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>see amazing burger
>it's been ruined with an egg

what is your favorite food, and the fastest way to ruin it.

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>What is your favorite food?
Striploin steak

>What's the fastest way to ruin it?
Undercooking it and serving it bloody

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Eggs on burgers are god tier cunt

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Opinion discarded.

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why do people like huge burgers/sandwiches that won't fit in the average persons mouth without having to unhinge your jaw? that thing doesn't even look like it can be easily compressed to fit in your mouth without making a huger mess and getting yolk everywhere. this is a really shitty fad.

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You can discard my opinion all you want but it won't stop you from being a cunt. Eggs on burgers ftw

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Because you're meant to eat them with knife and fork
Thats like asking why doesnt an entire meatloaf fit into your mouth at once, ITS NOT MEANT TO FIT.

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Honestly I'm sick and tired of seeing every sandwich with an egg slapped on it because it's the fucking fidget spinner of food.

Just gnarls my chiclets.

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Bacon and eggies are the le redit of /ck/

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Part of me is afraid you're serious.

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>What is your favorite food?

>What's the fastest way to ruin it?
Bite into it and its just layers of fat throughout it, that make it basically inedible.

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Can we add avocado to that list? Adding avocado to a dish is the equivalent to watering down a beverage. Flavourless, shitty textures. Just all around and ass veggie.

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>favorite food
Coney dogs
>ruin it
Add cheese

I know it seems like a stupid thing, but it's the ultimate comfort for me and a perfect combination of ingredients, I feel like adding cheese is just too much, the hot dog is fatty/greasy tasting enough, adding cheese to me upsets the balance and is overload

Although I do enjoy it with a side of chili cheese fries, ideally, I just don't like it on the dog itself, just chili sauce onions and mustard

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Turkey bacon on pizza. My mom doesn't like pork and she would buy turkey bacon instead of normal bacon. It's ok by itself of on a bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, but it's disgusting on pizza or in carbonara.

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Hold up, maybe for you Americans (North Americans actually and not even that KEK). But here in Puerto Rico it has been part of our culture for a looooooooong time. Usually with a meat, rice and beans. Also, try adding salt to the avocado, the taste changes completely. It is just a trend for you guys because you like to steal other countries' food and then grow tired of it.

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>favorite food
egg shells

>fastest way to ruin it
people fucking cracking the egg open and not eating the yolk and egg whites inside along with the shell

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>puerto rico
>eating plant matter of any kind whatsoever
I spent a week there and didn't see a single fruit or vegetable. You guys make flyover americans seem like vegan extremists.

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Favorite food is fried eggs. Fastest way to ruin it is by pairing it with a burger.

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The standard "flyover" meal is meat, potato or bread, and vegetables

Fruit is a common if not daily part of breakfast and/or lunch, usually banana or apple

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Big lenny is that you?

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I really hope this is bait. I'm not even going to answer, just go to google and then come back and be like "well yeah! But I only went to fast foods"

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no, I didn't go to any fast food places. the most "inauthentic" place I went to was some old-timey restaurant in old san juan that was supposed to be the same as it was in like the 50s, otherwise it was in smaller towns eating whatever the locals were eating

I really don't see what you're getting defensive over, I even asked someone there what the deal was with the lack of vegetables everywhere and he laughed and said something mildly condescending about how just because it's an island doesn't mean they're primitive or something like that

I guess ricans think eating nothing but huge heaps of meat and fried starch is a sign of success?

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Whoever spoke to you really wanted to get an answer out of their ass. Listen, I work in the tourism area from Puerto Rico. Sometimes I see how people misinform people coming into our little island (archipielago, country? Whatever). We eat a lot of yuca, plantain (mofongo, amarillos, tostones, etc), ñame, bananas, malanga, pana, sweet potato, potato, corn, rice, beans (red, black, pink, white, etc), carrots, pumpkin, mangoes, passion fruits, avocado (to your annoyance), mandarins, grapefruits. And many other things considered plants or 'nature'. Yes I get offended; but because of the misinformation given to you and the one that you could share to others about us.

(The place you probably went was Barrachina, and not that is bad; but it doesn't represent our food.)

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>97% starchy root vegetables and starchy fruit mixed with lard and salt
but that's my point exactly. you consider mofongo to be a "salad"

I love that stuff don't get me wrong but how can you eat it EVERY DAY?

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oh also yeah, Barrachina. I liked it but yeah it didn't resemble the stuff I had out in the middle of nowhere with the neighborhood stray dog running around in the dust

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Cabrón what the fuck do you want from us? We are eating natural things. You wanted more leaves and vegetables that you find in your own country? I am actually curious. I mean, imo what you are trying to say is that you want your preferences on another country. You want to fucking colonize us again ;-;

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Hes Puerto Rican, the most insectoid type of spic. Nutrition means little to them

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Facts out your ass?

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t. inspictoid

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what's it like having literally the original English dialect, and then we just came along and made you sound like sludge-eating troglodytes

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>it's the fucking fidget spinner of food.
You're wrong, let me explain why.

Tonight as I was having an egg burger for dinner, I suddenly thought to myself, "Is cheese the fidget spinner of food?". As you might notice, egg is a bit of a strange choice for a burger topping, but I've completely abandoned cheese after it started reaching meme status thanks to Epic Meal Time and other such youtube channels.

But think about it, cheese is so fucking autistic. Americans love putting it on everything, they have to have cheese on everything or they start convulsing and throwing retard tantrums. It's the perfect analog to fidget spinners. ADHD kids need their spinners or else they can't function, and Americans need their shitty amuse-bouche for their autistic ADHD tongues.

