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Jesus christ, Favreau. It's just grilled cheese.

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Looks comfy. I'd have browned BOTH sides of the bread slice before putting on the cheese though. I sometimes make myself Monte Christo sandwiches where everything is dunked in whipped egg before frying. A satisfying complete meal.

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>Dip bread in egg.
>Toast in a pan.
>Add the egg on top.
>Sprinkle on pepperjack cheese when near finished.

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So stupid

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essential numale core

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>That'll be 12$ plus tax, and the 40% tip

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You're pathetic.

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... what the fuck does that have to do with someone cooking something for themselves?

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You're a bitch

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Newmail detected

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Yeah, this shit makes me REEEEEEEE like no other. That much cheese and grease is disgusting.

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Its a metaphor

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Doesn't look that difficult. I'd use a bit less cheese though, that thing's too gooey and I like some crunch on my sandwich. If you want more sandwich, make two of them instead of overusing cheese.

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It's for his son

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>he doesn't make his kids pay for food

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>try this on a regular pan
>crunchy parts of bread stick to pan

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>not cooking both sides of the bread

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No, they don't. Learn how to season your cookware.

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>uses a chopping board just to cut a sandwich in half

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His wife's son :^)

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I hate self-insert vanity projects like this. Nobody wants to look at your ugly, fat ass for 90 minutes, Favreau, least of all the gorgeous women you cast to pretend their pussies are soaked over you.

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there's so much crunch in that thing, listen to the audio of that scene it's disgusting

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but muh crumbs

also checked

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I was tricked into watching it because it was listed under "comedy." It wasn't fucking even a little funny and his aglio e olio looked terrible.

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can we stop having these threads

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why is this webm ALWAYS in the catalog on this shitty board

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autism, that's why

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French toast, eggs and cheese. Congrats faget. Full breakfast.

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>Oh yeah, and I think for my ex-wife and the waitress that wants to fuck me I'll cast two of the greatest sex symbols of this generation. What? I'm a lovable guy!

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Mayonnaise on grilled cheese. That shouldn't bother me, but it does.

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This triggers the retard

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I thought it was a maymay for years but then tried it and was pleasantly surprised

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what the fuck

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The whole movie is about his experience working on Iron Man 2

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> slathers butter all over bread
> you would think he'd just toss the bread right on the hot griddle and let it melt the butter and cook with that. but nope..
> drizzles oil on the griddle instead.
> as if there weren't enough heart disease on this one sandwich, the maniac butters the bread once again after it has cooked.
that's no grilled cheese that's a fucking butter and oil sandwich.

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Don't forget the jirzya tax.

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who gives a fuck if it tastes good retard

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what triggers me is all of this on top of what looks like slice from a 50c loaf of bread. Why make such a show of muh love of cooking while using shitty bread?

a butter and oil sandwich doesn't taste good.

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butter tastes good and you are in denial.

also he uses white bread because it makes for a better grilled cheese. enjoy being a sophomore culinary retard while it lasts

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Now, John, shouldn't you be working on raping The Lion King?

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There's no way all that cheese would melt without taking forever and burning the bread to hell. It's literally 6 slices of cheese.

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Are you one of those fuckers that always win at the slot machines?

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>can't make a grilled cheese for shit

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All that time spent on no nutritional value

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the funny thing is that this is supposed to be some inspirational 'he still got it!' cooking scene when in reality it's fucking trash and the type of shit you'd see Ramsay fisting up a chef's asshole on kitchen nightmares.

sasuga, america.

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I just use the oven desu
It works great

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No, it's supposed to show the level of attention, perfectionism and indulgence he lavishes on even the most mundane food he prepares for his passive and unaffected kid.

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why the fuck would I season a stainless steel pan you fuckwad.

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If this was a recipe written in plain English, none of the children REEEEing in this thread would have a problem. But, because its filmed pretentiously, and because its a maymay, literal children cannot bear to entertain the thought that this would taste good

>> No.9328776


>filmed pretentiously

Care to explain why I should accept that characterisation? Seems to me that it represents the process of making the sandwich without much faff.

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That money is going to put his kids through college someday.

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Is this a joke?

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No. What's pretentious about it?

