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What's the most spiciest food you've eaten(can be a single chili) and what was the aftermath?

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>most spiciest
Work on your grammar before posting here you inbred.

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Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper

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>try ghost pepper

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Chipotle mayo. OMG!! So spicy!

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I put some black pepper on my chicken breast and boiled potatoes once. Whew boy that was something.

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>I put some black pepper on my chicken breast and boiled potatoes once. Whew boy that was something.
>black pepper
are you the kind of person who find garlic spicy?

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I ate a jalapeno popper yesterday and got a little sweaty.

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Garlic is spicy though..?

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my aunt gave me a bottle of blair's ultra death sauce for my birthday and we were out at an italian restaurant and i wanted to try some on my pasta
i meant to put a tiny bit on but a huge blob came out and i didn't want to be a pussy baby so i just ate it anyway and
i was pretty uncomfortable the whole meal but played it pretty cool and then i walked home and immediately diarrhead the spiciest shit of my life
i actually kind of like spicy shits though so i rate the whole experience 8/10

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>jalapeño is spicy
>garlic is spicy

is this bait?

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Dried ghost pepper. Didn't really feel anything at first, but after about half a minute it started to hit and got more intense for a while. After about ten minutes I was shaking and had to start drinking milk just to stop it from getting worse. It took somewhere around a half-hour to 45 minutes to completely recover. The whole night I could feel a slight burning pain in my stomach like a deep heartburn and when I looked in the mirror my gums were so dark red as to be nearly black.
Didn't really have any problems with the shit the next day.

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I eat chillis and Korean super hot noodles all the time and I've NEVER had any sort of irregularity in my shits afterwards. I honestly don't understand what's up with you people's fucked up digestive systems.

t. white male of German heritage

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Bartender friend of mine made a Carolina reaper infused Coruba rum. It was actually pretty good albeit extremely spicy

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yo, ok, so most jalepenos arent that spicy, but occassionally, you do pick up a bite that fucks you for a right proper 10 minutes.

stop eating canned processed jalepenos

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lol hot poop haha


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Shut-ins from mommy's basement in flyoverville have delicate tummies from a lifetime of picky eating. Any food that differs from their preferred brand of tendies and cola sends their bodies into a shitfit.

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Spicy shit tastes good, but I can't handle the aftermath of my burning asshole.

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I started off my venture into the world of spiciness through fresh jalapeños. And not a single day did I find them any peculiarly spicy

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made a shitload of indian curry with Carolina Reaper a couple of weeks ago

> asshole burned for days

still got around 3 pounds in the freezer and I'm afraid to eat it but fuck if I'm gonna throw away perfectly good curry

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My brother snuck a Carolina Reaper into my sandwich once. I about died. Didn't get terrible shits though but I felt as if I burnt some of my taste buds.

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Raw orange habanero by far. Ghost peppers don't compare to those pieces of shit.

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That's my hottest too. Never tried a ghost pepper though.

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Stir fry with ghost pepper extract. I ate some that my uncle made for lunch and my mouth was still burning come dinner time.

Also, semi-related pro tip: always wear gloves when preparing peppers.
>be me, last night, around 8:30 pm
>scored some fresh Hatch peppers from Ralph's
>extra points considering I'm in SoCal.
>finna make some green chile cheese burgers
>roast peppers on grill
>time to peel and clean
>out of nitrile gloves, figure it's okay to go bare back
>peel, clean, chop, and season the peppers without problem
>feels like Satan himself has taken hold of my fingertips
>go through every home remedy I know
>alcohol, milk, yogurt, and aloe only provide temporary relief
>oil and soap made it worse
>two hours later I consign myself to this fate and wrap hands in ice packs
>around 3:30 am, the burning finally subsided.
>still mildly irritated at time of post.
>mfw I remembered the rubber gloves under my sink

Shit was so painful I almost cut my fingers off just to stop the burning. In love and chile the same advice goes, always remember to wrap your tools.

