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Hello, welcome to Subway! What would you like?

>footlong meatball on Italian herbs and cheese
>white cheddar
>not toasted
>lots of black pepper
>LOTS of parmesan

That's all please, no soda or chips. Thanks, and have a good day!

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>white bread
>sliced turkey
>some lettuce
>some pickles
>some more lettuce
>some bell peppers
>a little more lettuce
>some more lettuce
>some bell peppers
>some mayo
>some lettuce
>some hot peppers but not too many
>some lettuce
>some tomato
>some lettuce
>some oil
>some lettuce
>some lettuce
>a little more lettuce
>some peppers
>some tomato
>some mayo
>a little more lettuce
>two tomatoes
>some mayo
>a little more lettuce

Yeah that's perfect, looks delicious, thanks.

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This thread doesnt need to exist

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what would you get at subway then Mr. Judgemental?

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loaf of wheat, chilled, olive oil and salt

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It stopped being funny after the first minute. Poor chink.

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Hello, welcome to Subway! What would you like?

>footlong italian herbs and cheese
>old english cheese
>lettuce, tomato, cucumber (anything else is good aside from dominant flavors like jalapeño)
>salt & pepper
>thousand island sauce + chipotle southwest sauce

That's all please, no soda or chips. Thanks, and have a good day!

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racist remarks are not cool.

>footlong honey oats
>swiss cheese, toasted
>green peppers
>black pepper
>olive oil
>honey mustard

That's all please, no soda or chips. Thanks, and have a good day!

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>footlong honey oat
>white cheddar
>green pepper
>like 3x as many pickles as you normally give
>a little more
>do not cut in half

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The money in the register and quickly if you don't wanna die

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"But sir! You need to purchase a sandwich first." I make for you, you no pay! What would you like?

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>mfw i live a the poor city of my shitty 3rd world country
>subway is known to be a cheap place to print money
>all subways closed down on my city becouse can't get enough money to pay the two dudes.

Man im gonna miss the criollo sub , it was perfect

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>where do you live
>what do you mean by print money?
>who are these 2 dudes.


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>campus subway increased the price of the meatball sub to the next tier

Also, give it a shot: crab meat and salami, olives and lettuce.

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I hate that people like this are allowed to post here.

Can 4chan at least have flags for all boards?

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Anyone near a badly-managed Subway?

>friend orders footlong
olives pls
>puts 6 of the tiny olive slices across the entire footlong
more pls
>puts another 2 on
more pls

Now he just runs over to the next suburb where they pile them on until you can't fold the sub.

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my old campus pizza place was a chain, and they increased prices. But the slices were so much better than elsewhere and I don't know how they were able to make them so different. Miss those slices.

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oh man, the local one is so bad I don't go ever, even when wasted. Meatballs are either not in the heating pot and need to be microwaved, or they are so cold it looks gross. And they never have good bread. Usually just Italian style and whole wheat. And they taste like shit.....how do they do this, I don't know. Funny too, it's in a busy area but there are never lines, and nobody ever eats inside. maybe a front for some tax bullshit?

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We don't even have pizza on campus. There's a Dominos close though for when I go to a close-to-campus friend's house. They're doing all that "we're gourmet" crap even though they're clearly a cheap pizza place. (That said, a tiny bit of spring onion does lift the shitty greasy pizzas so I'm grateful they do that now)

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You know it's bad when you won't even go there drunk. It's must be hard to mess up something that basic.

I overheard someone walking out of the campus Subway saying "the footlongs are shorter than a foot long" and I don't doubt it one bit.

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>close eyes
>hold arms out to sides

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>Chicken classic
>Italian herbs and cheese
>old English cheese
>lots of lettuce
>little bit of red onion
>little bit of ranch
>little bit of mayo
>no salt or pepper
>no cookies or drink
>subway doesn't sell chips here anyway
>thanks bye

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>Racist remarks are not cool

Oy vey!

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Is the Chipotle sauce good?

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>crab meat and salami, olives and lettuce.

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The forbidden one with sesame seeds pl0x

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My friend calls me a gay sissy for ordering egg salad. Cried to my boyfriend for hours afterwards.

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Turkey meat.

be a cheap brown jew. add EVERYTHHING! and lots of it. AND olive oil AND this. AND ALL ingredients cause im not a soy boy/ autist who was vaccinated every year and therefore do not hhave all these allergies that literally would kill the rest of you off.

Go to bathroom. Piss on the mirror and sink.

T Op on the left being a cuck

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>Footlong whole wheat
>Steak and cheese
>Spinach, tomato
>Green bell pepper, onion
>Pickles and banana peppers
>Brown mustard
>Olive oil and vinegar

OP is a disgusting fatfuck.

