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They fucked the story up... all the ingredients aren't supposed to come from the same guy, that kinda defeats the point of the story.

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>inb4 flaming pizza dome
>inb4 hot bitch with spinal meningitis
>inb4 kay and her man hands
>inb4 avocado macchiato
>inb4 chronic resting crazy face girl chops onions like a penis
>inb4 Favreau making an autism sandwich
>inb4 asian dude chugging pint glasses full of raw eggs
>inb4 Jack's mouth and tongue reach for a sandwich
>inb4 cooking longpork with Hannibal Lector
>inb4 weiner and mayo balloon explosion
>inb4 roasties hitting a chef's knife with a hammer to open a coconut
>inb4 retard thinks he can eat a 22lb curry, fails miserably
>inb4 female cook fucks a customer's hotdog
>inb4 crab preparation with kitchen shears
>inb4 plump erotic cakes
>inb4 Joey anything (pls no)
>inb4 flaming faggot dabs the grease on his pizza, everyone rages
>inb4 bbq montage
>inb4 the pizza crust is literally a pineapple
>inb4 the pizza crust is a watermelon (?)
>inb4 butterslut
>inb4 deconstructed/reconstructed anything
>inb4 Nigella’s titties, boners ensue
>inb4 butchering dolphin meat with a katana
>inb4 turkish ice cream illusionists
>inb4 cheetofrap
>inb4 squid karate chop instakill
>inb4 making toast on a citronella candle
>inb4 liquor in a flower vase
>inb4 vodka grilled cheese cocktail
>inb4 creme.webm (blue board, faggots)
>inb4 tiny asian girl eats 500lbs of big macs
>inb4 omnidirectional spaghetti separator
>inb4 ice cream on a fucking watermelon
>inb4 the machine race from the matrix makes pizza
>inb4 bandsaw animal dismemberment
>inb4 motherfucking salt bae

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They aren't human, are they?

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I haven't seen any of those. Hope some anon will post them!

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>Missing surly king of the egg fort even though it's in every goddamn thread

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HAHA, not on the list.

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>HAHA I love being a faggot and try to make people mad

Oh it shows, anon

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>crack egg into pan
>eat the egg

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No, don't worry, they're just insects.

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It was in the last pasta. I wanted to post a new one. But here you go, enjoy faggot

>inb4 brainloaf
>inb4 pumpkin spice hot dog
>inb4 mac & cheese with a mile of stretchy cheese
>inb4 banana full of spiders
>inb4 bitch gets incinerated at hibachi restaurant
>inb4 meat_sandwich.webm
>inb4 that claymation shit where a baseball turns into dice when he chops it
>inb4 ‘go’za with a mile of stretchy cheese
>inb4 waitress slams tray of food on businessman’s head
>inb4 shooting a laser at a fucking piece of bacon
>inb4 any of several webms in which Jack is putting shit in a pan full of cold oil
>inb4 mexicans pouring clamato on ramen and doritos in a Styrofoam container
>inb4 hotdog w/mayo balloon explosion
>inb4 LADbible presents a full English fry-up in a partitioned cast iron pan; automatic 12 replies
>inb4 Aunt Myrna's party cheese casserole
>inb4 the culling of the dirt rockets
>inb4 frankenegg.webm
>inb4 the food porn webm with jack edited in at random intervals
>inb4 curry chicken skewers and 8 replies about how gay that guy's face looks when he eats it
>inb4 twisty pasta machine
>inb4 a thousand facebook tasty videos
>inb4 deconstructed/reconstructed big mac
>inb4 somebody's entire jack folder
>inb4 gyroscopic chicken grill
>inb4 the virgin in the egg booth next to Surly Chad
>inb4 pineapple on a fucking pizza
>inb4 the giant platter with 10 different variations of bbq pork
>inb4 that one guy asks if the turkish coffee has pipes underneath the sand
>inb4 the pizza crust is literally a pineapple
>inb4 fried cheesey bread corn cob fuckery
>inb4 taco town
>inb4 somebody's entire culinary squid murder folder
>inb4 anime pancakes

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>Still not on the list
Go back to /a/

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Oh well, my proofreading sucks. Have another (((you)))

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I guess you missed that day in school when they taught reading comprehension

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Jeez, what's your problem?

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butthurt niggerlover spotted

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Just because of the shitposter I'm gonna post the stuff he loves.

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Holy shit, you're an idiot..

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You would've anyway.

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And it just burns you up, doesn't it sweetie?

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nigger? I thought we were talking about the flies.

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What is even supposed to be the lesson of "Stone Soup" ?

read this story as a kid, but didn't know what the lesson was. Same with Chicka Chika Boom and Emepror's New Clothes.

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Holy fuck that nigga got his shit rekt

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The lesson is that if every person shares what they have rather than keeping it to themselves they can make something even better and everyone benefits.

