the best.

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Pizza Ranch has this and more. So what? It's probably the same price or a bit cheaper considering the host of more options. Do you not like fried chicken or something, you turbo nigger?

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KFC got them to think KFC is a major part of Christmas

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There's several in Eastern TN

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We used to go there all the time when I was a kid. I wasn't really old enough to tell if it was worse than normal KFC though.

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>exercise daily
>go out to restaurant
>order what seems to be the most filling meal
>eat everything
>still kind of hungry
i'll usually eat like 5 plates of food at a buffet, so it's worth it for me

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>/pol/ needs to leave.
eat a dick faggot, /pol/ runs the world you jealous fuck.

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>claim jews control the media, banks, government
>claim /pol/ runs the world
>/pol/ is the jews

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Is this what it would be like living in an all-White ethnostate?


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Yep. We have four KFCs here but only one does the buffet. They have fried chicken but no tendies. Also some type of sauce covered chicken that I've never tried. Lots of veggies like carrots, peas, green beans and corn. Mashed potatoes and gravy too, but brown white and a type of gravy that has chicken in it. Macaroni that is probably the best fast food macaroni. Plus some random shit like diced tomatoes, salad, coleslaw, etc. Then desserts - pudding (chocolate and vanilla), peaches, peach cobbler, cookies, and jello.

I usually order the 5 dollar fillups at the other KFCs but this one is worth the price if you are nearby. The buffets themselves aren't usually that big so its rare to find anything cold.

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Think about it: 1 fixed price for all the food you want and drink. Fat people have no sense of when to finish up, and just keep having plates of food.

Not only does it add to obesity, demand for large quantities of food mean cutting corners for restaurants, using low quality ingredients or just using chemicals in that chicken.

When I was a kid, I appreciated buffets. As I grew older, I realized that buffets are nothing but a way to add more weight to yourself and not limiting your food intake.

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Embrace the fat

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0. I wouldn't set foot in a KFC if you paid me.

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>Anyone ever been to a KFC buffet?

No, i went to chicken.

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Anyone here love KFC biscuits?

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We got one here in Florida. I've been to it and it's exactly what you'd expect it to be. Overly crowded, constant fat pieces of shit everywhere, little shit kids running around in an already filled place, dirty floors, a lot of black people... For $8 it's all you can eat fried chicken. Not bad but not worth it. I'd much rather buy a 8 piece at my nearest Publix..

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Well, here in Germany I have found one Subway that has an All-You-Can-Eat for 15 € for which you can eat any amount of 15cm subs.

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Just searched and found out we have a pizza hut buffet here in san diego... Guess I know what's for lunch

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for some people it actually is, I didn't even know the jap relationship with kfc until a few months ago.

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>tfw posting fast food threads on /ck/

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Yes, but its been years since I've seen one. I'd normally have around 3 or 4 plates. We went there for my Grandmothers birthday one time.

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Pizza Hut has buffets from time to time. You usally only see them in flyover zone and towns that died around the 90s.

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The only KFC in town we had was closed down due to cleanliness. other than that, it was ok 1 plate maybe.

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According to that retarded meme I'm a real nigga. Only children and autists leave so much meat on their chicken.

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>going to a kfc
popeye's is the """"""better"""""" choice

>> No.9247588

Is the grilled chicken at KFC any good? Paleo master race here.

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>tfw im a real niggaz

The cartilage is the best part of the chicken famalam.

>> No.9247871

>such thing exists?

I wise there was one around here.

>where do you live OP?

Probably in a predominantly White area, otherwise KFC would lose their ass on the deal.

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Damn, that's a good deal.

>> No.9247889


Americans are so used to having freedom that they forget that it's a completely foreign concept to foreigners. They'll always be shocked by our buffets, our guns, and our ability to own property.

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Western NC as well, I've got one right up the road.

>> No.9248105

wow it's almost like East TN and West NC are basically the same fucking region

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fucking kek

the absolute state of saskatcheniggers

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>tfw Nigerian
I try not to eat the marrow anymore like when I was a kid.

>> No.9248573

Nothing wrong with eating marrow. What annoys me are the bone shards that can get lodged between teeth.

>> No.9248594


Does Nigeria have KFC?

>> No.9248595

How the hell do people live like this

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>be britbong
>water fasting
>see this thread
>realize i'll never live in america
>i'll never eat a KFC buffet

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>How the hell do people live like this
I see headphones on that chair. Gamers can't step away from the action long enough to shower, take out the trash, walk to the kitchen to put a plate away. Everything has to be in arm's reach. It is a type of addiction. Being in a World of Warcraft guild, at the time of expansion til the first boss was downed was a 24/7 experience like that.

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does he shit in that trash can or something

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then do myself and the rest of burgerland a favor and open your wrists tonight you autistic faggot

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I'll eat some extra mash for ya

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That's partially why I stopped playing MMOs. They just want to suck away all your time. Last one I played I would take a break after an hour or two of grinding, come back like 8-10 hours later and see that some of the people never left. Some of them would spend thousands of dollars on in-game items. Then when a new server opened up they would want to switch and do it all over again. It got to be too much for me.