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>that much alcohol and that much capsaicin
Holy damn

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sichuan boiled beef and peppers, hottest thing on the menu, couldn't eat more than half and it was like eating fire
It burned more in the way out than the way in, I consider myself a survivor
I made my grandma try a little bit of the broth because I'm a son of a bitch, I have never seen someone spit so fast in my life

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Imagine eating pepper spray.

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>circle of friends and I like to do stupid shit
>"should I bring a shit-ton of orange habaneros tomrrow?"
>Everyone demands it
>show up next day with infinite habaneros
>put it at center of table
>we have a pepper-eating contest
>we're shoving the fuckers into our mouths faster than we can chew
>we all almost go to the emergency room

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My tolerance to peppers skyrockets when I'm drunk so it wasn't too bad, but I wouldn't try it sober.

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Sometimes I get a burning anus after eating hot food, but not usually. It doesn't seem to be as much related to the heat of the pepper as by how it's prepared. I wish I knew how to prepare it so the ratio mouth:anus burning is mostly skewed towards anus. This is purely for entertainment purposes.

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>Work on your grammar before posting here you inbred.
Work on your punctuation before posting here, you inbred.

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For some reason only KFC makes me have fiery shits.

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I had some soup made with goat in Mexico that was insanely spicy.

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I did something called the suicide challenge at a chicken wings joint in Edinburgh. I went temporarily insane for about half an hour, went into the bathroom to let myself babble incoherently and a bunch of irish guys started making a spectacle of me. It was a good night.

I talked to the chef afterwards and apparently they're constantly trying to figure out ways to make it hotter. The current iteration of the sauce recipe apparently contains ghost pepper, moruga scorpion and carolina reaper. It was the most hellish thing I've ever done, I would never do it again, and I don't regret a thing.

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This will sound like I'm taking the piss, but dunk your fingers in the hottest water you can stand, it denatures the capsaicin or something. Slurping boiling hot tea works for the mouth, so that kinda temperature.

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I've ran into a handful of very well grown jalapenos. One in particular stands out. Got a side of grilled jalapenos with my breakfast burrito, bit into one of the fuckers, I swear it had the heat of a habanero. Even the person I was with was shocked at how hot it was.
I have 0 issue with normal jalapenos though.

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Made myself a batch of Panang Chicken. I use fresh birds eye chilies. On one occasion, I accidentally bough birds eye chilies that were extremely potent. Ate the food and my mouth and throat became numb. Hottest food I ever had.

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I made some noodles with birds eye chillies through them but I fucked up and added too many. I tried to smell them while they were cooking and it was like getting peppersprayed, then I shat napalm later that night.

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OMG!! I love FB! :D

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Raw garlic does have a spice to it.

"are you the kind of person who finds ketchup spicy?" would have been a better response.

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>Jalepenos not spicy

Does your tongue even work? I suppose you're going to tell me lemons aren't sour next.

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Me too. It burned for like 20 minutes after I ate it.

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Watching white girls eat chills is pretty funny

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I ate a habanero and was fine, both mouth and ass. Not an experience I'd want to repeat but I wasn't crying and begging for milk or anything

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>I ate a habanero and was fine

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i had a habanero once and i didn't like it so i'll just not eat them any more
i didn't feel my anus burn although my urine did feel spicy a few hours later

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I made spaghetti bolognese and added capsaicin extract

it was a mistake

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I believe the word is piquant

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what you got to remember is that if the pepper plant has a nice life it doesn't make the peppers as hot as if it was poorly watered. A whole foods habanero is like a farmers market jalapeno

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Ate a ghost pepper. Already knew that you had to endure the pain and keep chewing for quite a while so the aftermath won't get as bad and I had genuinely worse aftermath experiences from simple burgers with hotsauce. And honestly swallowing it fast wouldn't help anyway. That shit burns your mouth for quite a while after anyway. I kept spitting because I felt like my saliva was boiling. The brownies and milk I prepared helped, though.

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She's hot.

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There's a Laotian place in my town that has made me sweat a bit but I've honestly never had something that was too spicy. I have a lot of t-shirts from winning spicy food contests

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Double Insanity bratwursts from Johnny's Meat Market, a local butcher shop. Those things will fuck your shit up.

