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Post your best depression meals.

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Good lord that is my entire life up to this point.

I've been on this planet for 26 years too long.

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an entire sleeve of saltines

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half of the container of melon my dad cut up the day prior and two cups of coffee

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>all my squares are covered

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>full sleeve of saltines
The meal of patricians.

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Hard mode: 5 minutes, no drinks.

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Cold and right out of the can

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>have a lot of health problems and get depressed a lot
>thought eating a spoonful of peanut butter if i was hungry and not having dinner for a while was a good idea

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I didn't need this reminder, today.

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>craving a tuna melt
>check cupboard, no canned tuna, only canned sardines
>sardine melt might be alright
>open can
>go to grab bread from freezer (living single, so it's the only way to store bread without it going stale)
>no bread
>closest product is frozen eggo waffles
>feeling the sunk cost fallacy kick in
>"surely I can substitute waffles for bread"
>only cheese in fridge is kraft singles

And that's how I forced myself to eat a sardine and american cheese waffle-melt.

It was as bad as it sounds.

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I don't eat leftovers in front of the fridge. I take them out to the balcony and listen to the police sirens and the radio that the indian restaurant puts in the alleyway for the workers on break to listen to.

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>when you're pouring the juice and the jug slips out of your hand so you lean against the counter with your head in your hands and all of the sudden it's 2AM

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>it's one of those nights where everything on 4chan is hilarious
Just moved to a new city. It's what I needed.

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>a single pickle

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PB&J on whole wheat
glass of milk
dark chocolate

idk what else to get

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wake up call for me.

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my depression fluctuates. so sometimes if I have energy I'll make some bread and just gnaw on that for a few days.
I tried to make beans for protein but they got overcooked because my roommates were in the kitchen and I didn't want to leave my room while they were out there as they might see my awful, messy room and hate me even more.

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you might be able to do better, but it's not a terrible snack; it's got protein for muscle and fat for energy without blood sugar funny business

it's "depression" food because it barely meets nutritional needs without putting in any effort

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>Can't sleep because hungry
>won't eat because I don't care
guess I'll just stare at the ceiling for the next 4 hours.

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Slice of shitty bread and black coffee.

I ate a bowl of cereal because I realized the only thing I've eaten in three days was a slice of bread.

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Does just drinking 12 beers count as a meal?

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I keep some mac and cheese and a bag of frozen peas in the house for when I feel depressed. It's quick, it's easy, and it's not terrible for me.

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doesn't sound that bad. i mean, unhealthy sure. but not that bad

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sounds like an awful place to live

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This was a couple days ago, but I didn't want to make a new thread. Eggs and hot sauce.

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should i save it for shitposting in other threads? i feel like it's not nasty enough. guess i'll save it if i remember to check the thread when i get back home.

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You should be a photographer

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I'm doing that right now.

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No BINGO today.

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Haven't eaten in since saturday. I'm sure my Misaki will knock on my door at any moment now. That big bowl of chicken soup is gonna help me heal.

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Jesus christ, there has never been a point in time that Am*ricans haven't stuffed their mouths with sugary shit now has it

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Ham. Bread. Sometimes just ham or bread.

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That actually doesn't look terrible, soft boiled eggs are great. Add some salt and pepper and maybe a lil paprika and you'd be in business.

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why would you open the sardines before making sure you had everything?

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Trips fully confirm. Also soups; I can hardly be fucked to heat up a can of lentil soup and will spoon it directly into my maw. This seems true even if I have nothing to do and could fully heat it up

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>tfw depressed and all you can make it toast for breakfast

C-could be worse, right guys?

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You could be haunted by ghosts.

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Emotional or economic depression?

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i ate one of those about a year ago and then the next fucking day saw an article about how a factory had fucked up and gotten bits of shredded metal in loads of cans. it's so weird how i can only find articles about a fuck up happening this year but i swear it happened sometime early 2016

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Totino's pizza I let thaw on the counter because I was too lazy to cook it.

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I know the pickle all too well.

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>Lotto cards
>Swisher sweets

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Whatever I can find in my fridge that wont take too long to cook. More than often that's cereal or rice.

You fuckers got me on that rice.

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>he doesn't eat his sleeve of saltines with some butter and whole milk as a drink
some people

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Effexor xr delicious

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>not getting the tasty yellow sips

I bet you don't even have a subscription to Sip Boys Weekly faggot

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this thread is the embodiment of ck holy shit

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That looks delicious keeping in mind I lived mainly on Ja! pizzas and spaghetti my first year as a student.

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anxiety bros [email protected]?
considering popping a xanax and trying to enjoy playing MGS3 but I don't want to become dependent

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getting burned out and having a lack of anxiety is worse than anxiety.

anxiety can get you out of bed and into the kitchen because eventually you start worrying that if you don't, you'll die for sure.

complete apathy and you won't even care to eat food right in front of you while starving to death

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I'm glad I'm not on this anymore. I woukd have gotten filled this board a month ago.

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Pic related

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The last time i overdid xanax i robotically worked for 8 hours on a project because it was just my task. I'm sure if you did xanax after setting out to do what your anxiety drives you to do is probably fine, although i wouldn't suggest it.

