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Codeine is bottom of the barrel opiate.

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Real men just drink the cough syrup raw and by real mean I mean lazy people who have given up on life but still wanna feel for a few hours.

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more of a resilar man

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>he doesn't sprinkle 4-HO-MET on his fries while eating them with the finest of psilocybin truffles

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how can i make that?

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so shit how fags like justin bieber popularized it and made it so much more expensive, and harder to obtain.

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I do not see the appeal of opiates. Really fucking dumb to screw around with them and expensive as fuck. Stupid faggots.

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>falling for the opiate Jew

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>It's another "drug addiction vaguely related to food" thread
Fuck off, the alcohol addiction and energy drink fag threads were enough

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The alcoholic threads are the worst. It's not even fun mocking them because you will never hate them as much as they hate themselves.

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Cough syrup is disgusting enough why would you make it longer to sip down? Sprite barely changes the taste

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Codeine + Sprite + Jolly ranchers

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Or just pop pills

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wtf where do I get codeine? dont you need a prescription for that?

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idk good question i was thinking same thing

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Or you get it from someone who can

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in the uk you can buy it as 8/500mg codeine/paracetamol. do a cold water extraction and you have pure codeine

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>dont you need a prescription for that?

You get it from drug dealers.

And it shouldn't be just codeine alone, it should contain codeine + promethazine

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now why on earth would i deliberately consume something that would harm my body?

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Says anon as he posts on 4chan.

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trying once wont kill you or harm you... right?

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muh nigga

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Codeine isn't people food

>make kratom tea
>grape juice/drink mix

Find a ratio you like and enjoy. Also probably sometimes might not kill you

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Yeah, I'm sure you consume NOTHING that harms your body. Get off your pedestal, nobody's impressed.

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PST w/ grapefruit > Codeine w/ Promethazine.

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sounding a bit volatile there, friend. everything okay? we can talk about it if you want.

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>tfw tried codeine once just for the meme
>then two other times in the following two weeks
>now its twice a month at least and im thinking about shooting some dillies

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