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The "artistic" and dramatic camera angles for a man making a grilled cheese, and favreaus intense concentration and delicate touch. This is what spawned "Jesus Christ Favreau, its just a sandwich", but clearly you are brain damaged and cant make the connection

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>artistic camera angles

So, basically the fact that it's a movie. None of the camera angles are confusing or obscure, what the fuck is pretentious about it?

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Do you even know what pretentious means you massive, oxygen starved retard?

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looks pretty good to me.

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Yes, which is why I'm pressing you to explain why the camera angles are pretentious. What is the pretence? The scene is a professional chef lavishing an unusual amount of attention on a grilled cheese. How would you film it if you wanted that to come across?

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>chef with tattoo

I lose my appetite when I see shit like that.

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completely agree. cover that shit up at least

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honestly, is the El Hefe character the one of the worst father figures in recent history?

>ya son become a cook, and you too can have broken marriages, live itinerant out of a shitty, broken down van selling sandwiches to hicks while struggling with obesity!

Any parent suggesting hospo as a career for their children should be locked up.

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Where is the attention, perfectionism and indulgence in the multi-cheese-lesterol lard-wich? It's time to stop making shit up, fatty.

>> No.9328919

Have you even watched the webm? I don't understand how you can be this clueless, unless you are autistic

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Are 4chan users outside of /tv/ really this artistically inept?

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pretty much, only /tv/ has the eye for style and nuance that I need when appreciating looking at a sandwich being made

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The attention is clearly visible. He watches the sandwich cook, makes sure the butter is spread evenly, adjusts the heat and so on. The indulgence is also clearly visible in the amount of butter and cheese he puts in. Are you even considering the meaning of the words?

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Are /tv/tards really this inept at cooking that they think that pathetic webm of tendies-tier cooking is supposed to convey 'attention, perfectionism and indulgence'? Stick to what you know; bane and braap shitposts and kindly shut the fuck up.

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>Butter taste good

That's not the point you fucking idiot. Oil and butter do not taste good together. It's also just fucking redundant and unnecessary.

Its also looks like he isn't even using a blended oil like you would find in most commercial kitchens; he used fucking olive oil with his butter cheese sandwich. Get your head out of your ass, you know nothing about cooking.

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butter and olive oil is like the biggest fucking mistake you can make in the kitchen, don't bother arguing with these mcnugget loving manchildren.

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Thank you anon.

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It's the /tv/tards who shit on this clip all the time you fuckwit. It is objectively apparent that he is paying close attention to the food and being liberal with the indulgent ingredients he's using, consult a dictionary.

>> No.9329370

>mass produced cheese, butter, white bread

The Americans have woken up lads. Don't you guys have an eclipse to get blinded by?

>> No.9329378

You got it wrong, they worship the eclipse as an aspect of Jesus 'Cowboy' Christ, first american president on the moon and inventor of the pizza (vegetable).

>> No.9329413

The "pizza is a vegetable" meme has to do with what's considered a proper meal for children's lunches. Lunches have to include a veggie and congress, specifically for pizza, said the tomato paste on a pizza counted as a vegetable to make school lunches more flexible.

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cheese and butter are textbook 'indulgent' ingredients. and buddy, if you get your ingredients off a shelf, it's mass produced you dumb cunt. the person who cooked that grilled cheese is a professional chef acting as a consultant for the movie: he may not even be a good cook by industry standards, but he's definitely better than you.

>> No.9329465

fucking hell lad, you've really paid attention to the publicity pack of a flick from 2014 haven't you?

>cheese and butter are textbook 'indulgent' ingredients.
he's still at it. Love dem Americans: Even when you're wrong, just say it louder.

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literal autism. What were you trying to prove here? Apart from Americans being tasteless slobs with a lack of vocabulary?

>> No.9329572


>james martin

>> No.9329608

>seek help

>> No.9329646

leave, faggots.

>> No.9329667

you're a fucking moron kek

>> No.9329673

You literally googled searched the words indulgent together with cheese and butter, you could do that with any fucking ingredient. Hell you could do that with taking a 13" dildo up your fucking arse and still get google results you fucking mongoloid.

What are you trying to prove? Other than the fact you are a moron.

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not getting many culinary results for this one

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>> No.9329693

>all of a sudden neglects to place quotations around keywords

High functioning autism is no excuse to play coy, mouth-breather.