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I went for my birthday once and loaded up four plates with as much as I could with my family. I only got to eat a lot on special occasions so this was really cool for me at the time. Unfortunately I didn't notice that my swim trunks dropped down my crack and I had been unknowingly drizzling liquid shit out the back of my chair after around my third plate. This has happened at too many buffets that I just avoid them now.

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Nigerian here. Girlfriend cries when she hears the bones crack. It's great.

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Great story senpai

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Could a McDonald's buffet work?

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I'm a security guard at a mall with a KFC/Taco Bell in the food court and I have to do fire extinguisher checks after hours when no one is in there.

I swear on my life, no word of a lie internet be damned, they have a roach problem and they leave chicken out all the time. Their grease traps haven't been cleared in weeks and there's water running underneath the floor tiles.

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How long did it take you notice that this would happen?
How long did it take you to decide it was a problem?

>> No.9249192

I was having a weight problem that I'm still dealing with and I sort of lost a lot of feeling down there so it was alot harder to notice, plus it wasn't the first time it had happened to me so I sort of forgot it wasn't okay sometimes.

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>We could even go to Wong's Chinese

>supporting foreign business

>> No.9249324

holy shit are those still around?

>> No.9249346

where in Florida i want to go for nostalgia

>> No.9249351

are you fucking kidding? that sounds awesome. what city?

>> No.9249364

We went to one with my grandparents every time we saw them. I usually only had 4 or 5 pieces of chicken and some mashed potatoes, but it was still worth the price at the time. Things were simpler back then.

>> No.9249393

bugs.. easy on the carrots

>> No.9249418

Sask is like half prairie niggers and they love their fried chicken.

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>in a bird bone

>> No.9250751

The absolute state of you

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many years ago they used to have a breakfast buffet only on the weekend but all I can remember is stuffing myself with hashbrowns

I think they also had eggs,pancakes,sausages and muffins or biscuits to make your own sandwiches

>> No.9251857

I only get hotwings from KFC, used to get the zinger sandwich til they stopped making them.

>> No.9252019

Western NC has more unique micro-regions, where every county has it's own vibe and identity. East TN is just generic redneck garbage dump.

>> No.9252070

Don't be a cry baby Faggot.

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in light of this thread, pls sign

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I have one near me and I go every now and then. I degrease the chicken a bit with napkins and normally eat like 3 plates of thighs mostly.I live on the east coast. Everyone saying they are in "flyover zones" fail to realize they are mostly in places that they won't have to worry about certain people stealing a shit ton or eating other people's shit without paying for the buffet, or more "dishonest" places.

>> No.9252502

to bad burger king bought them out so it'll slowly turn to shit.

>> No.9252651

Every KFC near me closed and was replaced with Popeye's. 27 locations gone overnight. I miss their biscuits so god damn much

>> No.9252792

I hit up the pizza hut buffet 3 times a week. its real good

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How the fuck did you not realise you were continuously shitting yourself, how did your family?

>> No.9252830

there's one in lake elsinore, CA

used to drive by there on my way to work its fucking nasty
yes it has a lot of fat white and blacks eating there, no mexicans

they went to the el pollo loco up the road

>> No.9252843

its 8 bucks at the one down the street for the buffet, its nice. lot of pizzas and pastas, but the best part is the salad we get a lot of fresh stuff there

>> No.9253104

Last I checked there was one in Salem, Indiana. I went there about 10 years ago.

>> No.9253119

There are no KFC buffets where I live. The first time I went into a KFC with a buffet was last year, I was like wtf

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Anyone here dip their popcorn chicken in kfc gravy?

>> No.9254075

Was it apple? Just had it at mine and it was good

>> No.9255689

I'm eating KFC right now! I surely would love a buffet of this. Would def take my wife.

Thanks for making this thread

>> No.9255703

One in Fort Wayne too across from Harbor Freight Tools. I still remember when Wendy's had something similar with a salad bar.

I dip both my popcorn chicken and my tendies in the mashed potatoes and gravy

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Do burgers really shit like birds?

>> No.9255792

KFC is shit in England. The US actually looks like a somewhat interesting menu. I'm sure it's just crap food still, but has something else at least. The menu in the UK is literally only:

Standard/Zinger Burger
Big Daddy (Standard with hash brown)
Standard/Zinger Burrito
Rice Box (Burrito but without the wrap)
Chicken Pieces
Mini Fillet
Mini Fillet Burger (literally just a mini fillet in a bun)
Popcorn Chicken
Hot Wings
Chips (fries)

That is the entirity of what I can order anywhere I've been. Aside from the odd "special".

>> No.9255822

>KFC is shit in England. The US actually looks like a somewhat interesting menu. I'm sure it's just crap food still, but has something else at least. The menu in the UK is literally only:

UK KFC is bad, the fries are the shittiest fries out of anywhere.

Even the shitty chicken places like Dellas do better fries than KFC.

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