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Hot sauce called the unholy trinity. Believe it was a mix of ghost peppers, Carolina reapers and habeneros. A buddy bought it for me and dared me to eat a small cap full of it. I did and it was so God damn hot it immediately made me sick and I had throw it up.

Oddly enough the sauce went great with food and stuff, just don't eat it by itself.

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>spicy urine

Dude spicy pasta is top tier stuff, Just how much did you add?

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>Just how much did you add?



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>capsaicin extract
m8 don't fuck around with that stuff, the end of a toothpick dipped in it is too much, it's literally just chemical heat
add an actual pepper of some kind, at least that way you'll get the flavor of the pepper itself too

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Yeah obviously in hindsight that makes sense

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in fairness you can't blame me for feeling like it's worth saying anyway

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Man I'm from Manhattan, I like spicy food (mainly thai and indian) and I shit fire. I still eat it and love it but it can hurt on the way out.

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I ate a whole habanero at work once
honestly not as bad as i thought it would be

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i can't really describe it, it was a hot, tangy feeling in my dick, like when you apply that strong menthol liniment stuff on your muscles, but it came from within the urethra. it was really quite the experience

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Are we talking "toothpaste as lube" pain?

>> No.9381694

wouldn't know. It didn't really hurt but then again I've never tried toothpaste as lube. Gonna have to try that one later tonight

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It's actually an agriculture issue, they're often cross contaminated with habeneros

>> No.9381702

toothpaste lube is a right of passage

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ate a habanero

whined about it for about an hour

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Have you ever had a ghost pepper? As a person who used to grow the Carolina Reaper, I could eat raw habaneros and be fine. Ghost peppers and reapers are absolute mother fuckers though, and not to be laughed at.

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Using dish soap will wash off the capsaicin.

If you want to know the actual science, dish soap acts as a phase transfer catalyst. Capsaicin is an oil, so water won't dissolve it off. Instead, dish soap clings to the oil, but also has an ionic nature which allows it to be washed away with water. I used this when I accidentally scratched myself somewhere precious after having handled ghost peppers.

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I ate spicy beef ichi ban cuppa noodles thing once. Burned my mouth pretty bad, couldn't finish it.

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Plus, pure capsaicin is apparently bitter and tastes like shit. I've been growing white bullet habaneros, which are 2-3 times hotter than a habanero in 1/4 of the size. They are delicious as fuck, but they are a pain to eat. The flavor is worth it.. Trying to figure out ways to cook it into dishes.

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I ordered butter chicken while hungover, and I didn't realise 'Indian spicy' was FUCKING SPICY.

>> No.9383065

Straight scorpion pepper and a shot of Everclear

Painful drunken pooping

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Wow almost like he just said he ate a fucking ghost pepper, you dumb triggered flyover.

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You know...I think she is my girl

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>like jalapenos and enjoy it at hinese restaurants where they stir fry them with seasoned beef and onions
>decide to make it at home
>buy "jalapenos" from asian market
>didn't de-vein or de-seed the peppers
>stir fry is going great the first few minutes
>suddenly start to build up mucus, eyes get a bit itchy
>occasional coughing
>suddenly can't inhale without feeling burning and coughing
>eyes watering
>permeates the apartment
>I've created tear gas
>bf is super pissed and coughing uncontrollably too
>lock ourselves in the bathroom until spice cloud of death dissipates
>stir fry was good, but spicy
Had me a spicy shit. Stung my butt.
Only retarded enough to have smoked myself out of the kitchen, never attempted full retard by eating a whole ghost pepper or anything.

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Oh and this shit >>9382939, won't use the full packet bc I'm a whimp.

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Odds are you picked out some variety of fat green chilli that looked like a jalapeño but was actually something considerably hotter. Never assume what variety a pepper is unless it's labelled. You can get some nasty surprises that way.

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Biryani from an Indian place where only the host spoke English, holy shit the keema on the rice was delicious, but the rice itself was easily like biting into a fresh Serrano every time, it was great.