>> No.9329697

Am I the only one here who liked this movie? I've seen it 3 times now

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Looks like it you fucking dink

>> No.9329959

It was OK at best. Not good enough to watch more than once.

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Butter and olive oil can work. You're very stupid if you don't think it can.
When making Aglio e Olio I sometimes add chunk of butter to the sauce to give it some richness. It rounds out the lemon juice I add too.

Stop being dumbos.

>> No.9330033

>Stop being dumbos
We're talking about grilled cheese.
They CAN work, but it's pointless.
So you can keep feeling super special about your
>secret buttered noodles

Eat shit.

>> No.9330059

Is that bread with cheese or cheese with bread?

God fucking Christ, you fat americans, ONE slice of cheese is enough.

>> No.9330104

>triple dubs

I sure am great, huh guys?

>> No.9330107

Aglio e Olio is an garlic olive oil sauce. I only add a bit of butter to improve the richness.
>Eat shit
I'd be glad to try your cooking.

>> No.9330116

I am very aware what fucking Aglio e Olio is. I spent 4 years making that shit to order daily.

You adding butter is just one of those "moms cooking" things.

I'm glad you would be interested in trying my food.

Eat shit

>> No.9330127

>just one of those mom cooking things
It's a shame, 4 years in a kitchen still a total retard when it comes to food.

I add lemon juice to my aglio e olio, sometimes it's quite sharp and sour tasting, on these occasions I use butter to calm the flavor of the lemon. It's not because "hurrr durr" butter makes everything better.

>> No.9330239

>hurr durr i cant control the acidity of my simple fucking dish

Go back mom's cooking.

>> No.9330257

>he thinks all lemons taste identical
some lemons are more sour than others.
4 years in a kitchen you still don't realize this.

>> No.9330267

>not tasting your ingredients

Anything else?

>> No.9330273

>he wants me to suck on lemons i'm about to serve people

>> No.9330290

>guy cant think of a way to taste a lemon without sucking it

So i'm realizing something here, you aren't very smart. Enjoy your buttered noodles leddit

>> No.9330302

>he wants me to actually juice a lemon separately into a bowl, creating extra dishes to clean, and taste test it with a little spoon, instead of simply squeezing half of a lemon on the noodles like a normal human being
>calling me leddit when he literally uses leddit spacing>>9330116

>> No.9330308

whoa there leddit

>> No.9330325

says the one who literally spaces just like leddit does>>9330116
I bet you were the retard who says olive oil and butter is a HUGE cooking mistake too.

>> No.9330336

Yeah i was. Especially with a fucking grill top grilled cheese. That's irrefutable, putting butter in aglio e oilio is just dumb. I could see why stupid home cooks would do that.

>> No.9330346

>putting butter in aglio e oilio is just dumb
It actually rounds out the flavor, calms down the acidity of the dish, and it makes it richer

I think it's a great touch, even if you aren't using lemon juice.

>> No.9330528

We've already heard you speak that opinion into existence. It's wrong, saying it more doesn't change anything.

>> No.9330540

>it's wrong
I suppose it's wrong if you don't want your Aglio e Olio to be distinctly different from all the others.
it's a good secret ingredient along with olive brine.

>> No.9330553

>secret ingredient

Such an innovative "home cook", enjoy your buttered noodles.

>> No.9330568

sometimes the best secrets are no-brainers.
dont pretend olive brine isn't a good secret ingredient tho.

>> No.9330580

lel, k tard

>> No.9330592

i regret making this thread

>> No.9330691

Okay buddy, we get it, you aren't too good in the kitchen.

>> No.9330722

You're the equivalent of a Jack poster. This is your fault.

>> No.9330937

no salt and pepper though?

>> No.9330962

That is the very last of the problems in that webm.

>> No.9330976


what are the problems? looks like a great grilled cheese.