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>thinks anyone here has high expectations

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so socialism.

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Especially for the conman who only shares the worthless stone. Pretty true to life.

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When taken to it's farthest logical conclusion sure. But it's just as easy to take it for the much simpler "help each other and everyone does better" message.

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The lesson is don't be fooled by starving beggars and their scams. Stay to your own and keep your own

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Someone post some BLACKED .webm's because I'm ready to fap

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Jesus Christ Favreau.

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As a kid it was inspiring. The lesson is is that everybodys a sucker and thinking you have nothing makes you a sucker too.

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and stay there.

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first (you)

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Jesus fucking christ

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>hungry for the mosquito nugger
They all have aids anyway, who cares

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>chronic resting crazy face girl chops onions like a penis
I think at least part of that only happened in your head, man. You might have some hangups.

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reminds me of dragonball

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Please post these somebody!

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>filename isn't "cookingwithal/ck/"

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>putting cheese on both sides and grilling each side open face instead of just stacking the sandwich and grilling one side at a time
>rebuttering the outside after its already crisped

Fucking stupid.

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just say Jesus Christ Favreau, its quicker

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here come the insect people

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It's just grilled cheese.

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Other than the bean compartment, that's pretty fucking pointless.

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so not real socialism has been tried IRL?

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why don't they stand up and run off?

>> No.9522998

They were so drunk they couldn't stand.
That's why they were executed, insubordination.

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There is a squid imouto wondering when her squid Oniichan is going to come back. ;_;

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what type of fish is that?

>> No.9523050

whale shark, and it's an endangered species

I hate asia so much

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Yeah i know right. everyone working together to benefit themselves whilst also helping those who have nothing

What a shit moral to a story

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>avocado is a healthier substitute for cheese
>put a shitload of cheese in anyway

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Chill out Tyrone

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millenials were a mistake

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>Not position the egg so the yolk runs into the cavity of the pit instead of the plate

some peoples children.

>> No.9523125

>implying you were born before 85
Captcha: Young aNDgay

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>inb4 this shitty pasta

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In my country the story was the lord had to wait for the soup for so long, the man brought out normal food (he said the stone soup is some fancy delicacy beforehand), then the lord said it's the best thing he'd ever tasted, despite just being normal everyday food.
Moral is when you're hungry anything will taste good.
Then again the only thing in common between this story and the one in webm is the stone soup theme.

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I feel like doing it open faced is a good idea. It's quicker.

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>hurr i'm 34
nice try, you wouldn't be on 4chan gaylord

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I stayed pure

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>I have so much money, I need to invent ways to make my normal food stupidly expensive, but also disgusting so it wastes even more money when I just throw it right in the trash.

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I have no idea what this is, but I can guarantee that within twenty pages he/she learns a valuable life lesson by being brutally raped.

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slit your wrist you fucking spastic

>> No.9523359

>deceiving and lying is alright
>as long as you share
I'm not sure sure the moral is really that great.

>> No.9523362

I can guarantee the life lesson she learns is that dick feels good

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either edgy 12 year old or angery cotton picker
not sure which one

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you seriously need a break from /ck/ webm threads.

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While everyone is ripping on this kid, they should know he is able to say: "I ate insects before it was cool", because he's far ahead of his time. Soon we'll all be eating bugs.

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I tend to argue there is but one thread, but with the occasional webm/comments getting shuffled.

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>meat so tough and salty you have to cut it only a few milimeters to make edible

Wake up sheeple, its clearly just shitty ham

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What ending to Blood borne is this?

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>evangelical niggers
still just niggers

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>Spend a fortune on conserving the failure of evolution that is the panda
>Regularly hunt endangered endangered species
I'm not sure if I want the pandas or the chinks to die off first.

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Ballistic BBQ is basd

>> No.9523604

keto as fuck but also retarded as fuck

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>>Spend a fortune on conserving the failure of evolution that is the panda

They are not trying to conserve pandas out of the goodness of their hearts, mate.

>> No.9523814


what is it for then?

>> No.9523820

like a clockwork of diabetus

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I really dislike how so many vegans and vegetarians desperately and more often then not patheticly try to mimic non-vegan/vegetarian food.
Vegan and vegetarian food can be just as delicious, but just do your own damn thing with it. You ain't gonna convince an omnivore to become vegan with atrocities like that, that don't even remotely taste like the thing they're trying to imitate.

>> No.9523860


that's only like three shots.

>> No.9523885

>syrup on fried chicken


>> No.9523889

I thought it was like a novelty to serve to you r vegan friends at brunch and giggle about how clever you are

>> No.9523910

you're a fucking moron

>> No.9523918

they literally look like chimpanzees

>> No.9523949

I think it's honey

>> No.9523975


>ketchup on fried chicken tenders is any different from syrup on fried chicken

not really

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> Soon we'll all be eating bugs.

