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Is imported butter a meme? I don't taste a big difference.

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buy lurpak butter retard

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What makes it special?

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I dunno about Finlandia, but this Kerrygold shit is no joke.

I think the important thing is that the cows were grass-fed.

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Butter in general is a meme. Margarine tastes the same and is healthier.

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I used to like that but I feel like now it is too much associated with bulletproof coffee and Joe Rogan. Unless a store has self checkout I refuse to let a cashier see me buying that and think I'm into some faggy fad.

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I think you underestimate just how little other people care about what you're buying.

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No one cares except you. The most I'd ever think if I decided to intently watch you select butter for some reason is that you at either have good taste or are just buying the fancier looking butter because you are insecure.

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Have you tried looking up meme in the dictionary, that might help.

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When i do my groceries high i like to look at people's carts and try to extrapolate about their life. If i see a guy buying just coffee and butter i just think he lives near the store. I'll judge you more just for being a self conscious bitch. Also consider that I sometimes go shopping high, so i'm probably not someone you should worry about judging you despite being the only person who gives a shit.

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Where's your laughinggrills.bmp?

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> No one cares except you
And that is enough for me. When I go shopping it is a competition to see who can have the best shopping basket and I am judging everyone.

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Its good to show your friends youre hip.
Otherwise its just fucking butter millions of finns eat every day.

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I thought Finlandia was a vodka.

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>not being perpetually high or drunk and forced to shop through it
>not forgetting everything you came for every single time you go
>not being epileptic and living in the US, unable to drive
>not living on top of a giant hill with 300 stairs and two 300 foot long ramps
>being tolerant of the sun
>not having seizures every time you go

It's like you enjoy your life or something.

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Meh, if you're not paying my bills then you don't get to criticize what I spend my money on.

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I get Amish butter. 2lbs for 8 bucks

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>Amish butter

How's the taste?

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I bought some of this shit to try out. Tasted the same as regular butter. Complete rip off.

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>European style
>Native American mascot

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It's pretty bad and that guy is paying double the actual price.

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>literally made just for you by hard-churning Amish lolis
kys my man

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Your cashier probably doesn't give a fuck,care,or know who he is.

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And this is why I hate fucking shopping in the middle of the day because of judgemental fucks like you.
I don't need you fucks judging me when I hate a basket full of hot pockets and lunchables. I can spend my money how I want.

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Same desu

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Now imagine the cashier's thoughts. After my selection of fresh veggies, spices, expensive meats, and overpriced spices and oils is done and she sees your pile of freezer food and bachelor chow. You think she has anything to do for 8 hours but sit there and look at people's stuff and make up narratives in her head? Who looks better, you or me? I don't even eat half the shit I buy, I'm just too pressured to not look like a slob at the checkout that I load it up with fancy shit that rots and gets thrown out. Find a Target with self checkout and buy your junk there, that's what I do.

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What is this mass autism? Why do you care if a tired-ass wageslave notices what you buy?

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>not caring what other members of society think of you
let me guess, you wear cargo shorts

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Grass Fed cows, slow churned butter (causing small fat crystals) and higher fat content/lower water content

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No, but I never wear shoes unless I have to, if you just want something to come at me about. Slides or 'flops year-round. Everyone has to look at my sick deformed toes and there isn't fuck they can do about it.

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You're scum.

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What's wrong with Joe rogan

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Hey fuck you cargo shorts are comfy and useful. They let me carry my DS without having to break out my fanny pack

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If you have to ask...

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Stay buttblasted. We've already established that I don't care about your feefees, sweaty, so feel free to say what you want. Exercise dat freedum of sperg.

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Inform me

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nothing wrong with him other than being a douche occasionally. other than that he's typically pretty fucking open minded and willing to listen.

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He's a meathead bro-tier DUDE DMT LMAO pseudointellectual manlet retard

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Not really. He talks about stuff he's interested in sometimes but usually just gets weird guests and lets them talk about whatever field they're in. If they bring up shit he's interested in he's not just going to stay silent.

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will never eat other butter again>>9306345

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name sounds too racist

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at least its pure butter...

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This is some of the best butter I have tried.. Definitely worth the few extra pennies. Though, I am sure there is a domestic dairy which produces a butter of a similar quality, but I have not found it yet.

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mmmh du vrai bon beurre, j'ai envie de l'étaler sur mon visage...

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the fuck is this

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What do you think a meme is?

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>butter hipsters

For real? Fucking for real? Just get a land o lakes like everyone else and quit being fag

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>no added hormons*

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nigger what?this is the shittiest butter ever, its probably the most common sold in my country, and recently there were some tests on the top sold butters here and this was among the 5-6 that actually lie about their content

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>salted butter


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>Margarine tastes the same and is healthier.
How shit butter they have fed you?

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Hormone-making lobbies made it so that in America, when a packaging says "no hormones," you are required to add a disclaimer that says added hormones are not bad for you.

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That's a damn good shop.

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What the fuck

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This is a very strong tasting butter, very rich.