>> No.9331018

it isn't a same fag.
completely different person

>> No.9331034


>top down shot of butter on bread
>top down shot of oil on plancha
>low shot of hands from actor’s perspective moving bread around plancha
>top down shot of same thing and then stop
>angled front shot of actor putting cheese on bread
>low shot of hands from actor’s perspective putting last bits of cheese on bread
>angled front shot of actor moving bread around again
>low shot of hands from actor’s perspective checking browning of bread
>low front angle focus pull on plancha heat being adjusted
>angled front shot of actor lifting up top slice of bread
>low shot of hands from actor’s perspective flipping top slice of bread onto bottom
>front shot of actor looking at sandwich
>angled front shot of actor spreading more butter on sandwich
>low shot of hands from actor’s perspective twisting and pressing down sandwich
>front shot of actor diverting attention to spatula
>low shot of hands from actor’s perspective lifting sandwich onto plate
>top down shot of actor moving sandwich from plate to cutting board
>side shot of actor with kid in background awaiting sandwich while actor cuts it
>over shoulder shot from kid’s perspective seeing sandwich placed in front of him

tell me which of these shots are pretentious

>> No.9331046

read the fucking thread you idiot.

>> No.9331058


>> No.9331061


>using both butter and oil

how is that an issue?

i can't see any other reasons given

>> No.9331073

>Oh shit, they know I'm talking out of my ass! Better call him autistic!

>> No.9331111

>Vegetable oil with animal fat

Have you used a pan before? they separate you idiot. totally different melting points and smoke points. I hate when i have to give basic facts on a cooking board.

Go ahead, toast some buttered bread in olive oil, it will taste like hydrogenated sickness,can't explain it any other way. "experience" how fucking clueless you are.

>> No.9331119


>they separate

how is that an issue

>totally different melting points and smoke points

how is that an issue?

every single substance in the grilled cheese itself has a totally different melt point and smoke point. how is that an issue?

>> No.9331160

I was talking about Aglio e Oilio. Thanks for the easy question. Go and toast bread in olive oil that has butter spread on it. It will have a fucking weird tinge. It also is fucking pointless to but oil on a griddle for buttered bread. You've asked a fucking dumb question. good for you.

>> No.9331170


>i can't explain myself so i'm gonna appeal to subsequent comments about \_~{weirdness}~_/

thanks for the easy win bucko.

also i obviously was not talking about aglio e olio but same difference.

>> No.9331176

You should realize i'm the same guy as this morning and yesterday.

I'm a chef. I'm off sunday nights and mondays. I have samefagged through the thread, and shown you simpletons the light.

Fuck you.

>> No.9331179


i'm actually a chef. you're not a chef. thanks for the easy win.

>> No.9331195

>i'm actually a chef
thanks butter boy

>> No.9331241

FAKE NEWS. There is no way the cheese got that melty without the bread charring. If you watch closely, you can see where they must have swapped the sandwiches. These cocksuckers probably used a microwave.

>> No.9331271


>doesn't know how to make a grilled cheese

>> No.9331296

HO lee fuk this autistic exchange is fucking hilarious

>> No.9331495

not putting cheese on the outside, fucking savage.

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>this thread

>> No.9332316

>Butter and olive oil can work

Kindly shut the fuck up.

Anyone with any sense of cooking knows that olive oil doesn't work with butter because it turns bitter, you retard. Now back to flipping burgers you shit fucker.

>> No.9332445

This movie is so unrealistic. no way a cook could ever afford a kid and a mortgage.

>> No.9332701


>not seasoning your stainless steel pan to make it a non stick

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>> No.9334549


>not pre-buttering your toaster

>> No.9334559

Do americans really eat this?

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File: 204 KB, 900x1200, ^AF4AD3A7CFDF02395F70A61DA09F269B2CF2401831BD2A6757^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'd hate to work in a kitchen then.

>> No.9334634

literal autism

>> No.9334661

So you should never baste steaks with butter? Or do you put them into the pan with no fat unlike every chef on the planet?

>> No.9334690

Pretty much all of them considering hes making a grilled cheese and not a croquembouche or something worthy of attention to detail

>> No.9334703

pretentious as fuck. his technique isn't even good. favreau is such a fucking tool. and a poser.

>> No.9335025

>moving bread around every chance he gets
what? why?

>> No.9335276


>considering all this irrelevant shit about the subject matter, the filmmakers should not even have tried to make the scene interesting

no, fuck off.

>> No.9335315

If this is the conclusion you've come to then my conclusion is that you're a brainlet

>> No.9335352


>all of the shots are pretentious

then what should could have eben unpretentious you cuntlouse

>> No.9337261

yeah, I'm not letting this thread die. Anyone got some jack weebms? I want to make a super-cut between the two. It'll make me laugh.

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