>> No.9524010

back to /his/ bugs

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>expect a comfy food webm thread
>instead get animalabuse.webm everywhere

i genuinely hope you all kill yourselves

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>hot whole tomatoes


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>some take two cuts

>> No.9524033

christ, are you vegans?

>> No.9524047

They burst in your mouth. It's pretty nice when you get the temperature right and an absolute horrorshow when you don't.

>> No.9524048

Clean kills are more humane faggot. That webm just shows how incompetence and cruelty for the sake of keeping the squid's body pretty and intact.

>> No.9524058

>he thinks you can escape this place

>> No.9524074

are we reaching the point where even these posts are ironic

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File: 2.98 MB, 640x360, Egg Restaurant.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>That'll be $445 plus tip

>> No.9524218

anyone has the WEBM of the egg booth?

>> No.9524231

i'll need a sauce on that my man

>> No.9524233

You can't be serious

>> No.9524252


THANK YOU. ~ the rational-minded community

>> No.9524266

>The virgin egg chef vs the chad egg fortress

>> No.9524278

>the customer cooks it themselves
>we just tell them what ingredients to use, what quantities and in what order, how to cook it, how long to cook it and we take it off them to do parts of it ourselves

>> No.9524302

Fucking rich people. They have more time and money then sense.

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fucking zipperheads

>> No.9524317

It warms up both sides of the cheese evenly this way and it's really not any harder.

>> No.9524329

That's actually rather humane way to dispatch them.

Better then just tearing the tube off and scooping out the guts and keeping the tentacles from walking away.

>> No.9524330

>affluenza: the restaurant

>> No.9524346

I found it infuriating how he talked about some customers not know how to crack an egg open.

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My wife told me I can't play world of warcraft anymore because it takes up too much time. So posting fag shit on /ck/ is my new outlet for expressing my autism

>> No.9524465

Jesus christ what the fuck
This man is obviously brilliant, but such a cockhair for doing this

>> No.9524468

Have you people seriously never had chicken and waffles? Of course the maple syrup goes on it.

>> No.9524485

Syrup on fried chicken?

>> No.9524500

how did you get a wife?

did you buy one from the Philippines?

>> No.9524508

>this kills the squid

>> No.9524517

Vegans would let their death go to waste by refusing to eat their delicious corpses. Who's the greater monster here?

>> No.9524546

>bringing his head down to the food
Fucking animal

>> No.9524570

>make this comment every. single. time
ur so cool

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File: 2.35 MB, 640x360, MAPLE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9524608


>> No.9524611

Canada was a mistake.

>> No.9524616

it honestly looks really good

>> No.9524647

They're cuttlefish.

>> No.9524654

Nah my penis is just huge, like nigger proportions. And in person, I do possess at least a modicum of personality. Not that it helps much, I think it's mostly the king kong dick

>> No.9524656

I'm not surprised if some of his customers even know what an egg looks like if they're willing to shell out $200 for this shit

>> No.9524717

Disgusting. Pineapple in pizza...

>> No.9524721

>video to trigger people
>gets triggered


>> No.9524760
File: 2.89 MB, 640x360, 1453308468883a.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pro-Entomophagy grass roots propaganda

Shill spotted.

>> No.9524770

this is a bit rough without audio

cracks me the fuck up everytime I see it though

"That's what I'm looking for. That nice colour"


>> No.9524772

You mean if you are smart enough you can steal from people without them knowing it, but you are still a homeless beggar who can't do anything worthwhile in your life.

>> No.9524778

> People living on scarcity of resources have to resort to unusual ways to avoid undernourishment
> Somehow this attents against their humanity
> Saying this from your piece of advanced technology, surrounded by comfort, luxury and abundance of resources provided to you since the day of your birth
You think little.

>> No.9524783


>> No.9524786
File: 2.11 MB, 640x640, 1471547814022.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9524787

>oil for consistency, butter for flavour
>making sure the sandwich cooks evenly and quickly
>making sure the bread is evenly toasted
he isn't doing anything wrong.

>> No.9524791

They have legs. They can walk to another location where there's better living conditions and food. That's something humanity has been doing since forever.

>> No.9524798

>rich enough to afford a camera probably a camera phone
>still eats insects
Sub-Saharan Africa needs to be nuked.

>> No.9524806

And that is why many of them migrate to Europe and Middle East through boats.