I recommend that you try the egg lifestyle and see how it treats you. If nothing else, I can guarantee that it is a lot classier than being an autistic cheesefag.

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He's right on both counts though.

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Say buddy, can yall tell me howdy gedda Lyechester Squayah?

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I bet this guy doesn't even order crab legs when he goes to the cinema

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i like egg and cheese together

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this. but not with runny yolk

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>fav food

>fastest way to ruin it

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You're eating shitty avacados, friend.

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You mean sinew?
If your steak doesn't have a nice fat content you're doing it wrong

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I know, man. Leave the pineapple off and the entire thing may as well be garbage.

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You have never had a Cincy style coney then, have you?

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>see amazing burger
>some disgusting hipster faggot has put fucking avacado on it

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This shit gets posted in every thread about burgers. I've never had a problem and my mouth is relatively tiny.

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ITT: It's 2004. Just wait until 2025 when they get pretzel rolls wherever you live.

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The telly is the TV. We just say phone.

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>Favorite food:

>Fastest way to ruin it:
Put raw fish on it

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im from cincinnati, born and raised, and i love skyline- gold star is just ok.
i NEVER mention cincinnati chili to anyone who doesnt know because i know to outsiders, its gross. i understand that, it does look and sound kind of gross (runny meat sauce with chocolate). i just dont want to have to explain or defend my hometown food

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there is no blood in steak, time to go back to school

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I think anon was referring to uncooked fat.
There is a difference between rare and raw.

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>cheese scone burger

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>favorite food

>fastest way to ruin
Not mixing the pasta & sauce before serving and letting it sit for 5 mins

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>not mixing the whole amount with the sauce immediately and then eating it over a couple of days.

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Fat slices of slimy mushrooms on anything. Who wants to eat something that i could grow in the shitter.

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this desu

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I knew one of you retards would show up here.

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The only reason to add egg is if you are bodybuilder or athlete who needs more protein....really doesn't do much for taste or texture to a well made burger

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that shit is going to get gross before you can even finish it

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It can't get gross if it starts gross.

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So you've never had an egg on a burger then? It absolutely does affect the taste and texture (fucking runny yolk?)

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X-egg is the best sandwich, get out of my board

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I like to slit the egg yolk so that it evenly covers the burger like a sauce.

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>best way to ruin

I even make my wings overcooked because I prefer the texture.

also any fruit that is underripe is so fucking bad

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Favorite food
>fried chicken

fastest way to ruin
> still pink near the bone

Had some last week, the skin and shit was delicious but i couldnt stomach the bulk of the meat because it was all undercooked at the bone. I know it's hard to perfect but if you restaurant is literally a chicken and waffles house you'd better manage it.

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>Gloriously messy
Do people actually enjoy being messy? Or is this just a piggish subset?
t. autist that never wanted to play in the mud like everyone else

>> No.9306286

I don't mind being messy alone at home but in public at a restaurant or with people it's just miserable. It's more how i picture myself looking like a fat child.

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>nice well-done porter house shining with juices
>soaked in molasses, sugar and honey

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>well-done porterhouse

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Do you retards even bother tasting foods before you dismiss them in an attempt to be a snowflake?

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>thinks avocado is a veggie

>> No.9307337

It's grease and grass flavored.
You can try fooling yourself by calling it "buttery" and "pleasantly green" but it's fucking grease and grass.

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This. It's hard enough when out of town family members spin their forks to eat chili spaghetti

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>potato salad
>putting hard boiled eggs in it

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Why don't you just go to McDonalds and get a fucking McNuffin?

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Ruined by:
-Too tall to eat without deconstruction
-Too slimey to eat without filling slipping

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>how to ruin a burger

1: serving it on garbage bread like brioche or a bucking biscuit(?)
2:onion strings
0: cooking it over mid-rare

I think a runny egg on a burger is great, but messy to eat, which is why I eat that kind of a burger with a knife and fork; it's not like you're ordering a burger like that from a drive through, but I feel like people who start threads like this have never had anything that doesn't come from a place with a drive through.

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>not like you're ordering a burger like that from a drive through
in bulgaria only street vendors offer burgers with egg. the hipster "gourmet" places don't have that i think. but then again, the yolk is never runny

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>add avocado and imitation crab

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>Favorite food

>Best way to ruin it
Putting milk in it. I don't know why but I've never liked milk in my cereal and always ate it dry.

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>You wanted more leaves and vegetables that you find in your own country?
Well, yes, if I had seen more greens I might have come away with a different impression. They don't have to be the same leaves as I eat in my home city, the climate is different and that would be ridiculous. But other hot tropical places manage to grow, and eat, leafy greens. Southeast Asia for instance. So it's not like you can't. It's that you don't want to. I'm not telling you that you have to eat X or Y, but the total absence of anything green really blew my mind. Doesn't even have to be green. Just. Something other than brown and glistening with oil. That kind of thing is nice, like once a week. Every day is a bit heavy don't you think?

I saw a lot of obesity on the island, surely no coincidence.

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It's a bit difficult to be a fatass in an island were the weather is almost 100° every day. But listen man, what you are saying is simply ridiculous if you come to think about it. Personally even though we have a culture, it's not like we eat that every day. Because of the US, we have other food options. Now, you literally want to change what we have been eeting for hundred of years. That's like telling an apple tree to give oranges.

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