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Wisconsin produces more cheese than Europe all together. Our cheese is almost always made with real cheese so you know it's good

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what is a "cheese food" is this something they feed to other cheeses?

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Some of the best cheese I've had has been from Wisconsin and some of the worst cheese ive had has been from Wisconsin.

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cheese is food
do europoors not have food?

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>Our cheese is almost always made with real cheese

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>Wisconsin produces more cheese than Europe all together.

The only real Cheddar is made in Cheddar Somerset. Deal with it yank.

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>all those additives
This is why everyone hates your """"cheese"""". You know what's in the peccorino i just bought?
Sheepmilk & salt.

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Had some of this stuff the other day. It was excellent

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Basically this is it, Wisconsin makes most of America's bland mediocre cheese, but it also makes almost all of America's mid and top tier cheese too

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You cannot make cheese without enzymes too

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What Yuropoors like OP don't seem to understand is that us Americans have equal access to cheap processed shit and actual good, high quality cheese. The idea of having choices is baffling to them.

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Quantity =/= quality

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Ye, it's in there too.
looks more like actual cheese

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yeah, ill take this Wisconsin cheddar over any of the "authentic" stuff

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>hand selected by cellar masters

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>pasteurized milk

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What's the deal with this cheese-food stuff?
Is it cheaper than actual cheese? Does it last longer?
Does the deviation from Cheese Reinheitsgebot actually make it tastier than the real thing?
How is it treated in supermarkets and deli counters? Is it universally bottom-bracket stuff, or are there some types that aspire to be greater than real cheese?

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I saved this image a fucking decade ago, yet here we are, with the same old bait.

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Looks like slightly odd coloured Gruyere, which fits with 'caramel and mushroom'

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>he buys the leftover cheese rejected by the cellar masters

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Rich Americans you mean
In europe good cheese is like €3/kg
In Burgerstan it's like $40/lb
inb4 people who don't know what good cheese say this is wrong because tilamook and sargento ''''cheese'''' is cheaper

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why would you ever not want to pasteurize it?

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this isn't true though, and Amerians on average make much more money than Europeans, so you have to consider that. Average Americans have access to all sorts of excellent cheese and all sorts of cheap cheese

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>Americans on average make much more money than Europeans
How is the last hospital bill?

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I have a job, so thats not really a concern. Thats primarily a concern for elderly unhealthy people who have never really worked in their life, a truly tiny proportion of the country.
The average America has considerably more disposable income than the typical European all things considered

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american animal farming is so focused on maximizing yields per acre that the only way to avoid mass consumer fatalities is by feeding the animals a constant supply of antibiotics instead of reserving medicine for actual sick animals. the animals over there are basically on the verge of being overwhelmed by a mass onslaught of environmental pathogens from birth. this is why all the meat has to be soaked in bleach before sale and even cheese has to be pasteurized

they are used to the awful taste and they will claim it's normal

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do americans really make cheese with cheese?

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>pasteurized process
Why do they make "pasteurize" into a past participle but not "process"?
Fuck, that triggers my autistm.

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>is this something they feed to other cheeses

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I heard that most macdonalds cheese served around the world is made in NZ. Made sense to me when their dairy company fonterra is one of the largest in the world, supplies most of chinas infant formula etc. Does this harm the anti dairy argument when their cows live outdoors in the shire?

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>amerikkkans aren't cultured enough to experience turning in their weekly euro ration cards at their local mosque for quality european goods

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>in the shire

That's Rohan, not the Shire, fool.

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>Properly prepared food tastes yucky!

Go back to your European kids menu tendies.

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>be American, mid-30's, living with wife and two kids in a mcmansion in the burbs with only 20 more years of payments to go
>get an awful fever, break down go to the doctor
>get sent to the emergency room and perscribed some potent opiates
>get hit with a six-figure medical bill, take out an emergency HELOC to hire an insurance consultant
>consultant says I'm screwed since having lungs was a pre-existing condition which I failed to report to the insurance firm
>home and car loans default, wife files for divorce, workplace fires me and then goes bankrupt
>neighbors line up on the two-foot-wide sidewalk and clap as I leave the house clutching a bag with three changes of clothes
>opiate withdrawal symptoms kick in while riding the bus to the ghetto

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>getting a fever
better than autism from the vaccines alex jones warned me about

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yeah, thats not how any of this works

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And they have no udders, but the point stands

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Vermont > Wisconsin

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>Wisconsin produces more cheese than Europe all together
Yeah. No.

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>get hit with a six-figure medical bill, take out an emergency HELOC to hire an insurance consultant
If he has a wife, two kids, and a large house, he had medical insurance.
>consultant says I'm screwed since having lungs was a pre-existing condition which I failed to report to the insurance firm
Obamacare made that illegal.

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>Wisconsin produces more cheese than Europe all together.


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OP is a baiting, false flagging Yuropoor.

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But I'm American

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Wisconsin is a cool state. I really like you guys.

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12 year old cheddar? my god in heaven. give me.

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