>> No.9524808


Thats why they're going to europe

>> No.9524817


> Show recipe for vegan food
> People get mad
It's funny because I see ten times more people complaining about vegans being annoyed than actual vegans doing annoying things, which makes me think people who hate on vegans are truly the annoying kinds.
It's just a vegan recipe made on a channel that's aimed for vegans. Why are you all mad? It's just a fucking recipe of something to do with avocado, it's not propaganda forcing you to eat.
> It's too much effort and ingredients
Holy shit, really? I didn't realize we were in a thread dedicated to easy recipes that used very simple and easy to find ingredients... I bet my testicles that if that wasn't vegan, it wouldn't have got a single hateful reply about its abundance of ingredients or its too complicated execution. Besides, it's not even a hard recipe, there's two fucking steps.
> It looks like an egg!
So fucking what? Would you complain about a cake in the shape of a fucking tree? It's just aesthetics game, you idiots.

>> No.9524818

>did you buy one from the Philippines?
Is that even possible? I don't mean a hooker, I mean buying an actual wife. pls respond, it is important

>> No.9524825


>> No.9524827

yeah m8, honey is good too

>> No.9524829

We're far past post ironic humour, anon. We've reached meta-trolling transcendental irony age now.

>> No.9524832

This is funny though
Fuck those ice cream roll meme joints where you pay ten bucks for a few rolls of ice that taste like the previous three orders mixed together

>> No.9524839

Man Asians are fucking evil with mammals and other chordates.

>> No.9524845

"In some cases women were recruited based on their physical appearance, with an emphasis placed on youth and virginity." Fuck me sideways nigga, money can actually buy you happiness. All my life searching and it was as simple as using a high-end marriage agency. Thank you based anon, may your bed be full of hot wives.

>> No.9524856

so THAT'S where all my gasket scrapers went

>> No.9524888
File: 34 KB, 580x482, ronald-reagan-salute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for your service!

>> No.9524890

To be fair, that seems to be as quick as is possible unless you're going to smash a brick over them or something
The conventionel way is to just disembowel them while keeping their brain/nervous thing intact so they live for quite a while, which is fucked.
>wife told me I can't play world of warcraft anymore
>Go out of way to replicate taste, appearance, and texture of meat whenever possible
>Never come close to succeeding because all you have to work with is disgusting seeds and soy mash
>Get mocked for the disgusting caricatures of beloved foods you create

>> No.9524905

im 31, nigger. you think its only college kids here? we came here out of bordom a decade ago, why would we just stop? in 3 years do I have to stop using the internet or something?

>> No.9524906

You know...maple syrup on a burger is probably good....but not that fake shit he's pumping out

>> No.9524908

Look at those god damn avantgarde sticks.

>> No.9524910

4 more years left for me

>> No.9524912

>two fucking steps
Are we watching the same video?
>Would you complain about a cake in the shape of a fucking tree?
No, because no one bases their diet around not eating trees.

>> No.9524916

maybe you will, but Id rather starve. if meat becomes so expensive I can hardly afford it, ill either start hunting and eating squirrels and rabbit or mostly be a vegetarian.

>> No.9524928
File: 89 KB, 655x449, angry-old-man-with-computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kids are scared out of their mind that their "cool" place, which wasn't theirs to begin with, has adults on it. It messes with their retarded worldview.

Fucking kids. Get off of my fucking internet lawn!

>> No.9524939

>shill spotted
/pol/ spotted

>> No.9524948

How can you add more pumpkin spice when you use the whole container beforehand?

>> No.9524951

by having two containers

>> No.9524955

I don't see any animal abuse, unless you're a pussy that considers abuse the act of killing quickly an animal. In that case, fuck off back to tumblr.

>> No.9524964

>No, because no one bases their diet around not eating trees.
You're so innocent. You haven't heard of the Paleo diet have you?

>> No.9524966

why not an angry spearchucker with only a 6th grade education?

>> No.9524993

This, I was already browsing 4chan in '87 when it was still a dial-in BBS

>> No.9524995

You think we're seething but we're just calling you stupid. There's a difference.

>> No.9524998

And that has happened throughout the eras, leading to a vast number of wars, conflicts and reshapes of the world we live in. Again, you think very, very little.
> Live in a poor area
> Life is fucking hard, but it's life
> To the north there's the world's largest dry desert
> To the east there's an ocean
> To other directions there are hundreds of kilometers of unknown challenges until we reach an area with better supply of resources, but this area will be already populated by hundreds of thousands of individuals who will most likely be hostile to our diaspora
> Should we take the chance of death and seek the unknown in search of a better future far in the horizon, or should we stay here where we know for certain we can survive?
It's no surprise most of the population only gather the courage to leave once wars break out. When staying equals certain death. And a considerable amount of intercontinental immigrants will die in their way. Besides, humans are like trees, we create roots and bonding to our lands, our kin, our culture. Living everything behind is the last option. As long as life is affordable there, many people will choose to stay. You call a child no older than 3 inhumane for consuming a sort of food that you consider to be "Below" your culinary level, although most certainly if that kid had anything else to eat, I assure you,he wouldn't be eating raw insects. I assure you the taste is not pleasurable. They aren't doing it because they want. What fault has a child that was born in this circumstances and now do what he has been taught, what he has to do in order to survive? Is he to blame for his circumstances? Should his parents be blamed, considering they were also born in this land deprived of humanitarian conditions? Again, you think very little. You have legs too, how far have you walked in life to achieve your dreams, even with all the shortcuts you were offered?