I go back there every so often and it's just as hot, even thought I can tolerate spicy food much much much more now.

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Ate a whole dried habanero.

Irritated the fuck out of my stomach. Agonizing, debilitating pain for a few hours.puked and pissed myself while writhing on the ground.

>> No.9383327

At what point to it become impossible to make something hotter?

Or is there no limit? Will people keep breeding hotter and hotter chilis until one eventually ignites the atmosphere and we all die?

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Madame Jaenette chilli pepper. It was awful like torture. I spent the rest of the day with a stomach ache and hiccups.

>> No.9383344

I remember reading somewhere that human taste buds are only capable of feeling heat up to a certain point, and anything beyond that is pointless. don't remember where I read that or if it's true, though

>> No.9383351

Eventually they'll just bottle pure mustard gas and sell it as hot sauce

>> No.9383359

i've tried most of the "Dave's" ones that are the hottest they have to use as a mixture for something at a place I was working at.

I don't know which one was hottest but someone did puke after trying something with some jungle asian name.

>> No.9383361

Trinidad scorpion pepper

>> No.9383373

>Punctuation mistakes are some how on par with "most [adjective]-est"

>> No.9383376

I ate 2 Carolina Reapers because I didn't believe the hype. I was wrong.

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I fucking love these.

>> No.9383381

Wings from a Wingerz in Utah. I felt fine afterward but my eyes were watery the whole hour long family meal.

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Heres the shit man. At hempfest in seattle there was this stand selling the 'worlds hottest hot sauce', there was even a challenge to take a drop of it so i did it. It was kinda spicy and tasted strongly of alcohol. Lasted about 10 minutes but they were hyping it up as 2 hours. Fast forward to yesterday. Im at a mexican party and were eating pozole and theres these little flakes to make it spicy. I dipped my finger in and tasted it and that was probably the spiciest thing ive ever tasted. How are they gonna lie about hotsauce when the mexican lady down the road has hotter shit.

>> No.9383544

My uncle did this with ghost pepper.

>> No.9383548

Mustard gas is more akin to horseradish. If anything, they'll bottle pepper spray and sell it as a hot sauce.

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>Having a score of 16 billion Scoville units, pure resiniferatoxin is approximately 3 orders of magnitude (1000 times) hotter than pure capsaicin.

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Not German. I'm Czech. But anyways. I had a ghost pepper raw and it went like this

>Not so bad
>Friends start laughing at me
>Face is red
>Hasn't hit me yet
>Oh shit
>Fuuuck that's spicy
>15 minutes of quelling the heat with semi spoilt milk
>It's over

I didn't have spicy shits or anything like that from my butthole. No digestive malfunction. It was fine.

>> No.9384030

I could feel it burn from my mouth, all the way through my digestive system then out my ass.

>> No.9384081

That was a pickle, you mong.

>> No.9384321

>he thinks all garlic is powdered
poor anon

>> No.9384331

Bhut Jolokia
It burned in my mouth, my nose, my face, my fingers, it burned my intestines, my stomach, my asshole etc

>> No.9384358

Capsaicin extract that I bought online.

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File: 274 KB, 1296x1296, IMG_20170830_165033_993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Atm the hottest I've tried is around 100,000 scoville.
But I'm also growing this muddafukka, Caramel Bhut Jolokia.

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Random plant I grew. The pods are like large cayennes but seem to be ripening to a dark purple colour.
I have no
Idea what they really are but they're bloody hot.

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File: 1.81 MB, 4640x2610, IMG_20170830_161209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just started this year, I've only got decorative ones at the moment. I'm gonna grow some tasty ones too next year, turns out I really enjoy growing stuff.

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File: 3.92 MB, 5312x2988, 20170904_013646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have one that shape but red. Would like to know what it is too.

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Hottest thing was 1 million scoville wings. Made it through three of them. Aftermath wasn't bad, just lots of runny nose and watery eyes.

Worst aftermath was my own stupid fault and not even a spicy pepper. I ate a whole steamed Serrano pepper on a totally empty stomach. About 30 minutes afterwards I thought my insides were melting and I was going to die. Never ate hot peppers or sauce on an empty stomach again.

