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I've only had currywurst once but it was fucking amazing

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Mul-naengmyeon is so fucking good and no korean foodshop sells it

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It's so basic to make tho?

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jjajangmyeon is hard to find too. I can't even find it as instant packets anymore

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"cheese fries" and "poutine"

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Eh that's too much effort. The whole point of fast food is convenience.

And I'm sure it just wouldn't taste the same - firstly I don't know where to get proper Bratwurst here in Britain. Second I'm sure the ketchup would taste slightly different... you need that catering-grade ketchup for that tangy, vinegary taste.

And thirdly I'm lazy.

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Fresh green pepper corns, I've only ever seen them used in food in Cambodia.

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Never looked but I assume you can order the packets easily on the net, since they're everywhere and cheap in Korea. Not that good in any case (even in a restaurant).

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You can order curry ketchup off amazon. I like Hela

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90% of American fast food chains.
Five Guys, Chipotle, Domino's, Papa John's, etc.

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American who spent two weeks in Vietnam. I could get a big fat bowl of pho and a beer for $3. Here it's $14 plus tax plus tip. It's water, spices, meat and rice.

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grow them yourself pleb

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>Domino's, Papa John's
You aren't missing anything there

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five guys is literally just smash burgers you can make yourself in 5 minutes, the fries are pretty special tho

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The original version of the dish just used regular ketchup mixed with curry powder iirc.

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What you don't know is that $3 in Vietnam is worth the same to a Vientamese person what $14+tax+tip is worth to an American.

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American expat in the UK:

real, good Mexican food
summer sausage
cheese curds
1000 different types of craft beer (in 6 packs)

and from Canada I miss pepperoni sticks, the Freyer beer ones are the best.
When I was in Canada I really missed properly spicy good though, they don't seem to have many options for hot dishes.

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nyc style deli sandwiches

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Isn't it just sausages, curry powder and ketchup?

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Sushi that was as varied as Japan.
Good ramen that didn't cost a fortune.
GoGo Curry
Las Vegas style buffets.
Harry Ramsden's fish and chips.

That's about it. Just about everything else we can get here since we've brought in some many Asians, Middle Easterners and were already a western culture influenced by America and Britain.

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>disgusting fat-fucking american cuisine

it gets a bad rap...but I crave it. you get "american style" restaurants near me but they fuck everything up and serve tiny portions

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Just decent fucking IHOP

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Just thought of another one. Roadside diners with fresh pies.

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Bratwurst they sell in supermarket
Curry powder is too
Just look for curry ketchup, usually Hela

Fry chips, cook bratwurst, put everything on plate, cover with curry powder

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I'd kill to have those cold pork(?) sandwiches they had at convenience stores in Japan I had 10ish years ago. Seemed simple since it was a breaded cutlet with mayo and maybe lettuce but god damn they were delicious for prepackaged sandwiches

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I got a bento box for the train from Tokyo to Kyoto which among other things had a pork cutlet sandwich. Was delicious.

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it just tastes like youre eating a donut and a burger at the same time, theres no magic flavor synergy

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Hey anons, are there any decent fish n' chips joints in Malaysia?
I miss them so bad, last one I had was 11-12 years ago at Long John Silver's in Plaza Masalam.

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I want real and readily available poutine. I have had it traveling in snow abo territory and absolutely love it. I make a variation that I call bbq poutine and gets compliments but the real thing is fantastic. You just can't get real cheese curd in south GA.

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Went to Ireland a couple years ago.

Supermacs is by far the best fast food in the fucking world holy shit. Those covered fries and Irish beef burgers were my fucking jam. I was in the Republic for 5 days and had Supermacs every day I was there. I miss it.

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ramen and quality fish and chips

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This. Also tong sui and any good noodle dish, heck dim sung that isn't the standard dim sung.

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>real, good Mexican food
tfw you live in a sanctuary state and legit mexican food is everywhere
i'll be sad to see paco and juanita go, their food is amazing

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>Eh that's too much effort
>I'm lazy
That's not even simple lazy anymore, that's "super fat don't wanna lift a finger" kind of lazy.

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it's tomato paste actually - together with the frying grease from the sausage. But the original version isn't usually what people want with currywurst.

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The original version of vindaloo was just salt pork floating in bad wine with a few heads of garlic tossed in. I'm not eating that either.

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Scrape into bin because it's nothing like a currywurst bought from a Hogarth street vendor.

It just can't be replicated at home.

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>I don't know where to get proper Bratwurst here in Britain.

Try Lidl & Aldi. They also do curry ketchup on occasion.

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These. So much these.

They're nothing special, it's just crappy fake unnatural cheese in single-serving plastic wraps, they're disgusting but also the best thing ever to just shove your face with when you come home after a night out.
Fortunately, I live rather close to Denmark, and buy all my liquor there, so I tend to buy 6-8 boxes whenever I can. I get the weirdest looks from cashiers, since these are basically meant for schoolchildren's lunchboxes. Imagine a 192cm neckbeard waddling up to the checkouts with his arms full of these boxes and a couple of cartons of shitty chocolate milk.

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Buy fucking cheese curds and make your own. In Canada here they do have them at almost every restaurant which is pretty awesome

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If they ever were I haven't seen these for sale in Canada in 20 years. Whenever I go to the states I got nuts on them: best most addicting snack food ever.

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Never tried but I bet Oaxaca cheese would work just as well.

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How much are you willing to spend?

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I go to the states often enough that I'll buy and bring back a couple huge bags, although I love it so much it'll be gone in a new days at most.

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fat people are usually more invested in their food than that, it's thin people who are too lazy to cook a sausage

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Great idea thanks!

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i live in a landlocked country and as a kid i went to the sea in the summer and ate alot of seafood with my parents. so yeah i miss seafood

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This is one of the reasons I suffer through a lot of inconvenience to live in NYC - almost any food I'm curious to try I can pretty much get.

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There's Five Guys and Domino's in Canada too. Then again, Domino's is shit, Five Guys is overpriced as hell

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to my state (Oregon)
NY Pizza
Fried cheese curds/poutine
cheap but good BBQ

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I know that the Tillamook factory sells some pretty good cheese curds but I don't know about their availability outside of that.

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my man.

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Thats a phresh das it mane

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Not in 'Merca.

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How do they get the croquet so square?

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with a big machine and some TLC.

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You mean zha jang mian. The Korean imitation is a complete butchery.

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hela is a VERY german thing though.

>lazy cunts who use just hela.

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Amazing. Supermacs is considered exclusively culchie fare here.

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Venison Goulasch. Why don't restaurants in USA serve venison? Fucking FDA.

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SpƤtzle and Kaiserschmarren. Central European cuisine doesn't get enough respect.

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Higher end restaurants serve farm raised venison. If restaurants served wild venison there wouldn't be a single deer left in the US within 2 years because they'd be slaughtered for profit.

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>Five Guys
You can make it at home for half the price
Not missing out
>Papa Johns
Not missing out on this also

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Farm raised is not an option?

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What part of "Higher end restaurants serve farm raised venison" did you not understand?

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Singapore here, first three I could think of
>South American food that isn't meme-tier churrascaria

>> No.9416509

They aren't
You just have to season your usual fries with Provencal herbs, nutmeg, garlic, msg, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper, or are you too tastedeaf to actually recognize spices in what you eat?

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>only ever seen them used in food in Cambodia.

Steak with green pepper is a classic.

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