>> No.9525001

>Would you complain about a cake in the shape of a fucking tree?
I would criticize anyone who tried to use meat to imitate a vegetable, yes. Vegetarian recipes are designed as replacements, it's not merely aesthetics, and that's a stupid fucking way to cook.

>> No.9525003

> The person recording and the person being recorded are the same

>> No.9525005
File: 2.88 MB, 640x360, scorpion on a stick.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When everyone is enjoying their bugs and the smell of freshly roasted grasshopper fills the air, while you're sitting their with your scruffy squirrel, you'll change your mind.

>> No.9525009

What pains me the most is the certainty that many of those people living in poverty ridden countries try to migrate to places with better living conditions, places where they will be offered better opportunities and better life supplies. They are the immigrants that constantly invade europe and occasionally the Americas, and I bet my testicles that even though you said that is what they should be doing, you are part of the anti immigration hive mind. The type that get goose bumps when he thinks about The Wall™

>> No.9525012

Das rite, niggah. Da ebil hwite cracka needz ta staph appressen us an' gib us bekk oua edwansd farmin' tekkmolahjee.

>> No.9525017

eks dee :^)

>> No.9525019

>seahorses and starfish
Fuck u chink

>> No.9525059

Luckily we are not talking about an entire movement here, we are talking about a single video showing an avocado vwgan recipe, and still you got mad enough to complain about.
The more you talk the more I see who the annoying part is here. And it's you.
> Live in a world surrounded by recipes that use ingredients you have cut off your diet
Obviously, unless you're going full McNamony, you will need to try to find alternative ways to do recipes without using the ingredients you no longer consume, unless you want every vegan to completely reinventing culinary
> Should I replace the pasta for mashed potatoes and the cheese for tofu
> Or should I try to make a completely original recipe to say that it's 100% genuinely vegan™?
Are you really thinking before typing?
No one tried to replicate the flavor of eggs with avocado, you blistering idiot. It was literally just a fun way to shape a pasty food without defined shape. You are somehow jumping to the conclusion that the people behind the video are desperately trying to mimic "your" culinary,and force you into veganism. Literally get off your high horse, we don't care about that shit. I've seen chocolat pudins being shaped as strawberries before, do you think there's a hidden message there too, or it's just aesthetics when non vegans do it?
And obviously for people who have joined veganism later in life, they might want to try make recipes that resemble things they have eaten their whole prior life, but now using only vegan ingredients. What's the problem with that? You think being a vegan is like signing up to an ideology and now you have to be faithful, proud and never eat anything that closely resembles tastes of an animal diet? You're pathetic. I put a special sauce in my soy that makes it taste like chicken used to, am I a faux vegan hypocrite because of that? You have no idea of what being vegan means. You just joined the hivemind and now is spurting bullshit like the rest of the internet.

>> No.9525070

that plate move before he cuts it makes me want to bash this guy's skull in with a brick.

>> No.9525076

Not trying ti sound mean, papa, but being an adult and also being on this cesspool is pretty pathetic. The whole place has the "teen edginess angst sekrit memeing klub" Aura surrounding it, you should have grown up beyond that.

>> No.9525101

I never said that "white people" owed anything to African individuals, neither am I saying they don't. I'm merely talking against people who think they are superior to any human community that feeds on very exotic/eccentric resources (living bugs) not out of will, but out of hunger, and this is regardless of ethnicity. Your attempt to take that and pull a half assed joke about the (unrelated to the current topic) racial tensions and animosities in your country now says very much about you, though.

>> No.9525130

>kid tells grandpa how to be an adult
For a bunch of emos calling everything they don't like "normie" you certainly like to tell others that they should act what you consider "normal".

>> No.9525141

That's fucking nasty

>> No.9525149

Why are these threads always so awful?

>> No.9525180

No matter what insults you throw back at me... You can't get around this universal consensus: this place is painfully childish and immature, and so is any adult still lurking here.
Look at the threads. Look at the replies. Literally take a moment and actually look at where you are. This place oozes idiocy. It's okay, anon, you can always say "I like stupid things, so what?"
But it's not very different from an adult playing a moba game...

>> No.9525192

>this place is painfully childish and immature
So why are you here then?