>> No.9385328

Did a meme chilivodka with various peppers ranging from 10000 - 1.5 million scoville.
Drink and have a blast. Wake up notice that my ass hurts, accidentally shit myself during the night, but was not only shit but blood as well. Worst hangover in my life but the 2 litres of yoghurt and kefir was good.

>> No.9385337

I had the hottest wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and my shit the next day was a scathing hot liquid

>> No.9385341

Komodo chilli, ate half a fresh one yesterday. 1.3 million on the Scoville scale.
Decided to not do it again. Dumb as hell. Made the Bhut jolokia feel like child's play.

>> No.9385345

Looks like a cayenne to me.
Maybe an F1 hybrid.

>> No.9385621

Don't be a butthurt faggot because you got called out for poor punctuation, while you yourself were calling someone out for their poor grammar. Both grammar and proper punctuation are important in the written English language.

>> No.9385635

rub garlic into your eyes an tell me its not spicy

>> No.9385644

>he says as he misplaces his comma.

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File: 81 KB, 262x264, 14745454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got anything close to the recipe you used at hand?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.9385848

Flyover detected

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File: 76 KB, 680x453, SapporoSoupCurry2-680x453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pretty good with spice levels but in Hokkaido I ordered their famous curry soup and you could pick you spice level 1- 10 so I think I went with a 6 and it was so goddamn spicy I couldn't finish it, I could only eat the meat out and even that was a shore. It was really shocking cause Japs are pussies when it comes to spiciness (inb4 muh wasabi) and I didn't even order the spiciest.

I didn't get any digestive issues, but I did get sort of feverish and a bad headache and just wanted to go home and sleep afterward.

>> No.9385893

Da Bomb The Final Answer sauce.

Still have a bottle of it. It's too hot to use straight up, and it's too hot fro use in a pot of soup because it's too hard to meter out and the difference between "can't taste the hotness" and "way too fucking hot" is a fraction of a drop.

>> No.9386789

What's the name of the place mate? Sounds fun.

>> No.9386805

Wings. It's some good shit.

>> No.9386813

Best ramen in the world.

>> No.9386827

Thanks. I'll probably check it out next time I'm there.

>> No.9386847

If you try the suicide wings challenge, don't go into it thinking "I'll be fine, it can't be THAT hot". You couldn't possibly be more wrong. Trust me, that's exactly what I did.
Everything else on the menu is cracking though.

>> No.9386853

Naa don't worry it'll be fine, it can't be that THAT hot.

>> No.9386862

rip anon

>> No.9386868

idk what kinda pepper it was, but I was eating at a mexican restaurant and it was just on my plate so I'm like fuck it and put the thing in my mouth and start chewing, two hours later it's still burning

>> No.9386874

usually they're serranos

>> No.9386876

idk, I get it sometimes. doesn't seem to be any logic behind it tho

>> No.9386911

Serranos seem to be quite potent chilis. I only used 3 serranos, and 2 banana peppers in some curry, and the heat level was very nice, but not to overpowering. I have also used habanero in similar preparations before, and the heat from them were not as consistant, and pleasant as the serrano, but habanero have a nice smokey taste.

Fresh serrano, and habanero peppers are the only chilis I have tried with great heat, but Im also only limited to walmarts selection.

>> No.9386923

put this on a pizza and then pissed out of my asshole

>> No.9386934

pepper eating contest sounds fun. i wish i had friends.

>> No.9386978


>> No.9387038

yea, highly likely

>> No.9387111

A real vindaloo can murk ya pal-jeet

>> No.9387179

Raw habaneros, also super spicy homemade thai food with many serranos and arbols, but honestly the worst reaction ive had to spicy food was putting a bit too much wasabi on my sushi, gave me a splitting headache immediately and my vision started going black. Im pretty sure that you can seriously fuck yourself up with wasabi

>> No.9388000
File: 41 KB, 1355x900, habanero-peppers-orange-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

orange habanero fresh off the plant i grew, it tasted really good before the heat came in, no problem on the shitter

>> No.9388242

Sadly pathetic folks like both of these unhappy twats have far too much to say without getting shot releatedly justly for being twerps

>> No.9388905

Painfully hot chili >>> Chilis that go down fine but make your asshole into a leaky faucet of pure magma for a week or more

I had to throw out a sizable bag of very tasty home grown thai peppers because they did horrible things to my intestines that only poison can do.

