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no wonder the bogans are all fueled-up all the time .

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$425,000 for a case of budweiser?

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he's a gook, a fuckin charlie

this is what communism'll do to your currency, folks

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So if this fucked is playing with monopoly money here, what point is he driving at?

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>what point is he driving at?

$0.75 cans of Heineken

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Vietnamese folks are fine people
Wish i had the ability to share the same word about anglo saxons

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These are standard prices in the States though.

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I can mix my own dirty water for cheaper and it'll taste the same.

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they're fucking squinty-eyed gooks who wanted to be commies before we set them straight and eat crickets for dinner

vietnam deserved the napalm

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Was grandpa SKS'ed by charlie?

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no, but i bet yours got DDT'd by uncle sam

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you're awfully angry. You should have some Pho to relax yourself.

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425000 dongs
chinks pay eachother in animal penises

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The Vietnamese currency shown there are referred to as a dong and one dong is equivalent to roughly 0.000044 of a dollar. So when you do the math, those are actually damn good prices.

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why don't these fucking stupid chinamen do something about their currency

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Gook is for koreans. Charlie is for vietnamese.
You can't even fucking racist right.

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Why don't americans do something about their fucking measurements?

>> No.9653812

If it's good enough for Liberia, it's good enough for the good old U S of A

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And yet you still shave your cocks off.

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All the way to the bone.

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>he's a gook, a fuckin charlie


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>live in spain for 5 years
>beer for 25cents
>bottle of wine for 1 euro
>become alcoholic
>move back to england
>kill me please

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Hope you like frosty jacks

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Because there's no reason to. When it comes to precise medical, technological, engineering etc practices the metric system is used. When we need to tell someone how far away the gas station is or how much Sally weighs we use imperial because it literally doesn't make a difference for general measurement purposes. The cost of updating to the metric system in such a massive nation is outweighed by the lack of any benefit. It might be confusing to you but it works fine for us. So don't worry about what the fuck were doing worry about your own faggot country.

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I can't imagine having to work 7.50 an hour in that country then. It would take forever to be able to afford a case of beer.

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So that's what that means.
I guess some people were born to wave the flag.

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kill yourself by drinking more :^)

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So in short, it would be more trouble than it's worth.
Question answered with a question.

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Cant afford it

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Drink water.

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Can i just drown myself in a tub of water or you would prefer i drink it continuously until i die?

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Doesn't take that much to be honest. Just keep downing salty crackers or chips along with it.
Alternately dehydrate yourself to an extreme first and then drink a lot of water so your cells burst quicker.

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