>> No.9525224

Because I fit in the description?
That's why I said you don't get it. Maybe I'll never grow out of this place, it's been so long already, but being here especially as an adult is not something to be proud of, it's a fucking shit. It's the same as living with their mother after the 30's. It's pathetic. We're all pathetic. But you're a bit more pathetic. And you can't complain when a younger tells you off about your old age. "damn kids, they ruined 4chan" no, you ruined yourself by not leaving this nightmare while there was still time,and now you're here arguing with strangers. And so am I. But I'm 7 years younger than you, so you've been pathetic for longer.

>> No.9525233

You've got some serious issues man, you may want to get it checked out.

>> No.9525423

Today I learnt that /ck/ doesn't know what a cuttlefish is.

>> No.9525436

What the fuck is wrong with asians this isn't a human thing to do

>> No.9525488

Starvation, or crunchy critters? Which would you pick?

>> No.9525506

i bet that guy is so sticky

>> No.9525508

>Paleo diet
What the fuck is this point of this diet, other than dying early?

>> No.9525520

this guy has actual autism

>> No.9525576

What does that have to do with /pol/, shill?

>> No.9525586
File: 82 KB, 600x800, Projecting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you are deluded and projecting.

>> No.9525602

probably a show about retards with weird food preferences

>> No.9525621

I think he means leaving the animal alive.

>> No.9525642

>We're all pathetic
Speak for yourself. I'm a fucking god.

>> No.9525754

The UN is pushing this to humiliate and drag down westerners, only gods chosen people are entitled to eat meat in the future

>> No.9525757


>> No.9525761

They rent them out at $1 million/year each to countries that want to display them. Any babies that come from the rented pandas are also property of China and are to be returned after a certain age.

>> No.9525872

>telling a /lit/ meme to go to /his/

wtf is wrong with you

>> No.9525896

that's easily 4 and likely more. I know, I'm an alcky

>> No.9525905

A true alcoholic doesn't measure anything.

>> No.9525949
File: 2.82 MB, 640x360, Ravioli lava.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9525956

bugs... easy on the carrots

>> No.9525959

>implying a street vendor torturing insects for entertainment is starving

stupid chink

>> No.9525999

you never outgrow being an asshole

>> No.9526004
File: 13 KB, 268x286, 6633119ce78eb6645da0a83c76440a272b3527f661eebc14439c6ff713dbf232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about instead of white people being forced to eat bugs, we just stop sending food and medical aid to subhumans so they don't overburden the entire planet?
how about that, retard?

>> No.9526049
File: 18 KB, 466x353, 1492999327660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kala namak salt

>> No.9526056

It's pretty good but you'll have to tune in next week for the exciting conclusion.

>> No.9526072
File: 945 KB, 1591x3502, 1495161834637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9526084

Africa is recourse rich enough to sustain its population. year-round hunting and farming in most places. The reason Africans are starving is because it's full of incompetent Africans. Japan is a recourse scarce island with a large population and can sustain itself, because the Japanese are a competent race.
The most important resource a nation has are it's people. Doesn't matter where shitty people live, they will always be shit.
See: Anywhere black people live.

>> No.9526085

It has sulfur in it. Vegans use it to make things taste like shitty overboiled eggs.

>> No.9526147

when we talk about globl sustainability of agriculture and waht not, it has nothing to do with first world countries
they are saying the dust bowls will get even worse.

I live on an island with plenty of clean water and good weather, the people here will never go hungry no matter how big the population in africa gets

>> No.9526173

Africa would be much better off if white people stopped trying to uplift the Africans. It would Sub-Sahara remain a sparsely populated land of wandering subsistence tribes.
Ballooning their population to almost 4 billion has done nothing good for the world except produce more aids, hunger, white guilt, and "refugees".

>> No.9526176

*Sub-Sahara would remain*

>> No.9526178
File: 48 KB, 600x641, 597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Feeling sympathy for the Bug

>> No.9526190

undertoasted post

>> No.9526215

Every vegan I know never fucking shuts up about it. And I live in Portland, so I know too many of you faggots.

>> No.9526219

Not even using real syrup. Sad.

>> No.9526241

Symbol of national pride and money.

Pandas would have been fine in their natural habitat. They breed fine in the wild, problem is the wild they lived in is mostly gone.

Kind of a failure of evolution because they can't adapt for shit, but fine in their own environment.

>> No.9526255

I fully agree with this
nothing wrong with tribal life

>> No.9526256

If western countries didn't have zoos, the chinks would have killed off all the pandas by now to grind their dicks into life powder or some shit.

>> No.9526273

All lives hold the same value to me.

If you torment a innocent animal, you will be reborn as that animal.

>> No.9526280

>If you torment a innocent animal, you will be reborn as that animal.
I really hope this is true.

>> No.9526285

Did he died?

>> No.9526290

>All lives hold the same value to me.
christcuck/communist/egalitarian detected.

>> No.9526291

So that's what I need to do to finally become the deer I know I really am.

>> No.9526301

Because over population isn't a problem in famine ridden countries

>> No.9526304

They are niggers, of course they aren't.