>> No.9388957

>period following the meme arrow
Are you even trying?

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Homemade Indian butter chicken curry. It was the most painful thing I have ever eaten but I cleared two plates from it also being amazing.

>> No.9390133

I ate a whole habenero and chewed it for ten seconds.

>> No.9390145

i did this when i was 10, i remember it being absoloutely unbearably painful, but now i can eat pretty much anything without getting too uncomfortable

>> No.9390261

My ex-gf made me a roasted chicken coated in some sort of wasabi 'marinade'. My stomach can't deal with spicy food, even if it's red pepper.
>2 months into relationship
>gf cooks 'surprise' dinner for the night
>some vegetables and a greenish/brown roasted looking chicken
>says take a bite and tell me what it is
>starving, eat a mouth full
>pretty goo-- what's that strong, burning taste...
>suddenly my mouth and stomach feel like they've been lit by a pyromaniac casting an inferno spell
>sweat profusely, feel dizzy and experience immense burning pain
>taken to hospital by ambulance and have my stomach pumped
>said she made roasted chicken, using a shitload of wasabi
>told her to fuck off
>never saw her again

>> No.9390563

>had to go to hospital because he ate some horseradish
No wonder you got rid of the woman, you're clearly a fag.

>> No.9390622

Dried ghost peppers and fresh scotch bonnets, various flavours of Dave's insanity

>> No.9390639

she deserved better than you

>> No.9390967

I make hot curry a lot and afterwards it burns your dickhole when you piss. Thought I had a UTI the first time it happened, then realized it was from eating hot food.

>> No.9391034
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I'm trying to work my way up to the hottest chillis. So far I've eaten a whole Habenero and some yellow 7 pods. I can't find anything hotter around here, so I'm considering buying some Carolina reaper seeds. Any tips or warnings?

>> No.9391050

it wasn.t a pepper, it was a shot of ginger. HOLY FUCK

>> No.9391085

I remember reading a review of a particularly hot capsaicin extract where the guy said he ate a teaspoon of it as a dare and ended up in the hospital getting his stomach pumped.

>> No.9391131

he's fortunate he didn't die, if just a mouthful of wasabi-coated chicken can send you to hospital like >>9390261 I dread to think what a spoonful of capsaicin extract could do to you
it'd probably spice you into new planes of existence, he really got lucky

>> No.9391164

Had a jar of ghost pepper salsa once. No terrible aftermath, but the salsa itself just tasted like hot dirt. Also had these paqui chips that were pretty decent- if you like tons of hot salt on everything.

>> No.9391221

>said she made roasted chicken, using a shitload of wasabi

Why? You should have at least tried to unlock this secret of the universe. She knows of wasabi and yet somehow thought it would be a good chicken marinade?

>> No.9391298

I wouldn't dignify it. He's clearly making shit up.

>> No.9391394

I've eaten a whole habanero before, multiple times. It sucked ass and I probably won't do it again. It was for dick waving contests with coworkers, no real point in eating something that hot. I do, however, absolutely love the flavor of habanero when it's diluted down into a sauce or salsa.

>> No.9391473

Habaneros are delicious if you cook the heat out, I sometimes fry the shit out of them and put them in breakfast.

>> No.9391513

>I'm considering buying some Carolina reaper seeds. Any tips or warnings
From experience, the only thing I have to say is "Don't".
The Carolina Reaper will be the single worst thing you ever do to yourself voluntarily, unless you somehow get it into your head to hammer a nail through your dick for a laugh. You'll go temporarily insane, then you'll ride an incredible endorphin high for about an hour, then everything you eat will taste like it's had six packets of sugar dumped on/in it. That might sound like fun, but it's not worth it for the physical hell you'll experience immediately after consumption and when it decides to leave your body the next day.

