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What are some easy to make scandinavian foods?

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Buy fish, bury it in the ground in its original package for 2 weeks. Get the fish out, put it in the microwave, add butter, chopped dill and salt to it. Serve with boiled potatoes.

Alternative meat: kill lamb, cut head off, remove skin, braise head over fire for 4 hours. Accompany with potatoes.

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Buy mutton
Cut it into reasonable squares, with bone intact
Buy some cabbage
Shred cabbage roughly, into boats
Add a lot of pepper and some salt. Ideally round balls of pepper
Layer cabbage and mutton
Add some water, more will come from meat and cabbage melting.
Simmer for like 3 hours. Add some water if starts drying, some

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Pinnekjott is the best scandinavian food

t. Norwegian

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Finlamd isn't Scandinavian.

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>cut head off lamb, eat head fuck the rest of lamb


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boiled potatoes
boiled eggs
raw onions
pickled fish

i see this on every scandinavian cooking show ever and i will never not figuratively vomit

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I swear I only see lamb heads served in pics of their cuisine, and meatballs, can't forget those fucks.

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surstromming. get perfectly good herring, add just enough salt so it doesnt completely rot and can it until the can is about to explode from the semi rot.


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Catch a fish
eat it right there or let it rot in the ground for weeks and then eat it

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>No smoking
>No curing
I thought this was a cooking chan

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> i will never not figuratively vomit

Did you try to sound smart? Don't use double negatives anon, it makes you look like a fucking moron

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>le surströmming meme
you do know you have to prepare it, right?
you know, like.. Food

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You're thinking of iceland, which is not scandinavia


sounds delish desu

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köttsoppa right?

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Karelian hotpot

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Falukorv med stuvade makaroner.

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Karelian pasty, or a "rice pasty"

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fyfan, nu blev jag sugen. finns det något grönt att lägga till med det? rukkola?

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Look up 'Flying Jacob' it's bloody delicious

some recipes suggest adding banana to it but that's just weird for me

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Jävla bög. Här äter vi kött.

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Koldskål with kammerjunkere.

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Danish sandwiches (smörrebröd but with danish ö that can't be input because hiroshimoot is racist)

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Litær tannfisk?

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Used to love this when we had it in school for lunch.


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Oh i remember my grandma used to make that, i really miss her cooking.

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>lamb head
svið. it is actually good.

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Det ser velsmakende ut! Er pölsene i norge gode?

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no hyi vittu, toi oli yks paskimmista ruuista koulussa.

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ainoastaan ihmiset joilla on pikkunen penis ei tykänny janssoninkiusauksesta

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Eipä ollu

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Smalahove is very scandinavian

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>in school for lunch
5/5 stuff right there
shame that the fishy bits were about as rare as hen's teeth

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>this thread

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Ne, ruccola skulle ta över smaken för mycket.
Ärtor, broccoli och morötter passar bäst till, kokta (men inte överkokta).

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Vilken gillar du mest, Röda Ulven, Oskars eller Höga Kusten?

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You can grow tomatoes in Scandinavia ?

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>Post Rich man food for Special Occasions
>Wonder why its filled with fresh meat
>A rare pickled variety of some food
>Fish eggs
>And a exotic import

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fuck off /pol/

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>take something u killed in your barren wasteland
>let it rot
>cover it in dill/salt/vinegar
>move to iceland

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Det er ikke polser, men lammeribbe.
Men joda, det serveres ofte med medisterpolse. Verdt å prove!

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>hard boil an egg
>cut it into slices
>place slices on rye cracker
>slather it in your favorite variety of tube mayo
>top with dill
>serve with boiled potatoes and pickled herring

100% authentic scandi delicacy

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Pooper Kakken.

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>det er ikke polser
Unnskyld, det var et annet spörsmål. Jeg lærer fortsatt norsk. Hvor kan man kjöpe kjöttet for pinnekjött?

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OOOH thats easy.

Buy fishh.

Toss in pickle jar.

Put in between 2 breads. Bread spread made of Rotten old fishh added.
and eat.

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It's salted and dried lamb rib.
you can make it yourself but it takes a couple of months.

Lykke til med å lære norsk.

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Have you tried bark brölölö?

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most overrated shit ever


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Lapskaus. Delicious beef stew.

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80% of Norwegian tomatoes are grown in green houses on a collection of small islands in western Norway.

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Tusen takk, jeg vil pröve å lage det för jul!

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My dad used to work at a fish factory were they amongst other things made this. He said that if you think that surströmming smells like rotten fish, you should smell what it smells like when the process has gone wrong and it's actually rotten.

Palt >>>>>>>>>>>> Kroppkakor


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>I thought this was a cooking chan

you got the wrong one, this is the fast food and cultural stereotype board

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bananas are in the original recipe, it has something to do with bananas becoming more mainstream at the same time the dish was invented

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>Global supplement dish
>Posted in a ethnic thread
WTF is wrong with you. Is that the true ghost of Globalism?

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t. genghis khan descendant.

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>Palt >>>>>>>>>>>> Kroppkakor
Jag tycker de är på ungefär samma nivå. Dum sak att bråka om, huvudsaken är att det inte är danskt.

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I think this is the easiest food to make, period.

My favorite is prob chantarelle cream sauce, or maybe breaded baltic herring covered with sour cream sauce

all very easy to make

t. Finn

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