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>not just eating everything separately
>not just blending it all up into a shake and chugging it
>not thinking before your stomach

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finally being apathetic enough to die sounds good to me desu
the only thing keeping me alive is the difficulty of finding a painless, quick, and clean way to die
I'm not even being edgy here, I've just stopped caring about anything at all

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>ice cream and lotto tickets

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Quick and painless would be helium AFAIK though I don't really recommend suicide per se. If you really don't care about living anymore why not try a dangerous hobby? Dangerous things tend to be decently cheap and fun.
(ahem, bike hooning, ahem)

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all i ate today was half a bottle of water. i feel like such shit. if your hungry, go to sleep.

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All I ate today was a piece of dust while I was shitting

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Well, at least I quit smoking...

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that's not depression, it's just trashy

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I can't tell if I won or lost

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green tea does it for me most of the time

or any tea really

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>wake up
>work all day
>get home
>rice cooker made me rice while i was out
>eat just that
>go to bed
why are bananas the pinnacle of cuisine?

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>So, bottom line, until we know more, my current thinking on the matter is: if you really like rice, you can moderate your risk by cutting down, choosing lower-arsenic varieties, and cooking it in a way to lower exposure even further. But, if you like other whole grains just as much—like if you simply don’t care either way if you have rice vs. quinoa, or whatever, I’d choose the lower-arsenic option.

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you misunderstand anon, I don't enjoy anything anymore.

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trips of truth. I've been trying to find that balance between apathy and anxiety for nigh on 20 years and it's only gotten harder instead of easier.

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>choose the lower-arsenic option

man I love bananas but they make me fart so much I could parasail cross country by putting on rollerskates and tying a bedsheet to my ass.

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Your microbiome will adapt and produce much less gas if you eat bananas and other whole plant foods regularly. Or maybe not. Some people just have fructose malabsorption.

Arsenic is a non-threshold carcinogen, that's why.

>> No.9307576

>Arsenic is a non-threshold carcinogen, that's why.
right but this is a thread full of depressed people, is what I'm saying.

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So close.

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Here's one of my own creations, the "Cheeseburger".
>one hamburger bun, top optional, you can use two bottoms like a Mc Griddle if it's what you pull out of the bag first. You can't use two tops though, that'd be weird.
>four slices of salami
>American cheese
>Texas Pete hot sauce because ketchup would be weird
600% of your daily sodium intake. It was pretty fucking hard to get down.

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Sometimes the only memory that gets me by in life is remembering my bitch ass mother who made 1500 a month in child support and would buy bare minimum shit for my brothers and I while decking out the house with shit she wanted like treadmills and at home tanning stations that she wanted. Top quality foods for herself and great value price first stuff for us.

>Hungry at 3 am during summer vacation back in HS
>Ate the last of the peanut butter earlier in the day
>One sleeve of saltines left
>Pour myself the last cup of milk into a Mason jar, 3/4 full
>Sit in the dark with only the light from the microwave to illuminate me and occasionally the flood lights for the Florida possums crawling around outside.
>Brother, few years younger, HS too, wakes up soon after and walks out looking for food.
>end up sharing the last sleeve of crackers and jar of milk together sitting in silence.

True family bonding right there.

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jeez that's sad, i hope you're doing well now

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Green Is My Pepper

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A whole family size bag of tortilla chips eaten at a slow but constant pace.

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>Tfw you realize nignogs who make 5 trips to the liquor store for a 40 oz are suffering from the same depression you are when you wait in line behind them with a bottle of vodka.

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I wish I could buy £1000 worth of these and just eat them until I die.

Though I think it would just make me healthier.

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>food from a plastic pouch
You must be pretty fucked up m8

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too real

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Normally you would have a good point but the nutritional content in this is pretty on point:

Per 100g:
Energy kJ 688
Energy kCal 165
Fat (g) 8.6
of which saturates (g) 1.2
of which polyunsaturates (g) 2.6
Carbohydrate (g) 13
of which sugars (g) 4
Fibre (g) 2.5
Protein (g) 7.6
Salt (g) 0.84

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canned spaghetti on toast with grated cheese and ham.

You use the ends of a loaf of bread because they are typically thicker and can withstand absorbing some of the sauce, you toast it whilst nuking/heating up the spaghetti on the stove, then butter it asap and make sure spaghetti is very hot, then dump it on top of ham and cheese covered toast, and it creates this melted cheesy mix thats very filling and probably close to 800-900 calories.

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>wake up
>stomach hurting from hunger/hangover, but laying in semi foetal position is easier
>eventually motivate self to eat, not out of hunger, but out of desire to stop stomach pain
>no food/no food easy enough to cook
>load bong with tobacco
>hunger and pain abated
Works every time

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Am I the only one that gets comfort food when depressed.

I use food to feed my emotions. I've learned that now. That and the eating in front of the TV

>> No.9308662

This is degenerate core not depress

>> No.9308739

Nah I do that shit too. Gained like 20 lbs in the last month due to this.

>> No.9308766

>Ja! brand shit

As a foreign exchange student to Germany with depression many years ago this really brought back some shit memories.

Good 'za though.

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>Why are you eating ice cream?
>You eat ice cream every day

>> No.9308790

>come home from work at 7pm
>order uber eats and binge
>throw half a turkish garlic bread into waste paper basket
>come home from work at 8pm
>take it out of wastepaper basket
>eat it

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