Give it a shot if you really want to, though. It's a hell of an experience, I gotta say.

>> No.9391585

There is this burger/wing joint local to my work and they specialize in sauces, they have this one that is mixture of ghost pepper/habanero and some other stuff. Insanely good, I ate half a pound of boneless wings. Very very hot.

>> No.9391609

My crazy neckbeard friend brought over this reserve hot sauce that had reapers and ghosts in it and is supposed to be used sparingly. We were all high and eating blobs of it on tortilla chips.

I swear to god digesting that shit felt like a ball barbed wire moving through my gut. The most wretched burning like some kind ball of pain. First time that my ass was truly kicked by a food challenge. Would do again

>> No.9391620

>>9391513 here, the thing I found unbelievable about it was how I could feel it every inch of the way as it worked through my digestive system. You describe it perfectly.

>> No.9391622

Wings done up in a ghost pepper x extract that had to have been floating in the upper 1 mil.

Not wanting to be a pussy, I muscled through the pound, then when I realized that this heat wasn't going to let up, I downed a pitcher of beer and went to the bathroom to try to keep any of that sauce from being digested.

It did not work... and neither did I the next day. I swear I was firing out solar plasma and cooked organs.

>> No.9391632

There was a small local chain wingery thing near my last place that just opened up a location down the road from my new place.

The Ghostbuster is... god damn. It's flavourful, but it makes my facial hair hurt. Why does food make my hair hurt?

>> No.9391652

This one. Auto hicups. Intense burning. Swelling of lips and watery eyes. Lasted like 30 min.

>> No.9391706

Would eating a reaper JUST hurt, or does it actually cause damage. If I eat it could it actually be dangerous?

>> No.9391757

If you're allergic to it in any way, it can causr you actual harm. I'm pretty sure it caused my intestines to inflame because I was constipated the next day, only able to pass it a little at a time despite the fact it felt like a volcano full of razorblades ready to blow in my gut, but here I am, absolutely fine. It's a chemical that induces the sensation of burning pain but it can't cause you genuine harm unless you have a biological intolerance to capsaicin.

>> No.9391841

Your body does register it as an oily toxin, however, which leads to the fiery fountain of feces often experienced the following day. THIS can cause harm if it's a regular occurrence - stripping the mucous from your GI tract, and ultimately leading to IBS or worse. If you keep the spice within your body's ability to handle it (most of the time), then you shouldn't need to worry about anything but an increased pain tolerance.

>> No.9392232

Half a spoonfull of a homemade dried habanero sauce. I swear that shit was made by the fucking devil himself. I had to endure 4 hours of excruciating pain and 20 more hours of being afraid to eat anything. You don't feel the punch at the beginning, in fact it tastes good, but just one minute after you start feeling like you have lava in your stomach and you even start wanting to puke. You might think i sound like a pussy but guess what, I'm mexican and i eat chili for breakfast. So now you might imagine how bad that shit really was.

>> No.9392246

Sometimes I perform a digestive system purge by putting half a dozen chopped scotch bonnets in a bowl of ramen

>> No.9392253

I don't know, but I once bought a bunch of serrano peppers and blended those fuckers with lots of cayenne powder and some avocados. The dip was heaven and hell. If only I could have the first part without the intestinal aftermath...so good going down though...

>> No.9392267

>tfw I'm a little bitch and only use a little bit of the sauce packet from the 1x spicy

>> No.9393322

Mate brought reapers to college because we were hazing first years, I'd always wanted to try one. Voice shut off and tears wouldn't stop, but it wasn't overly painful for about 10 minutes, then I went for another 5 before grabbing some milk. Drank about two litres of milk over an hour and then was fine. The toilet was surprisingly easy, KFC has been harder to pass. Couldn't stop salivating when I went to bed though, had to sleep on a towel. Voice was fucked next day, but came down with a cold the day after, so don't know if that was because of the reaper or not.

Would do it again with friends, but not recreationally

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