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Joe rogan is an unbearably smug pseudointellectual who happily shames people over having an opinion different to his own. None of what he talks about is even nearly as deep or meaningful as he'd like to believe. His continued use of steroids is leaving him with a massively inflated, pretentious ego. If you enjoy listening to le passive aggressive man waffle on for an hour about topics he has an extremely limited understanding of then I guess hes not bad

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He also thinks he's Ted Nugent.

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t. never watched Rogan

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>Uncooked eggs

Wtf, Rogan?!

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>unsalted butter




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Sorry, I should have said hes not bad if you dont mind listening to someone talk about something then every 5 minutes having Joe butt in with something so stupid it makes them pause for a moment

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>Putting salt on pancakes

Highly irregular.

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Does he drink the pool of oil at the end? Keto gainz right?

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why does it look like shit every time, and that pool of oil so healthy.
Whats chipotle mayo btw.

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>he doesn't eat like he wants to swing around zombie kettlebells and gigantic battle ropes

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the pool of oil is the Rogan piece de resistance

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>using The Nuge's name in the same breath as that other guy
>pic related

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kerrygold has a really good flavor but its shit for making pie dough, its great for cookies though

>> No.9308743

Shoutout to DeviantOllaman who turned me on to this masterpiece. Every bit of toast i make that uses this tastes so damn good. Kerrygold is whers its fuckin at

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>Lion neither has sword trough forehead or turned into spurdo
Yritä edes

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This isn't European. It isn't made with grass fed cow's cream.

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You sound insecure

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Helvetti mitä humpuukia oikeesti

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>go to trader joes
>go to checkout
>dude there says "very healthy choices today"

I can't tell if he was patronizing me or not, I'm not (visibly) fat

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Reminder that ghee is the alpha male's choice.

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>mental illness

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>Meme failure

I'm kind of like a meme expert and it always annoys me when people get there memes wrong, I've been into meme (almost studied) since I was a kid and I'm almost 30 now. If you're going to meme just make sure you do it right buddy because 4chan is like the best meme place on the internet and you're making yourself look stupid in front of all the anons. Just a little advice next time you use the south park profit meme it's only 4 lines not 5.

Just trying to help "Newfags" become better at posting to get the best meme out there, a good tip would be to

>Lurk moar

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Is that black butter on the right?

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I find this one is actually the worst of "fancy" butter and basically the same as regular. It used to be good but recently no.

Finlandia and Kerrygold are both good though

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good edid

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>basically the same as regular

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Cashier here, I'm only judging if you buy too much junk food on EBT.

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Usually Mexicans buy fresh vegetables, meats and spices. Healthfags buy more fruit, and people with kids buy more junk food.
Singles always buy frozen meals and comfort junk food like snack cakes. You can tell the sad ones apart from the rest.
One more thing is that grocery stores play music that subliminally encourages you to buy emotional eating food.

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Sweet cream butter is all the same, but cultured butter like plugra you plebs

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No it's a finger box


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Steven is that you?

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i got some of this shit, its p good

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I could care less

>> No.9312503

>I could care less
You mean couldn't

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i can tell you watched joe rogan for 30 minutes and he said one thing you didnt like.

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Sheep do not concern themselves with the opinions of grass.

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The difference is in the fat content. It doesn't seem like much, but it makes a difference in baked goods

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triple distilled kek

>> No.9316451

Seriously, I just got a part time at a store and was immediately thrown off by the diet of the average American. The people who load up on packaged processed shit also spend 3 times what someone who buys fresh meat, veg, and rices does and looks 3 times worse.

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>burnt, oily eggs
>whole avocado
>chunks of garlic
>pool of oil
>oil in coffee
>kombucha meme tea
This is what tesosterone induced vanity does to you. This man must use a whole roll of tp each time he shits

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Also no salt or pepper. Sad!

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Irish butter is the only butter I eat, it's god-tier. Whenever I leave the country it just doesn't taste the same.

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While were talking imported, rule of thumb, buying California Olive Oil is generally better than Italy or imported brands

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Buying as local as possible is almost always better than any import imo

>> No.9318004

>California Olive Oil is generally better than Italy

>> No.9318061

italians are scam artists in the OO trade, tests show they're usually 50%+ filler oil

>> No.9318211

More like rebranded oil, I bet 9/10 of the shit you buy doesn't even come from where the label says.

>> No.9318226

I feel so bad for Burger-made products. They get slapped with that "MADE IN USA" label that INSTANTLY makes them worse and harder to sell than anything made in UK.

>> No.9318269

Pretty sure a large amount of Italian olive oils brands get there olives from Greece. A bunch of Greeks don't have the money for modern bottling facilities that would allow them to export but have high quality olives, so they have to sell that shit to the Italians for cheap. It's not a bad product, but labeling it as Italian olive oil is misleading.

>> No.9318289

Italy has the most stric regulations in europe regarding food, that shit doesn't fly.

There are olive oils that are a mix, but it's always specified on the label.

>> No.9318330

Oh sure, it usually has small print on the back where the olives where sourced. Meanwhile the front has huge Italien flags and says product of Italy.

You're also assuming that none of these companies are skirting the laws in place. It's not like any other European companies cheat on regulations, right? Perhaps companies with far more oversight?