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you don't find they steak looks like and i imagine tastes like dogfood? I got it with a 2 for 1 deal, and thought it was awful.

to each there own.

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I love subway because it's so much healthier! Got to watch that schoolgirl figure you know.

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>6 inch
>whole wheat flatbread
>black forest ham
salt and pepper
>hot sauce
>a little bit more please
and an unsweetened iced tea
uh t-thanks

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>white bread
>extra extra mayo

im white

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>foot long
>cold cut combo
>american cheese
>bell peppers
>spicy mustard

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>Subway club on honey oat
>pepper jack
>spinach, tomato, onions and banana peppers
>extra chipotle southwest

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>Footlong White Bread
>White American
>Green Pepper
>Black Pepper
>Lite Mayo
>Buffalo Sauce
>Non Toasted

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>italian herbs and cheese
>italian BMT
>lettuce, tomatoes, green bell peppers
>italian dressing
>salt and pepper
Get on my fucking level niggers
my sub>your sub

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Just give me a bowl of soy and you can tiddie fuck my man boobs

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>subway is a small place that cost cheap money to settle
>"these 2 dudes" are the employee , often there are only two of them in every subway.

Basically the most cheap bussines to settle , with no one who could get away your costumers.
And still my city is so poor that they just left becouse there isn't money in that city

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>crab meat
What subway are you going to wew lad

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Steak and cheese on white
Bell peppers and onion on before the cheese
Depending on availability, swiss > provolone > mozarella > white american """""cheese"""""

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>no monterey cheddar

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I'm not fond of Subway to begin with, so if I'm eating it, its usually because I'm at my uni's library and the store across from it has a subway. It's usually just sustenance for late-night study sessions, so I just try to make something decent and scarf it down to get on with my work.

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>go to subway
>point at the sub i want
>they ask me what i want on it

wtf. they are the ones who work there. they should know how to make the sandwiches.

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Wow. Everyone in this thread is a pleb.

>Pizza sub on italian herb & cheese
>toasted, Swiss, light on the tomato sauce
>Everything but tomatoes and pickles
>More jalapeno
>Chiplotle mayo
>Bit more
>1 line of hot sauce
>That'll be all thanks.

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Olde English Cheese

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Technically "footlong" is the NAME of the sandwich, it has never claimed to actually be equivalent to one feet in length. I think this was the excuse they gave back when people started posting subs and tape measures next to one another on social media places.

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>The forbidden one.

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wow that sounds terrible... Just get a fucking pizza you retard...

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>Pepperoni pizza with green peppers, onions, and black olives
>No, I would not like extra cheese
>No, I would not like parmesan or oregano


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Foot long pizza sub with pineapple, capsicum, onion, chipotle and pizza sauce on a herb and cheese roll.

Any non-cured meats are rank and you disgust me.

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6 inch ham on italian herbs and cheese
a bit of everything
salt and pepper
sweet onion sauce.

>> No.9694351

And what kind of bread would you like with that?

>> No.9694353

*goes to quiznos instead*

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>footlong subway melt on monterey cheddar
>hot banana peppers
>green olives
>red onion
>pepper (no salt)
>hot sauce
>two rainbow cookies

eating it now

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oh also anyone who gets lettuce on their sub is a pleb

>> No.9694471

Just make it how it comes...
You know, the picture? With all the toppings like on the menu? Okay, oh- okay... Uhhhh, pepperoncinis anddddd....?

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HErbs and cheese
Ham and cheese
deli mustard
chipolte sauce
salt pepper
oil and vinegar
two chocolate chip cookies

>> No.9694514

can i get a grande mac and a whopper junior thankss

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>Hello, welcome to Subway! What would you like?
that isn't something i've ever heard out of someone depressive suicidal enough to work for subway ever say and i was one of them once also my answer is could you give me directions to somewhere with food worth fucking eating

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>Footlong italian herb and cheese bread not roasted
>Cheddar cheese
>Classic chicken and bacon
>Mayo (or Aioli)

>> No.9695505

I hate when I ask for bacon and they put it on the sandwich and then put the cheese over it and then ask if I want the sub toasted and when I say no they have to take the cheese off to microwave the bacon.

>> No.9695506

Hey, beautiful. I'll take a gabagool sandwich.

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Footlong wheat bread
Rotisserie chicken
Subway vinaigrette
Salt n pepper


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>three veggie delite footlongs with everything but jalapenos, provolone, 9 grain , toasted
>one with sweet onion and the other two with garlic
>and a roasted chicken footlong with bbq, the same vegs, american, honey oat, toasted
>no soda cookie or chips

>be home
>bottle of water

>think about the experience
>think about the next day watermelon meals
>think about the two day fast to come

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I recommend all of you anons try this.