>> No.9526305

>If you torment a innocent animal, you will be reborn as that animal.
Fuck, someone get me a tiger.

>> No.9526310

is that why niggers rape and torture white people so often?

>> No.9526312

The sulphur creates an egg like taste

>> No.9526322


>> No.9526336

The sandwich itself is fine. It's the fact that the actor acts like some fucking delicate faggot making some senstive and complicated dish that's the problem.

>> No.9526349

There's nothing wrong with taking obscene amounts of money from retards.

>> No.9526368
File: 2.00 MB, 1046x700, Microtransactions.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess this is food.

>> No.9526380

I'm always amazed how long that can fucking lasts

>> No.9526418

And you don't think at all, all I'm reading is some appeal to emotion bullshit.

You're talking like they just suddenly spawned there by accident, they inhabited those lands for millions of years and mostly haven't done shit but hunt and gather.
Europeans and Asians also encountered the same hardships, we used to be nomads too, we fought wars, we had famines and epidemics, yet here we are.

Africa is one of the most resourceful places on Earth yet they couldn't do shit with it, Europe even colonized it because of how much shit there was and now China is doing it instead because we have a massive white guilt.

To put things into perspective, here we consider anybody with an IQ of less than ~80 unable to hold any kind of job. In Africa most of the countries have an average IQ of even less than that, so no wonder they can't get their shit together even if we try our best to help them.

They're dead weight and hopeless, and you're blinded by a false sense of virtue.

>> No.9526424

ho lee fuk, people are retarded

>> No.9526429
File: 18 KB, 287x287, intestine mike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his dad gives him the money

>> No.9526439

I'm surprised the manager condoned this.

>> No.9526441
File: 162 KB, 960x955, 1503343027167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because over population isn't a problem in famine ridden countries
It is when white people keep doing everything they can to spare them from natural selection.
Just leave them alone. Sub Saharans should be treated as natural fauna of Africa, and not be treated like competent humans capable of bettering themselves and their condition. Every time we try to uplift them, it's all problems and 0 benefits.

>> No.9526449

Rick and Morty is the flagship of nu-male consumer culture.

>> No.9526490
File: 72 KB, 540x540, 1506651449730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And yet wypipo and all of the other races managed to overcome all of those odds and discover new lands and new opportunities all on their own.
Africans couldn't even discover their own coastal islands, Madagascar is populated by the descendants of Polynesians.
All you are doing is making emotional woman-tier arguments about why I should feel sorry for Africans, and why Africans deserve to occupy other territories and leech off of the accomplishments of others when they can't take care of themselves.
Wherever blacks go, they bring their problems with them. It's not just "circumstance" that every space they occupy is deprived of "humanitarian conditions". Look at Haiti, for example. The Africans there genocided all of the whites off of the island, then consumed all of their natural resources with 0 future-proofing. Now they eat dirt cookies and beg wypipo for money and aid.

Every time, it's the same story. There's no point in even trying to uplift these people. There's not even any reason to. Because you see one of them suffering? They'd probably be much happier without westerners exposing them to technology they can't sustain.

>> No.9526536

The more resource rich a place is, the more likely the people who evolved there are to be subhuman. They never needed to develop higher cognitive abilities to conceptualize pre-planning, sympathy, or abstract reasoning that comes with seasonal farming and harsh winter environments.
There is literally no reason to believe that africans (the first humans) would need to evolve further than what they were 60,000 years ago. Their selective pressures have barely changed.
Equality between the races after thousands of years of divergent evolution would be a miracle. It simply doesn't exist.

>> No.9526547

"Fucking niggers..." -Abraham Lincoln

>> No.9526754

make this happen

>> No.9526777


that looks like 12 hours of profound heartburn

>> No.9526984
File: 1.12 MB, 500x599, 1506713762037.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just like Michael Jackson.

>> No.9526999

What are you, the food police?

>> No.9527002

Blow it out your ass

Noboby is buying that load of shit

Are you some sort of monk, otherwise suck it your words hold zero value for lack of depth

Bite me

>> No.9527011



>> No.9527013

Pretty ironic since since there are chinks who have this mentality/are Buddhists.

>> No.9527083

No shit IQ is low when there aren't any schools or universities in Africa.

>> No.9527090

Honest question, why do you think they live in poverty?

>> No.9527093

how is that ironic

>> No.9527099

>we have to educate them more
No. You fool. Do you realize how much money and special programs/benefits Americans give to their black population to uplift them? it doesn't work.
It's not a case of education, schools, or whatever. This is a race of people who never invented the wheel, or written languages. There is literally no amount of education, money, or resources we could give them to make them civilized.

>> No.9527111

Did you ever think they actually don't believe in that bullshit?