>> No.9318334

>I'm too lazy to turn the bottle and read the label
>help I'm being mislead

Tipical american.

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my grandma buys this one

>> No.9318361

>Italy has the most stric regulations in europe regarding food, that shit doesn't fly.

Regulations don't mean shit; the olive oil business is literally controlled by the mafia. It sounds like a bad movie plot but it is seriously true. There is rampant corruption in the Italian olive oil industry. Google it. Or better yet, set google's language settings and translation to Italian and then read.

I'm sure olive oil gets fucked with all over the place. But there really is a major problem with organized crime cheating people in the olive oil business in Italy. I don't mean things like "read the fine print". I mean totally falsifying the documentation and selling dyed generic vegetable or soybean oils as "olive". Research it.

>> No.9318371


Not a patch on Norman butter lad.

>> No.9318381

Greece and Spain export more olive oil to the USA than Italy.

>> No.9318384

I'm sure they do.

I wasn't talking about Greece and Spain, I was simply talking about the industry in Italy. Notice that the post I replied to was discussing Italy specifically.

>> No.9318434

Until I see somebody buy chips and hungry man with food stamps and use their cash to buy cigarettes. Then I get to judge all I want.

>> No.9318577

>not buying superior Lurpak

>> No.9319173

The FDAs rules for American produced food are infamously bad. They'll let you lot eat anything.

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I live in France and this is one of the lowest grade butter you find on the booth lemao, I don't even understand why they would export this shit.

I use this because I like my food having actual taste in it, but this is probably unavailable in other countries or like 50 bucks for a pound so yeah

>> No.9319288

Just use margarine if you're looking for taste if you're not willing or able to buy the good stuff. Margarine is made to taste like high quality butter. The color is pretty close, too. You won't get any grassy notes, but it's quite close. Modern butter is low quality and bland for the most part. It's always funny watching the purists pretend that margarine is some kind of awful disgusting concoction that is nothing like butter. In fact, they are right because the butter they are used to is bland churned cream made faster and cheaper than a richly flavored quality butter with it's higher fat content and delicious fermented notes. Their disdain for margarine is actually a preference for low quality butter. Try some margarine and see for yourself what good butter tastes like.

>> No.9319298

>I live in France and this is one of the lowest grade butter you find on the booth lemao, I
Yeah I thought so, other anon laughed at me, but I could pretty much tell it's not any better and is just trying to cash in as a fancy export

>> No.9319300

Poor troll.

>> No.9319305

holy fuck, are americans so desperate to find actually good butter that they'd have to resort to such drastic measures? Margarine tastes like shit when compared to real butter, and if you say that it's actually a good substitute then I might actually start to feel real sad for you.

>> No.9319327

>grape candy tastes nothing like real grapes
Oh look, it's another American who doesn't even know that grape flavoring tastes almost exactly like a grape native to their own country. Someday, you'll taste real butter, too, when Wendy's offers artisan butter buttered bun burgers.

>> No.9319339

>TFW from Wisconsin and not allowed to buy this

>> No.9319352

>crapped hot farts
Superb attention to detail

>> No.9320033

french anon is flechard butter or margarine? saw it for about 6 usd for a kg. is it any good?

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fucking forgot to attach the image

>> No.9320071

This might be one of the most retarded questions I've seen on this post so I'm not gonna answer this

Concerning it's quality, well, it's another mass produced garbage so don't expect much.

>> No.9320085

Have any of you ever had goat butter? I am interested in trying it.

>> No.9320091

I keep hearing people rave about this shit
Is it actually good or did it just attain random maymay status?

>> No.9320116

If you are using it for baking, don't bother. HEB store brand butter and it are indisinguishable. If you are going to butter fresh bread, this has a deeper flavor to it. Think the difference between shit yellow olive oil and good quality almost green olive oil. Also to the Anons earlier, both California and Greece olive oil is of excellent quality. As an American I tend for Californian just because it's cheaper in cost for the same quality and I am sure of the origin (whereas if it isn't directly from Greece, you can't really be sure).

>> No.9320130

So, try it.

>> No.9320141

i've seen some faux butter and margarines labeled as butter so i was a bit skeptical since it's cheap

got this in singapore though hope it's good thanks anon

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fuck forgot the image again

>> No.9320161

They use Olives and insert other oils in the bottle to save money, then sell it as olive oil.

>> No.9320186

This one is absolutely orgasmic though, as I said in

>> No.9320907

Apparently Finlandia is a subsidiary of Valio. Dunno though how it compares to Valio products.

>> No.9321397


Why do people heat milk on a stove instead of just microwaving it?
I'm genuinely curios. Is there a benefit?

>> No.9321426

I only ever heat milk when I'm cooking, and therefore I already have a pan on the stove that's hot and ready for the milk to go in. It seems like a waste of time and it gets another container dirty to go microwave the milk before it goes into the dish. It's also counterproductive because the rule for getting a good lump-free sauce/soup/etc, is to start with hot roux and add COLD milk.

My stove is also a lot faster. 5,000 watt burner vs. 1200 watt microwave is no contest.

>> No.9321503

It's rice...

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