Tuna on white italian
White cheddar
LOTS of Jalapenos
A bit of chipotle sauce
Salt & pepper

They used to have a horseradish sauce at my location which was better than the chipotle for this sandwich but they don't anymore.

>> No.9698099

that actually sounds similar to mine. I'd recommend white cheddar over the swiss though.

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>white bread
>pepperjack cheese
>salt and pepper
>two raspberry cookies

>> No.9698231

Beer, neat, with a lemon twist.

>> No.9698251

>Footlong Spicy Italian on Honey Oat
>Black Olives

With 2 White chocolate Macadamias and a Water

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>tuna double meat
>italitan herb and cheese
>ask to be toasted before toppings
>pepper jack cheese
>onions pickles jalapenoes
>siracha sauce
>toast it again after the toppings
>subway now smells of burnt fish onions and peppers
>Oops forgot my wallet
>leave and don't come back
>subway now smells horrible for the rest of the day

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Former subway manager here, worked there for 5 years before recently quiting two months ago. Ask me anything pls

>> No.9698276


so what was your previous job for the past 5 years?

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>Sweet Chicken Teriyaki
>Herb and cheese
>Banana Peppers
>Black Pepper
>Extra sauce

>> No.9698284


tfw cant wait for christmas sandwiches to come back in uk

>used to have this festive feast one with turkey, bacon and sausage, and if you got double meat, they doubled all 3 meats.

Fucking hell that sandwich nearly killed me last time.

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we don't have subway here

>> No.9698462

where do you live, the amazon forest?

>> No.9698470

close enough, it's Indonesia.

>> No.9698476

A subway manager

>> No.9698489

oh! I guess I will have a six inch on rye, Corned Beef Reuben. Yes I want the swiss and the kraut, pls. Toasted, Add pickles and yes I would like the 1000 island dressing. Please add salt and pepper. Just the sandwich, thx.

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Nobody likes the tuna here

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how did I do /ck/

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>Italian herbs and cheese
>Sweet onion teriyaki
>pepper jack
>salt and pepper

>> No.9700448


What was the worst / craziest sandwich you remember making?

Anybody ever ask for cookies ON the sandwich?

>> No.9700460

>white bread
>foot long
>chicken bacon ranch
>shredded cheese
>jalenpenos and ranch

That's it, how much is it?

>> No.9700973

6 inch (no homo) on italian with roast beef, bacon, lettuce, spinach, and mayo. Untoasted please.

>> No.9701054

>9.75 for soy pieces

thats why i dont do subway any more, its expensive as fuck.

>> No.9701176

>buns literally half the width as the "good" subway
>One of the people making the subs literally speaks no English
>makes all the subs wrong
>wastes everybody's time
>sub comes out looking like shit and is just a fucking mess

>> No.9701187

I literally have never ordered shit on subway, but I want to try new things so I'm going to order something there today.

What should I buy on my first visit?

>> No.9701400

it's probably the only real meat you can buy at Subway.

>> No.9701425

Ding ding ding.

Italian herb and cheese my gentle nog.

>> No.9702326

>not toasted


>> No.9702431

>toasting freshly baked bread

That's awful anon

>> No.9702442

>no gloves

Truly a different time

>> No.9702455

>freshly baked

thats naive anon

>> No.9702466

>call it a footlong
>its 9"

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>footlong wheat
>subway melt
>provolone cheese
>s and p

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I had this one guy who always wanted his oatmeal raisin cookies toasted in the speedoven for two minutes and that smelled awful. But no one ever ordered cookies on their sandwich, but I did it once or twice with the cookie dough since I was bored.

There was this one dude who asked for a sixinch flatbread with double teriyaki and buffalo chicken with 3 handfuls of jalapenos and banapeppers, covered in buffalo and honey mustard sauce, with half a cup of pepper on top, and then toasted for a minute. The smell that shit made was fucking bike. Dude had to take in a salad bowl and ate it with a fork and knife.

>> No.9703535

>9 grain honey oat
>green peppers
>black olives

>> No.9706028

nah just a meme loving cuck.

>> No.9706057

Hello, welcome to Subway! What would you like?

>Y-you too

>> No.9706125

>footlong italian herbs & spices
>old english cheese
>chicken schnitzel
>red onion
>shredded carrot
>sweet chili sauce
and some of those cookies, i don't mind which ones

>> No.9706348

footlong meatball with provo cheese toasted no toppings just plenty of mayo

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