>> No.9527117

If you really want to uplift the blacks then the best way to do it is leave them alone and let natural selection take its course and cull the unproductive.
Europeans and Asians didn't become smart because they were educated, they became smart because everyone who couldn't plan for the future died in the winter.
Trying to educate them is a waste of money and resources. It'll probably have the opposite effect of eugenics as well since you're artificially propping up their lower classes and enabling them to breed and pass on their genes.

>> No.9527182
File: 2.95 MB, 544x960, wrapper shift.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9527327

The power of pressurisation is some thing else, man. Literally keeps us outta space and from going too deep in the ocean.

>> No.9527420

Dude...fucking why?

>> No.9527423

That poor 'oli

>> No.9527430

You cut out the guy with no jaw and bitch tits slowly chewing. You can spot the actual moment he realises that it changed nothing about his life.

>> No.9527431

>questioning the thought process of people who actually eat fast food

>> No.9527467

i don't get why people get riled up about eating insects when most of them eat seafood.

Crabs, lobsters are basically cockroach,spider, grasshopper of the sea.

>> No.9527543

He didn't actually eat any of it.

>> No.9527551

I could watch this dirty little nigspawn chew on bugs and twigs with his mouth open like the brainless ape-boy he is for hours on repeat

>> No.9527559

>own shoes
>eat bugs
I bet this happened in San Francisco

>> No.9527621

Until you learn that no doctor can actually tell if a woman is a virgin or not.

>> No.9527625

>all nu male virgins and fat girls
why am I not surprised

>> No.9527630

I don't need a doctors opinion to diagnose you with autism.

>> No.9527659

>being a sociopath

>> No.9527661

god damn gooks


>> No.9527664

They don't breed fine in the wild, actually.

Female pandas have a problem by which they go through an entire pseudopregnancy at the slightest hint of a male panda dicking. Sometimes without males even around.

Chimpanzees, somewhat similarly, aren't really able to replenish their numbers except under the most ideal conditions because their infant development takes so long that each female can only have maybe a couple children at most in their fertile lifetime.

>> No.9527667

>what is hymen seal?

>> No.9527668

I've been on 4chan too long

I see an innocuous shopping webm and naturally assume either a bomb is about to go off or someones gonna open fire or something

im here forever

>> No.9527669

When you're camping you can make some chopsticks on the spot and just thrown them away/on the fire afterwards.

>> No.9527673

Something that can easily be broken by any number of normal life non-sexual activities.

>> No.9527674

Or you could use those tacticool 4 in one utensil things

or just eat with your hands like the fucking animal you are

>> No.9527708

it's actually more along the lines of a Hindu mentality,,kind of directly

>> No.9527818

>inb4 retard thinks he can eat a 22lb curry, fails miserably
>inb4 female cook fucks a customer's hotdog
>inb4 plump erotic cakes

These ones aren't real

>> No.9527829

not real as in they are faked, or not real as in you haven't seen them yet somehow

>> No.9527842

They exist, they look genuine.

>> No.9527852


This is cute af

>> No.9527859


This is just molecular gastronomy, it's a cool recipe and there is nothing wrong with it

>> No.9527924

and something that is different for every woman, in some cases nonexistent.

>> No.9527970

i agree with you, dont let the shitposeters get you down anon

>> No.9527997
File: 113 KB, 756x1100, 1496670553919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9528012

I mean this is comedy right? I hope it is

>> No.9528173

How do you even hold that thing to eat it?

>> No.9528201
File: 139 KB, 1071x882, avosandwich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9528207


you don't eat it

>> No.9528259

>easily be broken by non-sexual activities.
This is pretty much a myth I heard?

>> No.9528365

1 in 5 replies in this thread actually has a webm

let's try make that 1/3

no i dont have any :c

>> No.9528371

Late, but the sauce is Joshi Shougakusei Hajimemashita.

It's not porn.

>> No.9528597

Africa is basically a garden of eden with mass amounts of resources.

This abundance made it so africans never developed industriousness / intelligence. And never got smart enough to use the resources.

Sadly they are migrating to white nations for gibs

>> No.9528707

>how to cook while living in dorms

>> No.9528882

fucking lol

>> No.9529063

He didn't want to scratch his plate with the knife.

>> No.9529067

Fish are ugly, pandas are cute.

That's why.

>> No.9529092

It's actually breddy gud

>> No.9529115

Haha where did you get that image haha facebook? Haha

>> No.9529121

I am sad this thread will go to the great bit bucket in the sky soon. It was a fun thread. lik dis if u cri evrytime.

>> No.9529184
File: 2.79 MB, 426x240, ck2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9529295

>Butter bread
>Olive oil on pan

Why? Please, why?

>> No.9529308


>> No.9529310

take it easy taquisha

>> No.9529317

Lol dumb vegans, just use a fucking egg.

>> No.9529584

why the flour

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